Phoenix, Winter 2016/17

Annual set 15Picture 100
Camera:Medion MD87366
Category:Sky and Clouds

QWhat's the use of the best artifcial intelligence,
if our natural intelligence gets lost that way?


This is the last image of the 15th series.
Dunno if there'll be a 16th.
In the tarot the 16 is the number of the tower.
It stands for the fall, decay, doom, destruction...

I've got some plans, anyways.
I want to recover the first pages again.
The Berlin images of the first 6 years were only show once, throw away pictures.
But they still rott on my harddisk...
Dunno how many of them are still usable...
Dunno how many I will re-use...

Wanna take a look?
Currently its only in German, though... and only of 1999...


This year I got no fortune cookie when visiting my brother at XMas.
So I had to take one of my own. It says:

Love lights up you world.

Haven't added or forgot a letter.
Dunno what it means.
When comparing it with the also given German version, I would say that the fortune writer has missed a 'r'...
but who knows...

Drugstore at the Mierendorffplatz, Fall 2017

Annual set 15Image 99
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Online:2017-12-22 (planned)

The drugstore at the Mierendorffplatz at fall...
(The picture aside is from spring.)
also this year visited way to often...


The last books sorted out this year.
Besides other also 1 unread: Der Sturz von Colossus (The Fall of Colossus).
20 or 30 years ago there was the film Colossus on TV.
In a late night SciFi series.
The film was about an AI who achived world domination.
For the "best" of mankind.
I got the book about the fall of Colossus in an used books shop.
I wouldn't read the book until I got and read Colossus first.

Never found.

Now it doesn't matter anyways...


Heared it on the radio:
Heutzutage gilt ein Mann schon als Gentleman,
wenn er die Zigarette aus dem Mund nimmt,
bevor er eine Frau kuesst... (Barbara Streisand)
(Today a man is already a gentleman,
if he puts his cigarette out of his mouth
before he kisses a woman...)

Lagerweg Graffiti, Fall 2017

Annual set 15Image 98
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56

What is the use of wizardry if it cannot even save a unicorn? (Molly)


Would had scheduled the additional images for later use...
only to not show them anyways...
Now here they are.. doesn't matter anyways...

Advent Cat

Annual set 15Image 97
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Category:Animals, Calendar

29th of November... 26 days until Christmas...

this year I was able to select one of four calender variations.
...took the best, I guess...


Early Christmas (again).
Got cat images... and I'm allowed to show them all...


The names have been forgotten... maybe to protect the innocent...


This year I took out the Christmas lights...
after 3 years, again.
Thrown away a diode chain... the cable was broken...
I didn't put it on the window...
they're in the shelf instead...
waiting for the night to come...


I play dead... it stops the sting...
I play dead... and the hurting stops... (Björk)

Brandenburg Gate, Fall 2017

Annual set 15Image 96
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56 (out of the car)

The Brandenburg Gate at fall 2017...
For some weeks "behind" the gate there were 3 busses installed,
remembering the destruction of Aleppo...
and maybe all the seekers for asylum from all over the world...

White Rose, Fall 2017

Annual set 15Image 95
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Online:2017-11-19 (planned)

...again this year... a white rose...

Alle elf Minuten verliebt sich ein Single..., Fall 2017
(Every eleven Minutes a Single falls in Love...)

Annual set 15Image 94
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Online:2017-11-14 (planned)

Das Sozialamt liebt dich (Graffiti)
(The welfare department loves you)


The hand is somewhat ok again.
Nothing's swollen anymore.
No blue marks anymore.
But the arm still hurts sometimes.
Its far from normal, still...


Funny: the Duplo's suddenly don't have any serial number anymore...

U7 Graffiti: Noir, Fall 2017

Annual set 15Image 93
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Category:Underground, Graffiti

1 fortune cookie:

Things will turn towards
the bright side.

This cookie I got two times lately.
Now I'm waiting for the next occursion,
because (only) everything that's said 3 times is true...


Most of the time I like to know what cookies other people get.
If they're willing to get one.
If they haven't got a real serious diabetis.
Or if they don't make a diet and couldn't even eat 1 cookie.
(Calorific value of 1 cookie: 25kcal.)

Lately Sara (still without Tegan, still from Sevilla) got the following:

Everyone agrees:
you are the best.

Where do I have to sign?

Salon Sahara, Fall 2017

Annual set 15Image 92
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Online:2017-11-03 (planned)

Just another fortune cookie:

You will take a chance
in the future ahead.

Underground Station Richard-Wagner-Platz, Detail, Fall 2017

Annual set 15Image 91
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Category:Underground, Mosaic
Online:2017-11-01 (planned)

1 more fortune cookie:

When winter comes, heaven
will rain success on you.


Since the start of last month I have the new Kosmos-Himmelsjahr 2018.
Since one or two weeks later my copy of the Stellarium program worked on my system.
Strange. Cool...
even if it doesn't work completely, yet...

Mango - Cafe, Bar, Lounge

Annual set 15Image 90
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online:2017-10-31 (planned)

Got new fortune rolls.
One of the first new cookies said:

Good news will
come to you by mail.

What could it be?
Maybe someone is telling me how the CD player in the laptop would get to work again..?


Everyone I know got plans,
but they all just play the keys in shitty bands... (k.flay)

Franky's 24/7

Annual set 15Image 89
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online:2017-10-27 (planned)

Franky's 24/7...
I've only passed it by by bus... or crouched it by with a stick... lately...

Autumn Sun, Autumn 2017

Annual set 15Image 88
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS

Still no cigarette... for 4 hours and 40 minutes...
Still a non-smoker... for 7 hours and 25 minutes...
Still without taking a puff... for 11 hours and 5 minutes...
Still clean... for 15 hours...
No drag on a cigarette... for 24 hours and 28 minutes...
The smelling has returned somewhat.
Some paint. Coffee somewhere. Some other smoking...
A somewhat unhappy non-smoker... for 32 hours and 8 minutes...
no cigarette... for 50 hours and 27 minutes...
Without smoking... for 2 days, 11 hours, and 57 minutes...
Non-Smoker... for 3 days and 42 minutes...
Not smoking... for 96 hours and 33 minutes...

This time I'll do it.
Nothing less. But also not much more.
One day I have to make it forever. Or I'll die. But not today...

103 hours and about 30 minutes...
My cigarette shop was closed because of autumn vacation.
The Bolle next to it had no P*ll M*ll Menthol.
The shop at the underground station Richard-Wagner-Platz too.

The Plötzensee before Nightfall, Autumn 2017

Annual set 15Image 87
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Category:View to the Water

It took me 100 minutes for a walk which took only 20 minutes at the most before my accident. The injuries are some more "effective" than I thought. At least, my mom and the squirrel waited in the car for me.
There at the lake 3 young women were sitting with 2 dogs by their side.
The (very) small dog of the 2 was barking at me nearly constantly.
So I took a photo and nearly was leaving already, when the three women decided to go. (Before that they had talked together... in English.)
So I took a second picture and returned to the car. At home I felt that the first picture, done sowhat hasty, was still the better one...


Again I will try it...
100 hours without a cigarette.
Currently achived: 3 hours without. Still counting...
At least 2 trys before that were failures.
Today I won't go out.
Tomorrow is somewhat risky, because I try to go to the IN-Berlin to put the sky over Berlin for November (still only in German, sorry) online and maybe before that I have to buy something to eat.
If I manage so stay without a cigarette until then, the weekend is easy: simply stay at home with mom.
The last 4 hours should be no problem, too.

I'll tell you later about my success or failure...

The warm Light

Annual set 15Image 86
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56

Emilys, where are you?

MEDI-TAT somewhere before Midnight, Fall 2017

Annual set 15Image 85
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Online:2017-10-13 (planned)

A Turkish imbiss somethere before midnight.
Some years ago I ate there at least once in the week.
I still go there once in a month or so...

Dunno how much this is visible, but this image is a construction of 2.
The imbiss name of the main image was overexposed, so I took it from a second, darker image...


The actual fortune cookie:

Passionate new romance appears in
your life when you last expect it.

No need to mention that I don't expect it anyway...

Driving Home 4, Fall 2017
(To the Sharp Corner)

Annual set 15Image 84
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Online:2017-10-10 (planned)

Seen: Blade Runner 2049.
In the Kant.
In the main theatre.
I think the cinematic year 2017 is already done.
And this not only because I fell at the way to the ticket counter.
I fell somewhat bad.
After 9 months without.
Even the day after I could cry about it.
I somewhat hurt my hand at landing.
I think nothing is broken.
But while watching the film my hand became swollen.
The until then good hand. The right one.
Why I was fallen? Dunno. No idea. I think there was nothing in my way.
But I think the Kant became a less favorite cinema because of this.
Even the new seats at the entry couldn't change this...

The film itself was gorgeous.
Probably the film of the year.
I don't think that any other still coming film will even come close to it.
Maybe I don't like to see another film this year...
except maybe Blade Runner 2049...
if it still runs in 2 weeks from now...
the original version...
although my English is somewhat rusty now.

Maybe I will buy the DVD of that film if it comes out...
163 minutes.
Which I might view then without wetting my pants...

21st Venus

Annual set 15Picture 83
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS (out of the car)
Online:2017-10-07 (planned)

The 21st Venus...
This year the ad for it came somewhat late.
First there was a Merkel and a Schulz to be elected...


You know autumn has begun
if leaves mount on your balcony...
(and this even on the fifth floor!)

Lagerweg Graffiti: ARiSE, Fall 2017

Annual set 15Picture 82
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56

1 Lagerweg graffiti at early fall...

Construction time at the Lagerweg.
The old container hall isn't anymore.
Instead there are some workers working.
And using the Lagerweg as their parking place.
Dunno what there will be build.

Maybe a even bigger container hall...

Still at weekends there is some time to place new graffiti...


The highest graduation in military is in the life thereafter...
(Michael Richter)

Late Shop, Fall 2017

Annual set 15Image 81
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Online:2017-10-01 (planned)

Yet another late shop...

At the Yva Bow, Late Summer 2017

Annual set 15Image 80
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Category:Streetview, S-Bahn

At the Yva Bow...

The footwalk parallel to the S-Bahn is named after a Jewish female photographer, born 1900 and murdered (officially at the 31st of December) 1942 in Sobibor. She had tried to leave Germany, but too late. In the web one may find some of her photos. Some of them are somewhat nice...


Those voters had spoken, those bastards...

Endlich wieder Sommer... vorbei!
(Finally Summer... is over!)

Annual set 15Image 79
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56

Finally Summer... is over!


Signs that summer is over:
At lunch leaves fall on your pizza...

delphiLUX, Late Sommer 2017

Annual set 15Image 78
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Online:2017-09-20 (planned)

The delphiLUX, ca. 2 weeks after opening...
Still nearly without a hint that this is a cinema...

Memorial Levetzowstrasse, Summer 2017

Annual set 15Image 77
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56 (out of the car)

A memorial in Berlin, Moabit...


At September 8 Aimee Mann celebrated her 57th birthday.
She earned a bit fame with making most of the soundtrack of Magnolia.
Its said that she also played a role in The Big Lebowski.
(I've seen the film at least three times and didn't noticed her at all.
Maybe its time to play the DVD again...)
I've six CD's with her music. All imported already last year.
This year she made another album after some time... with nearly no airplay.
Dunno if I will buy it.
At October 23 she will even play in Berlin.
I'm somewhat sure I will not see her.
But maybe one or the other music of her will play on my Linux laptop that day...

Of course I know that we only got 10 years or 20 left.
But to be honest, I'm happy with whatever time we get.
Depending on whichever book you read,
sometimes it takes a lifetime to get what you need... (Aimee Mann)


At the record shop lately.
Got Ellen Allien, Nost.
Its ok. Not outragues brilliant, but ok.
So only one record is left to get: Amy MacDonald...

Lagerweg Graffiti, High Summer 2017 (4-7)

Annual set 15Image 73-76
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56

Even more graffiti at the Lagerweg...

The Squirrel at the Cemetary at the Plötzensee, Summer 2017

Annual set 15Image 72
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Category:Cemetary, Plusch Animals

The squirrel at the Cemetary at Plötzensee...
Originally we wanted to the Plötzensee itself.
But there was no visible hole in the fence...

Still I was somewhat happy that I reached the cemetary.
Last year I still had to give up to reach it walking.
After more than 1 hour.
This time I even made a cigarette break at the entry to the Goethepark.
Nearly on top of the rubble mountain.
These "mountains" are remnants of the 2nd world war...


Yesterday (Monday) I bought two new lavender plants to replace one dead one.
(One isn't lavender colored at all, but it still smells like lavender...)
After the first night they look like still living.
Bets will be accepted how long they will survive this time...


Can we meet on the street, maybe tomorrow
See the world at our feet, naked and hollow... (electronic)

BücherboXX, Mierendorffplatz, Summer 2017

Annual set 15Image 71
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Online:2017-08-27 (planned)

The BücherboXX at the Mierendorffplatz...

Three years ago I thought about sorting out some of my books.
Haven't done anything.
Until currently...

I had put three books into the "telephone booth" at first.
Science Fiction.
I don't even know their titles anymore...
even less what they were about.

Two days later they were already not there anymore.
I had put another set of five or so in the BücherboXX.
I've already forgotten their titles, again.
One was a story by Ursula K. Le Guin.
In English.
I only still know that it was not easy to read.
Doubt that I could read it again now, anyways...


...mosquito land on your neck
mosquito drink whatever's left
he'll suck your blood...
(Yeah Yeah Yeahs)

(To correct the Yeah Yeah Yeahs somewhat:
As far as I know it only female mosquitos drink blood...)


Today (8/25) Amy MacDonald has her birthday.
Its a round one.
And already her first nervous breakdown behind.
This year she made her fourth album.
Another must-have... at least for me... if I've some money left...

Lagerweg Graffiti, High Summer 2017 (3)

Annual set 15Image 70
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56

1 Graffiti at the Lagerweg in High Summer...


Wenn Maenner wirklich an inneren Werten interessiert waeren,
wuerden sie Roentgenbilder als Wichsvorlage nehmen. (Desiree Nick)

(If men would be really interested on inner values
they would take x-ray images as jerk-off material.)

At the S-Bhf. Halensee, High Summer 2017

Annual set 15Image 69
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Online:2017-08-18 (planned)

A lost day, gone lost in the summer heat...
On the balcony for some time it smelled like a distant fire...


At my "fading" record dealer lately.
The weather was fine.
I was not too early.
The shop was nevertheless empty.
Got nearly all records I ordered.
k.flay, life as a dog. (Currently playing on endless repeat in the kitchen...)
I still have to get used to that voice...
Boxer Rebellion, Ocean by Ocean.
I think I've heard their weapon already last year in the radio.
It was always a rush.
The track on the CD seems way too short...
And Alice Merton, no roots.
Its only a 4-track-single, but its great.
Dunno if I need a full-fletch-LP...

Ordered: Ellen Allien, Nost.
No idea what runs out first, my money or my ideas for new albums...

Lagerweg Graffiti, High Summer 2017 (2)

Annual set 15Image 68
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Online:2017-08-15 (planned)

The president has a sex tape,
the medizine made you cry,
hush, don't worry, 'cause I'm bringing the mask.
Yeah, everybody has a disguise... (k.flay)

Lagerweg Graffiti: ARiSE, High Summer 2017

Annual set 15Image 67
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Online:2017-08-12 (planned)

Its frightening
where you can find sex these days.
Even around sweets it might get you.
Without a second thought you might eat a 18 "BIG PACK"
of the probably longest "pralines" of the world,
and suddenly there it is...


Seen: Baby Driver at the CineMaxXPP.
Its from the same director who filmed Hanna in 2007.
There is this rumour that Baby Driver is a comedy.
I didn't heard anyone laughing (I think).
Still the film is worth to see (at least, IMHO).
There was nearly no boring sequences in it.
The film was about a young driver of a getaway car for changing gangs of thiefs, who couldn't drop his job even after he paid his depts.
Until af final showdown...
The music of the film was really great.
If money isn't a problem, the soundtrack of this film is a must-buy.
And if not seen so far, Hanna is a film must-see.


The current fortune cookie:

A refreshing change
is in your future.

I think I'm somewhat ready for it...


Last CD imported in Rhythmbox:
Counting Crows, August and everything after.
A really outstanding album.
Yesterday and today heard for at least a dozen times...
It has the hits Mr. Jones, Round Here and Rain King on it...

I belong in the service of a queen...
I belong anywhere but in between... (Counting Crows)

Ritter's Cat, Summer 2017

Annual set 15Image 66
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Category:Flowers, Shop

Hug your cat today... if she wants... as long as she wants...
Its the international day of the cat today...



Last Tuesday at Mr. Dead & Mrs. Free I got 1 of 4 ordered CD's:
Radiohead, A Moon Shaped Pool.
Its ok.
The first and the last track are somewhat outstanding...

After getting home again I took a look at the website of the shop.
There I have to read that the shop might become slosed next year.
How sad...

Cutman, Summer 2017

Annual set 15Image 65
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Category:View inside

After 13 months it was necessary again... somewhat...


When visiting the site of the elfen beauties some days ago,
I was suddenly asked to log in (with some flashy background).
Its ok.
I won't go for that, but its ok.
After nearly four years now the time might thuly come to say goodbye...


It takes a fool to remain sane... (The Ark)

Orion in the Rain

Annual set 15Image 64
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56

Orion in the rain... at -20% discount.


You say - I only hear what I want to...
And you say - I talk so all the time... so...
And you say - stay.
(Lisa Loeb)

Cat of the Transvaalstrasse

Annual set 15BImage 63
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56

This was planned to become the cat of the day of the cat.
But currently I found another one...

Lagerweg Graffiti, Summer 2017

Annual set 15Image 62
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56

This picture is the first one at which I have changed the perspective (a bit)...
with GIMP.
I dunno what I've done exactly, but it worked out right for me.
Strange but nice...


I've got a donation lately.
As a 100€ banknote.
I think it was the first time I saw a 100€ banknote at all.
Although this kind of money exists for 15 years now.
I had to make a photo of it.
Who knows what money will exsist in another 15 years.
If any...

I got the 100€ even though I had stated that I would use it for music CD's.
Which I did lately.
After something more than a year I'd gone to the Nollendorfplatz. (The Nolle.)
The record store there - Mr. Dead & Ms. Free - looked a bit sold out.
Anyway. I ordered k.flay's life as a dog and three other CD's.
The latest of Erica Badu I was offered as an vinyl, so I rejected it.
Dunno if my record player still works at all.
But if I visit Mr. Dead & Ms. Free to get the CD's, I might also ask for that LP...
maybe I have to get a new record player anyways...

Alle 11 Minuten verliebt sich ein Single..., Summer 2017

Annual set 15Image 61
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Online:2017-07-19 (planned)

Also these blue eyes I wouldn't believe that they have something like "Parship" necessary...


...and I'm only here - to bring you freelove...
...lets make it clear - that this is freelove... hidden catch, - no strings attached, - just freelove...
(Depeche Mode)

Vöslauer, Summer 2017

Annual set 15Image 60
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Online:2017-07-15 (planned)

Imported lately: Transvision Vamp.
Extremely embarrasing.
Even more: I've all regular albums of them.
All 3. All three as a CD. Really double plus ungood.
Heared all day long, the whole Thursday through...


One day later I imported Depeche Mode as counterweight.
Also of them I've 3 CD's.
Black Celebration Ultra Exciter.
As LP's I've some more.
-But not all.
They got a bit arbitrary lately...

Lets have a black celebration...
to celebrate the fact
that we've seen the back
of another black day... (Depeche Mode)

Wilmersdorfer Strasse, Summer 2017

Annual set 15Image 59
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Online:2017-07-11 (planned)

The Wilmersdorfer Strasse, shortly after closing time.. again...

Seen: Miss Sloane at the Kant cinema.
It was at least worth to see... IMHO...

Inside Delphi, Summer 2017

Annual set 15Picture 58
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Category:Cinema, View to the Outside
Online:2017-07-11 (planned)

News from the rose:
Except two formerly dark red rose colored blossoms they are all gone.
Partly even without become open.
Without an external reason.
They had enough water. Never too much.
But there are some new blossoms on the way.
Overall the rose still looks ok...


The last of 20 fortune cookies. It said:

A relationship will
take on a new dimension.


Here I am
a rabbit-hearted girl
frozen in the headlights...

Cemetary at the Plötzensee, Summer 2017

Annual set 15Picture 57
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS

The cemetary at the Plötzensee...

It homes some dead of the 1st and 2nd world war.
Only the political correct dead, I guess...


Nobody showed you how to life... me ether...

S-Bhf. Heerstrasse, Late Spring 2017

Annual set 15Image 56
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56 (out of the car)
Online:2017-07-02 (planned)

Lass die Katze stehn! (Der Plan)
(Leave the cat.)


In the night it looks more dangerous...
with only one eye open...
when you've lost your glasses...
and vomitted about 500g muskat and 1/2l whiskey (single malt) lately...

but the visions afterwards were funny colorful, still...

We (love) Berlin, Late Spring 2017

Annual set 15Image 55
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Category:Bus Station

the president has a sex tape
the immigrant died at sea
first they come for you
and then they come for me...

Die Perle, Summer 2017

Annual set 15Image 54
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Category:Shopping Window
Online since:2017-06-24 (planned)

Die Perle - the Pearl.
Its a stand-up cafe, lotto and newspaper shop with some outside chairs in Moabit...


Have I mentioned already that this weather is completely deadly?
Today one next to Uelzen and another next to Gifhorn were "blown by the wind".
Deadly. (Two more are through...)
Some flights were cancelled and some train lines were disrupted.
Maybe our all female chancelor should speak a word of power and illegalize whirlwinds...


...I need the boys of the sun
need the crack of a whip
need some blood in the cut... (k.flay)

asia markt - frisch & exotisch, Late Spring 2017

Annual set 15Image 53
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Online since:2017-06-21 (planned)

The weather is really deadly.
But: I'll survive this or die at the attempt...

An Asia Shop at the underground station Spandau.
Nearly on the last leg I bought fortune cookies there.
They are a bit different than the cookies I've bought before.
They taste really ok.
And their sayings are noted in three different languages.
(Sometimes with three different meanings.)
One cookie of it said:

Good Luck will soon
come your way.


the president has a sex tape
the government sold you drugs
I'm just trying to get paid
but nobody's coughing up... (k.flay)


Summer has begun...

Hauptstadtrocker, Late Spring 2017

Annual set 15Image 52
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Category:Shopping Window
Online since:2017-06-20

Capital City Rocker.
Aka. Look 54.
Aka. Party Animal.
Aka. Luck? - No deadlines and a bit dizzy...


After having a birthday gift for the love of my brother,
I looked for some CD's for myself.
I had about 60€ left.
I was at Dussmann.
I haven't bought a CD or LP for somewhat about half a year.
I ended up with 3 albums:
Florence & The Machine, How Big... (nice, with the hit ship to wreck),
Lorde, Melodrama (its ok, maybe I have to hear it somewhat more often),
K.FLAY, every there is some where (currently heard 14 times, VERY nice).

take my arm, break it in half
say something, do it soon
its too quiet in this room...

Minikleid, Late Spring 2017

Annual set 15Image 51
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Online since:2017-06-14

So in future lifetime its a certainty
we will again fit together perfectly...
you're the sun to me... (Faithless)


Imported: Radiohead, Pablo Honey + OK Computer + the bends.
If I have some money left, I'll also buy the last one.
What I've heard of it sounded at least ok...


Seen: In Zeiten des abnehmenden Lichts (In Times of the fading Light).
At the Delphi.
Reached the cinema shortly before the film started.
I thought I wouldn't make it in time.
A film about the East-German history shortly before the Fall of the Wall.
Wilhelm Powileit celebrates his 90th birthday and everyone comes...
who didn't made it to the other side...

I think it was worth to see it. But your mileage may vary...


Annual set 15Image 50
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Online since:2017-06-12

Strange: all my Fleetwood Mac CD's are not readable, the computer said...

Be Nice!

Annual set 15Image 49
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Category:Shop, Graffiti
Online since:2017-06-05

(Asia Imbiss, U-Bhf. Richard-Wagner-Platz)

Have I already mentioned that I'm an idiot?
Yesterday the UbuntuMATE Linux didn't go gown anymore, again.
And after some reboots it also didn't let me login, again.
So I removed the power supply from the computer, again.
Being somewhat bored I played with the keyboard.
Alt-Cntrl-Del, Alt-Cntrl-BS, Alt-F1-F12 and more...
The last thing I tried was holding gown the On-Button.
Suddenly the computer was off.

After pressing the On-Button again, Linux started nearly normal.

And I was able to login, again.

How stupid is this?
Now maybe I never have to wait until the accu is unloaded, again...


I have a new rose.
Its orange...

H+M 30, Late Spring 2017

Annual set 15Image 48
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Online since:2017-05-31

No comment.

Clou, Spring 2017

Annual set 15Image 47
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Online since:2017-05-29 (planned)

After the carwash...
At least for half a day the car was somewhat clean...

Here you harvest the Offers

Annual set 15Picture 46
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Online since:2017-05-23 (planned)

...but the only thing I ever really wanted to say: I was wrong... (Sundays)

Villa Kulinaria, Spring 2017

Annual set 15Image 45
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Online since:2017-05-20 (planned)

Yeah I seen ya there
looking all pretty when you brush your hair
yeah I like it when you smile
won't you stay with me. Just for a little while... (a&js)


I think I'm a wimp.
But this weather is killing me.
Although it's still not near 40 degrees Celsius, I'm already stunned.
Getting nearly nothing done.
Nearly all windows are closed.
Getting burned by the hot transformator of the computer.
And nobody is around to shoot me...

My only hope is the weather tomorrow (20.).
Then the temperature will drop at least for 10 degrees.
Maybe it will even rain...

...although it might not be the best weather for a 84th birthday...

Lagerweg Graffiti, Spring 2017

Annual set 15Image 44
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Online since:2017-05-16 (planned)

There might be some "construction" works at the Lagerweg.
At least there are some parts of the streets separated.
Bets will be taken if there will happen anything else within this century...

Exactly my Summer, Spring 2017

Annual set 15Image 43
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Online since:2017-05-13 (planned)

Exactly her Summer... not mine...

One more CD to be ashamed of: Mel C, Northern Star.
Imported today.
Needless to say: I like it...


Today (Wednesday) Bono has his birthday.
There is not much difference to mine. Only a few years.
And he has probably the more interesting life.
Doesn't matter.
I have 9 U2 LP's. 0 CD's. 6 Maxi-CD's.
For celebrating the day I've imported them in Rhythmbox...

...'cause you,
my love,
I could never
believe. (U2)

Westhafen, Spring 2017

Annual set 15Image 42
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Online since:2017-05-09

Westhafen with low Sun...
Pointed the camera of the mobile phone to it...
The image is the best of 3 or 4 attempts...

Rose, Spring 2017

Annual set 15Picture 41
Kamera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Online since:2017-05-07 (planned)

The first (authorized) picture from the telephone.
Its so shitty simple... copy the pictures from the handy camera to the computer.
The rose in the picture was the one for my brother...


My rose seems to be finally vanished...
Now there is only some toadflax left...
Itsalready blossoming...


Last imported CD's: Boss Hog.
They have something, what was noticeble only now, years after they were bought.
Its said that the group still exsist and that they have produced a new album.
It might be an album I like to look forward to...

Also currently looking for k.flay...
florence & the machine...
the XX...
alice merton...

if I only had the money...

Dream Bigger, Spring 2017

Annual set 15Picture 40
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online since:2017-05-09

...Wir haben überlebt, und Du glaubst nicht an Wunder?

i(...we have survived, and you don't believe in wonders?)

McCafe, Spring 2017

Annual set 15Picture 39
Camera:Medion MD87366
Category:Inside View
Online since:2017-05-02

Last imported record on Rhythmbox: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Its Blitz!
So ziemlich ok.

Fall sweetly, hang heavy...
you suddenly complete me... (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)

Confirmation, Spring 2017

Annual set 15Picture 38
Camera:Medion MD87366
Category:Church, Inside View
Online since:2017-05-01 (planned)

Making something hard...
The younger of my 2 niches had it at the last day of April...

A Place for Culture, Spring 2017

Annual set 15Picture 37
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online since:2017-04-30 (planned)

Below Potsdamer Platz at night...

Potsdamer Platz, Spring 2017

Annual set 15Image 36
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online since:2017-04-28 (planned)

Potsdamer Platz by night...


My brother is celebrating his 50th anniversary today.
Halfway through.
At least.
If not, he should definately tell me how...

He got many books that day.
Really many books.
Even if I hadn't a reading problem still, I wouldn't read any of them.
From me he got a Sparschwein and a rose.
A living rose.
It was the last one which the garden shop had...

I for myself have celebrated my 50th nearly not.
It's simply a number...

Driving Home 3, Spring 2017

Annual set 15Image 35
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online since:2017-04-25

Driving home 3... the squirrel stayed at home that night...


Small correction:
I've 5 CD's by Swing out Sister.
Found: get in touch with yourself.
Also this CD is somewhat great...

I'm the one you hurt, and I'm the one you need.
I'm the one who cried, I am the one you used to meet.
But you are pretending you don't care,
but the fire is still there... (Swing out Sister)


Seen: Ghost in the Shell.
At CineMaxX, Potsdamer Platz.
Nearly alone.
The Knoblauchpizza for lunch wasn't that necessary...

The film was really great.
With Scarlett Johanson, one of the ugliest beauties you can imaging, playing Mayor Kusanagi.

The film was nothing less than outstanding...

Kitty 2, Spring 2017

Annual set 15Image 34
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Online since:2017-04-25

Kitty has got a hedgehog friend...


Last album imported: Republica. Nice LP. Still.

I know my ex-boyfriend lies. Oh, he does it everytime.
Its just his permanent disduise. Yeah, yeah, but he's dropped dead gorgeous...

H+M 29, Spring 2017

Annual set 15Picture 33
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online since:2017-04-18

...your jeans were once so clean
I bet you didn't changed your wardrope since we met...
(The Ting Tings)


Better Alzheimer than Pakinson.
With Parkinson you might spill your beer.
With Alzheimer you only forget to pay...


As indicated already:
I entered the world of mobile communication.
Anything else than Telekom.
The price was somewhat irrelevant.
The last bills of the Telekom were hardly to top.

Its the first mobile phone of my life. Somewhat.
At my "2-weeks-job" somewhat 14 years ago I should had got a mobile phone before.
It was practically ordered already.
It was a somewhat common Simens mobile at that time.

I've never seen it...

One somewhat aggravating fact of the mobile phone is:
It was not necessary.
Main reason for the phone was because my mom was planned to travel to Italy.
So I bought the phone at the monday before Eastern.
At the tuesday before Eastern my mom told me that she abandoned the three week vacation...

hogl, Spring 2017

Annual set 15Image 32
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online since:2017-04-17 (planned)

Das machine is nicht fur gefingerpoken und mittengrabben. Ist easy schnappen
der springenwerk, blowenfusen und corkenpoppen mit spitzensparken. Ist nicht
fur gewerken by das dummkopfen. Das rubbernecken sightseeren keepen hands in
das pockets. Relaxen und vatch das blinkenlights!!!

(Sign at the entry of a computer room of the Franklin building, Technical University of Berlin...)


Currently in Rhythmbox: Wendy & Lisa.

People may come, people may go
just as long as the water flow... (Wendy & Lisa)

Vodafone, Spring 2017

Annual set 15Image 31
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online since:2017-04-11

The time in paradise is over...

Marc O'Polo, Spring 2017

Annual set 15Image 30
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online since:2017-04-11

World War 3, lets get it done...

Guess, Spring 2017

JahrgangAnnual set 15Image 29
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online since:2017-04-07 (planned)

Seen (with the squirrel): Die andere Seite der Hoffnung
(The other side of hope - Toivon Tuolla Puolen) by Aki Kaurismäki...
The film won a silver bear at the Berlinale 2017 for best directing...


I tell you something:
I am a wulf
but I like to wear sheeps clothing... (Garbage)

Scotch & Soda, Spring 2017

Annual set 15Picture 28
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Online since:2017-04-07

Just telling stories of live and life... (Terranova)

IN-Berlin, Spring 2017

Annual set 15Picture 27
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Category:Sopping Window
Online since:2017-03-29

In Rhythmbox: Swing out Sister.
I've 4 CD's of them.
Any of them is somewhat great.

What kind of fool are you, when all you want is everything?
What kind of fool are you, when you don't want my love? (Swing out Sister)

Moon, 2017-03-24

Annual set 15Image 26
Camera:Medion MD87366
From:2017-03-24 5:56 CET
Online since:2017-03-28

The slim Moon - without time shift...

Lagerweg Graffiti: Henry, Late Winter 2016/17

Annual set 15Image 25
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Online since:2017-03-21 (planned)

Baby, please, let me begin...
hate the sinner, but love the sin...
let me be your heroine... (Aimee Mann)


A graffiti at the Spandau Lagerweg.
Included: the artist himself.
I only saw him working on the butterfly...

The other graffiti there were not worth a picture. (IMHO.)


I really thought the rose is dead.
It was still at the balcony because I was too lazy to throw it away.
For at least three months.
It got some water sometimes - by error or thoughtlessness.
Suddenly there were some green...

Spätkauf - all in one, Winter 2016/17

Annual set 15Image 24
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online since:2017-03-20 (planned)

I pictured a rainbow, you held it in your hands... (The Waterboys)


The start of spring.
6 days left until "summertime".

I still think its completely senseless...
even after nearly fourty years.

The End of a Childrens Playground, Winter 2016/17

Annual set 15Image 23
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online since:2017-03-14

Currently in Rhythmbox: Noise of Human Art...

Go your own way, forget the old days.
Do not run away, dive in your life. (N.O.H.A.)


Annual set 15Image 19-22
Camera:Medion MD87366
Category:Cinema, U-Bahnhof
Online since:2017-03-08 (planned)

Seen: Elle. (Together with the squirrel.)
Great film. (IMHO.)
After being brutally raped by a masked stranger our heroin orders sushi.
That alone is simply great.
If anyone has earned an Oscar it should be Isabelle Huppert...

Catsuit ouvert 32.95

Annual set 15Picture 18
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Online since:2017-03-07 (planned)

If we're not talking about politics, we're walking about tussies and pussies.
(George W. Bush)

Lagerweg Graffiti, Winter 2016/17

Annual set 15Image 17
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online since:2017-03-06 (planned)

It has really happened.
LaLaLand has got 5 Oscars.

Although... the Oscars for Emma Stone and Rian Gosling are somewhat ok in the greater picture...


Heared in the radio:
Hare, fox, and bear are called to go to the army.
But all three won't.
The hare cuts off his ears, because a hare without ears don't go.
The fox cuts off his tail, because a fox without tail is crippeled.
The bear let remove his teeth and nails, because without them he is somewhat defenseless.
All three got inspired.
The hare returns first. "Not taken. No ears."
Then the fox returns. "And?" "Not taken. No tail."
The bear comes back at last. "And?" "Not taken." "But why?" "Too fat..."

Sports Hall, Winter 2016/17

Annual set 15Image 16
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online since:2017-02-28

Sports Hall, Sömmeringstrasse...


Things I didn't want to know:
Every tenth European was made in an Ikea bed.
And the poor new Europeans couldn't do anything against it!


Today its said that Cindy Wilson (B52's) celebrates her 60th birthday.
To celebrate the birthday I've imported nearly all CD's I have of them.

She knows where the rain bows...
She brakes for rinbows... (B52's)

Paul-Hertz-Gesamtschule, Winter 2016/17

Annual set 15Image 15
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Online since:2017-02-25 (planned)

The Paul-Hertz-Gesamtschule in the rain...

Schiller in the Rain

Annual set 15Image 14
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Online since:2017-02-21

Schiller in the Rain...

I found my glasses again.
They were under my bed, not openly visible.
I had to remove the bed nearly completely.
Something I like at my old glasses is that they darken at sunlight.
I was somewhat surprised that they do.
I think my future glasses should have that again.
If I can afford it...


Why don't you're asking me to stay... (Holly Valance)

Mini Buddy Bears, Kantstrasse, Winter 2016/17

Annual set 15Image 13
Camera:Medion MD87366
Category:Shopping Window, Buddy Bears
Online since:2017-02-20 (planned)

Still importing CD's.
Currently: Moby.
One of the lesser artists who still got better with every album.
Although the start with hymn was already great.

...steal my heart...
...its disturbed...
...and I live for tomorrow... (Moby)

Delphi, LaLaLand, Winter 2016/17

Annual set 15Image 12
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online since:2017-02-14

I'm so sorry, but musicals in general and especially this time are not my favoured kind of films.
I've seen LaLaLand in the Delphi. No accident in front of the cinema this time.
If I would had been more mobile I would had left the cinema after 1 hour... maybe earlier.
So this film got a somewhat seldom ranking. Which is special in its own way.

Outside of the cinema workers already were removing the name of the film.
The LaLa of LaLaLand was standing somewhat pictiouresque on the way in front of a light pillar.
I thought it would had been a good motive.
So I freed the squirrel out of the knapsack and placed it somewhat over the letters.
But before I could make a picture one of the worker came by, put the squirrel back in my hand and removed the LaLa...

I made a photo of of the squirrel later at the Stilwerk ad, undisturbed.

By the way: I'm now proud owner of a Yorck card. Current points: 2...

Lagerweg Graffiti: B2B, Winter 2016/17

Annual set 15Image 11
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online since:2017-02-09 (planned)

1 Graffiti at the Spandau Lagerweg...

Legalize it...
...its good for the flu... good for asthma... good for tuberculosis... (Bob Marley)

Driving Home 2, Winter 2016/17

Annual set 15Image 10
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online since:2017-02-07 (planned)

Driving home... this time without the squirrel...


Beam me up, Scotty, this planet sucks! (Plan B)

Lagerweg Graffiti: Ghetto, Winter 2016/17

Annual set 15Image 9
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online since:2017-01-31

1 Graffiti at the Spandau Lagerweg, less than 1/4 year later...

Lagerweg Graffiti: No see, no hear, no speak, Fall 2016

Annual set 15Image 8
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online since:2017-01-28 (planned)

A graffiti at the Spandau Lagerweg.


Nuetzlich ist, wenn Du ein Telefon hast.
Luxus ist, wenn Du zwei Telefone hast.
Ueppigkeit ist, wenn Du drei Telefone hast.
Paradies ist, wenn Du kein Telefon hast. (Doug Larson)

(Useful is if you have a telephone.
Luxury is if you have two telephones.
Ueppigkeit is if you have three telephones.
Paradise is if you have no telephone at all...)

Cat, Fall 2016

Annual set 15Image 7
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online since:2017-01-24 (planned)

1 cat in Wedding.
I hope there wil be some more this year...

Currently missing: my glasses.
Any help would be appriciated...


Currently listening to: Lois Lane, Close to you... in an endless loop...

I wanna stay close to you,
just don't matter what you do.
I got so much to offer, I got nothing to loose.
I give you the story if you let me... (Lois Lane)

Alle 11 Minuten verliebt sich ein Single..., Winter 2016/17

Annual set 15Image 6
Camera:Medion MD87366
Category:Ads, Underground
Online since:2017-01-19 (planned)

This young beauty one would wish her love of her life...
No idiot, no smoker, drinker or drug consumer, no weirdo...

MONTE75, Winter 2016/17

Annual set 15Image 5
Camera:Medion MD87366
Category:S-Bahn, Graffiti
Online since:2017-01-14 (planned) the S-Bahn heading Wedding.

I'm importing some older CD's on the Linux-Laptop, still.
By doing this I have found some forgotten treasures.
New Adventures in Hi-Fi by R.E.M., for instance.
Or The Con by Tegan&Sara.
Currently listening to: Amphibian by Bang Bang Machine. Its still nice...

When the World won't listen,
When the world grows cold...
Show me your pain... (Bang Bang Maschine)

China Food, Winter 2016/17

Annual set 15Image 4
Camera:Medion MD87366
Category:View outside, Cinema
Online since:2017-01-10 (planned)

...with a view to the (still) new Alhambra.


Finally the first four images are online.
Most probably there are still errors in the (older) pages/years.
I am too tired...

Kleid 19,99 (H+M28)

Annual set 15Image 3
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online since:2017-01-03 (planned)

A H+M ad at Xmas time...
I think its recycled.

KompaktKAUF, Möckernbrücke

Annual set 15Image 2
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online since:2017-01-03 (planned)

The underground station Möckernbrücke shortly before Xmas...

My christmas fortune cookie:

Happiness will finally
fill your heart, too.

(Sponsored by LD.)

Berlin, Seestrasse

Annual set 15Image 1
Camera:Medion MD87366
Category:Underground, Ads
Online since:2017-01-03 (planned)

The series no. 15 starts here...
I'm alive... I think... somewhat...

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