Bayrischer Platz, Underground Station Art

Annual set 16Image 59
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Category:Underground, Art

Was looking for pictures from the underground station Bayrischer Platz lately.
Somewhat interesting.
Even after 3 attempts nothing found about the 3 pictures above.
But instead found lots of cat and bunny pictures...

H+M 30, Late Spring 2017

Annual set 15Image 48
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Online since:2017-05-31

No comment.

Wernesgrüner Radler

Annual set 14Image 46
Camera:Medion MD87366
Kategorie:Plusch Animals
Online since:2016-04-19

Seen: 10 Cloverfield Lane.
After all, a very good SF movie.
Seen in a somewhat small sub-cinema at Potsdamer Platz.
In a German version.
It was still very good, I think.

Statue, Heerstraße, Late Spring 2015

Annual set 13Image 64
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2015-07-07 (planned)

...cause its witchcraft... (Frank Sinatra)


One year ago was the last complete day out there.
There were some last courses I missed.
I sat in the corridor hall and waited.
Maybe four houres, maybe more.
I think I missed lunch.
It was the last time I saw her...

Berlin awakes at 5 a.m.

Annual set 13Picture 58
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2015-06-03 (planned)

Berlin awakes at 5 a.m.

16mm Sound Features, Spring 2015

Annual set 13Image 54
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2015-05-20 (planned)

Alles wird gut ab hier, denn alles Gute liegt vor dir...
(Everything will be good from now on, because everything good lies in front of you...)

Mierendorffplatz at the Winter 2014/15

Annual set 13Picture 20
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2015-02-05

he went and took up with a Salvation Army Band girl
they played dirty water from a swordfishtrombone...
(Tom Waits)


91 hours.
Couldn't get Double Bubble chewing-gum...

Next time I'll maybe reach at least a 100 hours.

I've also found out the next film I like to see.
The Imitation Game.
Maybe it will win one or the other Oscar...

Gedächtniskirche, Fall 2014

Annual set 12Picture 83
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2014-11-09

The Gedächtniskirche. Somewhat blurry. Like my memories from 25 years ago...

Mierendorffplatz at the Evening Dawn, Fall 2014

Annual set 12Picture 81
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2014-11-06

At the beginning of the week the fountain was deactivated.
What else can I say except maybe... Bye. Maybe seeing you next year.

Kleid 14,99 (H+M24)

Annual set 12Picture 79
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2014-11-03

Ok. The pucture is slanted.
Its not intentionally. It simply happened.

All plants are still alive.

Mr. Dead & Mrs. Free revisited, Fall 2014

Annual set 12Picture 78
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2014-11-02

The day after halloween.
I think I don't need any help for the kilo gummibaerchen...

Pizzeria Mierendorffstraße, Summer 2014

Annual set 12Picture 33
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Kategorie:View to the Outside
Online since:2014-08-27

No comment.

Advertiding Pillar at the Sömmeringstrasse, Summer 2014

Annual set 12Picture 28
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2014-08-21

The image could be also called "Thank you for the Music"...

Sphere Cube Tetraeder, Summer 2013

Annual set 11Picture 59
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Category:Tram, Art
Online since:2013-08-04

No idea what the artist thought about this object.
Some think its a good place to glue ads on it.

Potsdamer Platz as seen from below, Spring 2013

Annual set 11Picture 40
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Location:Mitte, Potsdamer Platz
Category:Architekture, Art
Online since:2013-05-28

I still have to practice on that picture.
(I think) one sees one of the two Hilton Hotel buildings at the Potsdamer Platz.

U-Bhf. Haselhorst: Stripe Pattern

Annual set 10Picture 86
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2012-09-23

At that day there were no interesting pictures at the Lagerweg.

Woman in Stone

Annual set 10Picture 73
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2012-08-10

This sculpture is placed on the campus of the Westend clinic aside from the entry to the house D.
On the plaque at the base of the sculpture you can read:

Konrad Winzer

Don Giovanni
und die Bildhauerei

Eine Leihgabe
der Galerie Brusberg, Berlin

The last paragraph means that this sculpture is lended to the clinic by the Galery Brusberg, Berlin.
There is no date or other information given.

The strange Object in front of the Kurbel, Spring 2012

Annual set 10Picture 53
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Category:Art, Streetview

In front of the Kurbel there is a place which was empty until last year.
Now they have installed a strange, rusty object there.
It has no inscription or plate.
To call it art is somewhat difficult for me.

Silk Print Examples, Kantstraße

Annual set 9Picture 96
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Location:Charlottenburg, Kantstraße
Online since:2011-11-26

Silk print examples, Kantstraße.

Building Blocks of Life

Annual set 9Picture 95
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Location:Charlottenburg, Kantstraße
Online since:2011-11-22

Building Blocks of Life.
A picture which had found a lucky owner.

Faces of Berlin at the Festival of Lights, Fall 2011

Annual set 9Picture 94
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Location:Mitte, Potsdamer Platz
Category:Places, Events, Art
Online since:2011-11-05

Faces of Berlin at the Festival of Lights.
Faces projected on a white mask.
The faces got selected new every day.
If it hadn't rained that evening I probably had made some more pictures.

Blue Sheep in front of the Humboldtbox

Annual set 9Picture 66
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Category:Art, Architecture
Online since:2011-07-16

The blue sheep were on the Schlossplatz for only one day.
They have their own web site: (only in German).
The Humboldtbox on the other side seems to have no web site currently.
It was built in the tradition of the Infobox at the Potsdamer Platz.
For me it is really more uglier than the Infobox and the temporary art hall called "White Cube".
But after all it is only temporary, too.
It is supposed to be replaced by a 590 million euro expensive ugliness called Humboldtforum.
This will be a building with the fassade of the former city palace of the imperialistic aera of Berlin.
With dome.
If not the shortage of money will throw a monkey wrench in this plan.
I'm still for a park with lots of trees at this place. And in the woods there would be two signs:

Here was the former city palace.

Here was the former palace of the republic.

Greek Sculptures at the Wittenbergplatz, Summer 2011

Annual set 9Picture 61-64
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Category:Places, Art
Online since:2011-07-01

These sculptures, which might be somewhat new, all have a plate on which is to read:



And I won't go for any joke about a Greek sellout on Germany because of the debts. There is no joke. Its serious.

The Spreekieker, Autumn 2010

Annual set 8Picture 91
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Category:Art, Nature
Online since:2010-10-09

The Spreekieker in Autumn 2010.
Obviously the camera has not focused on the statue but more on the autumn trees.
Next time I might select the focus distance manually.


An update to the Icon (heard it on the radio):
The club has got its concession for the next year.
Sometimes it seems that normal human reason comes around.

Riding Bikes, Summer 2010

Annual set 8Picture 71
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Location:Mitte, Potsdamer Platz
Online since:2010-08-13

Also this sculpture has plate at the border of the basin. On this you can read:

Robert Rauschenberg
*1925 Port Arthur, USA
Riding Bikes, 1998
Neon auf Metallständer / Neon on metal rack

The plate was obviously installed before 2008, because in 2008 Robert Rauschenberg died on Captiva Island, USA.

The sculpture simply looks better in the dark... To get a better impression I have again raised the saturation and twiddled a bit on the gradiation curve. The original was again somewhat pale.

Untitled (Boxers), Summer 2010

Annual set 8Picture 54
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Location:Mitte, Potsdamer Platz
Category:Art, Architecture
Online since:2010-07-11

Related to the sculpture in red and blue there is a bronze plate, which contains a twist of numbers. On the plate you can read:

Keith Haring
1985 Reading, USA - 1990 New York, USA
Untitled (Boxers), 1987
Lackierter Stahl / Coated steel

The year of birth of Keith Haring was in fact 1958.

The building in the background is the Kammermusiksaal (chamber music hall).

The Statues at the Corner Königin-Elisabeth-Straße Knobelsdorfstraße (1+2)

Annual set 8Picture 51+52
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Category:Streetview, Art
Online since:2010-07-09

If you walk through Berlin, there barely is something to see from the time between 1933 and 1945. Taken beside the Olympiastadion, the Tempelhof airport and some government buildings in the center of the city the Third Reich seems to be extinct. But then you suddenly see details which still remembers of it. So the two statues at the corner Königin-Elisabeth-Straße Knobelsdorfstraße do.

The Light Quarders in Front of the University Library (1-4)

Annual set 8Picture 34-37
Camera:Casio Exilim EX-H15
Category:Art, Streetview
Online since:2010-06-01

The light quarders in front of the Volkswagen University Library of the Technical University and the University of Arts in the Fasanenstraße. - They really change their color. - In reality this looks far better than on a photo. - I wanted to make an animated GIF of this, but some of the photos were blurred and unusable.

The Pin, Kudamm Corner Joachimstaler Straße

Annual set 8Picture 16
Camera:Casio Exilim EX-H15
Location:Charlottenburg, Kudamm
Category:Streetview, Art
Online since:2010-05-08

The Pin, Kudamm Corner Joachimsthaler Straße.
I have googled the web for it, but I haven't found much about it.
By the way, Google doesn't work right anymore with my ancient Mozilla 1.2.1.
Only at the extended search the input fields appear.
Never mind, Yahoo still works for me.
And Bing works, too, but without the background picture.

View from the Oberbaumbrücke to the Treptowers, Spring 2010

Annual Set 8Picture 11
Camera:Casio Exilim EX-H15
Category:Art, Architecture, View to the Water
Online since:2010-04-30

Yet another tourist photo.
The sculpture in front of the Treptowers is called Molecule Man.
Its 30 meter high and was made by Jonathan Borofsky in 1999.
You have to google for this only a little bit.
And if you google for it, you will find better pictures of it.

Sandsation 09 as seen from the S-Bahn

Annual Set 7Picture 77
Camera:Olympus E-100RS
Category:Art, Architecture, View to the Water
Online since:2009-09-01

The Sandsation 09 is over.

The Prometheus Fountain at the UDK

Annual Set 7Picture 44
Camera:Olympus E-100RS
Category:Art, Fountains
Online since:2008-04-17

This picture is nothing special. With some Google I found here and here some other photos. For a long time there is no water there. The UDK is the University of Arts.

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