303, Summer 2018

Annual set 16Image 61
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS

The Qmodo of the last year is the Quasimodo again.
Made this photo with the mobile phone 3 times.
3 failures.
At least I've noticed it for myself.
After the film I got out the Canon.
The picture is the first try... no corrections afterward...

By the way: 303 is my best film of the year, currently...


I won't complain about the weather anymore.
I'll survive it or die at the attempt.
Waiting for the temperatures above 40°C.
In Sevilla it will be already... tomorrow...

Cinema Paris, Spring 2018

Annual set 16Picture 36
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56

Cinema Paris, spring 2018.
Seen: 3 Days in Quiberon.
Extraordinary... IMHO...

delphiLUX, Late Sommer 2017

Annual set 15Image 78
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Online:2017-09-20 (planned)

The delphiLUX, ca. 2 weeks after opening...
Still nearly without a hint that this is a cinema...

Inside Delphi, Summer 2017

Annual set 15Picture 58
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Category:Cinema, View to the Outside
Online:2017-07-11 (planned)

News from the rose:
Except two formerly dark red rose colored blossoms they are all gone.
Partly even without become open.
Without an external reason.
They had enough water. Never too much.
But there are some new blossoms on the way.
Overall the rose still looks ok...


The last of 20 fortune cookies. It said:

A relationship will
take on a new dimension.


Here I am
a rabbit-hearted girl
frozen in the headlights...

H+M 30, Late Spring 2017

Annual set 15Image 48
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Online since:2017-05-31

No comment.


Annual set 15Image 19-22
Camera:Medion MD87366
Category:Cinema, U-Bahnhof
Online since:2017-03-08 (planned)

Seen: Elle. (Together with the squirrel.)
Great film. (IMHO.)
After being brutally raped by a masked stranger our heroin orders sushi.
That alone is simply great.
If anyone has earned an Oscar it should be Isabelle Huppert...

Delphi, LaLaLand, Winter 2016/17

Annual set 15Image 12
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online since:2017-02-14

I'm so sorry, but musicals in general and especially this time are not my favoured kind of films.
I've seen LaLaLand in the Delphi. No accident in front of the cinema this time.
If I would had been more mobile I would had left the cinema after 1 hour... maybe earlier.
So this film got a somewhat seldom ranking. Which is special in its own way.

Outside of the cinema workers already were removing the name of the film.
The LaLa of LaLaLand was standing somewhat pictiouresque on the way in front of a light pillar.
I thought it would had been a good motive.
So I freed the squirrel out of the knapsack and placed it somewhat over the letters.
But before I could make a picture one of the worker came by, put the squirrel back in my hand and removed the LaLa...

I made a photo of of the squirrel later at the Stilwerk ad, undisturbed.

By the way: I'm now proud owner of a Yorck card. Current points: 2...

Tangerine (L.A.), Summer 2016

Annual set 14Image 74
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online since:2016-07-13

Seen: Tangerine (L.A.).
It was somewhat ok.
The squirrel thinks it, too.
(I know its thoughts.)
It was filmed with a mobile telephone...

Der Nachtmahr, Spring 2016

Annual set 14Image 66
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online since:2016-06-05

The squirrel in the scene cinema...

Es ist nicht viel, doch es macht mich glücklich.
Es wär alles so leicht, wenn es immer so wär... (Juli)

Mängelexemplar, Spring 2016

Annual set 14Image 63
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online since:2016-05-25

The squirrel was again with me watching a film.
Seen: Mängelexemplar.
The film was ok.
A can see. Not a must.
If one has two healthy eyes, he/she should consider a bigger cinema...
...instead of the Kant 4.

Wernesgrüner Radler

Annual set 14Image 46
Camera:Medion MD87366
Kategorie:Plusch Animals
Online since:2016-04-19

Seen: 10 Cloverfield Lane.
After all, a very good SF movie.
Seen in a somewhat small sub-cinema at Potsdamer Platz.
In a German version.
It was still very good, I think.

Lower Kudamm, Winter 2015/16 (1-6)

Annual set 14Image 8-13
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2016-01-14

The squirrel loves cinema...
This time it was watching Carol with me.
The film was really okay...

The Squirrel in the Cinema

Annual set 13Image 94
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2015-11-12

A Perfect Day...

Recommended by a female Grece tourist live from Grece.
This film is great.
And it has a positive end.

The Martian, Fall 2015

Annual set 13Image 89-92
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2015-11-03

The Martian... help in only 140 million miles away...


Five-o-four no morning's broken -
the minibar is always open.
She lays her head and waits for dreams... (Boy)

Statue, Heerstraße, Late Spring 2015

Annual set 13Image 64
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2015-07-07 (planned)

...cause its witchcraft... (Frank Sinatra)


One year ago was the last complete day out there.
There were some last courses I missed.
I sat in the corridor hall and waited.
Maybe four houres, maybe more.
I think I missed lunch.
It was the last time I saw her...

Victoria, Summer 2015

Annual set 13Picture 62
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2015-06-25 (planned)

Seen: Victoria.
One Girl. One City. One Night. One Take.
Even better than "Als sie träumten"...

Berlin awakes at 5 a.m.

Annual set 13Picture 58
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2015-06-03 (planned)

Berlin awakes at 5 a.m.

CineStar IMAX, Spring 2015

Annual set 13Image 55
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2015-05-24 (planned)

I saw the rain dirty valley, you saw Brigadoon.
I saw the crescent, you saw the whole of the Moon.
(The Waterboys)

16mm Sound Features, Spring 2015

Annual set 13Image 54
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2015-05-20 (planned)

Alles wird gut ab hier, denn alles Gute liegt vor dir...
(Everything will be good from now on, because everything good lies in front of you...)

Fifty Shades of Grey, Winter 2014/15

Annual set 13Picture 27-30
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2015-02-23

Seen: 50 Shades of Grey. Lose Control.
If I would have been 30 years younger, the film might has been acceptable.
I'm not, so it was uninteresting. At least for me.
Some parts of the music were ok, though...

...feel free to touch me,
and we can play hard... (Jessie Ware)

Inherent Vice, Winter 2014/15

Annual set 13Picture 24
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Location:Charlottenburg, Kantstraße
Online since:2015-02-17

Seen: Inherent Vice.
My first feeling was: An extraordinary film.
For a bit more than two hours I was able to forget the reality.
There were some funny parts where I could laugh.
After sleeping over it the film at least stayed worth to watch it...

Mierendorffplatz at the Winter 2014/15

Annual set 13Picture 20
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2015-02-05

he went and took up with a Salvation Army Band girl
they played dirty water from a swordfishtrombone...
(Tom Waits)


91 hours.
Couldn't get Double Bubble chewing-gum...

Next time I'll maybe reach at least a 100 hours.

I've also found out the next film I like to see.
The Imitation Game.
Maybe it will win one or the other Oscar...

Amour Fou (Hackesche Höfe, Winter 2014/15)

Annual set 13Picture 13-16
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2015-01-27

To the guy next to the train station Charlottenburg/Wilmersdorfer:
I hope you've got the missing 15 euro for your bus drive finally.

You give your love for free
So could you say it again
that this is all that you need... (Jessie Ware)

Magic in the Moonlight, Late Fall 2014

Annual set 12Picture 100
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2014-12-12

A film probably worth to see...
Probably it will be my last film in 2014.

With this picture the series no. 12 is finished.
Against all odds.
No idea if I will start a 13th.
This will be seen at the end of this month.
Or at the beginning of the next year.
I have already 2 or 3 snapshots I could show.
No idea if I will.
In tarot the no. 13 stand for The Death.
Lets hope for the best...

You have to paint the sky... paint it blue...

In the Kant Cinema, Fall 2014

Annual set 12Picture 93
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2014-11-26 (planned)

All new plants at the balcony are still living. Even the rose.
Maybe it would be somewhat cold for then, it they would know the feeling...

Gedächtniskirche, Fall 2014

Annual set 12Picture 83
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2014-11-09

The Gedächtniskirche. Somewhat blurry. Like my memories from 25 years ago...

Mierendorffplatz at the Evening Dawn, Fall 2014

Annual set 12Picture 81
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2014-11-06

At the beginning of the week the fountain was deactivated.
What else can I say except maybe... Bye. Maybe seeing you next year.

Kleid 14,99 (H+M24)

Annual set 12Picture 79
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2014-11-03

Ok. The pucture is slanted.
Its not intentionally. It simply happened.

All plants are still alive.

Mr. Dead & Mrs. Free revisited, Fall 2014

Annual set 12Picture 78
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2014-11-02

The day after halloween.
I think I don't need any help for the kilo gummibaerchen...

Pizzeria Mierendorffstraße, Summer 2014

Annual set 12Picture 33
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Kategorie:View to the Outside
Online since:2014-08-27

No comment.

Advertiding Pillar at the Sömmeringstrasse, Summer 2014

Annual set 12Picture 28
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2014-08-21

The image could be also called "Thank you for the Music"...

Zoo-Palast, Winter 2013/14

Annual set 12Picture 9
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2014-02-05

The Zoo-Palast in Winter 2013/14.
Fresh renovated. Finally.
For me it will remain the real Berlinale palace.

Kant-Kino, Winter 2013/14

Annual set 12Picture 2
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2014-01-07

The Kant-Kino in the Kantstraße.
Seen inside: "Only Lovers Left Alive".
An okay film, nothing that special.
But there were nice sayings in that film.
I don't remember any of them,
only the one which was also in the advertisings:
"We will have real big fun together."

By the way: Last year I've also seen "Blue Jasmine" and "Inside Llewyn Davis".
All in all it was a good cinematic year with "The Broken Circle" as the highlight.
One interesting thing: All four named films got English titles in their German versions.
This was also true for "Startrek: Into Darkness", "The Bling Ring", "Gravity",
"World War Z", "Ender's Game", "No!", "Before Midnight", "Django Unchained", and
probably some films I haven't seen. No assessment. Only a detection.

I have forgotten to put the links on the 2014 pages right.
There were already 13 bad accesses to them.
This should be alright now.
There is always something to forget, when the year changes...

Filmkunst 66, Fall 2013

Annual set 11Picture 89
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2013-11-26

The Filmkunst 66 in fall 2013.
Seen inside: "Inside Wikileaks".
A so lala film. (Dunno if this is ok in English.)

Cinema Paris, Fall 2013

Annual set 11Picture 76
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2013-10-02

Before it might be closed down, here a photo of the Cinema Paris.

International Cinema, Summer 2013

Annual set 11Picture 66
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2013-08-08

The Cinema International in Friedrichshain.
Its becoming 50 years old this year.
Its one of the many cinemas, in which I have never seen a movie.
At least there is already a photography of it.
Maybe I manage it to also see no movie in the next 50 years in it.

Delphi and Quasimodo Cafe, Spring 2013

Annual set 11Picture 32
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Location:Charlottenburg, Kantstraße
Category:Cinema, Cafe
Online since:2013-05-03

The Broken Circle.
In my eyes it was an outstanding film.
Maybe it will be the film of the year.

Into Darkness, Spring 2013

Annual set 11Picture 27
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Category:Cinema, Streetview
Online since:2013-04-22

The Cineplex Alhambra in springtime 2013.
At their front side they are promoting the new Startrek film.
I wanted to make that picture already five days before, but I left it.
At that day I was in that cinema.
I've seen "Oblivion" with Tom Cruise.
The pictures of that film were really impressive.
The action was somewhat ok.
A good film, but not neccessarily worth seeing.
I had seen it at 14'o'clock at a Monday.
I was nearly alone in that cinema.

By the way...
The real motive of the picture is on the right side.
I waited until it circled into view.
Its... somewhat funny.

The Remains of the Kurbel, Spring 2012

Annual set 10Picture 52
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Category:Cinema, Streetview
Online since:2012-05-25

They are really doing it. They are deconstructing the Kurbel.
Maybe in some weeks or months they might open a bio market here.
Thereby a cinema would be more important than any market or so.
Thirteen movies I've seen in the Kurbel.
Sadly this is not as many as I've seen in the Kant or Delphi.
The last movie was "Source Code" in June 2011. Nearly one year ago.
There will be no more films in the Kurbel.
How sad.

Babylon with Television Tower, Spring 2012

Annual set 10Picture 29
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Category:Streetview, Cinema, Landmark
Online since:2012-04-25

I definately wanted to see the film "Berlinized - Sexy an Eis" after I heard of it in the radio.
Its world premiere took place in the frame of "Achtung Berlin" 2012.
In the Babylon Mitte. The picture was taken about 1/2 an hour before screening time.
I really got a ticket.
The big hall was full.
I felt like being in a scene in which I don't belong.
The movie was a bit mixed-up, a bit dirty, a bit loud and a bit funny.
Like the 90ies which it claimed to document.

Delphi and Quasimodo Cafe, Summer 2011

Annual set 9Picture 71
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Location:Charlottenburg, Kantstraße
Category:Cinema, Cafe, Architecture
Online since:2011-08-30

"Midnight in Paris" is in any case a worth seeing film.
Its a comedy. You can really laugh once or twice.
The film is only possible in Paris. In Berlin it would be unthinkable.
Its a beautiful film. Although I had the impression that it was blurry.
But I didn't felt uncomfortable this time.

Adieu Broadway!

Annual set 9Picture 58
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2011-06-23

Although the Tauentzien is not the Kudamm, though, this is another example for the downfall
of the Kudamm and the City West: The Broadway cinema at the Europa Center is closing after
more than thirty years of existence.
It wasn't my favoured cinema, but at least it was one of the few I could reach by foot.
I've only seen three or one or two more films in it, and it had normally a good program.
It is unutterable sad.

The Astor Film-Lounge, Spring 2011

Annual set 9Picture 55
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Location:Charlottenburg, Kudamm
Online since:2011-06-07

The entry of the Astor film lounge.
When I was in this cinema for the last time in January 2004, it still had the name Film-Palast.

"Pirates of the Caribbean" is running in nearly every greater cinema in this late spring.
For me it is one of those films which the world really doesn't need.
Much of talking which is not funny or whitty or informative.
No tension, actions which is most of all a repeat of the first part,
special effects, which are more strange than nice, and the 3D is more or less superfluous.
Mermaids with vampire teeth: what the hell was that supposed to be?
The music was somewhat disturbing. And the whole thing could have been also a Peter Pan film.
Really disneyesque.
No idea if I would like to watch a fifth sequel of this.

Delphi, Winter 2010/11

Annual Set 9Picture 18
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Category:Cinema, Architecture
Online since:2011-02-10

According to the Berlinale: a picture of a cinema.
I don't remember, whether the Delphi was ever a Berlinale cinema.
It would had been appropriate.
Already for some time the Delphi is part of the Yorck group together with the Broadway and some other cinemas.
One can only hope that it will survive.

By the way: Black Swan was impressive, even though I felt a bit sick again.

Kant-Kino in Fall 2010

Annual set 8Picture 97
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Location:Charlottenburg, Kantstraße
Category:Cinema, Streetview
Online since:2010-11-07

A night shot without tripod. 1/13 of a second exposure time. Still sharp.
One aim of the photo was to see the text line "kant-kino" completely, therefore the view is a bit slanted. The tree is in the way.
At that day I saw the film "Banksy", which has in fact the name "Exit through the Gift Shop".
It was the 25th film I saw in this cinema. The film was ok.

Berlin is, if the smallest Cinemas show the best Films

Annual set 8Picture 81
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Location:Prenzlauer Berg
Category:Streetview, Cinema
Online since:2010-09-08

Berlin is, if the smallest cinemas show the best films.
For instance in the Lichtblick Kino in the Kastanienallee.
Or in the Filmkunst 66 in the Bleibtreustraße.
Lately I have seen there "Mary und Max" with "Harvie Krumpet" as a preshow (both films) by Adam Elliot.
Something like this you won't experience in the Cinemaxx or Cinestar.

More "Berlin is, if" pictures (not made by me) you will find under www.das-ist-berlin.de (in German).

Titania-Palast, Summer 2010

Annual set 8Picture 57
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Location:Steglitz, Schlossstraße
Category:Cinema, Architecture, Streetview
Online since:2010-07-18

Besides of Bierpinsel and Kreisel the most impressive building of the Steglitz Schlossstraße is probably the Titania-Palast. It was build in the late twenties of the past century and the palace got not much damage from the World War II. Even from the beginning on there was a cinema in it.

Cinemaxx Potsdamer Platz, Summer 2010

Annual set 8Picture 53
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Location:Mitte, Potsdamer Platz
Online since:2010-07-10

The Cinemaxx Potsdamer Platz in the Summer 2010.
The other big cinema at the Potsdamer Platz.
You'll find it in the Voxstraße.

Corner See-/Müllerstraße, Alhambra, Spring 2010

Annual set 8Picture 27
Camera:Casio Exilim EX-H15
Location:Wedding, Müllerstraße
Category:Streetview, Cinema
Online since:2010-05-23

The new Alhambra in spring 2010.

Four Views from the Potsdamer Platz/Sony-Center

Annual Set 8Picture 1-4
Camera:Olympus E-100RS
Location:Mitte, Potsdamer Platz
Category:Architecture, Cinema
Online since:2010-04-18

Four views from the Potsdamer Platz/Sony-Center, which every tourist might have more or less better in his collection of Berlin pictures. I'm still practicing. - The last motive was already a Berlin snapshot in 2002, but at that photo the sky was dark. In the night the Sony-Center simply looks better. - At the second photo I thought the reflection of the center roof was a malfunction of the camera, but from the chosen point of view the fassade really reflects the scenery. The third picture shows my favoured cinema. In no other cinema I was more often (in my life). At the day of the picture they played "Alice in Wonderland" in 3D and in the original version. A really nice film.

So this is the start of the 8th annual set. The very first one started also on an April 18 in 1999. The pictures from then are still rotting on my harddrive. Some of them are way better than the pictures I'm taking now. I think this is a matter of time. Currently the times for good pictures are bad. I have to wait and see.

Filmbühne at the Steinplatz, Spring 2008

Annual Set 7Picture 45
Camera:Olympus E-100RS
Category:Streetview, Cinema
Online since:2008-04-19

My formerly most favoured cinema.
It is nearly vis-a-vis of the Prometheus fountain.
It is already some years ago that the last movie was shown, here.
Now it is only a restaurant.
I cannot say which cinema is my most favoured now.
Maybe the Delphi... maybe... no... maybe the CineStar Origial..?

Kosmos UFA-Palast, Winter 2004/2005

Annual set 7Picture 10
Camera:Olympus E-100RS
Category:Streetview, Cinema
Online since:2005-03-08

The Kosmos UFA-Palast in the snow in winter 2004/2005.
The picture is blurred and the motive is not completely on it.
Still the picture is somewhat important.
It shows the cinema, when it was still a cinema.
At the day of the photography I saw "Aviator" in the cinema.
It was not the last film, but it was already indicated that the cinema will close down.

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