BNP PARIBAS, Spring 2018

Annual set 16Picture 43
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Category:Streetview, S-Bahn
2019-01-19 front of the delphiLUX... the Yva Bow...
Already last year I made a similar picture (with the mobile phone)...


Seen there: Djam.
A film about an adventurous, young Greek female... called Djam...
who is sent to Turkey to get a ship part repaired.
On her way she meets an also young French woman...
who was originally on her way for an international organisation
to help refugees... but who was robbed on her way...
She follows Djam to Turkey and back, learning something about the local music... and people...

At the delphiLUX the film ran only at 13:45h CEST...
and was only sparsely visited.
One intersting fact is that the film was free for people aged at least 6.
Maybe two or three decades ago a film like Djam wouldn't be allowed for people younger than 14 or older...

Nice: I had forgotten my Yorck card,
but I was asked for my name when telling that I've forgotten by card and it might be that I got credited for the film nevertheless...
(dunno if the sentence above makes any sense, anyways...)

At the Yva Bow, Late Summer 2017

Annual set 15Image 80
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Category:Streetview, S-Bahn

At the Yva Bow...

The footwalk parallel to the S-Bahn is named after a Jewish female photographer, born 1900 and murdered (officially at the 31st of December) 1942 in Sobibor. She had tried to leave Germany, but too late. In the web one may find some of her photos. Some of them are somewhat nice...


Those voters had spoken, those bastards...

H+M 30, Late Spring 2017

Annual set 15Image 48
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Online since:2017-05-31

No comment.

MONTE75, Winter 2016/17

Annual set 15Image 5
Camera:Medion MD87366
Category:S-Bahn, Graffiti
Online since:2017-01-14 (planned)
2019-01-19 the S-Bahn heading Wedding.

I'm importing some older CD's on the Linux-Laptop, still.
By doing this I have found some forgotten treasures.
New Adventures in Hi-Fi by R.E.M., for instance.
Or The Con by Tegan&Sara.
Currently listening to: Amphibian by Bang Bang Machine. Its still nice...

When the World won't listen,
When the world grows cold...
Show me your pain... (Bang Bang Maschine)

Wernesgrüner Radler

Annual set 14Image 46
Camera:Medion MD87366
Kategorie:Plusch Animals
Online since:2016-04-19

Seen: 10 Cloverfield Lane.
After all, a very good SF movie.
Seen in a somewhat small sub-cinema at Potsdamer Platz.
In a German version.
It was still very good, I think.

Statue, Heerstraße, Late Spring 2015

Annual set 13Image 64
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2015-07-07 (planned)

...cause its witchcraft... (Frank Sinatra)


One year ago was the last complete day out there.
There were some last courses I missed.
I sat in the corridor hall and waited.
Maybe four houres, maybe more.
I think I missed lunch.
It was the last time I saw her...

Berlin awakes at 5 a.m.

Annual set 13Picture 58
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2015-06-03 (planned)

Berlin awakes at 5 a.m.

16mm Sound Features, Spring 2015

Annual set 13Image 54
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2015-05-20 (planned)

Alles wird gut ab hier, denn alles Gute liegt vor dir...
(Everything will be good from now on, because everything good lies in front of you...)

Fasanen 77, Winter 2014/15

Annual set 13Picture 33
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Location:Charlottenburg, Kantstraße
Category:Streetview, S-Bahn
Online since:2015-03-03

From now on your troubles will be miles away...

Mierendorffplatz at the Winter 2014/15

Annual set 13Picture 20
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2015-02-05

he went and took up with a Salvation Army Band girl
they played dirty water from a swordfishtrombone...
(Tom Waits)


91 hours.
Couldn't get Double Bubble chewing-gum...

Next time I'll maybe reach at least a 100 hours.

I've also found out the next film I like to see.
The Imitation Game.
Maybe it will win one or the other Oscar...

Berlin, Late Fall 2014

Annual set 13Picture 1
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2014-12-30

The 13th series starts here... what a lucky number...

Gedächtniskirche, Fall 2014

Annual set 12Picture 83
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2014-11-09

The Gedächtniskirche. Somewhat blurry. Like my memories from 25 years ago...

Mierendorffplatz at the Evening Dawn, Fall 2014

Annual set 12Picture 81
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2014-11-06

At the beginning of the week the fountain was deactivated.
What else can I say except maybe... Bye. Maybe seeing you next year.

Kleid 14,99 (H+M24)

Annual set 12Picture 79
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2014-11-03

Ok. The pucture is slanted.
Its not intentionally. It simply happened.

All plants are still alive.

Mr. Dead & Mrs. Free revisited, Fall 2014

Annual set 12Picture 78
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2014-11-02

The day after halloween.
I think I don't need any help for the kilo gummibaerchen...

S-Bahn Graffiti, Fall 2014

Annual set 12Picture 65
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Location:Prenzlauer Berg
Category:S-Bahn, Graffiti
Online since:2014-10-14

A graffiti at the S-Bahn...
Two stations driven into the wrong direction.

S Train Station Halensee, Fall 2014

Annual set 12Picture 63
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2014-10-11

Originally it wasn't planned that the camera would be visible.
The picture gets a little retro-futuristic touch with it...

EROS, Summer 2014

Annual set 12Picture 50
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Category:S-Bahn, Graffiti
Online since:2014-09-19

There were moments in the last half year where I wouldn't had bet on the fact that I would experience that event...

Pizzeria Mierendorffstraße, Summer 2014

Annual set 12Picture 33
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Kategorie:View to the Outside
Online since:2014-08-27

No comment.

Advertiding Pillar at the Sömmeringstrasse, Summer 2014

Annual set 12Picture 28
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2014-08-21

The image could be also called "Thank you for the Music"...

S-Bahn-Graffiti, Spider, Winter 2013/14

Annual set 12Picture 10
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Category:Graffiti, S-Bahn
Online since:2014-02-16

A graffiti at a S-Bahn waggon. Its easy to read this time.

S-Bahn-Graffiti, Birds

Annual set 11Picture 100
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Category:S-Bahn, Graffiti
Online since:2013-12-31

Just another S-Bahn graffiti.

S-Bahn-Graffiti, Otelo

Annual set 11Picture 99
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Category:S-Bahn, Graffiti
Online since:2013-12-30

A S-Bahn graffiti.
Currently it gets more and more...

Light Installation Bleibtreustraße, Fall 2013

Annual set 11Picture 90
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Category:Streetview, S-Bahn
Online since:2013-11-30

Next to the Filmkunst 66 there is the S-Bahn bridge with light installation.
The lights are changing regulary from green to violet and back.

Roguers, Gesundbrunnen

Annual set 11Picture 88
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Category:S-Bahn, Grafitti
Online since:2013-11-22

The Grafitti on that train was impressive but hard to read.
I'm not sure if it should be Roguers. Maybe not.
It could be also 2.OG WEPS...
Probably its something completely different, because the second last letter is hidden by the open door.


Annual set 11Picture 30
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Category:S-Bahn, Graffiti
Online since:2013-04-28

This graffiti is somewhat old.
Some years at least.
It is degenerating.
On the right side of the face there was already a tag or similar.
I've removed it as far as I could.
No idea, how long this image will still exist.
I've looked around in the web for other photos of it, but found none.
Maybe I haven't looked hard enough.

Probably the picture would had pleased him.

He is supposed to have 13 children.
He way spread his genes when he was alive.

The Ape next to the S-Bahn, Spring 2013

Annual set 11Picture 29
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Category:S-Bahn, Graffiti
Online since:2013-04-26

Between Gesundbrunnen and Heiligensee they are still to see: The Apes...

180, Spring 2013

Annual set 11Picture 26
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Category:S-Bahn, Graffiti
Online since:2013-04-15

A graffiti on a train.
In former days such a train was deselected to go out.
I dunno why they didn't do it now, but probably not because they like the graffiti now.

The Railway Control Center at the Holding Siding, Winter 2012/13

Annual set 10Picture 100
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2013-01-20

The former railway control center at the Innsbrucker Platz... at least I think that it was something like that.

S-Bahn Station Heerstraße, Spring 2012

Annual set 10Picture 41
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Category:S-Bahn, Architecture, Streetview
Online since:2012-05-10

It looks so harmless in the clear blue near summer sky.
But for me this station has a special meaning.
Its now eight years ago.
I lay there one morning.
The toxic stuff was already out of my stomache.
I waited for a train to take me away.
Beaten up by Gods own thieves.

The finished Ape

Annual set 9Picture 97
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Category:Graffiti, S-Bahn
Online since:2011-12-12

The finished ape.
Sometime the picture would be successful.
The text beside the ape is unreadable, though.

What happened in the meantime:
The Deutschlandhalle got blasted.
The senator for justice and consumer protection has resigned after twelve days.
The Kurbel probably will close down (this time forever).
At the end of the year also the Icon will close down (and this time also forever).
No comment.

The unfinished Ape

Annual set 9Picture 34
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Category:Graffiti, S-Bahn
Online since:2011-04-16

If you're driving with the ring train you'll see some apes mostly between Beusselstraße and Wedding. The apes are already around for some time and they are somewhat well done. At the picture above I have pressed the button too early for only some splits of a second, so that only an unfinished ape came into view.

Berlin is, if 1 Minute has something between -120 and 180 Seconds

Annual set 8Picture 77
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Location:Prenzlauer Berg
Online since:2010-09-01

Berlin is, if 1 minute has something between -120 and 180 seconds.
That is while waiting for a U-Bahn or S-Bahn.
Preferred the train is already gone, even if it should arrive in 1 minute.
Or the train lets you wait, when you need a connection to another train in time.

Berlin is, if its harder said than meant

Annual set 8Picture 76
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Category:S-Bahn, U-Bahn, Ads
Online since:2010-08-31

Berlin is, if its harder said than meant.
So it is.
But sometimes it is meant as hard as it is said.
That's the problem.

Bahnhof Tempelhof

Annual set 8Picture 43
Camera:Casio Exilim EX-H15
Online since:2010-06-15

If you leave the S-Bahn here, you're already somewhat close to one of the entries to the Tempelhofer Park.


This is the last test shot with the Casio Exilim. In the mean time I have bought the Canon Powershot SX210. For way too much money.

The Canon is in many aspects more complicated than the Casio. I have made only a few photos, yet, and I have used only a fraction of the functionality of the camera. Most of the functionalities are still an enigma to me.

Station Zoologischer Garten at Night

Annual set 8Picture 38
Camera:Casio Exilim EX-H15
Category:S-Bahn, Streetview
Online since:2010-06-05

Years ago on the bridge over the Hardenbergstraße there was a Dunlop lightadvertisement installed. With this the view was something more special. Now the bridge looks somewhat naked.

Four Views of the Hauptbahnhof, Spring 2010

Annual set 8Picture 29-32
Camera:Casio Exilim EX-H15
Category:Architecture, S-Bahn
Online since:2010-05-26

To get from the Müllerstraße to the Hauptbahnhof is not that difficult. You only have to enter the Bus 120 to the east and drive with it until the last stop. The Hauptbahnhof has real fans, who write a Blog (in German) about their fandom. In 2007 the station was awarded with the title "Bahnhof des Jahres" (train station of the year) by the "Allianz pro Schiene". In 2008 the station got the Brunel price for "Eisenbahndesign".

I think this is "fascinating". For me the Hauptbahnhof is a similar steel-glass-concrete-monster like the Potsdamer Platz. (Although its good for some impressing pictures.) For the Hauptbahnhof as for the Potsdamer Platz its applicable: High wall makes men small. It is like a gigantic machinery of which you can't figure out the function. A monument for the complex modern world, in which complexity sometimes ends in itself.

Of course there is also a Wikipedia page about the Hauptbahnhof. There you'll find some nice pictures of the station in different views, details and states of completion.

The first and the last pictures of my own tries are looking somewhat weird. I have scaled and distorted them in different ways, but they stay like they are: The station looks slanted. In the first picture for instance the right, more distant block seems to be broader than the left, more nearer block, although this shouldn't be. They should be at least at the same size. In the last picture the glass roof looks a bit inclined, although I think that I have made that picture standing under the middle of it. If I get me another camera in the future, I probably will take some more pictures of the station.

A comment to the opening times of the shops in the Hauptbahnhof wanted?
Ok, here it is: Ullrich at the Zoo at the station Zoologischer Garten, which was degredated to a regional station by the DB, has open from Monday to Saturday from 9h to 22h and at Sunday and at other holidays from 11h to 22h. And Ullrich at the Zoo doesn't sell only travel related articles. And the gas station around the corner has open nearly 24-7. So the prohibition of the opening on Sundays at the Hauptbahnhof is somewhat ridiculous. It think that the prohibition won't remain for long.

Although I'm not pro Sunday opening at all. Sure this will produce some employment, but these jobs should be paid properly. They are not, and so the Sunday opening is real capitalistic exploitation.

Graffiti Cake

Annual set 8Picture 25
Camera:Casio Exilim EX-H15
Category:Graffiti, S-Bahn
Online since:2010-05-20

Happy birthday to all, who have birthday today on May 20!

A View from the Warschauer Brücke, Spring 2010

Annual Set 8Picture 5
Camera:Casio Exilim EX-H15
Category:Architecture, S-Bahn, Rails
Online since:2010-04-24

Today I bought a new camera. Not for me, but I will test it for a while.
The first thing I adjusted was the resolution. The camera is said to make 14.1 megapixel pictures. Who ever needs that from a camera with medium optics? So I reduced the resolution to 6 megapixel. I think the one for whom the camera is won't mind.
Still the pictures are BIG. 1 megabyte or more. If I would buy such a camera for me, I also have to buy a new computer with a bigger harddisk, because on my current computer there are only four gigabyte left. And they would be eaten up FAST.
I made the usual first shots and then decided to go outside to take some more.
The view shown above I had taken several times with different cameras.
The main change of the view nowadays is nothing to overlook: The big O2-World.
I don't think that this giant hall was necessary, but I wasn't asked.
Another change is the real big METRO sign in front of the Ostbahnhof panorama.
This is a crime the UNESCO should have forbitten.
For the picture I used a special "Best Shot" scenery: the backlight scenery. It brightens up the darker parts of the picture. This is really useful, but you have to browse through a menue of more than twenty different sceneries. This is a bit heavy. You will probably need only three to six of them.
So now I have some pictures in store that will be shown here in the future.
Nothing special, though.

S-Bahn arrival Bornholmer Straße

Annual Set 7Picture 79
Camera:Olympus E-100RS
Online since:2009-09-09

Tuesday it was really chaotic.
Enjoyed the life in full trains. (Okay, this play on words doesn't work in English.)
I normally use the S-Bahn exclusively.
On Tuesday I needed a hundred minutes for a route that normally takes an hour.
In the morning and in the evening.
On the way back I was downright stranded on the S-Bahnhof Schönwalder Allee.
On the ring there were driving halfed cola tin cans. (That are older S trains which were originally painted red.)
Wednesday it was nearly everything normal again.

Oblique Birds, between Wedding and Gesundbrunnen

Annual set 7Picture 62
Camera:Olympus E-100RS
Category:Graffiti, S-Bahn
Online since:2009-05-04

I've not much time to make photos, currently. But this may change. Here after a long time something new. The picture is made out of the S-Bahn between the stations Wedding and Gesundbrunnen. The problem with the picture is that the camera has to be moved according to the passing train or the result will be a blurred something. The birds itself are somewhat a highlight on the ring.

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