Turmstrasse, Fall 2018

Annual set 16Picture 84
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56 (out of the bus)
Category:Streetview, Subway Station

The selection of the next film will be a tough choice...
3 hours Ex Libris or still Lady Gaga...


Survived: another "summertime".
The thirty-ninth.
Who knows if anyone will survive the fortieth...


About 25 years ago Audrey Hepburn died...
Maybe 10 years ago, maybe less, I collected about 1000 pictures of Pizdaus.
With my 32k-Modem.
One of them shows Audrey... maybe in New York... next to the river.
She's sitting on a poller...
She was a true beauty... at that time... and even more earlier.
Nearly unbeleivable that she's gone for so long.
In the 80ies/90ies watched some films with her on TV...
Breakfast at Tiffany's, My Fair Lady, How to steal a Million, Charade, Sabrina, Robin & Marian...
far from all...
"Moon River" was one of the very few tunes I could play...
at least for some time... by heart...
on my guitar...
never somewhat good.
1992 cancer was detected within her.
Already at the beginning of the following year she died...
at an age of 63...

If there are people who should get somewhat like biological immortality, she might had been one...


If you want to be the center of a party, don't join it. (like Audrey Hepburn said...)

Save the Forrest (1st try)

Annual set 16Image 81
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56 (clipped, out of the car)

Dear God, if you may exsist, make me half-deaf, please... now!


A friend is asking his fellow: "Why so sad? And what's about these 3 pigs?" - "Well, I was visited by a good fairy who said that I have a free wish, but I have to tell it loud because she is somewhat deaf. All what I wanted was three millions in small ticks, and what do I get? Three melons in small pigs!"

(...about this grade of deafness would be ok...)

The ice-cold Hand, Fall 2018

Annual set 16Picture 80
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56 (out of the car, clipped)

The ice-cold hand...
its official name is "Hand with Watch" and (interestingly like the image of Ben Wargin) of 1975.
The artist of this clock is Joachim Schmettau, who created also the fountain ("Weltkugelbrunnen") at the Breitscheidplatz.
The hand was renovated in 2012...

It was already a Berlin pict in 2000... broken... with red fingernails...
In a far away future maybe also this page will be resurrected...
at least in German...
but my next project will be a Berlin pict page of 2002...
including a Lagerweg graffiti showing an exceptional comic, not seen afterward anymore...


The current fortune cookie:

Women are no longer satisfied
with one half of heaven,
they want their half of the world.


Seen: Die defekte Katze @ delphiLUX.
(Dunno the English title and it doesn't matter anyway.)
Seen in an enpty cinema.
Another new best film of the year, IMHO.
Maybe this time it will last until the end... of the year...

The Return of the Goatheadtree

Annual set 16Picture 79
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Category:Streetview, Streetart

The return of the goatheadtree...

The official name of this image is "Weltbaum I" (World Tree 1).
Originally its from Ben Wargin of 1975...
placed next to the S train station Tiergarten.
I think that I've seen it there, still.
I was somewhat surprised to see this copy placed within Moabit.

This spring the artist Ben Wargin became 88 years old.
He became a bit famous for his ginko tree mentoring...


...newspapertaxis appear on the shore
waiting to take you away
climb in the back with your head in the clouds
and you're gone... (Beatles, Lucy in the sky with diamonds)

Berlin lures.

Annual set 16Image 1
Camera:Olympus E-100RS
Category: Ads
Online since:2018-01-30

The series no. 16 starts here...
I'm alive... I think... somewhat...
I thought about abandoning also the English version of the Berlin picture.
But I think I'll continue it at least for this year...

Quick check:
I'm still somewhat disabled on the left side.
Still entering this text only with the right hand.
The left hand still itches constantly as if I'm getting millions of €...
Sometimes the left hand also gets cold... very cold...
Still seeing only about 75%.
Sometimes it seems that the disabled region enlarges.
Not fallen... for about three months now.
The right hand only hurt sometimes because of the fall at the start of Fall, now.
I'm still sometimes slower than my nearly 85-years-old mum.
But I think this is getting better, somewhat.
Going down the stairs is still more difficult than going up.
10 weeks after visiting the female dentist. The "new tooth" is still intact.
No pains. No pains. No pains...

Salon Sahara, Fall 2017

Annual set 15Image 92
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Online:2017-11-03 (planned)

Just another fortune cookie:

You will take a chance
in the future ahead.

Mango - Cafe, Bar, Lounge

Annual set 15Image 90
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online:2017-10-31 (planned)

Got new fortune rolls.
One of the first new cookies said:

Good news will
come to you by mail.

What could it be?
Maybe someone is telling me how the CD player in the laptop would get to work again..?


Everyone I know got plans,
but they all just play the keys in shitty bands... (k.flay)

Franky's 24/7

Annual set 15Image 89
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online:2017-10-27 (planned)

Franky's 24/7...
I've only passed it by by bus... or crouched it by with a stick... lately...

Driving Home 4, Fall 2017
(To the Sharp Corner)

Annual set 15Image 84
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Online:2017-10-10 (planned)

Seen: Blade Runner 2049.
In the Kant.
In the main theatre.
I think the cinematic year 2017 is already done.
And this not only because I fell at the way to the ticket counter.
I fell somewhat bad.
After 9 months without.
Even the day after I could cry about it.
I somewhat hurt my hand at landing.
I think nothing is broken.
But while watching the film my hand became swollen.
The until then good hand. The right one.
Why I was fallen? Dunno. No idea. I think there was nothing in my way.
But I think the Kant became a less favorite cinema because of this.
Even the new seats at the entry couldn't change this...

The film itself was gorgeous.
Probably the film of the year.
I don't think that any other still coming film will even come close to it.
Maybe I don't like to see another film this year...
except maybe Blade Runner 2049...
if it still runs in 2 weeks from now...
the original version...
although my English is somewhat rusty now.

Maybe I will buy the DVD of that film if it comes out...
163 minutes.
Which I might view then without wetting my pants...

21st Venus

Annual set 15Picture 83
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS (out of the car)
Online:2017-10-07 (planned)

The 21st Venus...
This year the ad for it came somewhat late.
First there was a Merkel and a Schulz to be elected...


You know autumn has begun
if leaves mount on your balcony...
(and this even on the fifth floor!)

Late Shop, Fall 2017

Annual set 15Image 81
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Online:2017-10-01 (planned)

Yet another late shop...

Memorial Levetzowstrasse, Summer 2017

Annual set 15Image 77
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56 (out of the car)

A memorial in Berlin, Moabit...


At September 8 Aimee Mann celebrated her 57th birthday.
She earned a bit fame with making most of the soundtrack of Magnolia.
Its said that she also played a role in The Big Lebowski.
(I've seen the film at least three times and didn't noticed her at all.
Maybe its time to play the DVD again...)
I've six CD's with her music. All imported already last year.
This year she made another album after some time... with nearly no airplay.
Dunno if I will buy it.
At October 23 she will even play in Berlin.
I'm somewhat sure I will not see her.
But maybe one or the other music of her will play on my Linux laptop that day...

Of course I know that we only got 10 years or 20 left.
But to be honest, I'm happy with whatever time we get.
Depending on whichever book you read,
sometimes it takes a lifetime to get what you need... (Aimee Mann)


At the record shop lately.
Got Ellen Allien, Nost.
Its ok. Not outragues brilliant, but ok.
So only one record is left to get: Amy MacDonald...

Alle 11 Minuten verliebt sich ein Single..., Summer 2017

Annual set 15Image 61
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Online:2017-07-19 (planned)

Also these blue eyes I wouldn't believe that they have something like "Parship" necessary...


...and I'm only here - to bring you freelove...
...lets make it clear - that this is freelove...
...no hidden catch, - no strings attached, - just freelove...
(Depeche Mode)

Vöslauer, Summer 2017

Annual set 15Image 60
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Online:2017-07-15 (planned)

Imported lately: Transvision Vamp.
Extremely embarrasing.
Even more: I've all regular albums of them.
All 3. All three as a CD. Really double plus ungood.
Heared all day long, the whole Thursday through...


One day later I imported Depeche Mode as counterweight.
Also of them I've 3 CD's.
Black Celebration Ultra Exciter.
As LP's I've some more.
-But not all.
They got a bit arbitrary lately...

Lets have a black celebration...
to celebrate the fact
that we've seen the back
of another black day... (Depeche Mode)

We (love) Berlin, Late Spring 2017

Annual set 15Image 55
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Category:Bus Station

the president has a sex tape
the immigrant died at sea
first they come for you
and then they come for me...

Die Perle, Summer 2017

Annual set 15Image 54
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Category:Shopping Window
Online since:2017-06-24 (planned)

Die Perle - the Pearl.
Its a stand-up cafe, lotto and newspaper shop with some outside chairs in Moabit...


Have I mentioned already that this weather is completely deadly?
Today one next to Uelzen and another next to Gifhorn were "blown by the wind".
Deadly. (Two more are through...)
Some flights were cancelled and some train lines were disrupted.
Maybe our all female chancelor should speak a word of power and illegalize whirlwinds...


...I need the boys of the sun
need the crack of a whip
need some blood in the cut... (k.flay)


Annual set 15Image 50
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Online since:2017-06-12

Strange: all my Fleetwood Mac CD's are not readable, the computer said...

Westhafen, Spring 2017

Annual set 15Image 42
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Online since:2017-05-09

Westhafen with low Sun...
Pointed the camera of the mobile phone to it...
The image is the best of 3 or 4 attempts...

Driving Home 3, Spring 2017

Annual set 15Image 35
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online since:2017-04-25

Driving home 3... the squirrel stayed at home that night...


Small correction:
I've 5 CD's by Swing out Sister.
Found: get in touch with yourself.
Also this CD is somewhat great...

I'm the one you hurt, and I'm the one you need.
I'm the one who cried, I am the one you used to meet.
But you are pretending you don't care,
but the fire is still there... (Swing out Sister)


Seen: Ghost in the Shell.
At CineMaxX, Potsdamer Platz.
Nearly alone.
The Knoblauchpizza for lunch wasn't that necessary...

The film was really great.
With Scarlett Johanson, one of the ugliest beauties you can imaging, playing Mayor Kusanagi.

The film was nothing less than outstanding...

IN-Berlin, Spring 2017

Annual set 15Picture 27
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Category:Sopping Window
Online since:2017-03-29

In Rhythmbox: Swing out Sister.
I've 4 CD's of them.
Any of them is somewhat great.

What kind of fool are you, when all you want is everything?
What kind of fool are you, when you don't want my love? (Swing out Sister)

Spätkauf - all in one, Winter 2016/17

Annual set 15Image 24
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online since:2017-03-20 (planned)

I pictured a rainbow, you held it in your hands... (The Waterboys)


The start of spring.
6 days left until "summertime".

I still think its completely senseless...
even after nearly fourty years.

Driving Home 2, Winter 2016/17

Annual set 15Image 10
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online since:2017-02-07 (planned)

Driving home... this time without the squirrel...


Beam me up, Scotty, this planet sucks! (Plan B)

Open 24 Hours, Fall 2016

Annual set 14Image 96
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online since:2016-11-04

24 hours open...

male - female - fuck you! x

Annual set 14Picture 76
Camera:Medion MD87366
Location:Moabit, Charlottenburg
Online since:2016-07-23

So this is the end of the story.
Everything we had, everything we did
is buried in dust... (Gotye)


A bus station ad at the border between Moabit and Charlottenburg.
Its at the Goslarer Platz on the Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee.
Sometime after 22h MET DST.
I left the bus there, sat at the station, smoked a cigarette.
Then I got out the camera to take a picture.
The ad at the station is for an online shop.
Somewhat irrelevant. (IMHO.)
But I love the sticker the ad had got...

it seems that its a bit related to the CSD...

The Squirrel meets Stallman, Summer 2016

Annual set 14Image 75
Camera:Medion MD87366
Category:Plusch Animals
Online since:2016-07-21

Lets go fishing,
fishing in the rivers of live. (Prince)


...although its only a picture of him...

Pfennigland, Spring 2016

Annual set 14Image 36
Camera:Medion MD87366 (out of the bus)
Category:Streetview, Shop
Online since:2016-04-01

Freunde, nicht diese Töne! (Beethoven)


Maybe in a month the swallows are back again...

Späti 38, Spring 2016

Annual set 14Image 35
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online since:2016-03-29

A late night shop deep in the city...

Manolito, Winter 2015/16

Annual set 14Image 34
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online since:2016-03-26 (planned)

Lass das Dunkle im Dunkeln, versprich, dass Du es tust... (Juli)

(Let the dark in the dark - promise that you do so...)


I'm eager to put the plants out at the balcony.
And to buy new ones for some of the empty flower pots.
I've put out the rose outside, but maybe its too early.
But the rose looks somewhat ill.
I still hope that it will survive its second winter...
It already did, but maybe only to die in spring...

Tomorrow I have a free day...
Maybe I'll buy four or five plants...

maybe less...


In three days my mum is traveling to Italy...
Maybe for the last time.
I can test the camera a little bit longer.
My mum is using her older camera...
It only needed to be recharged.

Perla 4.0, Winter 2015/16

Annual set 14Image 30
Camera:Medion MD87366 (out of the car)
Online since:2016-03-14 (planned)

Perla 2.0
A shop entry at the Sickingenstrasse...
I was never in it.
Maybe the shop sells special services.
Maybe for people who have lost both hands...
Don't want to know.

This is the fourth try to photograph the shop.
The first three failed somewhat.
Any of the pictures had to cope with sparse light.
And rain...
At the fourth try the car in which was sitting stopped.
How unfair...
I know...


Off with your head! (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)

Individual Network e.V., Summer 2015

Annual set 13Image 82
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Category:Shopping Window
Online since:2015-10-05 (planned)

...the players gonna play,
the haters gonna hate,
I'm just gonna shake...
(Taylor Swift)


About 150 days without internet.
1 billion Chinese couldn't be less interested.
So am I...


The actual fortune cookie:
Success in private
and personal matters.

IN Berlin Vereinsraum, Summer 2015

Annual set 13Image 73
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Category:Shopping window
Online since:2015-08-23 (planned)

No comment.

Alle 11 Minuten verliebt sich ein Single..., Summer 2015

Annual set 13Image 69
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2015-08-04 (planned)

...and my heaven will be a big heaven, and I will walk through the front door...
(Peter Gabriel)

Everything about Linux, Summer 2015

Annual set 13Image 68
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Category:Shopping Window
Online since:2015-08-02 (planned)

No comment.

The Comet of Moabit, Spring 2015

Annual set 13Picture 57
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2015-05-31 (planned)

Still no email... still doesn't matter...


Its such a sad old feeling,
the fields are soft and green.
Its memories that I'm stealing.
But you're innocent when you dream...
(Tom Waits)

Mierendorffplatz at the Evening Dawn, Fall 2014

Annual set 12Picture 81
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2014-11-06

At the beginning of the week the fountain was deactivated.
What else can I say except maybe... Bye. Maybe seeing you next year.

The Root of all Evil

Annual set 12Picture 22
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2014-08-14

Another story you will miss. Sorry.

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