3 United, Fall 2018

Annual set 16Image 93
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56 (detail)
Category: Streetview

A streetview from the rough Gesundbrunnen at Remembrance Sunday...
and the feeling goes that this area is even rougher than before...

Hart im Hirn, weich in der Birne, ohne Halt, einfaeltig und klein.
Auf der Suche nach einem Fuehrer, es ist hart, allein beschraenkt zu sein.
(Groenemeyer, "Die Haerte")


Seen: "Juliet, naked" @ delphiLUX.
First of all: There is no naked truth in this film whatsoever.
Only a once known male musician who's now hidden...
his greatest male fan and his female friend...
a female who loves women, but most of the time unrequited...
some children of the musician and more.
Its still worth to see...

Funny fact aside (read at IMDb):
Rose Byrne (Annie) was pregnant while the making of the film...
sixth month...
most of the time this was hidden through special shots...


Christmas lights "installed"...


Parenting! Sometimes I think I could use a manual... (Tucker Crowe)

Goethepark, Fall 2018

Annual set 16Image 85
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56 (detail)

A man who will truly understand rejection
must be ignored by a cat, first.


Once again I didn't get to the Ploetzensee...
Not that funny.
I thought I'm a bit faster now...
But the park was overcrowded anyway...

Garages, Transvaalstr., Summer 2018

Annual set 16Image 70
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS

Within the last 3 or 4 weeks the garages at the Transvaalstr. got a new painting...
looks somewhat cool, IMHO...


Endless Summer.
According to a poll of the EU nearly 80% of the participating citizens were against the current regulation to install "Summertime" (MET DST) after the start of spring and to return to the Middle European Time at the end of October.
Thats ok.
Not ok is that most of the participants are said to be for an endless "summer".
And I think the future might show that.
If people in Portugal, Spain and South France have to go up most than half of the year in the dark to go to work.
Maybe already ten years after that they might split up... and then maybe not only in terms of an endless summertime...


Talking about my rose lately?
The five blossoms are in full bloom now or already somewhat fainting.
The real astonishing fact is: one of the flowers is/was colored... orange.
Really strange...

The Fishes of the Asien-Bistro-Center, Summer 2018

Annual set 16Image 65
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56 (contrast enhanced)

The fishes of the Asien-Bistro-Center, Müllerstr., Wedding...
(a former Berlin district... it has nothing to do with marriage...)
At least these fishes have their well tempered water around them... and don't sweat... at least...


...she comes out of the sun in a silk dress running
like a watercolor in the rain
don't bother asking for explanations
she'll just tell you that she came ...in the year of the cat...
(Al Stewart)

I think I need a new record player...
I cannot convince the old one to play stereo anymore...
there is a constant humming noise when playing a record...
it has problems with holding the speed...
the arm sometimes goes up without being at the end of the record...
after some minutes there is a scrambling noise... increasing...


after more than twenty years...


at least heared it once again...
year of the cat...
...and a bit of the rest of the record...
still hear way too much these days, anyway...


By the way...
I've already pictures for the next international day of the cat:
pictures of a small cat figure out of white clay...
Another really small cat I can already show:
it was once imprisoned in a bubble gum automat...

Gas Station, Seestr., Summer 2018

Annual set 16Image 58
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Category:Gas Station

Friday the 13th.
New Moon.
On my way to the psychiatrist cursed by a real, old witch...


And if I die today I will be a happy phantom...

When I woke up for the last time that day...
at 1:45... summertime, 0:45 normal time...
in Rhythmbox ran just Tori Amos, Happy Phantom.
At the balcony Mars was visible like a red giant at the sky...
extremely deep in the south... sometimes covered by clouds...
the mysterious machine was hammering... pervasive...
maybe a last drunkard came home... talking to himself... loud...

The time is getting closer...


Seen: Interstellar (OV 70mm) @ Delphi.
Originally I wanted to classify this movie as uninteresting.
But then I saw the rating at IMDb.
With 8.6 its rated better than Kubricks 2001 and Tarkowskis Solaris.
Ha. Ha.
This cannot have anything to do with reality...
(...at least with mine...
Bad Nolan. Bad Nolan.
You made such good films before.
Please be a good boy and make another Batman film, please!)
Hope, voting Interstellar as acceptable is punishment enough...

Orion, Spring 2018

Annual set 16Picture 44
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Category:Shopping Window

Spring breaks also at Orion...


May 20...
Happy 85th anniversary, mum...
(live long and prosper, still)

Anna Lindh Basic School, Spring 2018

Annual set 16Picture 32-35
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS

4 pictures of the Anna Lindh Basic School...
which was the Rehberge School once...
some million days ago, it seems...


Momentarily in Rhythmbox: Radiohead, A Moon shaped Pool...


Currently waiting for the swallows...
If the weather stays the same, they don't have to fear cold nights...
At least it won't get frosty anymore...
Hope for them any day now...

Transvaalstraße, Graffiti

Annual set 16Picture 15
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Category: Graffiti
Online:2018-03-03 (planned)

March 2nd.

Had put away the Christmas lights.
Maybe... in nine month... if its not avoidable...

Today its exactly four years ago.
i'm still asking myself what would had happened if I would had done... simply nothing.
If I wouldn't had (managed to) switched on the telephone...
if I had gone to bed again dispite the chaos around me...
(broken toilet... broken wash basin...)
although I couldn't get back on the feet...
try to get back in the bed and try to sleep...

think I'll never know...


The president has a sex tape
your daughters aren't safe at night
I've got the feeling that my body is owned
a feeling that my body ain't mine... (k.flay)

Goethepark, Winter 2017/18

Annual set 16Image 14
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS (out of the car)
Category: Park
Online:2018-03-05 (planned)

Farmers wisdom for today:
If the pig stands only on one leg, the pig stall probably is too small. (Horst Evers, translated)

Strengthen Emigrants Political Voice

Annual set 16Image 11
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Category: Streetview
Online:2018-02-18 (planned)

Strengthen Emmigrants Political Voice...

For about 2 weeks I was't able to get this image from my mobile.
(Actually I haven't tried it everyday...)
Yesterday it worked again.
Maybe THEY had to find an Arabian reader to translate the text within the image...

The Plötzensee before Nightfall, Autumn 2017

Annual set 15Image 87
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Category:View to the Water

It took me 100 minutes for a walk which took only 20 minutes at the most before my accident. The injuries are some more "effective" than I thought. At least, my mom and the squirrel waited in the car for me.
There at the lake 3 young women were sitting with 2 dogs by their side.
The (very) small dog of the 2 was barking at me nearly constantly.
So I took a photo and nearly was leaving already, when the three women decided to go. (Before that they had talked together... in English.)
So I took a second picture and returned to the car. At home I felt that the first picture, done sowhat hasty, was still the better one...


Again I will try it...
100 hours without a cigarette.
Currently achived: 3 hours without. Still counting...
At least 2 trys before that were failures.
Today I won't go out.
Tomorrow is somewhat risky, because I try to go to the IN-Berlin to put the sky over Berlin for November (still only in German, sorry) online and maybe before that I have to buy something to eat.
If I manage so stay without a cigarette until then, the weekend is easy: simply stay at home with mom.
The last 4 hours should be no problem, too.

I'll tell you later about my success or failure...

21st Venus

Annual set 15Picture 83
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS (out of the car)
Online:2017-10-07 (planned)

The 21st Venus...
This year the ad for it came somewhat late.
First there was a Merkel and a Schulz to be elected...


You know autumn has begun
if leaves mount on your balcony...
(and this even on the fifth floor!)

Endlich wieder Sommer... vorbei!
(Finally Summer... is over!)

Annual set 15Image 79
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56

Finally Summer... is over!


Signs that summer is over:
At lunch leaves fall on your pizza...

The Squirrel at the Cemetary at the Plötzensee, Summer 2017

Annual set 15Image 72
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Category:Cemetary, Plusch Animals

The squirrel at the Cemetary at Plötzensee...
Originally we wanted to the Plötzensee itself.
But there was no visible hole in the fence...

Still I was somewhat happy that I reached the cemetary.
Last year I still had to give up to reach it walking.
After more than 1 hour.
This time I even made a cigarette break at the entry to the Goethepark.
Nearly on top of the rubble mountain.
These "mountains" are remnants of the 2nd world war...


Yesterday (Monday) I bought two new lavender plants to replace one dead one.
(One isn't lavender colored at all, but it still smells like lavender...)
After the first night they look like still living.
Bets will be accepted how long they will survive this time...


Can we meet on the street, maybe tomorrow
See the world at our feet, naked and hollow... (electronic)

Ritter's Cat, Summer 2017

Annual set 15Image 66
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Category:Flowers, Shop

Hug your cat today... if she wants... as long as she wants...
Its the international day of the cat today...



Last Tuesday at Mr. Dead & Mrs. Free I got 1 of 4 ordered CD's:
Radiohead, A Moon Shaped Pool.
Its ok.
The first and the last track are somewhat outstanding...

After getting home again I took a look at the website of the shop.
There I have to read that the shop might become slosed next year.
How sad...

Orion in the Rain

Annual set 15Image 64
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56

Orion in the rain... at -20% discount.


You say - I only hear what I want to...
And you say - I talk so all the time... so...
And you say - stay.
(Lisa Loeb)

Cat of the Transvaalstrasse

Annual set 15BImage 63
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56

This was planned to become the cat of the day of the cat.
But currently I found another one...

Alle 11 Minuten verliebt sich ein Single..., Summer 2017

Annual set 15Image 61
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Online:2017-07-19 (planned)

Also these blue eyes I wouldn't believe that they have something like "Parship" necessary...


...and I'm only here - to bring you freelove...
...lets make it clear - that this is freelove...
...no hidden catch, - no strings attached, - just freelove...
(Depeche Mode)

Cemetary at the Plötzensee, Summer 2017

Annual set 15Picture 57
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS

The cemetary at the Plötzensee...

It homes some dead of the 1st and 2nd world war.
Only the political correct dead, I guess...


Nobody showed you how to life... me ether...

Minikleid, Late Spring 2017

Annual set 15Image 51
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Online since:2017-06-14

So in future lifetime its a certainty
we will again fit together perfectly...
you're the sun to me... (Faithless)


Imported: Radiohead, Pablo Honey + OK Computer + the bends.
If I have some money left, I'll also buy the last one.
What I've heard of it sounded at least ok...


Seen: In Zeiten des abnehmenden Lichts (In Times of the fading Light).
At the Delphi.
Reached the cinema shortly before the film started.
I thought I wouldn't make it in time.
A film about the East-German history shortly before the Fall of the Wall.
Wilhelm Powileit celebrates his 90th birthday and everyone comes...
who didn't made it to the other side...

I think it was worth to see it. But your mileage may vary...

Clou, Spring 2017

Annual set 15Image 47
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Online since:2017-05-29 (planned)

After the carwash...
At least for half a day the car was somewhat clean...

Catsuit ouvert 32.95

Annual set 15Picture 18
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Online since:2017-03-07 (planned)

If we're not talking about politics, we're walking about tussies and pussies.
(George W. Bush)

Paul-Hertz-Gesamtschule, Winter 2016/17

Annual set 15Image 15
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Online since:2017-02-25 (planned)

The Paul-Hertz-Gesamtschule in the rain...

Schiller in the Rain

Annual set 15Image 14
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Online since:2017-02-21

Schiller in the Rain...

I found my glasses again.
They were under my bed, not openly visible.
I had to remove the bed nearly completely.
Something I like at my old glasses is that they darken at sunlight.
I was somewhat surprised that they do.
I think my future glasses should have that again.
If I can afford it...


Why don't you're asking me to stay... (Holly Valance)

Cat, Fall 2016

Annual set 15Image 7
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online since:2017-01-24 (planned)

1 cat in Wedding.
I hope there wil be some more this year...

Currently missing: my glasses.
Any help would be appriciated...


Currently listening to: Lois Lane, Close to you... in an endless loop...

I wanna stay close to you,
just don't matter what you do.
I got so much to offer, I got nothing to loose.
I give you the story if you let me... (Lois Lane)

MONTE75, Winter 2016/17

Annual set 15Image 5
Camera:Medion MD87366
Category:S-Bahn, Graffiti
Online since:2017-01-14 (planned)

...in the S-Bahn heading Wedding.

I'm importing some older CD's on the Linux-Laptop, still.
By doing this I have found some forgotten treasures.
New Adventures in Hi-Fi by R.E.M., for instance.
Or The Con by Tegan&Sara.
Currently listening to: Amphibian by Bang Bang Machine. Its still nice...

When the World won't listen,
When the world grows cold...
Show me your pain... (Bang Bang Maschine)

China Food, Winter 2016/17

Annual set 15Image 4
Camera:Medion MD87366
Category:View outside, Cinema
Online since:2017-01-10 (planned)

...with a view to the (still) new Alhambra.


Finally the first four images are online.
Most probably there are still errors in the (older) pages/years.
I am too tired...

Berlin, Seestrasse

Annual set 15Image 1
Camera:Medion MD87366
Category:Underground, Ads
Online since:2017-01-03 (planned)

The series no. 15 starts here...
I'm alive... I think... somewhat...

Kunst, Autumn 2016

Annual set 14Image 99
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online since:2016-11-29

The first picture which was post-processed with GIMP...
Not much to do.
Downscaling the photo.
Selecting the visible area a bit.
Saving the picture.

Still I needed three attemps to get an acceptable result...

Next to Plötzensee, Autumn 2016

Annual set 14Image 94
Camera:Medion MD87366 (out of the car)
Online since:2016-10-26

The park next to Plötzensee, out of the car.
Needed more than 1 hour for 2/3 of the way to the lost cemetary by foot. The first try canceled...

Rehberge: Duck Pond, Dance Place, and Wrestler, Spring 2016 (1-4)

Annual set 14Picture 51-54
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online since:2016-05-04

Pop life, everybody can't be on top... (Prince)


Besides, the previous image shows the Kapernaum church at the Seestrasse...

Rehberge park.
As usual, the dancing place was empty.
I needed nearly an hour more to reach it.
I smoked one and a half cigarette, sitting there.
I forgot the plusch squirrel in the knapsack.

This time I didn't cry...

Ich will euch trösten, wie einen seine Mutter tröstet (Jesaja 66,13)

Allual set 14Image 50
Camera:Medion MD87366
Category:Streetview, Church
Online since:2016-05-01

Orions arms are wide enough
to hold us both together
although we're worlds apart
I cross the stars for you... (Prince)

Its strange what people rages.

After disposing the waste I was waiting for my mum.
Because it seemed possible that would take some time, I was looking for a cigarette.
I think I had found one then, as a middle-aged woman walked by.
She started raging about the fact that I was sitting (half) on the garden fence.
(It hold me already when I had twenty kilos more.) If the fence would brake she told me that she would call the police.
She said that "over there" were banks to sit on.
And more.
After that her monologue got on my nerves.
I said that she should simply go away.
I don't think that I said "please".
After a while she in fact vanishes in a nearby house entry.
Not without some bad faces.
And the spoken wish that she would never see me again.

My mum appeared nearly instantly after that.

The cigarette was not even half through.

The night to the first of May always has some magic.
I really hope the woman will find a prince tonight...
who will gladly fullfill all her wishes.
I think she really needs it badly...

Müllerstrasse, Winter 2015/16

Annual set 14Image 31
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online since:2016-03-17 (planned)

After they were disappeared for a weekend, the elfen beauties are online again.
The whole world stopps holding its breath...

Cafe Zagati, Winter 2015/16

Annual set 14Picture 23
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online since:2016-02-19

...I don't like Mondays,
I want to shoot the whole day down... (Boomtown Rats)


I think I like pus.
The smell of pus.
It smells somewhat creamy.
It is somethat like the smell of death, but not quiet yet.
Today it was somewhat around for the whole day.
A different smell than usual.
Of cold cigarette smoke, urine, or vinegar.
I dunno if I will go to a doctor tomorrow.
It would be nice if something would make the decision for me... forever...

Ich liebe mein Leben.

Annual set 14Image 21
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online since:2016-02-08

I love my life.

The Year of the Ape has begun...

Erotisch shoppen, Winter 2015/16

Annual set 14Image 20
Camera:Medion MD87366
Category:Shopping Window
Online since:2016-02-04

The Winter Collection is present...
Only about 50 days until spring...

You smell!

Annual set 14Image 18
Camera:Medion MD87366
Online since:2016-01-29

You're old.
You're ugly.
You smell!

This is also your future!

(Give it a different value.)

AAGSHB, Late Fall 2015

Annual set 14Image 4
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Category:Shopping Window
Online since:2016-01-02

Niemals wieder werden wir uns so nah sein wie jetzt...
Niemals wieder werden wir uns so klar sehn wie jetzt. (Juli)

(Never again we will be as close as now...
Never again we will see each other as clear as now.)

AUHAUS, Fall 2015

Annual set13Picture 97
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Onkine since:2015-11-25

Always Top Offers!


Drowned in the sea of love, where everyone would love to drown.
But now its gone, it doesn't matter what for, when you build your house, then call me...
(Fleetwood Mac)


The first snow.
It didn't stay.
But gives the hope for more...

Wolsdorff, Fall 2015

Annual set 13Image 88
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2015-10-27 (planned)

Here I'm still getting Reyno 100's...


I can read and write emails again.
Desides of the other things.

Erotic..., Summer 2015

Annual set 13Image 83
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Category:Shopping Window
online since:2015-10-09 (planned)

Your silver streets, what are you holding for me? (Boy)

Better dead than without Money

Annual set 13Image 81
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2015-10-03 (planned)

Such a shimmering misfortune, such a dark kind of bliss.
I cry rivers or oceans 'til I get over it... (Boy)


The question is:
Where did the guy got the gun if he has no money?

After two weeks the graffiti was "censored"...


Got the new Kosmos-Himmeljahr.
A somewhat mediocre year.
At least it will have a Mars opposition.

Big Sorry.
Also this year there will be no English version of the sky over Berlin..
I'm somewhat lucky if I get the somewhat German version somewhat together on time...

Peace, Summer 2015

Annual set 13Image 66
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2015-07-21 (planned)

I had a heart then, but the queen has been overthrown... (Ellie Golding)

Eingang, Winter 2014/15

Annual set 13Image 8
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Category:Shopping Window
Online since:2015-01-12

A rant for narshmallows... I love them even cold and bare...

BAKEPT, Late Fall 2014

Annual set 13Picture 4
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Category:Shopping Window
Online since:2015-01-03

60 hours without a cigarette.

China Food, Late Fall 2014

Annual set 13Picture 2
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Category:View to the outside
Online since:2014-12-31

Still under construction...
But still there is a whole year time...

Müllerstraße Advertising Gaphics Shop, Fall 2014

Annual set 12Picture 92
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2014-11-25 (planned)

Currently in the endless loop: Claire, The Great Escape.
No idea how I came to this CD.
Its a disk from before the stroke. At the beginning of the year...

And please go out and watch Princess Kaguya, if you can.
i think its worth it.

Die Tribute von Panem - Mockingjay

Annual set 12Picture 90
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2014-11-22 (planned)

A film I probably won't see.
Not even it will be the last and only to see.
I'll try something more easier. Maybe.
Kaguyahime no Monogatari. The Legend of Princess Kaguya.
An animation film.
The critics are somewhat good.

On the Computer: Sade, Diamond Life.

Schwedenstraße, seen from the Car, Fall 2014

Annual set 12Picture 89
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2014-11-19

When I was going to school, the wednesday between Death Sunday and Remembrance Sunday was always free.
In religion school the day was the reason for some special lessons or similar.
In the family we was not going to the church or domething like that.
It might be possible that my dad was working on his model train or something like that.
My mom was probably cooking a special meal at that day.
I dunno. All forgotten.
Nowadays the Buß- und Bettag is a normal wednesday like any other wednesdays.

Currently playing on the computer (the old one): Olive, I'm not in love.

Mierendorffplatz at the Evening Dawn, Fall 2014

Annual set 12Picture 81
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2014-11-06

At the beginning of the week the fountain was deactivated.
What else can I say except maybe... Bye. Maybe seeing you next year.

Lale, Fall 2014

Annual set 12Picture 69
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2014-10-18

The Lale in fall. The saison is over.

The Root of all Evil

Annual set 12Picture 22
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2014-08-14

Another story you will miss. Sorry.

Glass Container Lüderitzstraße, Winter 2013/14

Annual set 12Picture 6
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2014-01-19

A glass container close to the new Kaufland. (Thats a supermarket chain.)

Roguers, Gesundbrunnen

Annual set 11Picture 88
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Category:S-Bahn, Grafitti
Online since:2013-11-22

The Grafitti on that train was impressive but hard to read.
I'm not sure if it should be Roguers. Maybe not.
It could be also 2.OG WEPS...
Probably its something completely different, because the second last letter is hidden by the open door.

Belle-Et-Triste, Fall 2013

Annual set 11Picture 80
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2013-10-07

This is a picture of the book shop Belle-Et-Triste in Wedding.
After the Mommsen-Apotheke isn't a depot for the Teekampagne tea anymore,
this shop is the last one from which I know that it has the tea. If it has it.

manguun Ad, S-Bhf. Gesundbrunnen, Spring 2013

Annual set 11Picture 38
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2013-05-21

Also other ads are getting better in some way.
I know I shouldn't take so much pictures from them.
But sometimes they come suddenly in front of the camera.

Chewing Gum Slot Machine, Seestraße, Spring 2013

Annual set 11Picture 28
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Category:Objects, Streetview
Online since:2013-04-24

A chewing gum slot machine at the Seestraße.
What else is there?
The street on the right side is the Nordufer.
It leads to the Strandbad Plötzensee.

Into Darkness, Spring 2013

Annual set 11Picture 27
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Category:Cinema, Streetview
Online since:2013-04-22

The Cineplex Alhambra in springtime 2013.
At their front side they are promoting the new Startrek film.
I wanted to make that picture already five days before, but I left it.
At that day I was in that cinema.
I've seen "Oblivion" with Tom Cruise.
The pictures of that film were really impressive.
The action was somewhat ok.
A good film, but not neccessarily worth seeing.
I had seen it at 14'o'clock at a Monday.
I was nearly alone in that cinema.

By the way...
The real motive of the picture is on the right side.
I waited until it circled into view.
Its... somewhat funny.

180, Spring 2013

Annual set 11Picture 26
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Category:S-Bahn, Graffiti
Online since:2013-04-15

A graffiti on a train.
In former days such a train was deselected to go out.
I dunno why they didn't do it now, but probably not because they like the graffiti now.

Crocuses, Spring 2013

Annual set 11Picture 25
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Category:Nature, Streetview
Online since:2013-04-14

Spring is there.
All have waited for it.
Except me.


Annual set 10Picture 97
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2013-01-02

I have no problem with alcohol. Only without.
Although, this is probably not right.
This little bit of alcohol that I drink I could leave out.
Only the smoking is a little bit more problematic.
I have tried to smoke no cigarette at the first of January.
I tried in vain.

BaBaPeBuPi: LöLöLöLiebe

Annual set 10Picture 93
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2012-11-21

A grafitti on an electricity distribution box in Wedding...

Underground Station Ad Gutes Wedding / Schlechtes Wedding

Annual set 10Picture 92
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2012-11-11

Here is just another ad.
This time its for the theatre program "Gutes Wedding / Schlechtes Wedding".
It takes place at the Prime Time Theater in Wedding.
Up till now I haven't seen it, although it exists for a while.
Maybe it will exist for a little more time...

Tribal Ape

Annual set 10Picture 69
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Online since:2012-07-14

I thought this picture would be more difficult to make.
Already the first try worked.

The finished and the unfinished ape from last year are already overpainted.

The finished Ape

Annual set 9Picture 97
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Category:Graffiti, S-Bahn
Online since:2011-12-12

The finished ape.
Sometime the picture would be successful.
The text beside the ape is unreadable, though.

What happened in the meantime:
The Deutschlandhalle got blasted.
The senator for justice and consumer protection has resigned after twelve days.
The Kurbel probably will close down (this time forever).
At the end of the year also the Icon will close down (and this time also forever).
No comment.

S/U-Bahn-Ads Jungfernheide/Seestraße/Wilmersdorfer Straße (H&M 18.1-4)

Annual set 9Picture 48-51
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Location:Charlottenburg, Wedding
Online since:2011-05-27

And again in May it was Hasi and Mausi time. This time the Ads were even on TV.
All pictures had to be corrected for brightness and contrast. Still they are not that uniform.
There seems to be a distinct difference between the Canon Powershot and the Casio Exilim.

Corner See- / Müllerstraße, Städtischer Urnenfriedhof, Spring 2011

Annual Set 9Picture 46
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Location:Wedding, Müllerstraße
Category:Streetview, Cemetary
Online since:2011-05-15

This is the entry of the City Urn Cemetary at the corner See- / Müllerstraße.

Corner Müller- / Transvaalstraße, Spring 2011

Annual set 9Picture 45
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Location:Wedding, Müllerstraße
Category:Streetview, Architecture
Online since:2011-05-08

497 games casinos are said to exist in Berlin.
If I would take a picture of every casino I would had pictures for nearly exact five years.
The games casino in the photo is somewhat new. Maybe its even not counted in that 497 casinos.
Before that there was a mattress shop on that corner.
And before that as long as I can think there was a bank there.

497 games casinos are many.
For comparison: there are 150 Lidl shops in Berlin.
I have no idea what makes people go into such a games casino.
In some of them there is only one money game automat waiting on the wall.
In most of them there are only money game automats.
I think games like Pacman, Tetris, or Rampart don't exist anymore.
So where is the fun of it?

Schirme - eigene Reparatur-Werkstatt

Annual set 9Picture 36
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Location:Wedding, Müllerstraße
Online since:2011-04-20

Its an umbrella shop. One of the oldest shops in the Müllerstraße.

Swan Song to the Müllerhalle

Annual set 9Picture 35
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Category:Market hall
Online since:2011-04-18

The Müllerhalle is bound to get deconstructed in the near future.
This is what I've read in one of these gratis weekly newspapers.
It was never a beautiful building.
But it was part of my youth.
Sometimes I still dream of it...

The unfinished Ape

Annual set 9Picture 34
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Category:Graffiti, S-Bahn
Online since:2011-04-16

If you're driving with the ring train you'll see some apes mostly between Beusselstraße and Wedding. The apes are already around for some time and they are somewhat well done. At the picture above I have pressed the button too early for only some splits of a second, so that only an unfinished ape came into view.

Open-air Bath Plötzensee, Summer 2010

Annual set 8Picture 86
Camera:Canon Powershot SX210
Category:View to the Water
Online since:2010-09-23

Because of the great success... here another picture of the open-air bath Plötzensee.
The season is over.


Annual set 8Picture 46
Camera:Olympus E-100RS
Location:Wedding, Müllerstraße
Online since:2010-06-25

One of the last record stores in the city. In the time of Amazon and MP3 they are remnants of a lost epoch. Many years ago you would have found even vinyl records here. Today you will get them if you order them, in the best case. I don't buy at Moondance anymore. The music style is not what I prefer. But even at Mr.Dead&Mrs.Free, where the music selection is more of my taste, I wasn't for a long time. Its time to go there and browse through the new releases, again.

Corner See-/Müllerstraße, Saray, Spring 2010

Annual set 8Picture 28
Camera:Casio Exilim EX-H15
Location:Wedding, Müllerstraße
Online since:2010-05-24

This is the corner view diagonally vis-a-vis of the Alhambra.

Corner See-/Müllerstraße, Alhambra, Spring 2010

Annual set 8Picture 27
Camera:Casio Exilim EX-H15
Location:Wedding, Müllerstraße
Category:Streetview, Cinema
Online since:2010-05-23

The new Alhambra in spring 2010.

City Hall Wedding, Spring 2010

Annual set 8Picture 26
Camera:Casio Exilim EX-H15
Location:Wedding, Müllerstraße
Category:City Hall, Streetview, Architecture
Online since:2010-05-22

The (old) city hall Wedding in spring 2010.
Not much had changed here.
The coffee shop is somewhat new.
But the Musikhaus Stehr exist as long as I can think.
There my classic guitar was bought, most of the notes I have from there.
Who knows how long this shop will remain.

Graffiti Cake

Annual set 8Picture 25
Camera:Casio Exilim EX-H15
Category:Graffiti, S-Bahn
Online since:2010-05-20

Happy birthday to all, who have birthday today on May 20!

S/U-Bahn-Ads Seestraße/Wedding/Gesundbrunnen/Jungfernheide (H&M 17.1-4)

Annual Set 8Picture 21-24
Camera:Casio Exilim EX-H15
Location:Charlottenburg, Wedding
Online since:2010-05-16

Its Hasi-and-Mausi-time again.
If you're driving by S- or U-Bahn, then you can't withdraw from the posters.
It is cold and rainy, but the ads are promising warmth and beach and ocean.
And models.
Slim, untatooed models.
Some times ago I have heard a discussion, that the models of H&M are way too skinny.
I think not.
Or as Al Bundy has said it:

Peg: "Don't you think that this model is somewhat too skinny? There should be something to grab on a woman."
Al: "Believe me, Peg. Many boys have already grabbed her, and none of them has missed."

(Ok, this is a translation from English into German back to English, so the true words of the dialogue might differ.)
So what should H&M take for a model? Beth Ditto look-a-likes?
Although this might be funny for some, its not something I want to see.
If I want to see a Beth Ditto look-a-like, I only have to look into a mirror.

Oblique Birds, between Wedding and Gesundbrunnen

Annual set 7Picture 62
Camera:Olympus E-100RS
Category:Graffiti, S-Bahn
Online since:2009-05-04

I've not much time to make photos, currently. But this may change. Here after a long time something new. The picture is made out of the S-Bahn between the stations Wedding and Gesundbrunnen. The problem with the picture is that the camera has to be moved according to the passing train or the result will be a blurred something. The birds itself are somewhat a highlight on the ring.

Open Bath Plötzensee, Spring 2008

Annual set 7Picture 59
Camera:Olympus E-100RS
Category:View to the Water
Online since:2008-06-17

The open bath Plötzensee in spring 2008.
The bathing season continues.

Cemetery Müllerstraße

Annual Set 7Picture 43
Camera:Olympus E-100RS
Location:Wedding, Müllerstraße
Online since:2008-04-15

The batteries lasted for exactly this picture, only. After that, the camera was going on strike. I'm using batteries, because all of my accu sets have the one or the other failure. And newer accu sets don't get loaded with the charger I have.


Seen on a t-shirt: Angels are only fowl, too.

Ruhestätte Engel

Annual Set 7Picture 39
Camera:Olympus E-100RS
Online since:2008-04-02

I wanted to make this picture for a long time. It has a strange double meaning. And it is a clear sign of transitority. Even tombstones will be thrown away one day.


Heard it on the radio: today a conference about blogging starts in Berlin (once again) - re:publica08. Funnily the homepage doesn't work with my good old Mozilla (the content of the page(s) doesn't get loaded) and my also not up-to-date Safari breakes down after loading it. Within my older Explorer the content gets displayed, but the introducing menue gets scrambled. How dear you.

Bus Stop Seestraße (H&M 15.1)

Annual set 7Picture 13
Camera:Olympus E-100RS
Online since:2005-03-27

The classic H&M advertisement.
The 15th series I took pictures from.
Its a long time gone since I have seen these.

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