3 United, Fall 2018

Annual set 16Image 93
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56 (detail)
Category: Streetview

A streetview from the rough Gesundbrunnen at Remembrance Sunday...
and the feeling goes that this area is even rougher than before...

Hart im Hirn, weich in der Birne, ohne Halt, einfaeltig und klein.
Auf der Suche nach einem Fuehrer, es ist hart, allein beschraenkt zu sein.
(Groenemeyer, "Die Haerte")


Seen: "Juliet, naked" @ delphiLUX.
First of all: There is no naked truth in this film whatsoever.
Only a once known male musician who's now hidden...
his greatest male fan and his female friend...
a female who loves women, but most of the time unrequited...
some children of the musician and more.
Its still worth to see...

Funny fact aside (read at IMDb):
Rose Byrne (Annie) was pregnant while the making of the film...
sixth month...
most of the time this was hidden through special shots...


Christmas lights "installed"...


Parenting! Sometimes I think I could use a manual... (Tucker Crowe)

EDEKA, former Kaiser's, former Bolle, Fall 2018

Annual set 16Photo 92
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56 (perspective changed, detail)
Category: Streetview, Shop

This shop at the Otto-Suhr-Allee was once a Bolle...
then became a Kaiser's...
and is now an EDEKA. Its still somewhat run-down... for decades...

Here to create, Fall 2018

Annual set 16Picture 91
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56

Global climate change is a total and very expensive joke.
(Donald Trump, 2013, retranslated)

Seen a snowflake recently...

Rose, white, Fall 2018

Annual set 16Image 90
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Online:2018-11-18 (planned)

Also this year: a white rose... for the dead...


By the way (heard in the radio):
in the film "First Men" its not shown how Armstrong put the US-flag on the moon...
and I think only Supertrumps, Minireagans, and old faded Nixons would care about this detail.
I even thought about giving "La La Land" another rating because of this... but...

Rose, yellow-orange, Fall 2018

Annual set 16Image 89
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS (detail)

Maybe the last own rose of the year...


Lately imported on the iBook for Rhythmbox:
Antonio Vivaldi, The 4 Seasons, Amadeus Ensemble
from a 10-CD-Box De Collectie Rarok.
I know that I've already imported the same music played by
the Berlin Philharmoniker, Herbert von Karajan, violin by Anne-Sophie Mutter.
Completely lost.
Also lost somehow: parts of my German linklist.
And maybe more unnoticed.
Think its really time for a new computer...


Seen: Aufbruch zum Mond (First Men) @ Kant...
at the big screen...
a new best film of the year... IMHO... sorry to the defective cat...

New Yorck score: 7(27).
Films seen in cinemas in 2018 now: 20.
This is it... nearly...


Nov. 14, 6:46 CET: Venus seen for the first time clear at the morning sky.
I've seen her some days before, but partly only guessing her between clouds.
Was even able to make a picture with my mobile telephone...

Also visible in the picture:
the light at the neighbour industry building.
Its on now for at least three days, all day and all night...

Potsdamer Platz, Fall 2018

Annual set 16Image 88
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS

Seen: "A Star is born" @ CineStar Original...
It was ok, afterall...

The actor who played the old manager "Bobby" was the same
who had the last words in the film "The Big Lebowski"... IIRIC...

A step back in time:
In school... 5th grade... 1st year English...
every school kid in the class got an "English" name.
I think mine was Bobby...

Lagerweg Graffiti, Fall 2018 (2)

Annual set 16Image 87
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56

Please note the Waschbär on the left hand side...

Lagerweg Graffiti, Fall 2018 (1)

Annual set 16Image 86
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56

...go away, rainsnouts,
go away blow your brains out...
November... (Tom Waits)

Goethepark, Fall 2018

Annual set 16Image 85
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56 (detail)

A man who will truly understand rejection
must be ignored by a cat, first.


Once again I didn't get to the Ploetzensee...
Not that funny.
I thought I'm a bit faster now...
But the park was overcrowded anyway...

Turmstrasse, Fall 2018

Annual set 16Picture 84
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56 (out of the bus)
Category:Streetview, Subway Station

The selection of the next film will be a tough choice...
3 hours Ex Libris or still Lady Gaga...


Survived: another "summertime".
The thirty-ninth.
Who knows if anyone will survive the fortieth...


About 25 years ago Audrey Hepburn died...
Maybe 10 years ago, maybe less, I collected about 1000 pictures of Pizdaus.
With my 32k-Modem.
One of them shows Audrey... maybe in New York... next to the river.
She's sitting on a poller...
She was a true beauty... at that time... and even more earlier.
Nearly unbeleivable that she's gone for so long.
In the 80ies/90ies watched some films with her on TV...
Breakfast at Tiffany's, My Fair Lady, How to steal a Million, Charade, Sabrina, Robin & Marian...
far from all...
"Moon River" was one of the very few tunes I could play...
at least for some time... by heart...
on my guitar...
never somewhat good.
1992 cancer was detected within her.
Already at the beginning of the following year she died...
at an age of 63...

If there are people who should get somewhat like biological immortality, she might had been one...


If you want to be the center of a party, don't join it. (like Audrey Hepburn said...)

Mehringdamm, Late Summer 2018

Annual set 16Picture 83
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56

In the days of the Centris...
HyperCard was a fascinating program.
I even tried to created some own HyperCard batches.
One of them was a batch of the Berlin underground stations.
The target was to connect the stations as they were in real life.
To illustrate the exits of a station.
And some specials of the city above.
One of the first problems was the screen resolution.
It was somewhat difficult to get the complete subway network on 640x480 pixel.
My HyperCard batch got never completed.
Only some lines got all of its stations.
The U7 with Mehringdamm as one of its stations was one of the completed lines.
But at that time there was no photo of Mehringdamm and many other stations.
Also the at that time actual MBahn was included...
but only the first station had pictures...
with the train which once broke through the station wall...

But HyperCard really was a great idea... before the time of the internet...

(I doubt that I could revive the Centris to add the picture above...
it is sleeping an endless sleep downbelow...)

10 Years of Z*l*ndo

Annual set 16Image 82
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Category:Underground, Ads

By the way: Yorck score (before "Girl"): 5(25).
Films in 2018 seen so far: 17...
This year I might see 20+x films... ok, me thinks...


Excerpt out of a letter I got, Berlin "Beautymountain", 29th of August 2018:

All dates at 20h CET, Planetarium @ the Insulaner...
entry fee: 8€, reduced 6€...
all lectures will be held in German...

from the series "support your local astronomy institution today"...


Seen: Girl at delphiLUX... again.
This time with more audience.
Although the film was only acceptable...

Save the Forrest (1st try)

Annual set 16Image 81
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56 (clipped, out of the car)

Dear God, if you may exsist, make me half-deaf, please... now!


A friend is asking his fellow: "Why so sad? And what's about these 3 pigs?" - "Well, I was visited by a good fairy who said that I have a free wish, but I have to tell it loud because she is somewhat deaf. All what I wanted was three millions in small ticks, and what do I get? Three melons in small pigs!"

(...about this grade of deafness would be ok...)

The ice-cold Hand, Fall 2018

Annual set 16Picture 80
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56 (out of the car, clipped)

The ice-cold hand...
its official name is "Hand with Watch" and (interestingly like the image of Ben Wargin) of 1975.
The artist of this clock is Joachim Schmettau, who created also the fountain ("Weltkugelbrunnen") at the Breitscheidplatz.
The hand was renovated in 2012...

It was already a Berlin pict in 2000... broken... with red fingernails...
In a far away future maybe also this page will be resurrected...
at least in German...
but my next project will be a Berlin pict page of 2002...
including a Lagerweg graffiti showing an exceptional comic, not seen afterward anymore...


The current fortune cookie:

Women are no longer satisfied
with one half of heaven,
they want their half of the world.


Seen: Die defekte Katze @ delphiLUX.
(Dunno the English title and it doesn't matter anyway.)
Seen in an enpty cinema.
Another new best film of the year, IMHO.
Maybe this time it will last until the end... of the year...

The Return of the Goatheadtree

Annual set 16Picture 79
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Category:Streetview, Streetart

The return of the goatheadtree...

The official name of this image is "Weltbaum I" (World Tree 1).
Originally its from Ben Wargin of 1975...
placed next to the S train station Tiergarten.
I think that I've seen it there, still.
I was somewhat surprised to see this copy placed within Moabit.

This spring the artist Ben Wargin became 88 years old.
He became a bit famous for his ginko tree mentoring...


...newspapertaxis appear on the shore
waiting to take you away
climb in the back with your head in the clouds
and you're gone... (Beatles, Lucy in the sky with diamonds)

The Lagerweg before the Break of Fall

Annual set 16Picture 78
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Category:Graffiti, Streetview

The Lagerweg facing fall 2018...

H+M 32.2, Late Summer 2018

Annual set 16Image 77
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56

Finally: some rain...
There was at least another H+M ad...
but I was somewhat unable to step out of the train to get a picture...

After the weekend the ads were already replaced.


Seen: Styx @ delphiLUX...
Worth to see... IMHO.
A tough young lady, sailing alone on the Atlantic,
witnessing a fugitive boat drifting on the open sea...
and a little bit of death with it...

Would I like to meet her?
No way. She's far to tough.
But on the other hand...
if I got another brain attack and being stupid enough to reach the phone...
and if I'm still able to say something articulated...
then I would like to know that she would come...


Maybe interesting:
The first 20 entries of my most played muzak... (in Rhythmbox)

  1. Swing out Sister, What kind of fool... (527)
  2. Olive, Smile (501)
  3. Texas, White on Blonde (470)
  4. Silbermond, Zeit zu tanzen (420)
  5. Texas, Saint (400)
  6. k.flay, Blood in the Cut (377)
  7. Birdy, Keeping your head up (360)
  8. Juli, Hallo Hallo (351)
  9. Sky Ferrera, Easy (323)
  10. Lorde, The Louvre (323)
  11. Susannah Hoffs, Wishing on Telstar (315)
  12. Texas, Halo (311)
  13. Texas, Drawing crazy pattern (311)
  14. Waterboys, The whole of the Moon (303)
  15. Amy MacDonald, Spark (301)
  16. k.flay, The president has a sex tape (296)
  17. Texas, Around the World (290)
  18. Boy, Oh Boy (286)
  19. New Order, Run wild (271)
  20. Garbage, Parade (261)

Sorry, guys... you're currently a bit underrepresented... maybe its only temporary... (but don't think so... ;-)

H+M 32.1, Late Summer 2018

Annual set 16Image 76
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS

The annual resumes modified...
and made accessable also for non-hackers.
One still have to reach the handcrafted und unhurried since 1994 section...

Lagerweg Graffiti, Summer 2018 (4)

Annual set 16Picture 75
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS

19.9.: Have a nice pirates day!
(Bastards? We don't need no stinkin' bastards!)

Swallow + Moon, Summer 2018

Annual set 16Image 74
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS (camera dirt on image removed, detail)

This year they stayed a bit longer.
Even on Thursday, September the 13th there were some swallows in the sky in the morning.
Maybe they were afraid to get burned on their way southward.
This year it was extremely hot.
Maybe next year it will be even more hot and dry.
Dunno if they will come back.
But now they're gone...

Goodbye... maybe until next year...


And yet another fortune cookie (again, sponsored by DD):

Passionate new romance appears in
your life when least expect it.

22nd Venus, Summer 2018

Annual set 16Image 73
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS (out of the car, sharpened)

This year the ads for Venus were already present since June/July.
But without any girl.
They were there to be ignored...
but ca. 7 weeks before the event the ads were replaced...
and 4 girls were smiling for you...

4 weeks to go, and some of the posters are already "individualized"...


Yet another fortune cookie (also sponsored by Mama):

Keep your dreams open and
work towards making it a reality.

Statue 2, Afternoon, Summer 2018

Annual set 16Image 72
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56

This figure doesn't stand there for long.
When watching it from the right position, it looks somewhat normal.
A bit sad, though...


The actual fortune cookie (a special 65ct. offer for 12 cookies, sponsored by Mama):

Your troubles will be faded by
the luck you will soon have.

The last Eis-Hennig, Summer 2018

Annual set 16Picture 71
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Location:Old Mariendorf

The last Eis-Hennig in Berlin.
Once there were several of them in the city.
I think there was one in Tegel and maybe also one in Zehlendorf next to the Grunewald.
One of my favorite was the shop at the U-Bhf. Berliner Strasse.
IIRIC there are/were two or more Berlin pictures of it here.
The difference to other ice shop is, that you get your cup FILLED with ice cream...
and not only some measured boulder with lots of air inbetween...
and maybe with a cherry on top... for which you have to pay extra.

So now it seems that only the shop at the U-Bhf. Alt-Mariendorf is left.
Maybe within the next two weeks - when the weather is said to be still warm - I'll visit it again...
although it is a somewhat long way...
maybe they even will have pistazie ice, then...


Seen: Gunderann @ Delphi.
A film by Andreas Dresen. (Ossi alarm!)
A film as ambivalent as its main figure, his music, the former political system...

Garages, Transvaalstr., Summer 2018

Annual set 16Image 70
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS

Within the last 3 or 4 weeks the garages at the Transvaalstr. got a new painting...
looks somewhat cool, IMHO...


Endless Summer.
According to a poll of the EU nearly 80% of the participating citizens were against the current regulation to install "Summertime" (MET DST) after the start of spring and to return to the Middle European Time at the end of October.
Thats ok.
Not ok is that most of the participants are said to be for an endless "summer".
And I think the future might show that.
If people in Portugal, Spain and South France have to go up most than half of the year in the dark to go to work.
Maybe already ten years after that they might split up... and then maybe not only in terms of an endless summertime...


Talking about my rose lately?
The five blossoms are in full bloom now or already somewhat fainting.
The real astonishing fact is: one of the flowers is/was colored... orange.
Really strange...

4 views from U-Bhf. Dt. Oper, Summer 2018 (1-4)

Annual set 16Image 66-69
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS

I currently have a date with a female specialist every 3 month or so.
Its about blood pressure and kidney function.
For this I have to use the underground to Deutsche Oper.
There was once a historical scales with card print mechanism.
There were several of these scales in the Berlin underground.
They are removed nowadays.
Dunno if they will come back some day.
For 10 Pfennig or after 2002 for 10 Eurocent these machines were weighting you.
2004 I took a picture (not only) of the scales at Deutsche Oper.
Aside there is a detail of it.
Its from my Berlin pictures of that year.
One might see there (somewhat), that there was no second exit of the underground station at that time.
This exit was installed later... after a hazardous fire...


Seen: Grenzenlos (Submergence).
At the Kant cinema.
I think the film is worth to see...
even if the rest of the world don't think so.
In the Berlin magazine Tip it got two of five dots.
(Earlier, a millennium ago this meant somewhat like "ambivalent".)
At the IMDb it currently has a rating of 5,4 (out of 10)...
less than for Superman (7,3), Resident Evil (6,7) or Swimming Pool (6,8).
As said: I'm deeply sorry. I think I live in a parallel universe.
Its a political film, me thinks.
With real, somewhat current problems.
And even with a bit of science.
Its by Wim Wenders... and still with somewhat like sex in it.
Somewhat intelligent (sex).
Maybe I'm too stupid to see the ambivalent nature of Submergence...

Funny (me thinks, still):
in the film the doctor of Deep Space 9 is a supporting actor.
(Alexander Siddig.) And he plays... a doctor...

I personally like the screenplay of Alicia Vikander...
as already in Ex Machina...

The Fishes of the Asien-Bistro-Center, Summer 2018

Annual set 16Image 65
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56 (contrast enhanced)

The fishes of the Asien-Bistro-Center, Müllerstr., Wedding...
(a former Berlin district... it has nothing to do with marriage...)
At least these fishes have their well tempered water around them... and don't sweat... at least...


...she comes out of the sun in a silk dress running
like a watercolor in the rain
don't bother asking for explanations
she'll just tell you that she came ...in the year of the cat...
(Al Stewart)

I think I need a new record player...
I cannot convince the old one to play stereo anymore...
there is a constant humming noise when playing a record...
it has problems with holding the speed...
the arm sometimes goes up without being at the end of the record...
after some minutes there is a scrambling noise... increasing...


after more than twenty years...


at least heared it once again...
year of the cat...
...and a bit of the rest of the record...
still hear way too much these days, anyway...


By the way...
I've already pictures for the next international day of the cat:
pictures of a small cat figure out of white clay...
Another really small cat I can already show:
it was once imprisoned in a bubble gum automat...

Lagerweg Graffiti, Summer 2018 (3)

Annual set 16Image 64
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56 (detail)

...ok, its getting somewhat boring... but I still had 1...

Cat between Flowers

Annual set 16Image 63
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56 (detail, contrast enhanced)

Hug your cat tomorrow...
it will be the international day of the cat again...


The remaining pictures from late spring are nearly somewhat uninteresting...

Lagerweg Graffiti, Summer 2018 (2)

Annual set 16Image 62
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56

...as she's counting the spiders, as they crawl up inside her...
(Smashing Pumpkins)


This would be a good opportunity to present my pictures of the lunar eclipse...
or of the Mars opposition...
or of both... the Mars opposition while the lunar eclipse...

Missed it completely.
Fell asleep shortly before moonrise...
and woke up when the moon wasn't occulted again.
For me... doesn't matter anyway...

Maybe next year (January 21)... maybe not...


News from the rose:
After the two blossoms were gone, I used some duenger.
Maybe too much.
Now there are 5 (in words: five!) new blossoms evolving...

303, Summer 2018

Annual set 16Image 61
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS

The Qmodo of the last year is the Quasimodo again.
Made this photo with the mobile phone 3 times.
3 failures.
At least I've noticed it for myself.
After the film I got out the Canon.
The picture is the first try... no corrections afterward...

By the way: 303 is my best film of the year, currently...


I won't complain about the weather anymore.
I'll survive it or die at the attempt.
Waiting for the temperatures above 40°C.
In Sevilla it will be already... tomorrow...

Kantstr. near Delphi, Summer 2018

Annual set 16Image 60
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56

Next film... 303... also @ Delphi.
For me... its the new best film of the year...

(...although it made me deeply sad...)

Bayrischer Platz, Underground Station Art

Annual set 16Image 59
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Category:Underground, Art

Was looking for pictures from the underground station Bayrischer Platz lately.
Somewhat interesting.
Even after 3 attempts nothing found about the 3 pictures above.
But instead found lots of cat and bunny pictures...

Gas Station, Seestr., Summer 2018

Annual set 16Image 58
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Category:Gas Station

Friday the 13th.
New Moon.
On my way to the psychiatrist cursed by a real, old witch...


And if I die today I will be a happy phantom...

When I woke up for the last time that day...
at 1:45... summertime, 0:45 normal time...
in Rhythmbox ran just Tori Amos, Happy Phantom.
At the balcony Mars was visible like a red giant at the sky...
extremely deep in the south... sometimes covered by clouds...
the mysterious machine was hammering... pervasive...
maybe a last drunkard came home... talking to himself... loud...

The time is getting closer...


Seen: Interstellar (OV 70mm) @ Delphi.
Originally I wanted to classify this movie as uninteresting.
But then I saw the rating at IMDb.
With 8.6 its rated better than Kubricks 2001 and Tarkowskis Solaris.
Ha. Ha.
This cannot have anything to do with reality...
(...at least with mine...
Bad Nolan. Bad Nolan.
You made such good films before.
Please be a good boy and make another Batman film, please!)
Hope, voting Interstellar as acceptable is punishment enough...

Lagerweg Graffiti, Summer 2018 (1)

Annual set 16Image 57
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56

In einer Stadt,
in einem Haus,
auf einer Treppe
ruhst du dich aus.

Alle andern
haben's eilig,
und du fragst dich,
was sie wohl tun,
denn du tust nichts...
(Sophia Kennedy)

One of my last 2 CD's is DJ Koze, Knock Knock.
The lines above are from nearly the only song in German...

Alle 11 Minuten verliebt sich ein Single..., Late Spring 2018

Annual set 16Image 56
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56 (blurred, somewhat enhanced)

The current fortune cookie:

When winter comes, heaven
will rain success on you.

Maybe this year...
I like to get soaking wet... ;-)

On the other hand... not...


sense of sun

Some stickers you can see currently are really strange.
Maybe the originator of this one should get a one way ticket to India...

This sticker was on my way from the underground station Rehberge to my... once home.
Needed 45 minutes for the way.
Some long time ago I needed only a third of the time... if I was slow...

No Cigarettes anymore...

Annual set 16Image 55
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS

...says the automat.

This photo I took 3 times with the mobile phone.
All pictures were blurred and the text on the stickers were not readable.
So at the next occaison I took the same motive with the digital camera.
I think the difference is visible...

Also at the mobile pictures there was no injection needle and empty drug package...


Seen: Am Strand @ Kant.
(The English title is "On Chesil Beach".)
On a somewhat small screen.
Its a screening of a story written by Ian McEwan.
Two people fall in love at the beginning of the 60ies.
They're marrying without having any experience... with sex...
And so their first and only night become a desaster...

A nice film, the second of the year with Saoirse Ronan...
who is great again...



(If I should meet her one strange day,
I would ask her if she can really play the violin...)

(ndLive) BERLIN

Annual set 16Image 54
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56 (detail)

The difference between men and cats is:
men and cats know how to open a door,
but a cat would never close it behind it. (Ai Weiwei)


Seen: Sternenjäger (star hunters) @ delphiLUX.
Another documentation film.
And instantly better than Faces Places.
Really worth a look.
Best if on the largest screen one can get...


Got 2 fortune cookies in 1 fortune roll lately.
They go like this:

Good things are on their way.

Love lights up you world.

Hello, you world...

The Flowers in Brothers Garden, Late Spring 2018

Annual set 16Image 53
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Location:Zehlendorf, Grunewald

"Throw away for not loosing it!" is the best rule for life. (Hebbel)

Lagerweg Graffiti, Late Spring 2018 (3)

Annual set 16Image 52
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS

Seen: Faces Places (Augenblicke...) @ Cinema Paris.
(Have I already written that this is my current favorite cinema?)
Now I know the score on my Yorck card again.
7 (17).
The film was ok. (IMHO.)
Although I know a single female cineast who stated this documentation was "toll"...

Lagerweg Graffiti, Late Spring 2018 (2)

Annual set 16Image 51
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS


Lagerweg Graffiti: FRUIT! Late Spring 2018 (1)

Annual set 16Image 50
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS

A cookie about marriage:

All women wait for the man of their life,
but in the meantime they're marrying. (Iris Berben)



Statue, Morning, Late Spring 2018

Annual set 16Image 49
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56

Statue, Morning (10h MET DST)...


Was looking for reasons of death lately.
The first one was the reason of death of Cordwainer Smith.
Beside other professions he was a science fiction author.
In the middle of the 20th century.
I have one or two books written by him.
He invented the instrumentality of mankind of a far away future.
Where people can planoform to other planets...
have achieved nearly immortality for some...
and where there are designed animal humans which do work left to do.
I'd sorted out some of my (SF) books lately...
beside others all of my Titan anthologies.
In one of these collections of short stories there was
"Scanners live in vain" by Cordwainer Smith.
Nevertheless... I've nearly no idea about the story anymore.
Cordwainer Smith died at the age of 53.
First I didn't found out how he died...

Two days later I asked Google (again?) and then it told me the reason...
heart attack... with 53... been two years older than that...

Somehow I came also to cranberries.
Their singer and songwriter Dolores O'Riordan died at the beginning of this year...
on an overdose of a highly efficient analgesic.
She will never have any pain again... after 46 years...

Their first album I think is in the list of best albums ever.
At least in mine.
I even bought a book of the songs of it.
One or two of it I played on my guitar... somewhat... looong ago...
not very convincing, anyway...

Blätter, die die Welt bedeuten.
(Leafs that mean the World)

Annual set 16Image 48
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56

Leafs that (could) mean the world...

Statue, Noon, Spring 2018

Annual set 16Picture 47
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56

Statue, Noon (11:29h MET DST)...

Sad but true:
Nearly every day at that time...
I think: its lunchtime... in Plau am See...

Lagerweg Graffiti, Spring 2018 (6)

Annual set 16Image 46
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56

Momentarily in Rhythmbox: Tracks with the character sequence "ANOT".
25 tracks of 25 artists.
The 3 most played tracks are:

Unkle, Another Night out
Texas, Another Day
Paul van Dyk, Another Day...


The image aside is a detail of the S-Bahn station Wilmersdorfer Str.
Some days ago there was a graffiti exhibition in town.
With "real" Banksy's.
only maybe...
the image aside shows one...

Lagerweg Graffiti, Spring 2018 (5)

Annual set 16Picture 45
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56

The latest fortune cookie:

You enliven the room.

Don' think so.
Have I complained about the weather lately?
Its hotter than in Panama.
Or Sevilla.
For tomorrow something about 34°C is predicted.

I'll survive it...
or die at the attempt...

Days with temperatures ≥40°C in 2018 in Berlin: still 0...
still counting...

Orion, Spring 2018

Annual set 16Picture 44
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Category:Shopping Window

Spring breaks also at Orion...


May 20...
Happy 85th anniversary, mum...
(live long and prosper, still)

BNP PARIBAS, Spring 2018

Annual set 16Picture 43
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Category:Streetview, S-Bahn

...in front of the delphiLUX...
...at the Yva Bow...
Already last year I made a similar picture (with the mobile phone)...


Seen there: Djam.
A film about an adventurous, young Greek female... called Djam...
who is sent to Turkey to get a ship part repaired.
On her way she meets an also young French woman...
who was originally on her way for an international organisation
to help refugees... but who was robbed on her way...
She follows Djam to Turkey and back, learning something about the local music... and people...

At the delphiLUX the film ran only at 13:45h CEST...
and was only sparsely visited.
One intersting fact is that the film was free for people aged at least 6.
Maybe two or three decades ago a film like Djam wouldn't be allowed for people younger than 14 or older...

Nice: I had forgotten my Yorck card,
but I was asked for my name when telling that I've forgotten by card and it might be that I got credited for the film nevertheless...
(dunno if the sentence above makes any sense, anyways...)

enjoy, Spring 2018

Annual set 16Picture 42
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS

...next to the delphiLUX...

Actually I've already the picture(s) for the 8.8.
The day of the cat.
This year it will be actually a living cat.
No plusch cat. No image of a cat image. Stay tuned...

Lagerweg Graffiti, Spring 2018 (4)

Annual set 16Picture 41
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56

Just another graffiti @ the Lagerweg...


Bei all dem Lärm um Nichts,
bei all dem Smog, der uns umgibt
ist es ab und zu Zeit zu tanzen... (Silbermond)


Bought 4 gilly-flowers for the balcony.
3 of them have already blossoms.
This is 1 of the few opportunities where its sad that the internet can't smell.
They're scenting awesome...

One of my roses seems to have survived.
Dunno if it will have some blossoms, too...
At least one is currently evolving.
Wait & see...

Lagerweg Graffiti, Spring 2018 (3)

Annual set 16Picture 40
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS

Another graffiti at the Lagerweg...

City Hall Spandau, Spring 2018

Annual set 16Picture 39
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Category:Streetview, City Hall

The city hall (Rathaus) Spandau on a sunny afternoon, spring 2018...
Aside a picture out of the shopping passage...
I was there to find some birthday gifts.
No chance.
I found them a day later at a well known book and records shop at the Friedrichstr... at least some of them...


Seen: Lady Bird @ delphiLUX.
I was definately too optimistic about my current English knowledge.
The film was definately "text based".
And my English was way too rusty.
Optimistically estimated I got about 66% of the text spoken.
It was too less to get nearly half of the jokes that were made.
Still I think that for me the film was worth to see. Only.
I know another opinion which meant that lady bird was even better than 3 days in Quiberon... dunno...
Maybe you have to be a female to come to this conclusion...

The film was directed by Greta Gerwig... the main actor in "Frances Ha"...

The Lady Bird in Lady Bird was Saoirse Ronan... the main astress in "Hanna"...

Statue, Afternoon, Spring 2018

Annual set 16Picture 38
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56

Statue, afternoon...

Underground Station Kurfürstendamm, Spring 2018

Annual set 16Picture 37
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Category:Streetview, Underground

The underground station Kurfürstendamm at evening time...


One of the last fortune cookies:

Good to begin well.
Better to end well.

Let it end soon.
It doesn't get better anyway...

In the meantime...
The next film to see will be "Lady Bird".
By recommendation of a single female cineast.
Who hasn't seen "3 Days in Quiberon" yet.
But who will catch up soon...

hope she will like it, at least...
don't think that many people will like it as I do...

Cinema Paris, Spring 2018

Annual set 16Picture 36
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56

Cinema Paris, spring 2018.
Seen: 3 Days in Quiberon.
Extraordinary... IMHO...

Anna Lindh Basic School, Spring 2018

Annual set 16Picture 32-35
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS

4 pictures of the Anna Lindh Basic School...
which was the Rehberge School once...
some million days ago, it seems...


Momentarily in Rhythmbox: Radiohead, A Moon shaped Pool...


Currently waiting for the swallows...
If the weather stays the same, they don't have to fear cold nights...
At least it won't get frosty anymore...
Hope for them any day now...

Lagerweg Graffiti, Spring 2018 (2)

Annual set 16Picture 31
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56

The Lagerweg at Spring 2018... doesn't matter anyway...

Lagerweg Graffiti, Spring 2018 (1)

Annual set 16Picture 30
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56

The Lagerweg at Spring 2018...


Momentarily in Rhythmbox: Massive Attack, Protection...

Grow in Berlin, Spring 2018

Annual set 16Picture 29
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56 (out of the car, clipped)
Category: Streetview, Shop

Grow in Berlin, 1st try...

Maybe 2020 will be a really shitty year.
If THEY really forbit menthol cigarettes.
Maybe then... I'm growing some five fingered plants...
doesn't matter if it will be allowed or forbitten...

if I'm still alive, anyway...

H+M31, Spring 2018

Annual set 16Picture 28
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Category: Ads

Tried to stop smoking.
At least for 4 days and 4 hours.
100 hours.
I failed.
Already at the first night I got nearly no sleep.
At 3 a.m. ("Summertime"!) woke up and couldn't get to sleep again.
Left my flat before 11 and waited for the shop in the underground to open.
After that smoked 3 cigarettes and waited more than an hour.
At light snowfall.
Wished everyone who came by happy Eastern.
Really everyone.
Only less than 15% even showed a reaction...


I think this year is a good year for eating ice cream...

Today was a day with 24 degrees Celsius.
Good for my "palmtree"... bad for me.
Days with temperatures ≥40 degrees Celsius this year: 0.
Still counting...

JD, Spring 2018

Annual set 16Image 27
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Category: Streetview

I like to emphasize that I'm not meant with the JD at the litfaßsäule.
I write my initials with small letters, sometimes with a leading and a trailing line...


It couldn't be more obvious: RadioEINS is not my station.
From my songs of the 70ies, 80ies, and 90ies was not a single song within their top 30.
Dunno what to do.
Originally I should run my own radio station, but I haven't got the time for this...

so I think I will listen to this station somewhat more...

Easter Tulips (at Minimal)

Annual set 16Image 26
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Category: Flowers

At Lidl lately there was an older lady mentioning that she was fed up with tulips.
4 days after the start of spring.
So these tulips are for you, lady...


Seen: The Florida Project.
At the delphiLUX.
A film by the same director who made Tangerine (L.A.).
At the delphiLUX the film ran as an OmU: original with undertitles.
Normally I don't like OmU, because nowadays I'm too slow at reading.
And the Florida Project was no exception.
After some attempts I've given up the reading.
Even at the Spanish parts...
The film was still worth to see...

It was stated in the ad for the film,
that this will be the best film I'll see this year...

I hope the L.A.Times is wrong with that...

Everybody needs some Buddy

Annual set 16Image 25
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Category: Art, Shop

Everybody needs some Buddy...

The Yellow Peril, Spring 2018

Annual set 16Image 24
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Category: Streetview, Shop

The yellow peril is everywhere... even next to sex-shops... ;-)


I thought my Berlin clock is dead.
There was a power interruption for several hours lately.
Because of some terrorist actions.
After 17'o'clock everything was working again...
but at 19 there was another short break...
which had killed my nowatimes 28-year-old quantum didactics clock.
It didn't say peep or papp anymore.
It didn't react on pressing any knobs.
Everything seemed dead...

For one night I was deeply depressed.
I told everyone (in fact: only Sara) my misery.

I dunno why I put the clock on power again for once.
But suddenly the clock was blinking again...
wanted to be adjusted...


...for all your tears...
...no light appears...
...and all that trust...
...has turned to dust... (Unkle)

Hardenbergstraße at Springtime 2018

Annual set 16Image 23
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Category: Streetview

The Hardenbergstraße at spring 2018...
Noticed the giant hotel building?
This is something atom bombs are made for... in a positive way...


Springtime on the radio...
At RadioEINS the listener are requested to name their favorite three songs of three decades...
Mine are...

Fleetwood Mac - Sara (1979)
Bachman - Turner Overdrive - Ain't Seen Nothing Yet (1974)
Manfred Manns Earth Band - You are - I am (1979)

Depeche Mode - Stripped (1986)
Art of Noise - paranoimia (1986)
Waterboys - The Whole of the Moon (1985)

Portishead - glory box (1994)
R.E.M. - e-bow the letter (1996)
Garbage - You Look So Fine (1999)

I don't think that these songs will be highly mentioned...

Statue, Evening Dawn, Late Winter 2017/18

Annual set 16Image 22
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Category: Streetview

Start of spring...
its snowing...

Springtime Visitor, Late Winter 2017/18

Annual set 16Image 21
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Category: View to the Outside

Still start of spring...


Years ago some green finches were my guests.
Then they vanished.
This year some sparrows are visiting me.
Sometimes several times a day.
They drink the water for the flowers and eat the lavender seeds.
Although... sometimes the water is still frozen...


If 50 is the new 40, why I'm feeling like 60?
(Kylie Minogue, 49)

Potsdamer Platz, Historical Traffic Light, Late Winter 2017/18

Annual set 16Picture 20
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Location:Mitte, Potsdamer Platz
Category: Streetview

The historical traffic light at the Potsdamer Platz at evening time...


Start of spring 2018.
The Berlin image is larger than before.
Using only the original (middle size) image and let the browser downsize it.
Sorry to all viewer who still use a 32k modem to read this page.
I really love you.
But our government wants to install fast internet in the smallest hut.
So I think downsized images are somewhat outdated.
Happy happy, joy joy...

At the CineStar Original, Late Winter 2017/18

Annual set 16Image 19
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Location:Mitte, Potsdamer Platz
Category: Architecture

March 14: Stephen Hawking is dead.
He had at least 40 years more than predicted by his doctors...
still he had not enough time to find a theory of everything.

Potsdamer Platz, Late Winter 2017/18
(Peace NOW)

Annual set 16Picture 18
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Location:Mitte, Potsdamer Platz
Category: Graffiti, Streetview

^<@<.@* hat less at less point at star
}"_# | backbrace double base pound space bar
-@$&/_% dash at cash and slash base rate
!( @|=> wow open tab at bar is great
;`+$?^? semi backquote plus cash huh DEL
,#"~|)^G comma pound double tilde bar close BEL

Seen: Shape of Water.
After a first try at the Kant cinema at Monday.
It failed.
Didn't broke my legs this time.
Wasn't too late.
Had enough money with me.
But the film ran in a (very) small cinema hall of the Kant...
and there were too many people with the same idea.
At the morning it was said that the film got 4 Oscars.
But I hadn't any ambition to sit 123 minutes in a crowded room.
So I had a second try at Thursday at the CineStar.
It was cinema day.

I think I know now why "Shape of Water" got its Oscars.
Although I think 4 is at least the double number I would had given this fairytale.
Still the film was ok, overall...
although my English seems to be more and more rusty these days...

Lagerweg Graffiti, Late Winter 2017/18

Annual set 16Image 17
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Category: Graffiti
Online:2018-03-10 (planned)

A Lagerweg Graffiti in late winter...
to find this graffiti one has to go to the "end" of the street...

Atelier Keitel

Annual set 16Image 16
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Category: Shop
Online:2018-03-06 (planned)

The Atelier Keitel at late fall two zero seventeen.
Originally this image was planned for the day of the cat in summer...
but on the other hand this image is too much winter...


A fortune cookie: (sponsored by LD, originally planned for Christmas...
but because it was forgotten in the shelf it became a meteorological spring cookie...)

The person next to you is serious
and deserves your respect.

I think I like the German "translation" more...
doesn't matter anyway: its no one around...

Transvaalstraße, Graffiti

Annual set 16Picture 15
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Category: Graffiti
Online:2018-03-03 (planned)

March 2nd.

Had put away the Christmas lights.
Maybe... in nine month... if its not avoidable...

Today its exactly four years ago.
i'm still asking myself what would had happened if I would had done... simply nothing.
If I wouldn't had (managed to) switched on the telephone...
if I had gone to bed again dispite the chaos around me...
(broken toilet... broken wash basin...)
although I couldn't get back on the feet...
try to get back in the bed and try to sleep...

think I'll never know...


The president has a sex tape
your daughters aren't safe at night
I've got the feeling that my body is owned
a feeling that my body ain't mine... (k.flay)

Goethepark, Winter 2017/18

Annual set 16Image 14
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS (out of the car)
Category: Park
Online:2018-03-05 (planned)

Farmers wisdom for today:
If the pig stands only on one leg, the pig stall probably is too small. (Horst Evers, translated)

68th Berlinale, Winter 2017/18

Annual set 16Image 13
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Category: Ads
Online:2018-03-05 (planned)

The 68th Berlinale... also this year successfully gone by.
Not been in a cinema for two weeks.
And I'm somewhat sure that I won't see any of the films that won a bear...

My next film to see might become The Shape of Water...
maybe... dunno...
it got its Oscars, didn't it?
But I got an eMail which didn't sounded that enthusiastic about that film...

Currently in Rhythmbox:
Amy MacDonald, Under Stars.
I'm getting somewhat used to it...
after the 19th replay...

Lagerweg Graffiti: Fetz, Winter 2017/18 (3)

Annual set 16Image 12
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Category: Graffiti
Online:2018-02-21 (planned)

Pisces, February 19 - March 20 - you have a living imagination and thinks that you're hunted by CIA or FBI. You have only little influence on your surrounding and people take amiss on your presentation of power. You miss conviction and be a coward most of the time. Pisces do terrible things to small animals.

Strengthen Emigrants Political Voice

Annual set 16Image 11
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Category: Streetview
Online:2018-02-18 (planned)

Strengthen Emmigrants Political Voice...

For about 2 weeks I was't able to get this image from my mobile.
(Actually I haven't tried it everyday...)
Yesterday it worked again.
Maybe THEY had to find an Arabian reader to translate the text within the image...

Lagerweg Graffiti, Winter 2017/18 (2)

Annual set 16Image 10
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Category: Graffiti

February 14... Ash Wednesday... Valentines Day...
25 or 30 years ago Valentines day was not known... IMHO.
One could had taken it as a celebration of a dead Bavarian funny man...

Lagerweg Graffiti, Winter 2017/18 (1)

Annual set 16Image 9
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Category: Graffiti
Online:2018-02-11 (planned)

Actually a good day...
got a flourescent tube for the bathing room...
got new fortune cookies (although it was 1 week before Chinese Yew Year)...
new graffiti found (although one artist was still working on one)...

The latest fortune cookie said:

Passionate new romance appears in
your life when you last expect it.

When I'm dead I think I really least expecting it...

At the Breitscheidplatz, Winter 2017/18

Annual set 16Image 8
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Category: Streetview

Sad Breitscheidplatz...
Sad Gedächtniskirche...
Sad Kudamm...
Where is an atom bomb if one really needs it..?

In Front of Delphi, Winter 2017/18

Annual set 16Image 7
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Category: Streetview

Currently in Rhythmbox: Front 242, Happiness (Underworld remix)... on endless repeat...

Easter Basket Mix 1.39, Winter 2017/18

Annual set 16Image 6
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Category: Shop, Inner View

This year from January 20 on Easter time begun... for Aldi...


Seen: 3 Billboards... at the Delphi.
Good film.
Not extraordinarily good, but worth to see (IMHO)...

Ghostboard, Winter 2017/18

Annual set 16Image 5
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX210IS
Category: Inner View

Aquarius, Jan. 20 - Feb. 18 - You have an inventive mind and are ahead of your time... you lie often. On the other hand you are ruthless and impractical, which lets you make the same error again and again. People think you're stupid.

Glamour Shopping Week

Annual set 16Image 4
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Category: Ads

An ad at the Kaufland in Spandau...
Not so glamourous anymore...

Every 11 Minutes a Single falls in love..., Winter 2017/18

Abbual set 16Image 3
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Category: Ads

This ad was only visible for 3 days...


Seen: Wonder Wheel.
In the Kant.
Not fallen or broken bones this time.
And to see this movie was somewhat inexpensive.
It costed nothing.
It was the tenth movie with my Yorck card.
The film itself was by Woody Allen.
The daughter of a wonder wheel owner comes home
because she's having troubles with her husband...
who is a mafiosi.
At the end she disappears.

The film was ok and not ok.
A mixed bag.
So it got this rating...


In Rhythmbox: Electronic, all 3 albums + disappointed in heavy rotation...

Statue, Winter 2017/18

Annual set 16Image 2
Camera:Samsung Galaxy J56
Category: Art

A statue in the night...


The first film of the year: Loving Vincent.
At the Cinema Paris.
Great film... with great animations... (IMHO)


In Rhythbox: Keith Jarrett, Works... Dark Intervals...

Berlin lures.

Annual set 16Image 1
Camera:Olympus E-100RS
Category: Ads
Online since:2018-01-30

The series no. 16 starts here...
I'm alive... I think... somewhat...
I thought about abandoning also the English version of the Berlin picture.
But I think I'll continue it at least for this year...

Quick check:
I'm still somewhat disabled on the left side.
Still entering this text only with the right hand.
The left hand still itches constantly as if I'm getting millions of €...
Sometimes the left hand also gets cold... very cold...
Still seeing only about 75%.
Sometimes it seems that the disabled region enlarges.
Not fallen... for about three months now.
The right hand only hurt sometimes because of the fall at the start of Fall, now.
I'm still sometimes slower than my nearly 85-years-old mum.
But I think this is getting better, somewhat.
Going down the stairs is still more difficult than going up.
10 weeks after visiting the female dentist. The "new tooth" is still intact.
No pains. No pains. No pains...

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