Berlin Telephone Booths - The last ones of their kind

Camera:1x Canon Powershot + 33x Olympus E-100RS + 5x Minox 35ML + 5x Pentax MZ-5
From:1994-11 - 2012-06
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Since 2001, the Telekom is exchanging telephone booths with something like telephone totems or pillars with a pink light on top. I didn't ever heard why they are doing it, most of the exchanged booths weren't even vandalized or out of function. Around my place they have exchanged at least nine booths with about ten totems, of which about 8 only work. One of the possible reasons is that the gone booths are used for stuffing up the infrastructure within the former GDR.

The totems have a lot of objective disadvantages. They are not protected against the weather and they are not protecting against the weather. The acoustic is miserable because every noise of the environment comes in without any damping. Some of the totems are newly equipped with a compound glass roof and three wands, but roof and wands are nearly completely transparent, and therefore a big accident risk for any not so aware pedestrian.

Maybe the only advantage of the totems is the the lower single price of them, but its seems already that they get broke more often, and with this the overall price might be higher than of telephones in a booth. The price of the installation of a totem is said to be about 10000 Euro, the price of the installation of a booth 15000 Euro.

For the record this page is showing some of the still existing or already removed yellow telephone booths in Berlin, installed when telecommunication services were still in the hands of the German post. The rounded design of them is indicating the 60ies/70ies as their origin.

  1. Charlottenburg, a "half" telephone booth at the Schloßbr. (replaced by a "half" totem, only usable with special card)
  2. Mitte, a "half" telephone booth next to the underground station Klosterstr. near Alexanderpl. (without light but at the time of the picture with telephone books)
  3. Charlottenburg/Tiergarten, Str. des 17. Juni at the Ernst-Reuter-Haus, belonging to the Technical University, Berlin.
  4. Charlottenburg, Gausstr. at the small garden colony Gerickeshof with the power station Charlottenburg in the background.
  5. Tiergarten/Moabit, Neues Ufer.
  6. Tiergarten, near Lützowpl.
  7. Charlottenburg, Wilmersdorfer Str. (a shopping street) near Bismarckstr. and at the underground station Bismarckstr., looking into the Wilmersdorfer heading south.
  8. Tiergarten, Klopstockstr. near the city train station Tiergarten
  9. Charlottenburg, Otto-Suhr-Allee with the view of the end of the Wilmersdorfer Str.
  10. Tiergarten/Moabit, near Gotzkowskybr. at the Levetzowstr.
  11. Charlottenburg, Marchstr. near Marchbr.
  12. Tiergarten, Lichtensteinallee, near Cafe am Neuen See
  13. Charlottenburg, Wilmersdorf, Sybelstr./Droysenstr. near Stuttgarter Platz
  14. Charlottenburg, Wilmersdorf, at the Stuttgarter Platz
  15. Zehlendorf, Havelchaussee at the Gr. Steinlake.
  16. Pankow, near Wodanstr. made while I was hunting sundials.
  17. Tiergarten/Moabit, At the Hamburger Bahnhof (a museum)
  18. Tiergarten/Moabit, At the corner Klopstockstr. / Altonaer Str. (last seen working telephone booth)
  19. Charlottenburg, A telephone booth used as a Bücherboxx at the Mierendorffpl.
  20. Charlottenburg, Tegeler Weg vis-a-vis of a second hand records shop called Platten Pedro
  21. Charlottenburg, Behaimstr. as seen from the Wilmersdorfer with the rising Moon (Pentax, picture from 1994, booths are already replaced by totems)
  22. Neukölln, two (maybe three?) booths at the Hermannpl. (Pentax, picture from 1994, booths are already replaced)
  23. Neukölln, Hermannstr. nahe Leinestr. (Pentax, picture from 1994, booths are already replaced)
  24. Charlottenburg, two newer full glass call boxes at the Mierendorffpl., within one there is a magenta coloured receiver while in the other one there is a black one, but because of reflections its possible that both receiver could look like they are magenta coloured (Pentax, picture from 1996, booths are already replaced)
  25. Charlottenburg, Tegeler Weg. At the other side of the street is the Spree and the park of Charlottenburg castle.
  26. Wedding, Amrumer Str. with the underground station in the foreground and the Rudolf-Virchow clinic in the background.
  27. Charlottenburg, two booths at the Thrasoltstr. as seen through a shop at the Wilmersdorfer.
  28. Charlottenburg, Wilmersdorfer Str. at the Adenauerpl. near Kudamm
  29. Friedrichshain, two booths at the Rotherstr. near Modersonstr.
  30. Friedrichshain, two booths near Ostbahnhof
  31. Charlottenburg, two booths at the Weimarer Str. next to the Kantstr.
  32. Charlottenburg, Wundtstr. looking towards the Kaiserdamm.
  33. Kreuzberg, Gitschiner Str. (replaced by grey/magenta booths)
  34. Charlottenburg, two booths at the Sophie-Charlotten-Str. next to the Gipsformerei (picture from early 2002, booths already replaced by grey-magenta booths)
  35. Charlottenburg, two times two booths at the Sophie-Charlotte-Pl. (the second pair is visible through the underground station fence)
  36. Charlottenburg, two booths at the Olivaer Pl. next to the Wielandstr.
  37. Spandau, two booths at the Rathaus Spandau (picture from late 2002, booths are now replaced by a totem)
  38. Kreuzberg, two and a half booth at the Skalitzer Str. in front of the Post (without light)
  39. Charlottenburg, three booths at the post at the Spandauer Damm near Klausenerpl. (picture from 2001, now replaced by grey magenta booths)
  40. Tiergarten/Moabit, three booths at the U-Bhf. Turmstr.
  41. Charlottenburg, four booths at the Kudamm near Hotel Hollywood and Mercedes Benz.
  42. Charlottenburg, at the other side of the Kudamm, near the former VW pavillion.
  43. Five booths at the Steinpl./Hardenbergstr. near the former cinema Filmbuehne am Steinpl. (picture from 2001, these booths are now replaced by grey-magenta booths)
  44. Charlottenburg, at the other side of the Steinpl. (picture from 2001, these booths are removed)

The grouping of the booths is somewhat funny, and if I will find a group of six yellow booths at one place, I'll probably add a picture of this at the end of the list, here. All pictures originally have a size of 520x392 and are referencing to themself.

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