Shoemaker/Levy 9 in HST - click for captionComposition from 5 infrared pictures from Palomar Mountain - click for caption

On the Collision of Shoemaker/Levy 9
with Jupiter 16.7.-21.7.1994

Es existiert eine deutsche Seite namens Kollision SL-9 mit Jupiter zum selben Thema...

The collision of Shoemaker/Levy 9 with Jupiter
were just the heavenly celebration
of the 25th anniversary of man landing on the moon.
(Hartmut Frommert)

Impact A GIF animation from SAAO picture - click for caption

1993 the astronomer Carolyn Shoemaker, Gene Shoemaker, and David Levy discovered a chain of faint glowing objects near Jupiter and identified them as a comet within a descending orbit around the gas planet.

The comet got the name Shoemaker-Levy 9. It was computed backward that the comet passed Jupiter at the 8th of July 1992 within the Roche border, got cought and broken up by the planetary giant. But the real sensation was, that this comet was doomed to fall into Jupiter.

The first calculated date for an impact was July, 21st 1994. The first calculation of the impact point was way behind of the on earth visible side. In September 1993 there was a conference called "Comet Pre Crash Bash" about the expected events and observations. The rest is history.

The following references are collections of pictures and informations on the event including references to other sites (links partly outdated):

GIF animation of the N impact from pictures of the MSSSO - click for caption

July the 18th 1997, almost exactly 3 years after the comet crash and 5 years after the comet breakup, Eugene Shoemaker died in a car accident in Australia. There is a local copy of an article from Sky & Telescope, posted by Ron Baalke in

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