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This is my actual hotlist into the World Wide Web. Getting burned or lost in hyperspace on own risk. For anyone who finds this list somewhat unspecial: its for myself for finding some points I've once visited or as an abbrevation in hyperlinks. You don't have to use this page! [EFF] And... no, I won't change the background! ;-)

Please note that all web pages against the assumed law or common taste are not included in this list like www.penthousemag.com, www.playboy.com, www.cultdeadcow.com, www.wie-sind-meine-titten.de, www.kino.to, www.rotten.com, www.xs4all.nl/~radikal etc. pp. and that no forbidden words like 'sh*t', 'm*therf*cker', 'f*ck', 'c*uple', or similar are within these pages... still... I can give no guarantee on that and take no responsibility on the content of the links except on the content of the own pages. Software on the linked pages or software at links on the linked pages are definately not inherited as my own, hereby. The usage of registered trade marks, taste marks etc. herein may not imply that the usage of these labels are free. (Go away, lawyer!)

Another note for unilingual people: Some referenced pages could be in a language different from English - sorry about that...

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