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ACM - [1] Association for Computing Machinery - Wissenschaftsperiodika-Verlag / ACM Press, New York (siehe http://www.acm.org/)

ACM - [2] Address Complete Message (SS7)

ACM - [3] Audio Compression Manager (Microsoft)

ACM - [4] Access Control Model (SNMPv3)

ACM - [5] Area Channel Manager (SMCC)

ACM - [6] Asteroids, Comets, Meteors conference {Astronomie}

ACM - [7] Attitude Calibration Module (Space Shuttle) {Raumfahrt}

ACM/GAMM - Association for Computing Machinery / German Association for Applied Mathematics and Mechanics

ACMANNCONF - Proceedings of the ACM Annual Conference (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ACMCCR - Computer Communication Review, A Quarter Publication of ACM SIGCOMM (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ACMCSC - ACM Annual Computer Science Conference (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ACME - [1] Advanced Computer for Medical Research (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ACME - [2] Association of Consulting Management Engineers

ACME - [3] Assembling Configuration Management Environments (->"Abklex")

ACMES - Automatic Chinese Message Exchange System - digitales Paketvermittlungssystem des DOD Taiwan der 70er Jahre (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ACMI - Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ACML - Application Configuration Markup Language project (http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/acml/)

ACMLFP - ACM Conference on LISP and Functional Programming (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ACMLPLS - ACM Letters on Programming Languages and Systems (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ACMNATCONF - National Conference of the ACM, Thompson Book Co. (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ACMO - Afloat Communications Management Office (NSEC - ->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ACMOSR - ACM Operating Systems Review (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ACMR - Air Combat Maneuvering Range (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ACMS - Application Control & Management System/Services

ACMTCS - ACM Transactions on Computer Systems (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ACMTDS - ACM Transactions on Database Systems (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ACMTG - ACM Transactions on Graphics (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ACMTMS - ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ACMTOIS - ACM Transactions on (Office) Information Systems (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ACMTOPLAS - ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

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