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ADD - [1] Adapter Device Driver

ADD - [2] bei Tontraegern: Analoge Aufnahme, Digitale Abmischung, Digitales Medium (vergl. AAD)

ADD - [3] Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

ADD - [4] Addis Abeba, Ethiopia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ADDAR - Automatic Digital Data Acquisition and Recording

ADDAS - Automatic Digital Data Assembly System

ADDC - Automatic Data Direction Control (RS-485)

ADDDS - Automatic Direct Distance Dialing System

ADDM - Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (Oracle)

ADDMD - Administration DMD

Address Resolution - die Umformung von Netzwerkadressen zu mediaspezifischen Adressen

ADDS - [1] Applied Digital Data Systems (Inc.)

ADDS - [2] Automated Data Distribution System (in DDBMS)

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