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AIT - [1] Alliance Internationale de Tourisme - Zusammenfassung europaeischer Automobilclubs

AIT - [2] American Institute of Technology (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AIT - [3] Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand (http://emailhost.ait.ac.th/)

AIT - [4] Auckland Institute of Technology, New Zealand (http://www.ait.ac.nz/)

AIT - [5] Advanced Intelligent Tape (Sony)

AIT - [6] Applied Information Technology - Angewandte Informationstechnik

AIT - [7] Air Italia - Fluggesellschaft {Luftfahrt}

AIT - [8] Aitutaki, Cook Islands - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AITAC - MCNC Advanced Information Technology Applications Center

AITEC - (research institute for) Advanced Information Technology (Japan)

AITO - Association Internationale pour les Technologies Objets

AITP - Audit Information Transfer Protocol (eingesetztes Protokoll im Bereich Netzwerksicherheit)

AITS - Action Item Tracking System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

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