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AMA - [1] American Medical/Management/Manufacturer/Marketing Association

AMA - [2] Automatic Message Accounting {Telefonie}

AMA - [3] Automatic Memory Allocation

AMA - [4] Amarillo, TX, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AMACS - Automatic Message Accounting Collection System

AMACUS - Automated Microfilm Aperture Card Updating System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AMAD - Activity Median Aerodynamic Diameter (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AMADEUS - EUREKA-Projekt EU 328 zur Einfuehrung eins europaweit arbeitenden Buchungs- und Reservierungssystems fuer den Reisesektor mit Grossrechenzentrum und spezieller Datentransfersteuerung (350 Mio. ECU, 24 Monate Laufzeit)

AMANDA - [1] Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver (siehe http://www.cs.umd.edu/projects/)

AMANDA - [2] Antarctic Muon and Neutrino Detector Array (http://amanda.berkeley.edu/)

AMANDDA - Automated Messaging AND Directory Assistance

AMAPI 3D - A Modeller API for 3D objects (http://www.eovia.com/, http://amapi.idevgames.com/)

AMAPS - Advanced Manufacturing Accounting and Production System

AMARC - [1] Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center - Flugzeugfriedhof in den USA {Luftfahrt}

AMARC - [2] Automatic Message Accounting Recording Center

AMARV - Advanced Maneuvering Reentry Vehicle (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AMAS - Advanced Midcourse Active System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AMASE - Automatic Message Accounting Standard Entry

AMAT - Automatic Message Accounting Transmitter

AMATH - Applied Mathematics

AMATPS - Automatic Message Accounting Teleprocessing System

AMaViS - A Mail Virus Scanner (http://www.amavis.org/)

Amaya - als "Standard" konzipierter WWW-Browser und Seiteneditor vom W3C (Netscape, MSIE, lynx)

Amazon - urspruenglich Online-Bookstore, jetzt Online Shop fuer fast alles (http://www.amazon.com/)

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