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AMI - [1] Alternate-Mark-Inversion(-Code) - Codierungstechnik unter ISDN

AMI - [2] American Megatrends, Inc. - Hersteller des AMIBIOS

AMI - [3] American Micro System, Inc.

AMI - [4] ATM Mangement Interface

AMI - [5] Mataram, Indonesia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AMIA - American/Australian Medical Informatics Association

AMIBIOS - AMI[2] BIOS - EPROM-Startup-System fuer PC-Architekturen

AMIC - Apple Memory-mapped I/o Controller

AMICOM - Army Missile Command (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

Amiga - [1] ehem. Schallplattenfirma der DDR

Amiga - [2] Computerserie von CBM mit M68k-CPU

AMIGO - Advanced Messaging In Group Organizations - Projekt ueber (strukturierte) Mehrbenutzerkommunikation auf X.400 Basis

AMIGOS - Adanced Mobile Integration in General Operating Systems (->"VERA[1]")

AMIS - Audio Messaging Interchange Specification

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