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API - [1] Application Programming Interface

API - [2] Air/Absolute Position Indicator (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

API - [3] Associacao Protuguesa de Informatica (->"VERA[1]")

APIA - Application Programming Interface Association

APIA X.400 - Application Programming Interface Association for X.400

APIC - [1] Aerospace Products Information Center

APIC - [2] Apollo Parts Information Center (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

APIC - [3] Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller (Intel)

APICS - American Production and Inventory Control Society

APID - Applications Process Identification

APIM - ATM Port Interface Module

APIN - Association for Programmed Instruction in the Netherlands

APIPA - Automatic Private IP Adressing - dynamische IP-Adressvergabe in lokalen Netzen (ab Windows 98 / MacOS 8.5, ->"c't 4/2003")

APIS - Advanced Passenger Information System

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