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CAD - [1] Computer Aided Design

CAD - [2] Computer Aided Drawing

CAD - [3] Computer Aided Dispatching

CAD - [4] Computer Aided Deasaster :-)

CAD - [5] Cartridge Activated Device (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

CAD - [6] Computer Access/Activated Device (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

CAD - [7] Computer Application Digest (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

CAD - [8] Containment Atmosphere Dilution

CAD - [9] Class Association Diagram

CAD - [10] Cadillac, MI, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

CAD/A - Computer Aided Design/Analysis

CAD/CAM - Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing

CAD/CAM/CIM - Computer am Dienstag, Chaos am Mittwoch, Computer im Muell :-)

CADAM - Computer Aided Design And Manufacturing

CADAPSO - Canadian Assosciation of Data Processing Organizations

CADAR - Computer Aided Design, Analysis and Reliability

CADARS - Catalogue of Apparent Diameters and Absolute Radii of Stars {Astronomie}

CADC - [1] Cambridge Automatic Digital Computer

CADC - [2] Central Air Data Computer

CADC - [3] Canadian Astronomical Data Center (Victoria, British Columbia) {Astronomie}

CADD - [1] Computer Aided Drafting & Design

CADD - [2] Computer Aided Drug Design - Computerunterstuetzte Arzneimittelherstellung

CADDIA - Cooperation in Automation of Data and Documentation for Imports/exports and management and financial control of Agricultural markets

caddr_t - C[2] Address Type - 4 Byte/24 Bit-Adress-Information

Caddy - CD-ROM-Traegerbox

CADE - [1] International Conference on Automated Deduction (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

CADE - [2] Computer Aided Design and Engineering (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

CADE - [3] Client/server Application Development Environment

CADE - [4] Controller/Attitude-Direct Electronics

CADE - [5] Computer Aided Document Engineering (->"VERA[1]")

CADEM - Computer Aided Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing

CADEP - Computer Aided Design of Electronic Products

CADET - Computer Aided Design Experimental Translator (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

CADETS - Classroom Aided Dynamic Educational Time Sharing System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

CADF - Cathode Ray Tube Automatic Direction Finding (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

CADFISS - Computation And Data Flow Integrated SubSystem (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

CADIC - Computer Aided Design of Integrated Circuits

CADIS - Computer Aided Design Interactive System

CADM - Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

CADMAT - Computer Aided Design, Manufacturing, And Testing

CADOS - CAD[1] for Organisators and System engineers

CADRE - Current Awareness and Document Retrieval for Engineers (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

CADS - [1] Command and Data Simulator (->"NASA Acronym List")

CADS - [2] Containment Atmosphere Dilution System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

CADS - [3] Computer-Assisted Display System (->"VERA[1]")

CADSI - Communications and Data Systems Integration (->"NASA Acronym List")

CADSS - Combined Analog Digital System Simulator (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

CADU - Control And Display Unit (->"NASA Acronym List")

CADUCEE - frz. oeffentl. leistungsvermittelndes Datennetz mit max. 9600Baud, Vorlaeufer von TRANSPAC

CADV - Combined Alternate Data/Voice

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