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CAM - [1] Computer Aided Manufacturing/Management

CAM - [2] Computer Address Matrix

CAM - [3] Content Addressable Memory

CAM - [4] Communication Access Method

CAM - [5] Control Administration Module

CAM - [6] Cellular Automata Macchine - Rechnersystem, spezialisiert auf die Berechnung von Zellularautomaten (berechnet Conway's Game of Life schneller als eine Cray)

CAM - [7] Common Access Method (SCSI)

CAM - [8] Conditional Access Module

CAM - [9] Carrier Aircraft Modification {Luftfahrt}/{Weltraumfahrt}

CAM - [10] Communications Accessibles Montreal (http://www.cam.org/, ->"The Internet Connection")

CAM - [11] Camiri, Bolivia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

Cam - Camelopardalis - Giraffe - noerdl. Sternbild {Astronomie}

CAM-6 - CAM[6] Version 6 - Ende der 70er Jahre entwickelte Cellular Automata Machine

CAMA - Centralized Automatic Message Accounting - Telefondienst

CAMAC - Computer Automated/Aided Measurement And Control

CAMAL - Cambridge Algorithmic Language, mitentwickelt von S.R. Bourne

CAMAR - Common Aperture Malfunction Array Radar

CAMBRIDGE - University of Cambridge (GB, http://www.cam.ac.uk/)

Cambridge Ring - Slotted Ring im HS-LAN

CAMC - Customer Access Maintenance Centre

CAMCE - Computer Aided Multimedia Courseware Engineering

CAMD - Computer Aided Molecular Design

CAMEL - [1] Component and Material Evaluation Loop

CAMEL - [2] Customized Application for Mobile network Enhanced Logic

Camel Book - ->"Larry Wall, Tom Christensen, Jon Ormont: 'Programming Perl', O'Reilly 2000"

CAMELOT - The Camelot Publishing Company, North Oaks, Minnesota, and Ormond Beach, Florida(informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

CAMERON - Cameron University, Lawton, Oklahoma (USA, http://www.cameron.edu/)

CAMESA - Canadian Military Electronics Standards Agency

CAMIS - Center for Advanced Medical Informatics at Stanford (http://www-camis.stanford.edu/)

CaML - Categorial Abstract Machine Meta Language - Derivat von ML, entwickelt am INRIA

CAMLA - Cambridge-Michigan Language Assessment

CAMM - [1] Content And Media Management - (auch) Software-System zur kompletten Verwaltung von Websites

CAMM - [2] Computer-Assisted Material Management

CAMM - [3] Center for Acceletated Material Maturization (Univ. Ohio)

CAMM - [4] Center for Advanced Molecular Materials

CAMM - [5] Creative Alliance of Movie Makers

CAMP - [1] Computer Automated Message Processing

CAMP - [2] Computer Assisted Movie Production

CAMP - [3] Computer Assisted Mathematics Program

CAMP - [4] Computer Assisted Management for Projects project (http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/camp/)

CAMP - [5] Center for Advanced Media, Prague (http://www.campware.org/)

CAMP - [6] Controls and Monitoring Processor

CAMP - [7] Compiler for Automatic Machine Programming

CAMPS - Computer Assisted Message Processing System - Speichervermittlungssystem fuer gesicherte, klassifizierte Textkommunikation zwischen NATO-Laendern (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

CAMRAS - Computer Assisted Mapping And Records Activities Systems

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