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CCS - [1] Common Channel Signalling

CCS - [2] Common Communications Support (SAA)

CCS - [3] CAPI Connection Service

CCS - [4] Commitment Control System

CCS - [5] Canadian Ceramic Society (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

CCS - [6] Containment Cooling System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary") {Reaktortechnik}

CCS - [7] Custom Computer System

CCS - [8] Customer Connect Server

CCS - [9] Central Control Station (->"NASA Acronym List")

CCS - [10] Complex Control Set (->"NASA Acronym List")

CCS - [11] Computer Core Segment (->"NASA Acronym List")

CCS - [12] Command & Communication System (->"NASA Acronym List")

CCS - [13] Console Communication System (->"NASA Acronym List")

CCS - [14] Control Center System on HST (->"NASA NGST Acronym List")

CCS - [15] Common Command Set (SCSI)

CCS - [16] Computerized Charging System - Accu-Lade-System mit computergesteuerter Zwischenmessung

CCS - [17] Coded Character Set (Unicode) (->"VERA[1]")

CCS - [18] Cambridge Cybernetic Society (->"VERA[1]")

CCS - [19] Caracas, Venezuela - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

CCS6 - Common Channel Signalling system No.6 - von der CCITT entwickeltes Signalisierungssystem in der Telefonie, s. M.760ff.

CCS7 - Common Channel Signalling system (version #7) - von AT&T in den 80er Jahren eingefuehrtes logisches out-of-band Signalisierungssystem, erweiterte das von der CCITT entwickelte CCS6

CCSA - Common Control Switching Arrangement {Telefonie}

CCSDS - Consultative Commitee on Space Data Systems

CCSF - City College San Francisco (USA, http://cloud.ccsf.cc.ca.us/index.shtml)

CCSID - Coded Character Set IDentification (IBM)

CCSN - Common Channel Signalling Network

CCSP - Citrix Certified Sales Professional

CCSR - Center for Complex Systems Research (UIUC, http://www.csr.uiuc.edu/)

CCSS - Common Channel Signalling System

CCST - Center for Computer Sciences and Technology (NBS)

CCSU - Central Connecticut State University, New Britain (USA, http://www.ccsu.ctstateu.edu/)

CCSY - Cooperative Computing SYstem program

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