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CDA - [1] Compound Document Architecture (DEC)

CDA - [2] Call Data Accumulator

CDA - [3] Command and Data Acquisition (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

CDA - [4] Containment Depressurization Activation/Alarm (Reaktortechnik - ->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

CDA - [5] Core Disruptive Accident (Reaktortechnik - ->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

CDA - [6] Centre de Donnees Astronomiques, Strasbourg (->"Penguin Dictionary of Astronomy")

CDA - [7] Communication Decency Act - 1996 von Clinton abgesegnetes Gesetz in den USA zu Reglementierungen im Internet (s.a. ACLU und EFF)

CDA - [8] Cosmic Dust Analyzer (Cassini Orbiter, NASA, http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/cassini/)

CDA - [9] Confidential Disclosure Agreement

CDAC - Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, India

CDACB - Centre for Development of Advanced Computing Bangalore, India

CDAR - Customer Dialed Account Recording

CDATA - Character Data (XML)

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