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CDR - [1] Contents of the Decrement part of the Register in LISP

CDR - [2] Cumulative Data Rate - Summe ueber die Datenrate bei ATM

CDR - [3] Stanford Center for Design Research (http://gummo.stanford.edu/)

CDR - [4] Conceptual Design Requirement

CDR - [5] Collision Detect Register - Signalkanal unter CSMA/CD, auf dem das Kollisionssignal geschickt wird

CDR - [6] Critical Design Review

CDR - [7] Corel Draw TLA Dateiextension

CDR - [8] Call Dial Rerouting

CDR - [9] Call Detail Records

CDR - [10] Compact Disk Recordable (eigentlich: CD-R)

CDR - [11] Chadron, NE, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

CDRA - Character Data Representation Architecture

CDRAM - Cache DRAM / Cached Dynamic Random Access Memory

CDRFS - Compact Disc Recordable File System (->"Abklex")

CDRH - Center For Devices And Radiological Health

CDRL - Contract Data Requirements List

CDRM - Cross Domain Resource Manager (IBM) (->"VERA[1]")

CDROM - Compact Disc Read Only Memory - vergl. CD-ROM

CDROM/XA - Compact Disc Read Only Memory / Extended Architecture

CDRW - Compact Disc Read Write

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