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CEA - [1] Consumer Electronics Association

CEA - [2] Commissareat a l'Energie Atomique (F)

CEA - [3] Cambridge Electron Accelerator (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

CEA - [4] Circular Error Average (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

CEA - [5] Control Element Assembly (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

CEA - [6] Control Electronics Assembly (->"NASA Acronym List")

CEA - [7] Council of Economic Advisors (USA)

CEA - [8] County Education Authority

CEA - [9] Wichita-Cessna Aircraft, KS, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

CEAC - [1] Consulting/County Engineers Association of California

CEAC - [2] Control Element Assembly Computer (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

CEAG - Computer Equipment Aktiengesellschaft

CEAN - Computerized EEG Analysis

CEARC - Computer Education and Applied Research Center

CEARCH - Cisco Educational Archive (->"VERA[1]")

CEATS - Central European Air Traffic Services - gemeinsame Luftkontrolle ueber Oesterreich, Ungarn, Norditalien u.a. {Luftfahrt}

CEAU - Continuing Education Achievement Unit (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

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