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COP - [1] Character Oriented Protocol - zeichenorientiertes (8-Bit-paralell) Protokoll

COP - [2] Call Offering Procedure

COP - [3] Constrained Optimization Problem {KI}

COP - [4] CPU Overheat Protection

COPA - Child Online Protection Act (CDA[7] II)

COPANT - Council of the Pan American Standards Commission (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

COPE - Communications Oriented Processing Equipment (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

COPL - Cornell University Programming Language - einem vereinfachten, strukturiertem BASIC aehnliche Programmiersprache von 1966 (s. http://www.catb.org/~esr/copl/)

Copland - Apple Macintosh Codename f. System 8

COPOLCO - Consumer Policy Committee (ISO)

COPP - Connection Oriented Presentation Protocol

COPS - [1] Connection Oriented Presentation Service

COPS - [2] Common Open Policy Service protocol (RFC2748)

COPS - [3] Computer Oracle Password and Security System - frei verfuegbarer "UNIX Security Scanner" des CERT (in der Directory /pub/cops per ftp://cert.org) - s. ->"iX4/94"

COPS-PR - Common Open Policy Service for Policy Provisioning (RFC3084) (->"VERA[1]")

COPSK - Coded Octal Phase Shift Keying - Modem fuer Bitrate 140Mbit/s, HDTV (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

copy-on-write - Kopieren einer veraenderten Datei in einen lokalen Bereich beim moeglichen Ueberschreiben der Ursprungsdatei - Verfahren des TFS

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