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DDC - [1] Digital Data/Display Converter

DDC - [2] Defense Documentation Center (DoD)

DDC - [3] Digital Data Channel (VESA)

DDC - [4] Direct Department Calling

DDC - [5] Display Data Channel (unter Windows ab Win95 zur Geraeteerkennung)

DDC - [6] Device Color Characterization (->"VERA[1]")

DDC - [7] Dodge City, KS, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

DDCD - Double Density Compact Disk - von Sony 2001 entwickelt mit 1,3GB Kapazitaet mittels angepasster Optik und Fehlererkennung (CIRC7)

DDCD-R - Double Density Compact Disk Recordable - einmalig beschreibbare DDCD

DDCD-RW - Double Density Compact Disk Read/Write - mehrfach beschreibbare DDCD

DDCE - Digital Data Conversion Equipment (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

DDCMP - Digital Data Communication(s) Message Protocol - DEC-eigenenes Punkt-zu-Punkt-Protokoll

DDCP - Direct Digital Color Proofing

DDCS - [1] Digital Data Calibration System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

DDCS - [2] Distributed Database Connection Services (IBM)

DDCU - [1] DC-to-DC Converter Unit

DDCU - [2] Data Display Computer Unit (->"NASA Acronym List")

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