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DIB - [1] Directory Information Base - globale Datenbasis des X.500-Dienstes

DIB - [2] Device Independent Bitmap

DIB - [3] Department for Integrative Biology (http://www.unibas.ch/dib/)

DIB - [4] Disc Interface Board (Novell)

DIB - [5] Defense Information Base (->"VERA[1]")

DIB - [6] Dibrugarh, India - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

dibit - "a group of four bits" (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary", vergl. Nibble)

DIBL - Drain Induced Barrier Lowering (MOSFET) (->"VERA[1]")

DIBOL - DEC Business Oriented Language (COBOL-Dialekt)

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