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DLC - [1] Data Link Connection/Control - Protokoll der Leitungssicherungsschicht (Data Link Layer)

DLC - [2] Duplex Line Control

DLC - [3] Digital Leased Circuit - digitale, gemietete Punkt-zu-Punkt-Verbindung, vergl. X.50, X.51, X.58

DLC - [4] Digital Loop Carrier

DLC - [5] Direct Lift Control (->"NASA Acronym List")

DLC - [6] Dalian, China - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

DLCI - D-Kanal-Protokoll-Nachricht Schicht 2: Data Link Connection Identifier (in I.440) (auch in ATM)

DLCN - Distributed Loop Computer Network

DLCS - Dynamic Lane Count Switch

DLCU - Digital Line Carrier Unit

DLCX - Data Link Control Exchange

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