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DSS - [1] Decision Support System

DSS - [2] Direct Station Selection {Telefonie}

DSS - [3] Data Sharing Services, Teil des DCE, beinhaltet v.a. das Distributed File System (DFS)

DSS - [4] Director of Statistical Services

DSS - [5] Division of Safety Studies (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

DSS - [6] Datensichtstation (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

DSS - [7] STScI Digitized Sky Survey (http://stdatu.stsci.edu/cgi-bin/dss_form) {Astronomie}

DSS - [8] Data Station Selector

DSS - [9] Digital Signature Standard (NIST)

DSS - [10] Defense Switched Services (->"VERA[1]")

DSS 1 - Digital (subscriber) Signalling System No.1 (CCITT Q.920)

DSS1 - Digital (subscriber) Signalling System No.1 (CCITT Q.920)

DSSA - [1] Defense Security Assistance Agency (?) (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

DSSA - [2] ->"Thilo Sarrazin: Deutschland schafft sich ab"

DSSB - Double Single-Sideband (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

DSSC - [1] Distributed Services Steering Committee (IEEE POSIX)

DSSC - [2] Double Sideband Suppressed Carrier (modulation) (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

DSSCS - Defense Special Secure Communications System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

DSSD - Double Sided/Single Density (disk)

DSSE - Directory System Service Element

DSSI - Digital Storage System Interconnect - DEC Variante von SCSI (Lizenz Programm - DEC)

DSSP - Distributed Site State Protocol

DSSR - District Sales Support Representative (Sun)

DSSS - Direct-Sequence Spread Spectrum ("Gegenteil" von FHSS)

DSSSL - Document Style Semantics and Specification Language (ISO10179)

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