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DOD - [1] Department of Defense - Verteidigungsministerium

DOD - [2] Direct Outward Dialing - Telefoniedienst

DOD - [3] Dodoma, Tanzania - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

DoD - U.S. Department of Defense - USA Verteidigungsministerium

DODCI - (USA) Department of Defense Computer Institute (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

DODD - Department Of Defense Directive (->"NASA Acronym List")

DODDN - (USA) Department of Defense Data Network(s)

DODGE - (USA) Department of Defense Gravity Experiment (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

DODIIS - (USA) Department of Defense Intelligence Information System

DODIS - Distribution of Oceanographic Data at Isentropic Levels (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

DODISS - (USA) Department of Defense Index of Specifications and Standards

DoDISS - (USA) Department of Defense Index of Specifications and Standards (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

DODSDIOPCSBM - (USA) Department of Defense Strategic Defense Initiative Organization Panel on Computing in Support on Battle Management - Organisation der Stategischen Verteidigungsinitiative/Ausschuss ueber Datenverarbeitung zur Unterstuetzung der Kampffuehrung

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