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ECS - [1] EUREKA-Projekt EU 591 zur Entwicklung eines hochintelligenten Mess- und Datenerfassungsgeraets, das die neuesten Telekommunikationsprotokolle einbezieht (2 Mio. ECU, 36 Monate Laufzeit)

ECS - [2] Electronic Control Switch

ECS - [3] Embedded Computer System

ECS - [4] Emergency Coolant System {Reaktortechnik}

ECS - [5] Environmental Control System

ECS - [6] European Communication Satellite - siehe EUTELSAT

ECS - [7] Extended Core Storage (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ECS - [8] Environmental Control System (per Satellite)

ECS - [9] Engineering and Computer Science (at FULLERTON: http://www.ecs.fullerton.edu/)

ECS - [10] Electronic Crossconnect System

ECS - [11] Electronic Customer Support (IBM)

ECS - [12] E-Commerce Service center

ECS - [13] Enhanced Chip Set (Amiga, Commodore) (->"VERA[1]")

eCS - enfinity Catalog Server

ECSA - [1] Exchange Carrier Standards Association

ECSA - [2] European Communications Security Agency (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ECSC - European Customer Support Centre (HP) (->"VERA[1]")

ECSD - Enhanced Circuit Switched Data

ECSEL - Engineering Coalition of Schools for Excellence in Education and Leadership (http://echo.umd.edu/)

ECSI - European Custom Systems Integration

ECSQARU - European Conference on Symbolic and Quantitative Approaches to Reasoning with Uncertainty (->"LNCS2143")

ECSS - Embedded Computer System Software

ECSU - Eastern Connecticut State University, Willimantic (USA, http://www.ecsu.cstateu.edu/)

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