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ESP - [1] (IP) Encapsulated Security Payload

ESP - [2] European/EBIT Service Project

ESP - [3] Enhanced Service Provider

ESP - [4] Enhanced Serial Port

ESP - [5] Earth Satellite Program - Programm zur Bestimmung von Startwinkeln, Bahnen, Ausleuchtungszonen und Einfluessen auf Erdsatelliten (MITRE) {Astronomie}

ESP - [6] Electronic Stabilizing Program - elektronisches Stabilisierungssystem fuer Automobile, z.T. auch "Elch-Such-Programm" genannt ;-)

ESP - [7] Electronic Sound Products (japan. Firma)

ESP - [8] Electronic Shock Protection - Puffersystem fuer digitale (Audio-)Daten (Sony)

ESP - [9] Electro Shock Protection (->"NASA Acronym List")

ESP - [10] Emulation Sensing Processor (->"VERA[1]")

ESP - [11] External Stowage Platform(s) (ISS) {Weltraumfahrt}

ESP - [12] (sonst:) Extra Sensory Perception

ESPA - Association of European Manufacturers of Packet Comms Systems

ESPAR - Electronically Steerable Phased Array Radar (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ESPAS - European Space Society (http://espas.home.pages.de/)

ESPCM - Electronic Speech systems Pulse Code Modulation (->"VERA[1]")

ESPEC - Ethernet Specification

ESPOD - Electronic Systems Precision Orbit Determination {Astronomie/Weltraumfahrt}

ESPOL - Embedded(?) Science(??) Programming(?) and Operation Language - ALGOL Superset Ende der 60er Jahre

ESPP - Employee Stock Purchase Plan

ESPRIT - Projekt: European Strategic Programme for Research and Development in Information Technology (http://www.cordis.lu/esprit/home.html)

ESPS - Entropic Signal Processing System

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