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FDS - [1] Fudamental Distributed Services - Teil des DCE, enthaelt X.500, Thread-Implementierung, RPC-Implementierung, Security (Kerberos) u.a.

FDS - [2] Flight Design System (->"NASA Acronym List")

FDS - [3] Flight Design & Scheduling (->"NASA Acronym List")

FDS - [4] Flight Dynamics Simulator (->"NASA Acronym List")

FDS - [5] Flight Dynamics Software/System (->"NASA Acronym List")

FDS - [6] Fluid Distribution System (->"NASA Acronym List")

FDS - [7] Functional Design Specifications (->"NASA Acronym List")

FDS - [8] Famicon Disk System - Diskettenlaufwerk fuer das NES[6]

FDSC - Flight Dynamics Situation/Simulation Complex (->"NASA Acronym List")

FDSE - Full Duplex Switched Ethernet

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