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IDP - [1] Initial Domain Part - Element der ISO/OSI-Netzwerkschicht

IDP - [2] Internet Datagram Protocol - entspricht prinzipiell UDP

IDP - [3] Industrial/Integrated Data Processing

IDP - [4] Integrated Data Processor (->"NASA Acronym List")

IDPC - [1] Integrated Data Protocol Controller (SAB79C401-Chip)

IDPC - [2] Integrated Data Processing Center (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

IDPF - International Digital Publishing Forum

IDPI - Integrated Data Processing Institute (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

IDPR - Inter Domain Policy based Routing, siehe RFC1477, RFC1478, RFC1479

IDPS - Ignore Disk Protect Switch (aus "The REAL Canonical List of Forgotten Assembly Language Commands" :-)

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