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LNCS128 - P. Branquart/G. Louis/P. Wodon: An Analytical Description of CHILL, the CCITT High Levei Language, Springer-Verlag 1982

LNCS1280 - X. Liu/P. Cohen/M. Berthold (Eds.): Advances in Intelligent Data Analysis. Proceedings, Springer-Verlag 1997

LNCS1281 - M. Abadi/T. Ito (Eds.): Theoretical Aspects of Computer Software. Proccedings, Springer-Verlag 1997

LNCS1282 - D. Garlan/D. Le Metayer (Eds.): Coordination Languages and Models. Proceedings, Springer-Verlag 1997

LNCS1283 - M. Mueller-Olm: Modular Compiler Verification. Springer-Verlag 1997

LNCS1284 - R. Burkard/G. Wueginger (Eds.): Algorithms - ESA '97. Proccedings, Springer-Verlag 1997

LNCS1285 - X. Jao/J.-H. Kim/T. Furuhashi (Eds.): Simulated Evolution and Learning. Proceedings 1996, Springer-Verlag 1997 (Subseries LNAI)

LNCS1286 - C. Zhang/D. Lukose (Eds.): Multi-Agent Systems. Proccedings 1996, Springer-Verlag 1997 (Subseries LNAI)

LNCS1287 - T Kropf (Ed.): Formal Hardware Verification. Springer-Verlag 1997

LNCS1288 - M. Schneider: Spatial Data Types for Database Systems. Springer-Verlag 1997

LNCS1289 - G. Gottlob/A. Leitsch/D. Mundici (Eds.): Computational Logic and Proof Theory. Proccedings, Springer-Verlag 1997

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