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MAP - [1] Manufacturing Automation Protocol - Protokoll zur automatisierten Geraeteherstellung (realisiert ueber Token Bus)

MAP - [2] Mobile Application Part (CCS7)

MAP - [3] Macro Arithmetic Processor

MAP - [4] Macro Assembly Program

MAP - [5] Mathematical Anlysis without Programming

MAP - [6] Message Acceptable/Acceptance Pulse

MAP - [7] Multiple Allocation Procedure (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

MAP - [8] Microwave Anisotropy Probe - Nachfolgesonde von COBE (NASA)

MAP - [9] Maintenance & Administration Position

MAP - [10] Marketing Assistance Program (Sun)

MAP - [11] Maintenance Analysis Program (->"NASA Acronym List")

MAP - [12] Missed Approach Point (->"NASA Acronym List")

MAP - [13] Mission Application Program (->"NASA Acronym List")

MAP - [14] Mamai, Papua New Guinea - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

MAP/TOP - Manufacturing Automation Protocol/Technical Office Protocol; siehe einzeln MAP und TOP

MAP-ASE - Mobilde Application Part - Application Service Elements (->"VERA[1]")

MAPCHE - Mobile Automatic Programmed Checkout Equipment (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

MAPI - Messaging Application Programmers Interface - von Microsoft entwickeltes API-System fuer Nachrichtenaustausch, war erwartet fuer Windows 4.0

MAPICS - Manufacturing Accounting Production Information Control System

MAPID - Machine Aided PRogram for Preparation of Instruction Data (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

Maple - Mathematical Problem-solving and programming Environment - rechnerplattformuebergreifende Mathematik-Software (http://www.maple.org/)

MAPORD - Methodology Approach to Planning and Programming Air Force Poretational Requirements, Research and Development (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

MAPOS - Multiple Access Protocol over SONET/SDH (RFC2171)

MAPRAT - Maximum Power Ratio (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

MAPS - [1] Measurement of Air/Atmospheric Pollution from Satellites (NASA/LARC, http://stormy.larc.nasa.gov/press.html)

MAPS - [2] Multicolor Automatic Projection System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

MAPS - [3] Multivariate Analysis and Prediction of Schedules (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

MAPS - [4] Multi Agent Problem Solver {KI}

MAPSE - Minimal Ada Program Support Environment

MAPSS - Maintenance And Analysis Plan For Special Services

MAPUG - Maede Advanced Product User Group {Astronomie}

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