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NEC - [1] Nippon Electric Company (Hardwarehersteller http://www.nec.com/)

NEC - [2] Nederlands Electrtechnisch Comite

NEC - [3] Network Element Conceptual block

NEC - [4] National Electrical Code

NEC - [5] National Electronics Conference (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

NEC - [6] Nuclear Energy Center (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

NEC - [7] National Engineering Consortium, Inc. (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

NECAR - New Electric Car (Daimler/Crysler)

NECC - National Education Computing Conference

NECNET - NEC[1] Firmennetz ab 1979 (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

NECS - [1] National Electrical Code Standards

NECS - [2] Nationwide Educational Computer Service (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

NECSS - Nuclear Energy Center Site Survey (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

NECTA - National Electical Contractors Trade Association (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

NECTEC - National Electronics and Computer Technology Center, Thailand (http://www.nectec.or.th/)

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