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ODA - [1] Office Document Architecture, in ISO8613, Strukturierung von Dokumenten in logische und physikalische Objekte, meist synonym benutzt mit DTAM

ODA - [2] Operational Data Analysis (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ODA - [3] Operational Design and Analysis (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ODA - [4] Orbiter Disconnect Assembly (->"NASA Acronym List")

ODA - [5] Overseas Development Administration (UK)

ODA - [6] Ouadda, Central African Rep - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ODA/ODIF - Office Document Architecture/Office Document Interchange Format, ISO8613

ODAC - [1] Open Document Architecture Consortium

ODAC - [2] Operations Distribution Administration Center

ODAM - Open Distributed Application Model

ODAPI - (Borland) Open Database Application Programming Interface

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