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OSI - [1] Open System Interconnect(ion)/Intercommunication

OSI - [2] Office of Scientific Intelligence (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

OSI - [3] Otto-Suhr-Institut der FUB fuer Politische Wissenschaft (siehe http://userpage.fu-berlin.de/~oz/)

OSI/NM - (manchmal auch OSI/NMF:) OSI[1] Network Management Forum (X.700)

OSI/RM - Open Systems Interconnection / Reference Model (ISO7498 / CCITT X.200)

OSIC - Optimization of Subcarrier Information Capacity (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

OSID - Origination Signaling IDentifier (->"VERA[1]")

OSIE - OSI[1] Environment

OSINET - Open Systems Interconnection Network

OSINLCP - PPP OSI Network Layer Control Protocol (RFC1377)

OSIRIS - [1] Optical Spectroscopicm and Infrated Imaging System (ROSETTA)

OSIRIS - [2] Osnabrueck Intelligent Research Information System http://www.ub.uni-osnabrueck.de/osiris.html

OSIRM - Open Systems Interconnection/Reference Model (OSI/RM)

OSIS - [1] Open Scipture Information Standard XML-Anwendung/Schema

OSIS - [1] Office of Science Information Service (NSF) (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

OSITOP - OSI[1] Technical Office Protocol

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