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PCI - [1] Peripheral Component Interconnect/Interface (s. PCI-Bus)

PCI - [2] Presentation Context Identifier

PCI - [3] Protocol Control Information - Teil einer PDU

PCI - [4] PABX Computer Interface

PCI - [5] Panel Call Indicator

PCI - [6] Peripheral Command Indicator (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

PCI - [7] Product Configuration Identification (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary") (->"NASA Acronym List")

PCI - [8] Pilot Controller Integration (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

PCI - [9] Program Control Input (->"NASA Acronym List")

PCI PM - PCI Power Management (->"VERA[1]")

PCI-Bus - Peripheral Component Interconnect Local Bus - PC-Busarchitektur mit Direktanbindung an den Prozessor (hohe Taktrate), Konkurrent zu VL-Bus, zu finden auch in den PPC-Systemen

PCI-SIG - Peripheral Component Interconnect - Special Interest Group (->"VERA[1]")

PCIA - Personal Communications Industry Association (USA) (->"VERA[1]")

PCIC - PC Card I/O Card (PCMCIA) (->"VERA[1]")

PCIE - Permis de Conduire Informatique Europeen (ECDL) (->"VERA[1]")

PCIL - Pilot Controlled Instrument Landing (->"NASA Acronym List") {Luftfahrt}/{Raumfahrt}

PCIM - Policy Core Information Model (RFC3460)

PCIN - [1] Program Change Identification Number (->"NASA Acronym List")

PCIN - [2] Program Change Integration (->"NASA Acronym List")

PCIS - Portable Common Interface Set (->"VERA[1]")

PCIT - Problems of Control and Information Theory (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

PCIXF - Personal Computer Integrated eXchange Format (IBM)

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