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PDA - [1] Personal Digital Assistant - Sammelbezeichnung f. Portfolio, Pocketcomputer, programmierbare Taschenrechner, tragbare Sprachuebersetzer, Palmtops und stiftbasierte (pen-based) Organizer

PDA - [2] unter ODA/ODIF: Processable Document Architecture

PDA - [3] in der Mechanik: Precision Drive Axis

PDA - [4] Preliminary Design Approval/Authorization (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

PDA - [5] Probability Discrete Automata (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

PDA - [6] Parallel Drive Architecture

PDA - [7] Payload Disconnect Assembly (->"NASA Acronym List")

PDA - [8] Pressurized Docking Adapter (Space Shuttle) (->"NASA Acronym List")

PDA - [9] Puerto Inirida, Colombia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

PDAD - Proposed Draft Addendum

PDAR - Program Description and Requirements (->"NASA Acronym List")

PDAU - Physical Delivery Access Unit (MHS X.400)

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