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PSE - [1] Packet Switch Exchange

PSE - [2] Personal Security Environment - symmetrisch verschluesselter Bereich eines Speichermediums (mittels File:Software-PSE, mittels Smartcard:Hardware-PSE)

PSE - [3] Programming/Project Support Environment

PSE - [4] Power System Engineering (IEEE PES Technical Committee) (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

PSE - [5] Programming Support Environment

PSE - [6] Payload Service/Servicing Equipment (->"NASA Acronym List")

PSE - [7] PhotoShop Elements

PSE - [8] Ponce, PR, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

PSEP - Passive Seismic Experiment Package (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

pseudo 3D - durch simulierte Schattierung erreichte plastische Wirkung von Objekten (auf dem Bildschirm)

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