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RAS - [1] Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability / Reliable, Available And Serviceable

RAS - [2] File Name Extension fuer Sun-Rasterformat-Bitmaps (unueblich)

RAS - [3] Reactor Analysis and Safety (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

RAS - [4] Royal Astronomy Society (->"Penguin Dictionary of Astronomy")

RAS - [5] Random Access Storage

RAS - [6] Reader Admission System (UK)

RAS - [7] Russian Academy of Sciences (http://www.ras.ru/)

RAS - [8] Remote Access Service / Software

RAS - [9] Row Address Strobe (->"VERA[1]")

RAS - [10] Rasht, Iran - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

RASANT - Radio Aided Satellite Navigation Technique (DGPS)

RASAPI - (Microsoft) Remote Access Service Application Programming Interface

RASC - [1] Residence Account Service Center

RASC - [2] Rome Air Service Command (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

RASC - [3] Royal Astronomy Society of Canada

RASC - [4] Read And Shred Card (proposed PDP-11 Assembler-Statement ;-)

RASMED - Redundant Array of Slightly More Expensive Disks

RASPO - Resident Apollo Spacecraft Program Office (NASA) (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

RASSR - Reliable Advanced Solid-State Radar (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

RASTA - Radiation Augmented Special Test Apparatus (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

RASTAC - Random Access STorage And Control (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

RASTAD - Random Access STorage And Display (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

RasterOps - Farbgrafikkarten-Hersteller fuer Sun-Systeme

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