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TAP - [1] Transfer and Archiving of Product Model Data

TAP - [2] Teletex Access Protocol (X.430: P5)

TAP - [3] Test Access Path (in M.3400)

TAP - [4] Terminal Access Point

TAP - [5] Terminal Application Package (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

TAP - [6] Telecommunite Asie Pacifique, Mitgliedsgruppe der UIT seit 1979, entspricht APT[5] (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

TAP - [7] Telephone Assistance Plan

TAP - [8] Telemetry Acceptance Pattern (->"NASA Acronym List")

TAP - [9] The Ada Project (->"VERA[1]")

TAP - [10] Tapachula, Mexico - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

Tap - Zapfen fuer Ethernet-Kopplung

TAPAC - Tape Automatic Positioning And Control (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

TAPCIS - The Access Program for the CompuServe Information Service

TAPE - Tape Automatic Preparation Equipment (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

TAPI - Telecommunication/Telephony Application Programming Interface (Microsoft)

TAPP - Two-Axis Pneumatic Pickup (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

TAPPI - Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry, Inc. (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

TAPR - Tuscon Amateur Packet Radio (Club)

TAPS - Tactical Area Positioning System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

TAPSOFT - International Joint Conference on Theory and Practice of Software Development (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

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