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TOS - [1] Type of Service

TOS - [2] Tramiel Operating System, spaeter: The Operating System - grafisches Betriebssystem (aehnlich MacOS) der Atari Homecomputerfamilie mit Betriebssystemteilen GDOS/GEM

TOS - [3] Transfer Orbit Stage {Weltraumfahrt}

TOS - [4] Terminal-Oriented System/Software (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

TOS - [5] Type-of-service (routing)

TOS - [6] Top Of Stack

TOS - [7] Tape Operating System (->"VERA[1]")

TOS - [8] Tromso, Norway - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

TOSBAC - Toshiba Scientific and Business Automatic Computer (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

Toshiba - jap. Computerhersteller (http://www.toshiba.com/)

TOSKA - Tools and Methods for a Sophisticated Knowledge based Authoring Environment

TOSS - TIROS Operational Satellite System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

TOSTOP - Lokaler Modus unter X/Open UNIX: Senden von SIGTTOU fuer Hintergrundausgabe

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