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CPP - [6] Collaboration Protocol Agreements

CPP - [1] Cable Patch Panel

CPP - [2] Collaboration Protocol Profiles

CPP - [3] Card Punching Printer (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

cpp - C-PreProcessor - Programm zur Evaluierung von speziellen Hashmark-Kommandos in Dateien (nicht unbedingt C-Programmen - man cpp)

CPPM - Content Protection for Prerecorded Media - Kopierschutz, vergl. CPRM, DTCP, HDCP

CPPR - Crumple Printer Paper and Rip (aus "The REAL Canonical List of Forgotten Assembly Language Commands" :-)

CPPS - [1] Critical Path Planning and Scheduling

CPPS - [2] Card / Paper tape Programming System (IBM) (->"VERA[1]")

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