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TIP - [1] Terminal Interface Processor (ARPANET)

TIP - [2] Technologie- und Innovationspark Berlin

TIP - [3] Technical Information Processing/Project (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

TIP - [4] Transputer Image Processing (->"VERA[1]")

TIP - [5] Tripoli, Libya - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

tip - Standard BSD-UNIX-Tool fuer UNIX-zu-UNIX-Verbindungen, siehe auch uucp und cu (man tip)

TIPC - Transparent Inter Process Communication

TIPHON - Telecommunications and Internet Protocol Harmonization Over Networks (ETSI)

TIPI - Tactical Information Processing and Interpreation (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

TIPL - Teach Information Processing Language (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

TIPP - Time Phasing Program (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

TIPS - Technical Information Processing System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

TIPTOP - Tape InPut, Tape OutPut (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

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