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Abkürzungen und ausgewählter Begriffe

Ergebnisse für A

A - [1] Ampere - SI-Einheit fuer Stromstaerke, 1A ist die Staerke eines konstanten elektrischen Stroms, der im Vakuum zwischen zwei 1 Meter entfernt parallel laufende elektr. Leiter pro Meter die Kraft von 2*10\u-7\d Newton erzeugt

A - [2] Angstrom, veraltete Wellenlaengeneinheit, 1A = 10\u-10\d m = 1/10 Nanometer

A - [3] Application

A - [4] synonym zu ADMD unter X.400

A - [5] asynchron

a - Anno - 1 Jahr

A&A - Astronomy and Astrophysics

A&M - Agricultural and Mechanical

A-A - Air to Air

A-COPS - Automatic CPU Overheating Prevention System

A-Frame - Rahmen fuer asynchrone Daten (unter FDDI)

A-G - Air to Ground

A-LAN - Audio Local Area Network

A-VSt - Ursprungsvermittlungsstelle

A.1 - Empfehlung der CCITT/ITU von 1993: Presentation of Contributions relative to the study of Questions assigned to the ITU-T (Organization of the ITU)

A.10 - Empfehlung der CCITT/ITU von 1993: Terms and definitions (organization of the work of the ITU)

A.12 - Empfehlung der CCITT/ITU von 1993: Collaboration with the International Electrotechnical Commission on the subject of definitions for telecommunications (organization of the work of the ITU)

A.13 - Empfehlung der CCITT/ITU von 1993: Collaboration with the International Electrotechnical Commission on graphical symbols and diagrams used in telecommunications (organization of the work of the ITU)

A.14 - Empfehlung der CCITT/ITU von 1993: Production maintenance and publication of ITU-T terminology (organization of the work of the ITU)

A.15 - Empfehlung der CCITT/ITU von 1993: Elaboration and presentation of texts for Recommendations of the ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector (organization of the work of the ITU)

A.20 - Empfehlung der CCITT/ITU von 1993: Collaboration with other international organizations over data transmission (organization of the work of the ITU)

A.21 - Empfehlung der CCITT/ITU von 1993: Collaboration with other international organizations on ITU-T defined telematic services (organization of the work of the ITU)

A.22 - Empfehlung der CCITT/ITU von 1993: Collaboration with other international organizations on information technology (organization of the work of the ITU)

A.23 - Empfehlung der CCITT/ITU von 1993: Collaboration with other international organizations on information technology, telematic services and data transmission (organization of the work of the ITU)

A.30 - Empfehlung der CCITT/ITU von 1993: Major degradation or disruption of service (organization of the work of the ITU) (vergl. F.12)

A.nnn - A-Serie der CCITT/ITU: Organisation der CCITT

a/b-Schnittstelle - Kupferschnittstelle am analogen Fernsprechapparat

A/C - Air Conditioner {Luftfahrt}/{Weltraumfahrt}

A/D - Analog-nach-Digital-Wandlung

A/G - Air to Ground

A/L - Air Lock {Luftfahrt}/{Weltraumfahrt}

A/P - Accounts Payable

A/R - Accounts Receivable

A/ROSE - Apple Realtime Operating System Environment - Erweiterung zu System 7

A/UX - eine UNIX V.3 Variante mit BSD-Erweiterungen von Apple

A1 - [1] Sicherheitsklasse des TCSEC mit verifizierbaren Sicherheitsmassnahmen (formelles Modell, formelle Analyse)

A1 - [2] GSM-Funktelefonnetz der oesterreichischen PTT ab 1994

A2000 - Amiga2000 Homecomputer von Commodore mit M68020-CPU, Betriebssystem Amiga-DOS

A2DP - Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (Bluetooth GAP[4])

A300 - Fernschreib-Speichervermittlung ADX mit max. 300Baud, Vorgaengersystem von DAKOS der BFS

A3000 - Amiga3000 Homecomputer von Commodore mit M68030-CPU, Betriebssystem Amiga-DOS

A500 - Amiga500 Homecomputer von Commodore mit M68000-CPU und 1MB Hauptspeicher, Betriebssystem Amiga-DOS

A6 - Address Register 6 - lokale Basis des M680x0

A7 - Address Register 7 - Stackpointer des M680x0

AA - [1] Abort Accept

AA - [2] Application Association

AA - [3] Auto Answer - Modemstatus

AA - [4] Access Authorisation

AA - [5] Arithmetic Average

AA - [6] American Airlines - Betreiber des Systems SABRE und des Interact-Netz {Luftfahrt}

AA - [7] Administrative Assistant

AA - [8] Associate In Accounting

AA - [9] Automobile Association

AAA - [1] American Automobile Association

AAA - [2] American Acounting Association

AAA - [3] Antiaircraft Artillery

AAA - [4] Author's Argumentation Assistant

AAA - [5] bei Tontraegern: Analoge Aufnahme, Analoge Abmischung, Analoger Tontraeger (Schallplatte, Compact Cassette, vergl. AAD)

AAA - [6] Announce Astralia Archive (http://www.com.au/aaa/)

AAA - [7] Astronomical and Astrophysical Abstracts (Veroeffentlichungen z.T. mit informationswissenschaftl. Inhalt) {Astronomie}

AAA - [8] Authentication, Authorizing, Accounting

AAA - [9] Anaa, French Polynesia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AAAA - [1] (USENET-Jargon) Association Against Acronym Abuse

AAAA - [2] Ames Area Amateur Astronomers

AAAI - American Association for Artificial Intelligence

AAAL - American Academy of Arts and Letters

AAAS - American Association for the Advancement of Science, Washington DC, USA (http://www.aaas.org/)

AAB - [1] Automatic Alternative Billing (CS-1 Service)

AAB - [2] Aircraft Accident Board {Luftfahrt}

AAB - [3] All-to-All Broadcast

AABB - Axis Aligned Bounding Box (3D-Modellierung)

AABM - American Association of Battery Manufacturer

AABP - Aptitude Assessment Battery Program

AAC - [1] Advanced Audio Coding (angeblicher Nachfolger von MP3)

AAC - [2] Apple Assistance Center

AAC - [3] Al Arish, Egypt - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AACC - [1] American Association for Contamination Control

AACC - [2] American Automatic Control Council

AACE - Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education

AACOM - Army Area Communication

AACOMS - Army Area Communication System

AACRII - Anglo American Cataloging Rules 2nd ed.

AACS - Airborn Astrographic Camera System {Astronomie}

AACS LA - Advanced Access Content System Licensing Administator

AACSCEDR - Associate and Advisory Committee to the Special Committee on Electronic Data Retrieval

AAD - [1] bei Tontraegern: Analoge Aufnahme, Analoge Abmischung, Digitaler Tontraeger (CD[4], DCC[5], DAT[1], vergl. AAA[5], ADA[3])

AAD - [2] Analog Alignment Diskette - Testdiskette zum Einstellen von Laufwerken

AADN - American Airlines Data Network - Sternnetz bis 1983 in Tulsa (USA)

AADS - Area Air Defense System

AADU - AIX Access For Dos Users (IBM)

AAE - [1] Automatische Antworteinrichtung (bei Modems)

AAE - [2] American Association of Engineers

AAE - [3] Allgemeine AnschaltErlaubnis (Telekom)

AAE - [4] Annaba, Algeria - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AAEC - Australian Atom Energy Commission

AAECC - Applied Algebra, Algebraic Algorithms and Error-Correcting Codes, International Conference, LNCS (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

AAEE - American Academy of Environmental Engineers

AAES - American Association of Engineering Societies (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AAEU - Aquatic Animal Experiment Unit {Raumfahrt}

AAF - Advanced Authoring Format (for Windows, Microsoft)

AAFB - Andrews Air Force Base (USA)

AAFE - Aeroassist Flight Experiment {Luftfahrt}

AAFSS - Advanced Aerial Fire Support System, u.a. IHAS

AAG - Aeronautical Assignment Group, vergl. IRAC

AAHPSSS - Australasian Association for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science (siehe ASAP[3])

AAI - [1] Applied Artificial Intelligence

AAI - [2] Arraias, Brazil - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AAIB - Air Accidents Investigation Branch - Verkehrsbehoerde in GB {Luftfahrt}

AAIC - Accounting Authority Identification Code

AAII - American Association of Individual Investors

AAIR - Advances in Artificial Intelligence Research, A Research Annual, JAI Press Inc., Greenwich, Connecticut, and London, England (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

AAL - [1] ATM Adaption Layer

AAL - [2] Absolute Assembly Language

AAL - [3] Aalborg, Denmark - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AAL-0 - ATM Adaption Layer fuer Cell Relay bzw. direkten Zugriff auf die ATM-Schnittstelle

AAL-1 - ATM Adaption Layer mit Zeitsynchronisation, konstanter Datenrate, verbindungsorientiert und virtuellen Kanaelen

AAL-2 - ATM Adaption Layer mit Zeitsynchronisation, variabler Datenrate, verbindungsorientiert

AAL-34 - ATM Adaption Layer ohne Zeitsynchronisation, mit variabler Datenrate, verbindungsorientiert/verbindungslos fuer Datentransfer, vergleichbar TCP/IP

AAL-5 - ATM Adaption Layer ohne Zeitsynchronisation, mit variabler Datenrate, fuer sichere Punkt-zu-Punkt-Verbindungen

AAL0 - andere Schreibweise fuer AAL-0 - ATM Adaption Layer fuer Cell Relay bzw. direkten Zugriff auf die ATM-Schnittstelle

AAL1 - andere Schreibweise fuer AAL-1 - ATM Adaption Layer mit Zeitsynchronisation, konstanter Datenrate, verbindungsorientiert und virtuellen Kanaelen

AAL2 - andere Schreibweise fuer AAL-2 - ATM Adaption Layer mit Zeitsynchronisation, variabler Datenrate, verbindungsorientiert

AAL34 - bzw. AAL3/4 - andere Schreibweise fuer AAL-34 - ATM Adaption Layer ohne Zeitsynchronisation, mit variabler Datenrate, verbindungsorientiert/verbindungslos fuer Datentransfer, vergleichbar TCP/IP

AAL5 - andere Schreibweise fuer AAL-5 - ATM Adaption Layer ohne Zeitsynchronisation, mit variabler Datenrate, fuer sichere Punkt-zu-Punkt-Verbindungen

AALC - Advanced Airborne Launch Centers, vergl. SAC

AALPDU - ATM Adaption Layer Protocol Data Unit

AAM - [1] AMIGO Activity Modell fuer Gruppenkommunikation (auf elektronischem Weg)

AAM - [2] Air to Air Missile

AAM - [3] Mala Mala, South Africa - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AAMG - Anti Aircraft Machine Gun

AAMI - Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation

AAML - Arctic Aeromedical Laboratory

AAMOF - (USENET-Jargon) As A Matter Of Fact

AAMSI - American Association For Medical Systems Informatics

AAO - [1] Antiair Output

AAO - [2] Anglo-Australian Observatory (http://www.aao.gov.au/) {Astronomie}

AAO - [3] Anaco, Venezuela - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AAP - [1] Affirmative Action Program

AAP - [2] Animated Specificaton of a PETE

AAP - [3] Apollo Applications Program {Weltraumfahrt}

AAP - [4] Application Access Point (DEC)

AAP - [5] American Association of Publishers

AAP - [6] Advanced Adaptive Protocol

AAPI - Audio Application Programming Interface

AAPL - (A) Additional Programming Language

AAR - [1] Adobe Acrobat Reader - frei verfuegbare Seitenvisualisierungssoftware im PDF[1]-Format

AAR - [2] Aarhus, Denmark - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AARC - Anglo-American Rules for Cataloging (updated by AACRII)

AARE - ACSE-Associate Response

AARNet - Australian Academic and Research Network (seit 1989, s. RFC1562)

AARP - AppleTalk Address Resolution Protocol

AARQ - ACSE-Associate Request

AAS - [1] Advanced Antenna System

AAS - [2] American Astronautical Society

AAS - [3] American Astronomical Society (http://www.aas.org/)

AAS - [4] Arithmetic Assignment Statement

AAS - [5] Automated Accounting System

AAS - [6] All-to-All Scatter

AASFENNIC - Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae, Series A. I. Mathematica (Suomalais Tiedeakat Toimituks?) (finnische informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

AASP - ASCII Asynchronous Support Package

AAT - [1] Arbitrated Access Timer unter LDDI

AAT - [2] Advanced Authoring Tools

AAT - [3] Anglo-Australian Telescope (->"Penguin Dictionary of Astronomy")

AAT - [4] Average Access Time

AAT - [5] Apple Advanced Typography

AATB - Anglo-Australian Telescope Board (->"Penguin Dictionary of Astronomy")

AATC - [1] Automatic Air Traffic Control (System)

AATC - [2] Alabama Aviation & Technical College

AATI - Athens Area Technical Institute, Georgia (USA, http://admin1.athens.tec.ga.us/home.html)

AAU - [1] Addis Abada University (Ethiopia)

AAU - [2] Aarhus Universitet (Denmark, http://www.aau.dk/)

AAU - [3] Asau, Western Samoa - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AAUI - Apple Attachment Unit Interface

AAUP - American Association of University Professors

AAVD - Automatic Alternative Voice/Data

AAVS - Aerospace AudioVisual Service

AAVSO - American Association of Variable Star Observers {Astronomie}

AAX - [1] Automated Attendant Exchange

AAX - [2] Araxa, Brazil - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AB - [1] Abort

AB - [2] Adapter Booster

AB - [3] Aeronautical Board

AB - [4] Alberta - kanad. Staatenkuerzel

aB - bzw. a\dB\u - Betriebsdaempfung gemessen in dB

ABA - [1] American Bankers Association (->"Computer Security Basics", Russell/Gangemi, ORA 1991)

ABA - [2] American Booksellers Association

ABACUS - [1] Air Battle Analysis Center Utility System

ABACUS - [2] Abacus - Computerfachzeitschrift (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ABAG - Association of Bay Area Governments, California (USA, http://www.abag.ca.gov/)

ABAP - [1] Advanced Business Application Programming (SAP)

ABAP - [2] Associacao Brasileira das Agencias de Propaganda - brasilianische Dachgesellschaft nationaler Marketinggesellschaften, Rio de Janeiro (http://www.abap-rio.com.br)

ABAP/4 - Programmiersprache in Verbindung mit SAP R/3 zur Reporterstellung

ABARE - Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics (http://www.abare.gov.au/)

ABATS - Automatic Bit Access Test System

ABB - [1] Asean Brown Boveri - Turbinen- und Lokomitivenhersteller

ABB - [2] Allgemeine Blitzschutzbedingungen/Ausschuss fuer Blitzableiterbau (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ABBR - ABBReviation

ABC - [1] Atanasoff-Berry-Computer, fertiggestellt 1942, Vorlaeufer des ENIAC, elektron. Digitalrechner mit 300 Vakuumroehren (CPU) und 1632 Kondensatorspeicher, Special Purpose Computer fuer Gleichungsloesung (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ABC - [2] American Broadcasting Company

ABC - [3] Access Bearer Control

ABC - [4] Automatic Bandwidth Control

ABC - [5] Automatic Brightness Control

ABC - [6] (International Summer School in) Advanced Broadband Communications - Konferenz zu Breitbandkommunikation seit 1992(?)

ABC-System - Telegraphierverfahren mittels Sinusschwingung von Charles Wheatstone, entwickelt 1840 (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ABCC - Association of British Chambers of Commerce (UK)

ABCD - Add Binary Coded Decimal (Assembler-Anweisung)

ABCL - As Built Configuration List

ABCS - Advanced Business Communication via Satellite (Dornier)

ABD - [1] Abbreviated Dialing (CS-1 Service)

ABD - [2] Automatic Baudrade Detection

ABD - [3] Abadan, Iran - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ABDN - University of Aberdeen (GB, http://www.abdn.ac.uk)

ABE - Allentown/Bethlehem/Easton, PA, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ABE - Allgemeine Benutzungserlaubnis fuer Endeinrichtungen (Telekom)

ABEL - Advanced Boolean Expression Language (Data-I/O-Trademark)

ABEND - Abnormal End - unuebliches Ende, Begriff aus der Mainframe-Welt (IBM 360/370) fuer abgestuerzte oder in den Wald gelaufene Programme

ABET - Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology - frueher: Engineers Council for Professional Development

ABF - Adobe Binary (screen) Font

ABHC - Average Busy Hour Calls

ABHRS - As Built Hardware Reporting System

ABI - [1] Application Binary Interface - Definition einer Menge von System- und Bibliotheksaufrufen sowie Programmen zur Portabilitaet von Software unter UNIX V.4

ABI - [2] American Bell, Inc.

ABI - [3] Abilene, TX, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ABIC - Access Bus Industry Corp.

ABIG - Access Bus Industry Group (?)

ABIOS - Advanced BIOS

ABIST - Automatic Built-In Self-Test (IBM)

ABJ - Abidjan, Ivory Coast - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ABK - Kabri Dar, Ethiopia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

Abk - Abkuerzung (German f. Abbreviation)

Abklex - Abkuerzungslexikon, Univ. Karlsruhe http://www.ciw.uni-karlsruhe.de/abklex.html

ABL - [1] Atlas Basic Language

ABL - [2] Airborne Laser - Projekt zur flugzeuggestuetzten Raketenabwehr mittels Laser

ABL - [3] Ambler, AK, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ABLE - Activity Balance Line Evaluation

ABLEX - Ablex Publishing Corporation, Norwood, New Jersey (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlicher)

ABM - [1] Asynchronous Balanced Mode unter HDLC

ABM - [2] Anti-Ballistic Missile

ABM - [3] Automated Batch Mixing

ABMDA - Advanced Ballistic Missile Defence Agency (U.S. Army)

ABME - Asynchronous Balanced Mode Extended unter HDLC

ABN - Australian Bibliographic Network

ABNF - Augmented Backus Naur Form (RFC2234)

ABNS - Application Based Network Services

ABO - [1] Audio Basic Object (Erweiterung von ASN.1 um Audio-Objekte)

ABO - [2] Abo Akademi University (Finnland, http://www.abo.fi/welcom_e.htm)

ABOI - Newsgroup news:alt.best.of.internet

ABOR - (ftpd-Request) Abort Previous Command - Aufforderung zum Abbruch des Vorangegangenen Kommandos unter FTP

ABQ - Albuquerque, NM, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ABP - Air Bearing Pallet {Luftfahrt}

ABR - Aberdeen, SD, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ABR - [1] Automatic Band Rate

ABR - [2] unter ATM: Available Bit Rate

ABR - [3] Area Border Router

ABRACE - Brazilian Association of Electronic Computer (Manufacturer? - ->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ABRES - Advanced Ballistic Reentry System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ABRIXAS - A BRoadband Imaging X-ray All-sky Survey (AIP) {Astronomie}

ABRS - Automated Book Request System

ABRT - [1] ACSE-Abort

ABRT - [2] Abort Command - SCSI-Fehlermeldung (Bit) No. 2

ABRT - [3] ABoRT UNIX-Signal, vergl. SIGABRT

ABS - [1] Absent Subscriber - Teilnehmer nicht anwesend

ABS - [2] Alternative Billing Service

ABS - [3] (in dt. Sprachraum meist:) Antiblockiersystem

ABS - [4] American Bureau Of Shipping

ABS - [5] Apple Business Systems

ABS - [6] Antilock Braking System

ABS - [7] Abu Simbel, Arab Republic Of Egypt - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

abs - absolut - Funktion f(x) = wenn x<0 dann -x, sonst x

ABSBH - Average Busy Season Busy Hour

Absorption - bei LWL der Verlust durch die Umwandlung von Lichtenergie in Waerme

ABSS - Agent Bases Social Simulation

Abstract Syntax - maschinenunabhaengige Beschreibung von Datenstrukturen (->"Marshall T. Rose: 'The Open Book'")

ABT - [1] (unueblich fuer) ABorT

ABT - [2] Al-baha, Saudi Arabia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ABTC - Adaptive Block Truncation Coding

ABTS - ASCII Block Terminal Service

ABUI - Association of Banyan Users International (->"VERA[1]")

ABV - [1] Absolute Value

ABV - [2] Abuja, Nigeria - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ABX - Albury, Australia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ABY - Albany, GA, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ABZ - Aberdeen, Scotland, UK - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AC - [1] Akkumulator

AC - [2] Alter Context - Anforderung zum Kontextwechsel bei einer Kommunikationsassoziation unter ISO/OSI

AC - [3] Alternating Current (siehe DC[1]) - Wechselstrom

AC - [4] Access Control

AC - [5] Adaptive Control

AC - [6] Advisory Committee

AC - [7] Analog Computer

AC - [8] Aerodynamic Center

AC - [9] Answer Center (Sun)

AC - [10] Automatic Computer

AC - [11] Automatic Control

AC - [12] All Clear (calculator) - Taste auf dem Taschenrechner mit der Funktionalitaet des Loeschens aller Rechenregister, manchmal auch CA[8]

AC - [13] Arc-Consistency: a method for reducing the amount of back-tracking in CSPs {KI}

AC - [14] Academy, Subdomain in Internet-Adressen wie qmw.ac.uk

ac - Accounting - BSD-UNIX-Tool zur Systemkontrolle

AC&W - Air Control and Warning (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AC&WS - Air Control and Warning Stations (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AC-n - Different algorithms for enforcing arc consistency: AC-3, AC-4 (Mackworth), AC-5 (van Hentenryck), AC-6+, AC6++ (Bessiere and Regin), AC-7 (Freuder). Also Hierarchical AC: HAC (Mackworth) and HAC-6 (Kokeny) {KI}

ACA - [1] Alter Context Acknowledge - Bestaetigung einer Anforderung zum Kontextwechsel bei einer Kommunikationsassoziation unter ISO/OSI

ACA - [2] Asynchronous Communication Adapter

ACA - [3] Application Control Architecture (DEC)

ACA - [4] Adjacent Channel Attenuation (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ACA - [5] American Communication Association

ACA - [6] Academic Cooperation Association (EUA)

ACA - [7] Acapulco, Mexico - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ACAA - Agricultural Conservation and Adjustment Administration

ACAC - Automated Direct Analog Computer (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ACACIA - Agency Collaboration Architecture for Cooperating Intelligent Agents {KI}

ACAD - Air Containment Atmosphere Dilution (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ACADCOMP - Academic Computing, Academic Computing Publications, Inc. (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlicher)

ACADEMIC - Academic Press, Inc. (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlicher)

ACADIAU - Acadia University, Nova Scotia (CAN, http://www.acadiau.ca/)

ACAP - [1] Application Configuration Access Protocol (RFC2244)

ACAP - [2] Automatic Circuit Analysis Program (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ACAP - [3] Automated Content Access Protocol

ACARS - ARINC Communication Addressing Reporting System

ACAS - [1] Application Control Architecture Services

ACAS - [2] Aircraft Collision Avoidance System {Luftfahrt}

ACATS - Advisory Commitee on Advanced Television Systems

ACAWS - Advisory, Caution, And Warning System

ACB - Automatic Call Back (CS-1 Service)

ACBE - Advisory Committee on Business & Environment (UK)

ACBL - American Contract Bridge League

ACBR - Adjustable Constant Bit Rate

ACC - [1] Access Control Center - Zugriffkontrolleinrichtung unter TCP/IP

ACC - [2] Access Connection Control

ACC - [3] Accumulator

ACC - [4] Advanced Concept Center

ACC - [5] Account Card Calling (CS-1 Service)

ACC - [6] Advanced Computer Communications, Inc.

ACC - [7] Area Communication Controller

ACC - [8] Argonne Code Center

ACC - [9] Audio Communications Controller

ACC - [10] Adaptive Cruise Control - per Radar oder Infrarot gesteuerte Entfernungseinhaltung zum voranfahrenden Fahrzeug (dt.: ADR[6])

ACC - [11] Accra, Ghana - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ACCAD - Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (Univ. Ohio, http://www.cgrg.ohio-state.edu/)

ACCAP - Autocoder to COBOL Conversion and Program (IBM - aus ->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ACCEL - Automated/Automatic Circuit Card Etching Layout (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

Acceptor - unter OSI-Kommunikation Benutzer, der Empfaenger der INDICATION-Primitive verbunden mit einem Service empfaengt, vergl. Requestor (->"Marshall T. Rose: 'The Open Book'")

ACCESS - [1] Advanced Customer Connection Evolution System

ACCESS - [2] Aircraft Communication Electronic Signalling System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ACCESS - [3] Automatic Computer Controlled Electronic Scanning System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

Access - Microsoft Access - Datenbanksystem (unter Windows) mit integrierter grafischer Entwicklungsumgebung

access.conf - Access Configuration file (HTTPd)

ACCF - Arthur C. Clarke Foundation (http://www.clarkefoundation.org/)

ACCIS - (military) Automated Command & Control Information System (->"VERA[1]")

Account - Benutzerkennung (Name und Passwort) fuer eine Mailbox oder ein System

ACCRA - American Chamber Of Commerce Research Association

ACCS - [1] Automatic Control and Computer Sciences (Avtomatika i Vychislitel'naya Tekhnika), Allerton Press Inc. (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ACCS - [2] Association of Casualty and Surety Companies

ACCS - [3] Army Command and Control System

ACCS - [4] Automated Calling Card Service

ACCT - Account

acct - (GNU) Accounting utilities

ACCTS - Airlines Coordination Council for Telephone Services, Teil der ARINC

ACCU - Association of C and C++ Users (UK)

ACCUNET - Accuracy Network - AT&T Warenzeichen fuer Digitale Netzdienste mit 1.544Mbit/s ueber Miet- oder Standleitungen (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ACD - [1] Automatic Call Distributor {Telefonie}

ACD - [2] Analyzer for ConDuctivity (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ACD - [3] Advanced Circuit Design

ACDA - [1] Arms Control and Disarmament Agency

ACDA - [2] Automatic Call Disposition Analyzer

ACDI - Asynchronous Communications Device Interface

ACDN - Air Canada Data Network - kontinentales X.25-Netz (Montreal, Winnipeg, Toronto) seit 1984

ACDP - Australian Committee on Data Processing

ACE - [1] Advanced Computing Environments (Corp.)

ACE - [2] Automatic Calibration and Equalization

ACE - [3] Automatic Calling Equipment {Telefonie}

ACE - [4] Advanced Communications/Control Experiments

ACE - [5] Access Connection Element

ACE - [6] American Council of Education

ACE - [7] Animated Computer Education

ACE - [8] Association for Cooperation in Engineering

ACE - [9] Aviation Construction Engineers

ACE - [10] Automatic Computer Evaluation

ACE - [11] Automatic Checkout Equipment

ACE - [12] Autonomous Computer Engine (Western Digital)

ACE - [13] ASCII Compatible Encoding (->"Abklex")

ACE - [14] Advanced Composition Explorer {Weltraumfahrt}

ACE - [15] Arrecife, Canary Islands - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ACE-S/E - Acceptance Checkout Equipment for/in Spacecraft

ACEAA - Advisory Committee on Electrical Appliances and Accessories (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ACEC - American Consulting Engineers Council

ACEE - Aircraft Energy Efficiency

ACELP - Algebraic Code Linear Prediction

ACEMC - Access Connection Element Management Centre

ACEME - Access Connection Element Management Entity

ACER - Acer, Inc. - amerik. Hardwarehersteller seit 1976 (http://www.acer.com/)

ACES - [1] A Coureware Engineering System

ACES - [2] Acoustic Containerless Experiment System

ACET - Advisory Committee for Electronics and Telecommunications

ACF - [1] Access Control Field/Function/Facility

ACF - [2] (unter WWW:) Access Control File - Zugriffskontrolldatei des HTTP-Daemons, normalerweise "access.conf"

ACF - [3] Advanced (Tele-)Communication Function (aus VTAM unter IBM SNA)

ACF - [4] Alternate Communications Facility (z.B. computerunterstuetzte Sprachsynthesizer gesteuert durch Menueauswahl)

ACF - [5] Area Computing Facility

ACF/NCP - Advanced Communication Facility / Network Control Program - Programm zur Steuerung von SNA-Netzen

ACFA - Advanced CMOS Frame Aligner

ACFC - Address and Control Field Compression

ACFEL - Alternate Current Film ElectroLuminiszence - Duennfilmschicht mit (hoher) Lichtabgabe bei Wechselspannungsanschluss

ACFG - Automatic Continuous Function Generation (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ACG - Automatic Call Gap

ACH - [1] Automatic Clearing House

ACH - [2] Attempt Per Circuit Per Hour

ACHEFT - Automated Clearing House Electronic Funds Transfer

ACHM - Analyzer for Chemicals (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ACI - [1] Answer Controller Interface (IOM2 Monitor Command)

ACI - [2] Air Combat Intelligence

ACI - [3] Automatic Card Identification

ACI - [4] Advanced Chip Interconnection

ACI - [5] Alderney, Channel Islands - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ACIA - Asyncronous Communication Interface Adapter

ACIAS - Automated Calibration Internal Analysis System

ACID - [1] Atomicy, Consistency, Isolation, Durability

ACID - [2] Automatic Classification & Interpretation of Data (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ACIMAIL - Australia Computer Interconnection(?) Mail - Mailbox-System in Betrieb seit 1985 auf HP-Rechnern ueber AUSTPAC (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ACIP - Assembly Configuration and Integration Panel

ACIS - [1] Association for Computing and Information Sciences

ACIS - [2] American Committee for Interoperable Systems

ACIT - Adaptive Sub-band Excited Transformation (?)

ACK - [1] Acknowledge - Bestaetigung bzw. Empfangsbestaetigung, Flag in TCP/IP

ACK - [2] Acknowledge, ASCII 0x06 bzw. CNTRL-F

ACK - [3] Amsterdam Compiler Kit

ACK - [4] Nantucket, MA, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ACK0 - Acknowledge Even numbered blocks

ACK1 - Acknowledge Odd numbered blocks

Acknowledged Datagram Service - bestaetigter Datagramdienst (unter IP)

ACKNUM - Acknowledged Message Number (unter DNA)

ACL - [1] Access Control List (unter UNIX), verbesserte Zugriffsmethode fuer Dateien und Directories entsprechend DoD Security Level B (man 5 acl)

ACL - [2] Advanced CMOS Logic

ACL - [3] Allegro Common LISP - Kommerzielles LISP-Entwicklungssystem

ACL - [4] Advanced Computing Laboratory (LANL, http://www.acl.lanl.gov/)

ACL - [5] Agent Communication Language

ACL - [6] Application Control Language

ACL - [7] Association for Computational Linguistics

ACL - [8] Atlas Commercial Language

ACLF - Access Control List Facility

ACLI - American Council of Life Insurance

ACLR - Adjacent Channel Leakage Power Ratio (GSM, W-CDMA, UMTS)

ACLS - American Council of Learned Societies

ACLU - American Civil Liberties Union - US-amerikanische Buergerrechtsorganisation, bekannt geworden durch Widerspruch zum CDA[7] (http://www.aclu.org/)

ACM - [1] Association for Computing Machinery - Wissenschaftsperiodika-Verlag / ACM Press, New York (siehe http://www.acm.org/)

ACM - [2] Address Complete Message (SS7)

ACM - [3] Audio Compression Manager (Microsoft)

ACM - [4] Access Control Model (SNMPv3)

ACM - [5] Area Channel Manager (SMCC)

ACM - [6] Asteroids, Comets, Meteors conference {Astronomie}

ACM - [7] Attitude Calibration Module (Space Shuttle) {Raumfahrt}

ACM/GAMM - Association for Computing Machinery / German Association for Applied Mathematics and Mechanics

ACMANNCONF - Proceedings of the ACM Annual Conference (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ACMCCR - Computer Communication Review, A Quarter Publication of ACM SIGCOMM (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ACMCSC - ACM Annual Computer Science Conference (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ACME - [1] Advanced Computer for Medical Research (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ACME - [2] Association of Consulting Management Engineers

ACME - [3] Assembling Configuration Management Environments (->"Abklex")

ACMES - Automatic Chinese Message Exchange System - digitales Paketvermittlungssystem des DOD Taiwan der 70er Jahre (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ACMI - Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ACML - Application Configuration Markup Language project (http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/acml/)

ACMLFP - ACM Conference on LISP and Functional Programming (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ACMLPLS - ACM Letters on Programming Languages and Systems (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ACMNATCONF - National Conference of the ACM, Thompson Book Co. (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ACMO - Afloat Communications Management Office (NSEC - ->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ACMOSR - ACM Operating Systems Review (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ACMR - Air Combat Maneuvering Range (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ACMS - Application Control & Management System/Services

ACMTCS - ACM Transactions on Computer Systems (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ACMTDS - ACM Transactions on Database Systems (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ACMTG - ACM Transactions on Graphics (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ACMTMS - ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ACMTOIS - ACM Transactions on (Office) Information Systems (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ACMTOPLAS - ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ACO - [1] Ant Colony Optimization (http://iridia.ulb.ac.be/dorigo/ACO/ACO.html) {KI}

ACO - [2] Automated Control Operation

ACOF - Attendant Control Of Facilities

ACOM - [1] Automatic Coding System

ACOM - [2] Awarding Committee (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ACONET - Akademisches Computer Netz (Oesterreich/Europa), entstanden 1983, mit ISO/OSI-Protokoll

ACOPP - Abbreviated COBOL Preprocesor

ACOPS - Automatic CPU Overheating Prevention System

ACORN - ATM(?) Columbia(?) Optical(?) Research Network - Terabit-Testnetz an der Columbia Univ. (USA)

Acorn - Computerhersteller (Acorn Archimedes mit ARM-RISC-CPU)

ACOS - [1] Advisory Committee on Safety (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ACOS - [2] Arcus Cosinus, vergl. arccos

ACP - [1] Algebra of Communicating Processes

ACP - [2] Ancillary Control Programm/Process

ACP - [3] Advanced Computational Processor

ACP - [4] Aerospace Computer Program {Weltraumfahrt}

ACP - [5] Airline Control Program {Luftfahrt}

ACP - [6] Automatic Channel Programming

ACP - [7] Auxiliary Control Process

ACP - [8] Array Control Processor

ACP - [9] Active Configuration Profile (Modem)

ACP - [10] Adjacent Channel Power (GSM, W-CDMA, UMTS)

ACP - [11] Aerosol Collector and Pyrolyscience(?) investigation (Huygens Sonde, NASA, http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/cassini/)

ACPA - [1] Adaptive Controlled Phased Array

ACPA - [2] Association of Computer Programmers and Analysts

ACPA - [3] Audio Capture & Playback Adapter (IBM)

ACPC - [1] American(?) Conference(?) on Parallel Computation: International ACPC Conference (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ACPC - [2] Apple Communications Protocol Card

ACPEL - Alternate Current Pulverized ElectroLuminiszence - Pulverschicht mit Lichtabgabe bei Wechselspannungsanschluss

ACPG - Astronomical Community Participation Group (STScI)

ACPI - Advanced Configuration and Power(management) Interface - Power-Management-Standard zur Abloesung des APM[2] in der PC-Architektur

ACPM - Association Control Protocol Machine

ACPMAPS - Advanced Computational Processor Massive Parallel System (?) - Supercomputer des FNAL

ACPR - Adjacent Channel Power Ratio (GSM, W-CDMA, UMTS)

ACPX - Advanced Circuit Packaging eXperimental/eXtended

ACR - [1] Air-Field Control Radar (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ACR - [2] Antenna Coupling Regulator (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ACR - [3] Average Crossing Rate (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ACR - [4] American College of Radiologists

ACR - [5] Attenuation to Crosstalk Radio

ACR - [6] Audio Cassette Recorder

ACR - [7] Active Cavity Radiometer

ACR - [8] Automatic Call Recording

ACR - [9] Anonymous Call Rejection {Telefonie}

ACR/NEMA - Standard fuer zweidimensionale Bilddatenrepraesentation, siehe ACR[4] und NEMA

ACRBC - Acceptance, Checkout, Retest, and Backout Criteria

ACRC - Assured Crew Return Capability (vergl. ACRV) {Weltraumfahrt}

ACRI - Audio Cassette Recorder Interface

ACRIM - Active Cavity Radiometer Irradiance Monitor {Weltraumfahrt}

ACRIM II - Active Cavity Radiometer Irradiace Monitor (in UARS) {Weltraumfahrt}

ACRL - Association of College and Research Libraries

ACRNET - Attatched Resource Computer Network

Acrobat - s. Adobe Acrobat

ACRONYM - Alphabetic Collocation Reducing Or Numbing Your Memory :-)

ACROSS - Automated Cargo Release and Operations Service System

ACRV - Assured Crew Return Vehicle / Astronaut Crew Rescue Vehicle (ISS) {Weltraumfahrt}

ACS - [1] Access Control Store/Set (unter ISO/OSI VT)

ACS - [2] Access Control System (->"Computer Security Basics", Russell/Gangemi, ORA 1991)

ACS - [3] Access Control Server (Cisco)

ACS - [4] Advanced Communication Service (Bell, AT&T)

ACS - [5] Advanced Communication Set

ACS - [6] Advanced Communications System

ACS - [7] Asynchronous Communication Server

ACS - [8] Application Control Services/Set

ACS - [9] Automatic Crossconnect System

ACS - [10] Alaska Communications Systems (siehe ALASCOM)

ACS - [11] Arcus Cosinus (vergl. arccos)

ACS - [12] Australian Computer Science

ACS - [13] Assembly Contingency Subsystem (Space Shuttle) {Weltraumfahrt}

ACSE - Association Control Service Element - assoziatives Kontrollserviceelement zum Verbindungsmanagement auf Applikationsschicht, enthalten in CASE[1] ISO8649 und ISO8650

ACSF - Aeronautics Consolidated Supercomputing Facility (NASA, http://cabsparc.larc.nasa.gov/ACSF/acsf.html)

ACSM - American Congress on Surveying and Mapping

ACSNET - [1] Academic Computing Services Network

ACSNET - [2] Australian Computer Science Network

ACSS - [1] Aural Cascading Style Sheets (W3C)

ACSS - [2] Analog Computer Subsystem

ACST - Access Time (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ACSU - Advanced T1 Channel Service Unit

ACT - [1] Actor Language - minimale Programmiersprache mit LISP-aehnlicher Syntax zur Programmierung von Aktoren

ACT - [2] Air Control Team

ACT - [3] Algebraic Compiler and Translator

ACT - [4] Automatic Code Translation

ACT - [5] Advanced Communication Technology - Paketvermittlungssystem der Tymnet Inc. in den 70er Jahren (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ACT - [6] Archive Comparison Test (http://www.mi.net/act/act.html)

ACT - [7] Adobe Color Table 3LA file extension

ACT - [8] Applied Computerized Telephony

ACT - [9] Atacama Cosmology Telescope http://act.princeton.edu/ {Astronomie}

ACT - [10] Waco, TX, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

Act3 - Aktoren-Sprache fuer parallele Datenverarbeitung

ACTA - [1] American Carriers Telecommunication Association, gegr. 1985

ACTA - [2] Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement - internationales Abkommen gegen Filesharing

ACTA - [3] Allensbacher Computer- und Technikanalyse

ACTACYB - Acta Cybernetica (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ACTAINF - Acta Informatica, 1976(6)- (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ACTAMHUNG - Acta Mathematica Hungarica (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ACTAS - Alliance of Computer-based Telephony Application Suppliers

ACTIM - Agence pour la cooperation technique, industrielle et economique - Argentur fuer technische, industrielle und wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit (F)

Active Directory - LDAP Implementierung von Microsoft mit Kerberos, CIFS und DNS

ActiveX - Microsoft Remote Netzmechanismus/-technik ueber den MSIE als Konkurrent zu Java

ACTLab - Advanced Communication Technology Laboratory (UTEXAS)

ACTO - Automatic Computing Transfer Oscillator

Actor - Autonomer Prozess zur verteilten Problemloesung in kleinen Teilproblemen, (->"Gul Agha: 'Actors', 1985")

ACTPU - Activate Physical Unit (sna)

ACTRAN - Autocoder-to-COBOL Translating Service

ACTS - [1] Advanced Communications Technology Satellite {Weltraumfahrt}

ACTS - [2] Automatic Coin Telephone Service {Telefonie}

ACTS - [3] Acoustic Control and Telemetry System

ACTS - [4] Automated Computer Time Service (NIST)

ACTS - [5] Automatic Computer Telex Services

ACTS - [6] Advanced Communications Technology Society (of Europe) - Nachfolgeorganisation von RACE

ACTS - [7] Advanced Communications Technologies and Services (EU-Programm)

ACTT - Advanced Communication and Timekeeping Technology (Seiko)

ACTV - Advanced Compatible Television (->"Abklex")

ACTX - Amarillo College Texas (http://www.actx.edu/)

ACU - [1] Automatic Call Unit - z.B. Waehlmodem mit programmierbarer Waehleinrichtung

ACU - [2-4] Alarm/Address/Access Control Unit

ACU - [5] Arithmetic & Control Unit

ACU - [6] Achutupo, Panama - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

Acuacade - geostationaerer Aufklaerungssatellit des DoD USA, 1985 mittels STS Discovery im Rahmen der 1. militaerischen Mission in den Orbit gebracht (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ACUI - Automatic Calling Unit Interface

ACUMUG - Arkansas College & University Macintosh Users Group (http://acumug.ualr.edu/)

ACUTE - Accountants Computer Users Technical Exchange

ACV - [1] Alarm Check Valve

ACV - [2] Arcata/Eureka, CA, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ACVC - Ada Compiler Validation Capability

ACW - Alternating Continuous Waves

ACWP - Actual Cost of Work Performed

ACY - Atlantic City, NJ, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AD - [1] Addendum Document to an OSI[1] Standard

AD - [2] After Date

AD - [3] Application Development

AD - [4] Administrative Domain

AD - [5] Address/Data

AD - [6] Active Directory

AD - [7] ISO3166 2LA f. Andorra

Ad Astra - To the stars - lateinisch Weltraum

AD&D - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

ADA - [1] imperative Programmiersprache, entwickelt am DoD, unterstuetzt u.a. Parallelverarbeitung von Anweisungsbloecken

ADA - [2] Automatic Data Acquisition

ADA - [3] bei Tontraegern: Analoge Aufnahme, Digitale Abmischung, Analoges Medium (vergl. AAA, AAD)

ADA - [4] Air Defense Artillery

ADA - [5] Americans with Disabilities Act

ADA - [6] Apple Dealers Association

ADA - [7] Adobe Developers Association

ADA - [8] Adana, Turkey - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

Ada - imperative Programmiersprache und Vorname der Graefin Lovelace,die als erste Programmiererin der Welt im vorigen Jahrhundert mit dem Zahnradcomputer ihres Chefs Charles Babbage genausowenig fertig wurde wie heute die nach ihr benannte Programmiersprache mit den Compiler-Fehlern :-)

ADA400 - Administration Domain Austria(?) 400 - oesterreichisches MHS/Mbx-System auf Basis von X.400 seit 1990 (vergl. ->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

Adabas - Adaptable Database System - kommerzielles Datenbanksystem mit SQL von der Software AG

ADAC - Automatic Direct Analog Computer

ADACC - Automatic Data Acquisition and Computer Complex

ADAM - [1] Advanved/Associometrics Data Management (System)

ADAM - [2] Automatic Distance and Angle Measurement

ADAM - [3] Advanced Direct-landing Apollo Mission {Weltraumfahrt}

ADAPS - Automatic Display and Plotting System

ADAPSO - Association Of Data Processing Service Organizations (jetzt ITAA)

ADAPT - Adoption of Automatically Programmed Tools

Adapt&Lrng Sys/CS - Adaptive & Learning System / Computer System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

Adaptec - Netzwerk-/RAID-/SCSI-Hardwarehersteller (http://www.adaptec.com/)

Adapter(-Karte) - nuetzliche Elektronik, die im PC[1] oder in der WS vorhanden sein sollte, die man aber zusaetzlich kaufen und anschliessen muss ;-}

ADAPTS - Air-Delivered Anitpollution Transfer System

ADAR - Advanced Design Array Radar

ADAS - Automatic Data Acquisition System

ADAT - [1] Automatic Data Accumulator and Transfer

ADAT - [2] Alesis Digital Audio Tape - Aufnahmesystem von 1993

ADATEC - Adaptive Transform and Differential Entropy Coding

ADB - [1] A DeBugger (siehe adb)

ADB - [2] Apple Desktop Bus

ADB - [3] Adnan Izmir, Turkey - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

adb - Standard UNIX-Tool zum adressenorientierten Debuggen (man adb)

ADBS - Advanced Data Broadcasting System

ADC - [1] Analog Digital Converter

ADC - [2] American Digital Cellular - USA Mobilfunkstandard (vergl. ->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ADC - [3] Airborne/Air Digital/Data Computer (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ADC - [4] Automatic Data Collection

ADC - [5] Adaptive Data Compression (protocol) (Hayes-Modem)

ADC - [6] Add with Carry (Assembler-Statement)

ADC - [7] Affiliated Data Center

ADC - [8] Application Development Classes

ADC - [9] Art Directors Club - dt. Berufsverband von Art-Direktoren in der Werbebranche http://www.adc.de/

ADCCP - Advanced Data Communications Control Procedures (vorgeschlagen von ANSI/FIPS)

ADCI - Automatic Display Call Indicator

ADCM - Advances in Data Communications Management, Slonim & Unger & Fisher (Eds.), Wiley (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ADCOM - Administrative Committee (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ADCSP - Advanced Defense Communication Satellite Program

ADCU - Association of Data Communications Users

ADD - [1] Adapter Device Driver

ADD - [2] bei Tontraegern: Analoge Aufnahme, Digitale Abmischung, Digitales Medium (vergl. AAD)

ADD - [3] Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

ADD - [4] Addis Abeba, Ethiopia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ADDAR - Automatic Digital Data Acquisition and Recording

ADDAS - Automatic Digital Data Assembly System

ADDC - Automatic Data Direction Control (RS-485)

ADDDS - Automatic Direct Distance Dialing System

ADDM - Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (Oracle)

ADDMD - Administration DMD

Address Resolution - die Umformung von Netzwerkadressen zu mediaspezifischen Adressen

ADDS - [1] Applied Digital Data Systems (Inc.)

ADDS - [2] Automated Data Distribution System (in DDBMS)

ADE - [1] Automated Design Engineering

ADE - [2] Application Development Environment

ADE - [3] Advanced Development Environment

ADE - [4] Aden, Yemen - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ADEA - Assocation Belge pour le Developpement Pacifique de l'Engergie Atomique - Belgische Gesellschaft fuer die friedliche Nutzung von Atomenergie

ADELAIDE - University of Adelaide (Australia, http://www.adelaide.edu.au/)

Adele - Software Management System, entwickelt an der Univ. von Grenoble

ADEN - Density Analyzer (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ADEOS - Advanced Earth Observing Satellite - Japanischer Erderkundungssatellit, gestartet 1996 {Weltraumfahrt}

ADEPA - Agence Nationale pour le Developpement de la Production Automatisee (F)

ADES - Automatic Digital Encoding System

ADEW - Andrew Development Environment Workbench

ADF - [1] Automatic/Airborne Direction Finder

ADF - [2] Address Distribution Facility (SNI[1] Netzverwaltungstool)

ADF - [3] Astrophysics Data Facility (GSFC)

ADF - [4] Adapter Description File - TLA bzw. File Name Extension unter DOS

ADF - [5] Automatic Document Feeder

ADFRF - Ames-Dryden Flight Research Facility (ehemals DFRF) (NASA)

ADGALI - A Advanced Game Library project (http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/adgali/)

ADGE - Air Defense Ground Environment

ADI - [1] American Documentation Institute

ADI - [2] Agence de l'Informatique (F)

ADI - [3] Autodesk Device Interface

ADI - [4] Altitute/Attitute Director Indicator (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ADI - [5] Analog Device, Inc.

ADIC - Advanced Digital Information Corporation

ADIDAC - ANL Digigal Data Computer

ADIL - (NCSA) Astronomy Digital Image Library (http://imagelib.ncsa.uiuc.edu/imagelib/)

ADIMM - Asynchronous Dual Inline Memory Module

ADINTELCEN - Advanced Intelligence Center

ADIOS - Automatic Digital Input/Output System

ADIP - ADdress In Pre-groove - DVD-Informationsblock

ADIS - [1] Air Defense Integrated System

ADIS - [2] Association for the Development of Instructional Systems

ADIS - [3] Automatic Data Interchange System - ICAO-Entwicklungsprogramm von Nachrichtennetzen zur Flugsicherung

ADIS - [4] Alumni Development Information System

ADIS - [5] Advanced Digital Internet Services

ADIS - [6] Auto Dealer Information System

ADIS - [7] AEGIS Document Imaging System

ADIS - [8] Agricultural Data Interchange Syntax

ADIT - Analog Digital Integration Translator

ADJ - Amman Civil Airport, Jordan - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ADK - [1] Additional Decryption Key - Feature von PGP 5

ADK - [1] Adak Island, AK, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ADL - [1] ADA Development Language

ADL - [2] Adventure Definition Language

ADL - [3] Automatic Data Link

ADL - [4] Address Data Latch

ADL - [5] Arthur D. Little Forschungs-, Marktforschungs- und Beratungsinstitut Acorn Park, Cambridge (USA) mit Schwerpunkt Telekommunikation, Datenbanken

ADL - [6] (international conference on the) Advances in Digital Libraries (IEEE)

ADL - [7] Adelaide, Australia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ADLAT - Adaptive Lattice Filter

ADLC - [1] Adaptive Lossless Data Compression (IBM)

ADLC - [2] Asynchronous Data Link Control

AdLib - PC-Soundkarten-Hersteller

ADM - [1] Active Device Mount - Anschluss eines Geraets (ans Netz) im laufenden Betrieb

ADM - [2] Adaptive Delta Modulation

ADM - [3] Abstraktes/Allgemeines Datenmodell

ADM - [4] Add/Drop-Multiplexer (benutzt u.a. in VISYON)

ADM - [5] Ringeisen & Roberts (eds.), Applications of Discrete Mathematics, SIAM, 1988 (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichung)

ADM - [6] Activity Data Method

ADM - [7] Asynchronous Disconnected Mode

ADM - [8] Active Device Mount

ADM - [9] Additional Dealer Markup

ADM - [10] Arbeitskreis Deutscher Marktforschungsinstitute e.V. (gegr. 1960)

ADM - [11] Automatic Drive Maintenance (->"Abklex")

ADM - [12] Ardmore, OK, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ADMA - [1] Administration Agent (X.400)

ADMA - [2] Advance Direct Memory Access (Controller)

ADMA - [3] Area Division Multiple Access

ADMACS - Apple Document Mangagement And Control System

ADMD - Administration Management Domain - Oeffentlicher Versorgungsbereich, Adressteil von X.400-Adressen

ADMD - Administrative Management Domain (ISDN)

ADMF - Adminstrationsfunktion

Admin - (kurz f. System-) Administrator

ADMIRAL - Automatic and Dynamic Monitor with Immediate Rolocation, Allocation and Loading

ADMIRE - Automatic Diagnostic Maintenance Information Retrieval

ADML - Automatic Documentation and Mathematical Linguistics (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ADMR - Administrator (X.400)

ADMS - Adaptive Database Management System (siehe http://www.cs.umd.edu/projects/)

ADMS(C) - Automatic Digital Message Switching (Center)

ADMT - Active Directory Migration Tool (Microsoft)

ADN - [1] Allgemeiner Deutscher Nachrichtendienst

ADN - [2] Advanced Digital Network - DLC Dienst der BOC vor 1989 2,4-56kbit/s, nach 1989 incl. 19,2-38,4-64kbit/s

ADN - [3] Application Data Network - Anwenderdatennetz (siehe auch ->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ADN - [4] Abbrevated Dialing Number

ADO - [1] ActiveX Data Objects

ADO - [2] Anschlussdose

ADO - [3] Andamooka, Australia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

Adobe - Software-Firma, anfaenglich mit PostScript-Fonts, spaeter mit teuren Zeichenprogrammen auf Macintosh und PC (http://www.adobe.com/)

Adobe Acrobat - PDF-Seitenerstellungs- und -visualisierungprogramm von Adobe

Adobe Illustrator - v.a. objektorientiertes Grafikprogramm von Adobe

Adobe PageMaker - Seitenerstellungssoftware von Adobe f. PC und Macintosh-Systeme, u.a. auch fuer HTML

Adobe PageMill - (Yet Another) Seitenerstellungssoftware von Adobe f. PC und Macintosh-Systeme, v.a. fuer HTML-Seiten

Adobe Photoshop - Pixelgrafikbearbeitungsprogramm von Adobe f. PC und Macintosh-Systeme, vergl. PhotoShop

Adobe Type Manager - Fontverwaltungssystem mit proprietaerem Format von Adobe

ADOC - Air Defense Operation Center

ADONIS - Automatic Digital On-line Instrumentation System

ADOP - Advanced Distributed Onboard Processor

ADOR - Astrometry and Design Operations Review {Astronomie}

ADP - [1] Administrative Data Processing

ADP - [2] Advanced Data Processing

ADP - [3] Automatic/Automated Data Processing

ADP - [4] Additional Product Documentation

ADP - [5] Air Defense Position

ADP - [6] Acceptance Data Package

ADPCM - [1] Adaptive Differential/Delta PCM - um ca. 50 Prozent komprimierende PCM-Methode, bei der nicht jede analoge Amplitude in digitale Werte umgewandelt wird, sondern nur die jeweilige Differenz zur vorhergehenden Amplitude

ADPCM - [2] Association for Data Processing and Computer Management

ADPE - Automatic Data Processing Equipment

ADPE/S - Auxiliary Data Processing Equipment / System

ADPESO - Automatic Data Processing Equipment Selection Office

ADPr - Active Digital Profile - XML-basierte, zu aktualisierende Datenbasis von (Ressourcen und) Mitarbeitern in einem Betrieb (http://www.adpr-spec.com/)

ADPS - [1] Automatic Data Processing System

ADPS - [2] Acceptance Data Package System

ADPT - siehe Adaptec

ADQ - Kodiak-Metropolitan, AK, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ADR - [1] Address/Adresse

ADR - [2] Advanced Digital Recording

ADR - [3] Atomic Delayed Replication - Methode bei der Konsistenzhalten von Datenbestaenden in Datenbanken, bei der Vorgaenge auf dem primaeren Datenbereich mittels Cache zwischengespeichert werden, um die Anzahl der Netzzugriffe ertraeglich zu halten

ADR - [4] Audit Discrepancy Report

ADR - [5] Astra Digital Radio

ADR - [6] Automatische Distanzregelung - per Radar gesteuerte Entfernungseinhaltung zum voranfahrenden Fahrzeug (in der Automobiltechnik)

ADRAC - Automatic Digital Recording And Control

ADRC - [1] Automatic Digital Relay Center - Speichervermittlung (Burroughs/Unisys) im NORAD (Colorado Springs) (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ADRC - [2] Adaptive Dynamic Range Coding

ADRD - Automatic Data Rate Detection (->"Abklex")

ADREP - Accident/Incident Data Reporting - Datenbasis der ICAO (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

Adressmultiplex - Mehrfachnutzung eines Anschlusses durch mehrere logische Kanaele mittels virtueller Verbindungen

ADRMP - Automated Dialer and Recorded Message Player

ADRS - Analog to Digital Data Recording System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ADRT - Analog Data Recorder Transcriber (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ADS - [1] Application Development System

ADS - [2] Activity Data Sheet {Luftfahrt}

ADS - [3] Accurately Defined System

ADS - [4] Aitken Double Star catalogue - Katalog mit ueber 17000 Doppelsternen von Robert G. Aitken von 1932 (->"Penguin Dictionary of Astronomy")

ADS - [5] Astrophysics Data System (NASA/HAVARD)

ADS - [6] Automatic Distribution System

ADS - [7] Active Directory Service - proprietaeres X.500 unter Windows NT (Microsoft, vergl. NDS)

ADS - [8] Advanced Digital System

ADS - [9] Audio Distribution System

ADS - [10] Auxilary Data System

ADS - [11] Dallas-Addison, TX, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ADS-TP - Administrative Data System - Teleprocessing

ADSAF - Automatic Data System for the Army in the Field

ADSC - [1] Automatic Data Service Center

ADSC - [2] Automatic Digital Switching Center

ADSC - [3] Address Status Changed

ADSF - Advanced Directional Solidification Furnace {Luftfahrt}

ADSCOM - Advanced Shipboard Communication

ADSI - Active Directory Service Interface (vergl. ADS[7])

ADSK - Autodesk, Hersteller des PC-CAD-Programms AutoCAD

ADSL - Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line - digitale Netztechnik mit max. 9MB/s bzw. 640kB/s Datenrate je nach Richtung (vergl. SDSL)

ADSM - Adstar Distributed Storage Manager (IBM)

ADSP - [1] AppleTalk Data Stream Protocol

ADSP - [2] Advanced Digital Signal Processor

ADSR - Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release - Soundkurvenspezifikation u.a. beim C64

ADSU - ATM Data Service Unit

ADSUP - Automated Data Systems Uniform Practices

ADT - [1] Abstract Data Type

ADT - [2] Application Data Type(s)

ADT - [3] Atlantic Daylight Time

ADT - [4] Automatic Data Translator (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ADT - [5] Application Development Tools (IBM)

ADTC - [1] Adaptive Descrete Cosinus Transformation

ADTC - [2] ATM Development Test Center (GMD FOKUS)

ADTECH - Advanced Decoy Technology

ADTM - Arbeitsgruppe f. drahtlose Telekommunikations- und Multimediatechnik (FhG)

ADTS - Automated Data & Telecommunication Service - Kommunikations- und Datenverarbeitungsdienst der USA-Regierung, gegruendet 1972 (vergl. ->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ADTV - Advanced Definition Television, vergl. ATV

ADU - Automatic Dialing Unit

ADUA - Adminstrative Directory User Agent

ADV - Automatische Datenverarbeitung

ADVAM - Advances in Applied Mathematics (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

AdvancedNet - HP LAN aehnlich TCP/IP mit Zugriff auf IBM-Office-Dienste

ADVCR - Advances in Computing Research, A Research Annual, JAI Press Inc., Greenwich, Connecticut, and London, England (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ADVENT - Prototypisches Computer Adventure, implementiert auf einer PDP-10, deren Betriebssystem TOPS-10 nur 6-Zeichen lange Dateinamen zuliess

Adventure - engl. fuer Abenteuer - urspruenglich nur die Bezeichnung fuer eine Klasse von Computerspielen, inzwischen aber fuer die Beschaeftigung mit dem Computer insgesamt :-)

advfs - Advanced File System unter OSF/1

ADVIS - Advances in Information System - International Conference

ADVMATH - Advances in Mathematics (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ADVS - Automatisiertes Datenverarbeitungssystem

ADW - [1] (Universitaetseinrichtung) DFN-Kuerzel fuer Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin (Mitglied im DFN)

ADW - [2] Application Development Workbench (unter OS/2)

ADW - [3] Analog-Digital-Wandler

ADW - [4] Andrews AFB, MD, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ADWES - Addison-Wesley Publishing Company (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ADWS - Automatic Digital Weather Switch - Speichervermittlungssystem im weltweiten Wetterdatennetz der USAF, Teil des AUTODIN

ADX - Automatic Data eXchange - Warenzeichen fuer Speichervermittlung von ITT

ADY - Alldays, South Africa - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ADZ - San Andres Island, Colombia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AE - [1] Application Entity

AE - [2] Application Environment

AE - [3] Application Execution

AE - [4] Application Engineer(ing)

AE - [5] Acoustic Emission

AE - [6] Arithmetic Expression/Element

AE - [7] Astronomische Einheit - entspricht der grossen Halbachse der Erdbahn bzw. 149.500.000 km

AE - [8] Anschlusseinheit - Endstueck einer Anschlussverbindungsleitung

AE - [9] ISO3166 2LA f. United Arab Emirates

AE - [10] Above or Equal

AEA - [1] American Electronics/Engineering Association

AEA - [2] Atomic Energy Authority

AEACII - Atomic Energy Advisory Committee on Industrial Information

AEB - [1] Auxiliary Equipment Building

AEB - [2] Analog Expansion Bus (Dialogic)

AEB - [3] Agencia Espacial Brasileira {Weltraumfahrt}

AEC - [1] Atomic Energy Commission

AEC - [2] Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

AEC - [3] Ars Electronica Center (http://www.aec.at/)

AECB - Atomic Energy Control Board

AECG - Advanced Embedded Codes Gateway (->"Abklex")

AECM - Atomic Energy Commission Manual

AECPR - Atomic Energy Commission Procedural Regulations

AECT - Association for Educational Communications and Technology

AED - [1] ALGOL Extended for Design

AED - [2] Automated Engineering Design

AED - [3] Abfrageeinrichtung fuer Fernsprechleitungen mit Datenverkehr zur Umschaltung von Sprache auf Datenuebertragung (DBP)

AEDC - Arnold Engineering Development Center (U.S. Army)

AEDP - Astrometry and Engineering Data Processing {Astronomie}

AEDP/S - Association for Educational Data Processing/Systems

AEE - Association of Energy Engineers

AEEC - Airlines Electronic Engineering Committee - ARINC - entwickelte ATLAS

AEEE - Asociacion Electrotecnica y Electronica Espanola

AEF - [1] American Expeditionary Force (siehe BEF)

AEF - [2] Additional Elementary Function

AEFSDR - Advanced Encrypted File System Data Recovery

AEG - [1] (Wirtschaftseinrichtung) DFN-Kuerzel fuer Allgemeine Elektrizitaets-Gesellschaft Forschung (Mitglied im DFN, beteiligt u.a. an EUREKA, ESPRIT und JESSi)

AEG - [2] Active Element Group

AEG - [3] Academic Equipment Grant

AEGIS - Advanced Electronic Guidance And Instrumentation System

AEGIS - Advanced Electronic Guidance and Instrumentation System

AEH - [1] Advanced Encapsulated Hypertext

AEH - [2] Abecher, Chad - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AEI - [1] Application Entity Information - wird von ACSE geliefert aufgrund einer angeforderten Dienstes

AEI - [2] Associazion Elettrotecnica ed Elettronica Italiana

AEI - [3] Additional Equipment Interface

AEI - [4] Automatic Equipment Identification

AEI - [5] Application Enabling Interface (IBM)

AEIMP - Apple Event Interprocess Messaging Protocol

AEIOUS - Advanced Enhanced Interface for Open Universal Systems

AEL - Aeronatical Engine Laboratory

AEM - [1] Association of Electronic Manufacturers

AEM - [2] Automatic Emulation Management

AEMC - Algebraic, Extremal and Metric Combinatorics, 1986, M.-M. Deza & P. Frankl (eds.), Cambridge University Press, 1988(informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

AEMT - Arbeitsgruppe Elektronische Medientechnologie (FhG)

AEN - [1] AARNet Engineering Notes

AEN - [2] Adult Education Network

AENOR - Asociacion Espanola de Normalizacion y certificacion

AEO - [1] Acousto Electric Oscillator

AEO - [2] Aioun El Atrouss, Mauritania - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AEOM - Apple Events Object Model

AEP - [1] AppleTalk Echo Protocol

AEP - [2] Advanced Encryption Privacy - WEP-Nachfolger

AEP - [3] American Electric Power

AEP - [4] Application Environment Profile (IEEE 1003.10/11)

AEP - [5] Buenos Aries-newbery, Argentina - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AEPG - Army Electronic Proving Ground

AEPI - Atmospheric Emissions Photo Imaging

AEPSC - Atomic Energy Plant Safety Committee

AER - Adler/Sochi, USSR - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AERA - American Educational Research Association

AERDL - Army Electronics Research and Development Laboratory

AERE - Atomic Energy Research Establishment (UK)

AERIS - Airways Environmental Radar Information System

AERM - Alignment Error Rate Monitor

AERNO - Aeronautical Equipment Reference Number (Military - ->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AERO-PAC - Association of Experimental Rocketry of the Pacific (http://www.aeropac.org/aeropac/) {Weltraumfahrt}

AEROFLOT - zivile Luftfahrtorgan. der ehem. UdSSR {Luftfahrt}

AEROPP - Aeronautical Operations Processing (Philips) (vergl. ->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

AEROSAT - Aeronautical Satellite System

AES - [1] Application Environment Services - Routinenbibliothek fuer grafische Oberflaechen unter GEM, siehe WIMP

AES - [2] Application Environment Specification - UNIX-Schnittstellenspezifikation, implementiert in OSF/1

AES - [3] Advances in Engineering Software, Published in association with the International Society for Computational Methods in Engineering(informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

AES - [4] Aerospace and Electronic Systems - Gesellschaft der IEEE

AES - [5] American Electrochemical/Electroplaters Society

AES - [6] Advanced Encryption Standard - Nachfolger von DES

AES - [7] Apollo Extension System {Weltraumfahrt}

AES - [8] Atmospheric Exchange System {Weltraumfahrt}

AES - [9] Aalesund, Norway - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AES/EBU - Auto Engineering Society / European Boradcasting Union

AESA - Active Electronically Scanned Array - Radar-System

AESE - Airborne Electrical Support Equipment

AESOP - An Evolutionary System for On-line Programming. fruehes interaktives Query System mit Lightpen fuer IBM 1800-Systeme.->"AESOP: A Final Report: A Prototype Interactive Information Control System", J.K. Summers et al, in Information System Science and Technology, D. Walker ed, 1967. Sammet 1969, p.703

AESS - Aerospace and Electronics Systems Society - Gesellschaft der IEEE

AET - Allakaket, AK, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AET - [1] Application Entity Title

AET - [2] Advanced Educational Technology

AETC - U.S. Air Force Education and Training Command (http://www.aetc.af.mil/)

AETE - [1] Apple Event Terminology Extension resource

AETE - [2] Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment - Centre d'essais techniques aerospaciale (Canada, http://www.dnd.ca/aete/)

AEUT - Apple Event User Terminology

AEW - Airborne Early Warning

AEW&C - Airborne Early Warning and Control

AEWTU - Airborne Early Warning Training Unit

AEX - Alexandria-England AFB, LA, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AEY - Akureyri, Iceland - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AF - [1] Adventures in Fantasy

AF - [2] Air Force

AF - [3] Audio Frequency

AF - [4] Automatic Following

AF - [5] Address Family (sockets)

AF - [6] Assured Forwarding

AF - [7] Auxiliary carry Flag (assembler)

AF - [8] ISO3166 2LA f. Afghanistan

AF/EB - African EDIFACT Board (->"VERA[1]")

AFA - San Rafael, Argentina - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AFACTS - Automatic Facilities Test System

AFADS - [1] Automatic Force Adjustment Data System

AFADS - [2] Advanced Forward Air Defense System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AFAIAA - (USENET-Jargon) As Far As I Am Aware - soweit mir bewusst ist

AFAIC - (USENET-Jargon) As Far As I'm Concerned - soweit ich eingeweiht bin

AFAICR - (USENET-Jargon) As Far As I Can Recall - soweit ich mich erinnern kann

AFAICS - (USENET-Jargon) As Far As I Can See - soweit ich das sehe

AFAIK - (USENET-Jargon) As Far As I Know - soweit ich weiss

AFAIKT - (USENET-Jargon) As Far As I Know Today - soweit ich heute/bislang weiss

AFAIR - (USENET-Jargon) As Far As I Recall - soweit ich mich erinnern kann

AFAL - Air Force Avionics Laboratory (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AFAM - Association France-Allemagne du Minitel - Deutsch-Franzoesische Minitel Arbeitsgemeinschaft, Strassburg seit 1988 (vergl. ->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

AFAMPE - (U.S.) Air Force Automated Message Processing Exchange (->"VERA[1]")

AFAP - As Fast As Possible

AFAPL - Air Force Aero Propulsion Laboratory (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AFATDS - Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System

AFB - [1] Air Force Base

AFB - [2] Antifriction Bearing (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AFC - [1] Automatic Flight Control

AFC - [2] Automatic Frequency Control

AFC - [3] Automatic Font Change

AFC - [4] Area Frequency Coordinator (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AFC - [5] Aeronautical Frequency Committee, Teil der ARINC

AFCAC - Air Force Computer Acquisition Center (Hanscom AFB)

AFCAL - Association Francaise de Calcul (FR)

AFCC - Air Force Communications Command

AFCCE - Association of Fedral Communication Consulting Engineers (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AFCCU - Advanced Funtion Common Control Unit

AFCE - Automatic Flight Control Equipment

AFCEA - (U.S.) Armed Forces Communications And Electronics Association

AFCET - Association Francaise pour la Cybernetique Economique et Technique

AFCRL - (U.S.) Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratory

AFCS - Adaptive/Automatic Flight Control System

AFD - [1] Automatic File Distribution

AFD - [2] Axial Flux Density

AFD - [3] Aft Flight Deck {Luftfahrt}

AFDDA - Air Force Director of Data Automation (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AFDEI - Association Francaise Des Espions d'Internet

AfdP - Archiv fuer deutsche Postgeschichte (vergl. ->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

AFDX - Avionics Full Duplex switched Ethernet - Standard fuer ein Computernetzwerk zwischen Flugzeugsystemen {Luftfahrt}

AFE - [1] Analog Front End

AFE - [2] Apple File Exchange

AFELIS - Air Force Engineering and Logistics Information System

AFGE - American Federation of Government Employees

AFGWC - (U.S.) Air Force Global Weather Central

AFI - Authority and Format Identifier (unter NSAP in ISO7498)

AFII - Association for Font Information Interchange

AFIM - After Image - Datenbankzustand nach Veraenderung

AFIN - Association Francaise des Informaticiens

AFIPS - American Federation of Information Processing Societies

AFIRM - Automated Fingerprint Image Reporting and Match

AFIS - Automated Fingerprint Identification System

AFIT - Air Force Institute of Technology (http://www.afit.af.mil/AFITHome.html)

AFJ - (USENET-Jargon) April Fool's Joke

AFK - (USENET-Jargon) Away from Keyboard

AFL - American Federation of Labor

AFL-CIO - American Federation Of Labor; Congress Of Industrial Organizations

AFLPS - Arrays, Functional Languages, and Parallel Systems, Edited by Lenore M. R. Mullin, Michael Jenkins, Gaetan Hains, Robert Bernecky, and Guang Gao, Kluwer, 1991(informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

AFM - [1] Automatic Flight Management

AFM - [2] Adobe Font Metrics (File Name Extension)

AFM - [3] Atomic Force Microscope

AFMR - Antiferromagnetic Resonance

AFNOR - Association Francaise De Normalisation (French ISO Group)

AFNS - Air Force News Service(?) (http://www.af.mil/news/)

AFO - [1] Americas Field Operations

AFO - [2] Axial Flux Offset

AfOD - Anbieter f. Online-Dienste (i.A. synonym zu ISP[5])

AFOE - Advanced Fiber Optic Echelle spectrograph {Astronomie}

AFOS - Active Fiber Optic Segment - LWL Verbindungssegment zwischen zwei aktiven Teilnetzen

AFOSR - (U.S.) Air Force Office of Scientific Research

AFP - [1] AppleTalk Filing Protocol

AFP - [2] Advanced Function Printing

AFP - [3] Agence France Press

AFP - [4] Air Force Program

AFP - [5] Advanced Flexible Processor - CPU mit bis zu 210bit-Instruktionen, entwickelt 1982 von Control Data

AFPA - [1] Association pour la Formation Professionelle des Adults

AFPA - [2] Automatic Flow Process Analysis (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AFPA - [3] Advanced Function Printing Architecture (IBM)

AFPC - AppleTalk Filing Protocol Client

AFPDS - Advanced Function Printing Data Stream (IBM)

AFPHB - Assured Forwarding Per-Hop-Behaviour (RFC2597)

AFPI - Association Francaise des Professionnels d'Internet (F)

AFPN - Air Force Public News (http://www.af.mil/news/)

AFR(T)S - Armed Forces Radio (and Television) Service

AFRAL - Association Francaise de Reeglage Automatique (F)

AfriNIC - African Network Information Center - gegr. 2004 (RIR)

AFRL - Air Force Research Laboratory (http://www.de.afrl.af.mil/)

AFS - [1] Andrews File System, verteiltes Filesystem vergleichbar mit NFS, entwickelt an der CMU

AFS - [2] Audio Frequency Shift

AFS - [3] Advanced Freephone Service

AFS - [4] Aeronautical Fixed Services - staendiger Nachrichtentechnische Dienst der Flugsicherung (vergl. ->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

AFS3 - Andrews File System Version 3, verteiltes Filesystem mit Blocktransfer und RPC-basierten Administratoroperationen

AFS4 - Andrews File System Version 4, verteiltes Filesystem mit OSF DCE, Nachfolgeversion von AFS3, vergl. DFS[3]

AFSATCOM - Air Force Satellite Communications - USAF Fernmeldesatellitennetz seit 1975 (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

AFSC - (U.S.) Air Force Systems Command

AFSCF - (U.S.) Air Force Satellite Control Facility

AFSCME - American Federation Of State, County And Municipal Employees

AFSD - AEG Fernsprech- und Datenuebertragungssystem des Deutschen Wetterdienstes 1968-1972 (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

AFSK - Automatic Frequency Shift Keying

AFT - [1] Automatic Filter Test

AFT - [2] Authenticated Firewall Traversal (IETF)

AFTE - Autogenic Feedback Training Experiment

AFTEC - Air Force Test and Evaluation Center (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AFTEL - Association Francaise de la Telematique Multimedia

After You Problem - Problem, bei dem zwei Prozesse durch eine Semaphore muessen, und sich immer gleichzeitig den Vortritt lassen oder gleichzeitig in die Semaphore eintreten wollen

AfterDark - "Bildschirmschoner"-Software mit Plug-in-Modulen, urspruenglich fuer Macintosh-Rechner von Berkeley Systems

AfterStep - (Verballhornung von NeXTStep) Grafikbibliothek und Window-Manager unter X11

AFTI - Advanced Fighter Technology Integration (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AFTN - Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunications Network - Flugsicherungsnetz der ICAO

AFTP - anonymous FTP

AFTRA - American Federation Of Television And Radio Artists

AFTRCC - Aerospace Flight Test Radio Coordinating Council (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AFuG - Amateurfunkgesetz (->"Abklex")

AFUU - Association Francaise des Utilisateurs d'UNIX - French Association of Unix Users (siehe http://www.afuu.fr/)

AFUUSO - Association Francaise des Utilisateurs d'UNIX et des Systemes Ouverts - French Association of Unix Users and Open Systems

AFW - Fort Worth-Alliance, TX, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AFWL - Air Force Weapons Laboratory (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AFY - Afyon, Turkey - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AG - [1] Attributierte Grammatik

AG - [2] Arbeitsgruppe

AG - [3] Air to Ground

AG - [4] Arbitration Grant

AG - [5] Aviable Generation

AG - [6] Arcade Game

AGA - [1] Advanced Graphics Adapter - Grafikkarte fuer PC's mit einer Aufloesung von 640x200 in 16 Farben

AGA - [2] Agadir, Morocco - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AGACS - Automatic Ground to Air Communications Systems

AGANET - Antigua Network (C&W, Westindische Inseln, ->"The Matrix")

AGARD - Advisory Group for Aerospace Research and Development (NATO)

AGAROBOTICS - Algorithmic and Geometric Aspects of Robotics, ed. by Jacob T. Schwartz and Chee-Keng Yap, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Hillsdale, New Jersey(informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

AGB - [1] Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922) - Erfinder des Multiplex-Telegraphen und elektrodynamischen Fernsprechsystems (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

AGB - [2] Amerika GedenkBibliothek, Berlin (D)

AGB - [3] Allgemeine GeschaeftsBedingungen Telekom, Nachfolgewerk der TKO seit 1.7.1991 (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

AGB - [4] Asymptotic Giant Branch - Bereich im HR (->"Penguin Dictionary of Astronomy") {Astronomie}

AGB - [5] Muehlhausen Augsburg, Germany - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AGC - [1] Automatic Gain Control - (NASA, Magellan) {Weltraumfahrt}

AGC - [2] Pittsburgh-Allegheny City, PA, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AGCA - Automatic Ground Controlled Approach (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AGCH - Access Gran Channel (GSM)

AGCL - Automatic Ground Controlled Landing (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AGCOM - Autorita per le Garanzie nelle Comunicazioni - ital. Regulierungsbehoerde fuer Telekommunikation

AGCS - Advanced Graphics Chip Set

AGCT - Army General Classification Test

AGDIC - Astro Guidance Digital Computer (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AGDS - American Gage Design Standard (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AGDX - Arbeitsgemeinschaft fuer Directory Exchange, Erlangen

AGE - [1] Automatische Gebuehrenerfassung

AGE - [2] Aerospace Ground (Support) Equipment (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AGED - Advisory Group on Electron Devices (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

Agent - im Client-Server-Modell ein Teil des Softwaresystems, der den Informationsaustausch zwischen Client und Server realisiert

AGEP - [1] Arbeitsgemeinschaft Elektronisches Publizieren (e.V.)

AGEP - [2] Advisory Group on Electronic Parts (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AGET - Advisory Group on Electron Tubes (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AGF - [1] Arbeitsgemeinschaft fuer Grossforschungseinrichtungen, Bonn Bad-Godesberg, Sammelorganisation fuer Deutsche Forschungseinrichtungen wie DESY und GMD, umbenannt in HGF

AGF - [2] Additional Global Function

AGF - [3] Agen, France - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AGFNET - X.25-IBM-Computernetz der Arbeitsgemeinschaft fuer Grossforschungseinrichtungen in den 80er Jahren (s. AGF[1], ->"The Matrix")

AGG - Angoram, Papua New Guinea - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AGH - Helsingborg-Angelholm, Sweden - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AGI - [1] American Geological Institute

AGI - [2] Adventure Game Interpreter (Sierra Online)

AGIL - Airborne General Illumination Light (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AGILE - Autonetics General Information Learning Equipment (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AGK - [1] Astronomische Gesellschaft Katalog - 1867 von F.W. Argelander initiiertes Projekt, erstellte 1887 auf Basis von Beobachtungen von 17 Observatorien einen Katalog mit rund 200000 Sternen (AGK1) (->"Penguin Dictionary of Astronomy")

AGK - [2] Kagua, Papua New Guinea - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AGK1 - Astronomische Gesellschaft Katalog 1 - 1887 veroeffentlichter Katalog auf Basis von Beobachtungen von 17 Observatorien mit rund 200000 Sternen {Astronomie}

AGK2 - Astronomische Gesellschaft Katalog 2 - in den Jahren 1928-32 veroeffentlichter Katalog der Sternenpositionen auf Basis fotografischen Aufnahmen {Astronomie}

AGK3 - Astronomische Gesellschaft Katalog 3 - in den Jahren 1956-67 veroeffentlichter Katalog der Sternenpositionen mit Angabe der Sternenbewegung auf Basis fotografischen Aufnahmen und in Kalkulation zu einem Satz fundamentaler Sterne (s. FK) {Astronomie}

AGL - [1] Above Ground Level

AGL - [2] Wanigela, Papua New Guinea - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AGLL - American Genealogical Lending Library

AGM - [1] Air-to-Ground Missile

AGM - [2] Auxiliary General Missile

AGN - [1] Active Galactic Nucleus {Astronomie/Astrophysik}

AGN - [2] Angoon, AK, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AGND - Analog Ground

AGNS - AT&T Global Network Services

AGNULA - A GNU Linux Audio distribution - Projekt zur Verbesserung der Audio-Faehigkeiten von Linux (http://www.agnula.org/)

AGOF - Arbeitsgemeinschaft Online Forschung

AGOSS - Automated Ground Operations Scheduling System

AGP - [1] Advanced Graphics Port - PC-Schnittstelle mit verbesserter 3D-Datenuebertragung

AGP - [2] Advanced Graphics Package (HP)

AGP - [3] Malaga, Spain - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AGPL - (GNU) Affero General Public License - Lizenz fuer freie Software mit Copyleft

AGQ - Agrinion, Greece - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AGR - [1] Advanced Gas Cooled Reactor (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary") {Reaktortechnik}

AGR - [2] Agra, India - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AGREE - Advisory Group on the Reliability of Electronic Equipment (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AGRU - Ansage Geaenderter Rufnummern (Telekom-Dienst)

AGS - [1] Alternate Gradient Synchrotron

AGS - [2] Augusta-Bush Field, GA, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AGSP - Atlas General Survey Program

AGU - [1] American Geophysical Union

AGU - [2] Address-Generation-Unit (Pentium IV)

AGU - [3] Aguascalientes, Mexico - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AGUI - Advanced Graphical User Interface

AGUL - A Graphic User Language

AGV - [1] Automatic Guided Vehicle

AGV - [2] Acarigua, Venezuela - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AGW - American Gauge Wire

AGX - Agatti Island, India - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AGZ - Actual Ground Zero

AH - [1] Authentication Header (IPng)

AH - [2] Ampere Hour

AH - [3] Artificial Horizon

AHA - [1] Advanced Hardware Architects

AHA - [2] American Homebrew Association

AHA - [3] Okinawa-Naha AFB, Japan - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AHB - [1] Advanced High-performance Bus - Nachfolger des ASB (ARM[5])

AHB - [2] Abha, Saudi Arabia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AHC - Herlong, CA, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AHCIET - Associacion Hispanoamericana de Centros de Investigacion y Estudios de Telecomunicaciones - Verband nachrichtentechnischer Forschungs- und Planungsstellen Spanien/Lateinamerika (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

AHD - Ardmore, OK, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AHDL - Analog Hardware Description Language

AHFG - ATM-attached Host Functional Group

AHFR-1 - Argonne High Flux Reactor {Reaktortechnik}

AHIMA - American Health Information Management Association

AHIP - ARPANET Internet Protocol

AHIP-E - ARPANET Internet Protocol Enhanced, 1987 behandelt in RFC1005

AHM - [1] Ampere Hour Meter - Stromverbrauchsmesser

AHM - [2] Airplane Health Management - Computersystem von Boeing zur Zustandserfassung und Prognostik am Flugzeug {Luftfahrt}

AHN - Athens, GA, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AHO - Alghero/Sassari, Italy - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AHP - Analytical Hierarchy Process

AHPCRC - Army High Performance Computing Research Center (http://www.arc.umn.edu/)

AHQ - Air Headquarters

AHS - Ahuas, Honduras - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AHT - [1] Average Handling Time

AHT - [2] Amchitka Island, AK, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AHU - [1] Air Handling Unit

AHU - [2] Al Hoceima, Morocco - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AI - [1] Artificial Intelligence - Kuenstliche Intelligenz (hat soviel mit natuerlicher Intelligenz zu tun wie "Artificial Flavour" mit natuerlichem Geschmack :-)

AI - [2] Activate Indication (C/I channel code)

AI - [3] Active Interface

AI - [4] Adobe Illustrator file name extension

AI - [5] Automatic Input

AI - [6] Analog Input

AI - [7] Aquisition Institute

AI - [8] Attitude Indicator

AI - [9] ISO3166 2LA f. Anquilla

AI-RUB - Astronomisches Institut der Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum (http://www.astro.ruhr-uni-bochum.de/) {Astronomie}

AIA - [1] Application Integration Architecture (DEC)

AIA - [2] Authority Information Access

AIA - [3] Aerospace Industries Association

AIA - [4] American Inventors/Insurance Association

AIA - [5] American Institute of Architects

AIA - [6] Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (SDO[2])

AIA - [7] Alliance, NE, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AIAA - American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

AIAAJ - American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Journal

AIAS - Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences http://www.interactive.org/

AIAT - Apple Information Access(?) Toolkit

AIB - Anita Bay, AK, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AIBO - Artificial Intelligence Robot (jap. auch f. "Gefaehrte") einer der ersten "intelligenten", programmierbaren Roboterhunde von Sony (http://www.aibo.com/)

AIBS - American Institute of Biological Sciences (http://www.aibs.org/)

AIC - [1] Automatic Intercept Center

AIC - [2] Automatic Initiation Circuit

AIC - [3] AIX windows Interface Composer (IBM)

AICA - Associazione Italiana il Calcolo Automatico - Italienische Informatiker-Vereinigung (I)

AICBM - Anti Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

AICC - Automatic Intercept Communications Controller

AICE - American Institute of Consulting Engineers

AICK - Apple Internet Connection Kit - Netzsoftwarepaket von Claris (u.a. mit NCSA Telnet, MacTCP, MacPPP und Netscape Navigator)

AID - [1] Agency for International Development

AID - [2] Algebraic Interpretative Dialog

AID - [3] Advanced Input Device(s) (auch Firmenname)

AID - [4] Anderson, IN, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AIDA - [1] Astronomical Image Data Archive http://aida.astroinfo.org/

AIDA - [2] Asteroid Impact & Deflection Assessment - ESA-Doppelsonde, Start voraussichtl. 2019 {Astronomie}

AIDA - [3] Attention, Interest, Desire, Action (->"Abklex")

AIDC - Aero Industry Development Center

AIDDE - AMES Interactive Dynamic Display Editor

AIDE - [1] Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment

AIDE - [2] Automated Integrated Design Engineering

AIDS - [1] A* Infected Disk Syndrome - Virus-Syndrom bei MS-DOS Rechnersystemen

AIDS - [2] Aircraft Integrated Data System (AFSC)

AIDS - [3] Automated Integrated Debugging System

AIDS - [4] (sonst:) Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

AIDSCOM - Army Information Data Systems Command

AIDX - Verballhornung von AIX, vor allem Version 3.0

AIEA - Agence Internationale de l'Energie Atomique

AIEE - American Institute of Electrical Engineers - obsolet, siehe IEEE

AIENDF - Atomics International Evaluation Nuclear Data File

AIF - [1] Application Interface

AIF - [2] (Forschungseinrichtung) DFN-Kuerzel fuer Arbeitsgemeinschaft Industr. Forschungsvereinigungen e.V. (Mitglied im DFN)

AIF - [3] Atomic Industrial Forum

AiF - Arbeitsgemeinschaft industrieller Forschungsvereinigungen e.V.

AIFB - Institut. f. Angewandte Informatik und formale Beschreibungsverfahren d. Univ. Karlsruhe

AIFC - Audio Image File Format Compressed - Industriestandard fuer Audiodaten

AIFF - Audio Image File Format - Industriestandard fuer Audiodaten (Apple?)

AIFS - Arbitration Inter-Frame-Space (IEEE 802.11e)

AII - [1] Analogical and Inductive Inference, International Workshop AII '86, LNCS265, 1987; AII '89, LNCS397; AII '92, LNCS642(informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

AII - [2] Active Input Interface

AIIC - (USENET-Jargon) As If I Care

AIIE - American Institute of Industrial Engineers

AIIM - Association for Information and Image Management

AIIP - Association (of) Independent Information Professionals

AIJ - Artificial Intelligence, An International Journal(informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

AIJ(?) - (USENET-Jargon) Am I Jesus?

AIK - [1] Angewandte Informatik Karlsruhe e.V.

AIK - [2] Aiken, SC, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AIL - [1] Application Interface Language

AIL - [2] Amoeba Interface Language

AILAS - Automatic Instrument Landing Approach System

AILS - Automatic Instrument Landing System

AIM - [1] Advanced Information Management

AIM - [2] Projekt: Advanced Informatics in Medicine (DG XIII)

AIM - [3] Administrative and Information Program (? NASA)

AIM - [4] Air Intercept Missile

AIM - [5] American Institute of Management

AIM - [6] Application In Multi-user-environments(?) Benchmark-Test-Suite aus 33 (kleinen) Einzeltests mit Schwerpunkt Multiprocessing (VAX), Aim Technology, Palo Alto

AIM - [7] Alternate Input Method (OS/2)

AIM - [8] Automatic Interface Management

AIM - [9] Avalanche Induced Migration - Technik zur Programmierung von PROMs

AIM - [10] Astronomisches Institut Muenster (http://aquila.uni-muenster.de/)

AIM - [11] AOL Instant Messenger - Chat-System unter AOL f. Windows, Mac und Linux

AIM - [12] Apple, Intel, Motorola

AIM - [13] Ascend Inverse Multiplexing (protocol) (ATM)

AIM - [14] Asteroid Impact Monitor - Teil der AIDA-Mission {Astronomie}

AIMACO - Air Material Computer

AIMAG - AI Magazine (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

AIMB - (USENET-Jargon) As I Mentioned Before

AIMD - Additive-Increase Multiplicative-Decrease (TCP)

AIME - American Institute of Mechanical Engineers

AIMES - Automated Inventory Management Evaluation System

AIMS - [1] EUREKA-Projekt EU 112 zur Entwicklung und Erprobung einer flexiblen Infrastruktur (ECS-Development and PSE[2]) als Standard zur Unterstuetzung der Spezifikation und Entwicklung von umfangreichen eingebetteten Computing Systemen (89,3 Mio. ECU, 23 Monate Laufzeit)

AIMS - [2] Automated Information and Management System

AIMS - [3] Advanced Inventory Management System

AIMS - [4] Apple Internet Mail Server

AIMTC - Artificial Intelligence and Mathematical Theory of Computation: Papers in Honor of John McCarthy, Vladimir Lifschitz (Ed.), Academic Press, 1991(informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

AIN - [1] Advanced Intelligent Network (Bellcore MVIF)

AIN - [2] Auto Insert Notification

AIN - [3] Wainwright, AK, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AINAP - Advanced Intelligent Network Application Protocol

AIO - Asynchronous Input/Output

AIOD - Automatic Identification Outward Dialing

AIP - [1] Advanced Information Processing

AIP - [2] Astrophysikalisches Institut Potsdam (siehe http://www.aip.de:8080/)

AIP - [3] American Institute of Physics (siehe http://www.aip.org/)

AIP - [4] Association of Internet Professionals

AIPS - [1] Astronomical Image Processing System {Astronomie}

AIPS - [2] International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Planning Systems {KI}

AIPT - Association for International Practical Training (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AIR - [1] Aerospace Information Report (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AIR - [2] Air Intercept Rocket (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AIR - [3] American Institute for Research/of Refrigeration

AIR - [4] Adobe Intregrated Runtime - Flash-Laufzeitbibliothek

AIR - [5] Recorder, Indicating, Analyzer (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AIRCOM - Bord-Boden-Kommunikationssystem der SITA/ICAO ab 1984 (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

AIRCON - [1] Automated Information and Reservations Computer Oriented Network (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AIRCON - [2] Automated Information and Reservation Combined Operations Network ab 1966 (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

AIRE - Australien Institution of Radio Engineers (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AIRMICS - Army Institute for Research in Management Information and Computer Science (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AIRS - [1] Alternate Internet Root System (http://a-i-s.org/)

AIRS - [2] Automatic Information/Image Retrieval System

AIRS - [3] Atmospheric Infrared Sounder {Luftfahrt}

AIRS - [4] Advanced Inertial Reference Sphere (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AIRSS - ABRES Instrument Range Sefety System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AIRTC - (international symposium on) Artificial Intelligence in Real-Time Control (conference)

AIRTO - Association of Independent Research & Technology Organisations (UK)

AIS - [1] Automatic Intercept System

AIS - [2] Automated Information System

AIS - [3] Alarm Indication Signal

AIS - [4] American Interplanetary Society (jetzt: ARS[3])

AIS - [5] Adaptive Intelligent Systems - sich (der (virtuellen) Umwelt) anpassende, intelligente Systeme

AIS - [6] Action Item System

AIS - [7] American Internet Services (http://www.americanis.net/)

AIS - [8] Americas Information Services (SMI)

AIS - [9] Autonome intelligente Systeme (FhG)

AIS - [10] Arbeitgeberinformationssystem (D)

AiS - [1] (Institut f.) Autonome intelligente Systeme, ehemals Teil der GMD/FIT, jetzt FhG

AiS - [2] Arbeitgeberinformationssystem (D, http://www.arbeitsamt.de)

AIS/Net1000 - Advanced Information Systems/Net 1000 - VAN der American Bell Inc. ab 1983 (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

AISB - [1] Association of Imaging Service Bureaus

AISB - [2] Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour society (UK)

AISC - Association of Independent Software Companies (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AISE - Alarm Indication Signal - External (ATM)

AISEC - Fraunhofer-Einrichtung fuer Angewandte und Integrierte Sicherheit

AISI - (USENET-Jargon) As I See It

AISP - [1] Association of Information Systems Professionals

AISP - [2] Association for Internet Service Providers

AIST - [1] Automatic Information Station (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AIST - [2] Agency of Industrial Science & Technology (Japan)

AIT - [1] Alliance Internationale de Tourisme - Zusammenfassung europaeischer Automobilclubs

AIT - [2] American Institute of Technology (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AIT - [3] Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand (http://emailhost.ait.ac.th/)

AIT - [4] Auckland Institute of Technology, New Zealand (http://www.ait.ac.nz/)

AIT - [5] Advanced Intelligent Tape (Sony)

AIT - [6] Applied Information Technology - Angewandte Informationstechnik

AIT - [7] Air Italia - Fluggesellschaft {Luftfahrt}

AIT - [8] Aitutaki, Cook Islands - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AITAC - MCNC Advanced Information Technology Applications Center

AITEC - (research institute for) Advanced Information Technology (Japan)

AITO - Association Internationale pour les Technologies Objets

AITP - Audit Information Transfer Protocol (eingesetztes Protokoll im Bereich Netzwerksicherheit)

AITS - Action Item Tracking System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AIU - [1] Acknowledge Interchange Unit (unter SNA)

AIU - [2] Activate Indication Upstream

AIU - [3] Association Internationale des Universites (Paris)

AIUB - Astronomische Institute der Universitaet Bonn (http://www.astro.uni-bonn.de:8000/)

AIUI - (USENET-Jargon) As I Unterstand It

AIUS - American Internet User Survey

AIVS - Automatisiertes InformationsVerarbeitungsSystem

AIW - APPN Implementors Workshop

AIX - Advanced Interactive eXecutive - UNIX-Variante von IBM

AIY - Atlantic City-Bader Field, NJ, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AIZ - Lake Of The Ozarks, MO, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AJ - [1] Assembly Jig

AJ - [2] Astronomical Journal {Astronomie}

AJA - Ajaccio, Corsica - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AJAX - Asynchronous JavaScript And XML

AJB - Astronomisches JahrBuch - Veroeffentlichung des Astronomischen Recheninstituts Heidelberg {Astronomie}

AJBS - Association of Japanese Business Studies

AJC - Australasian Journal of Combinatorics (Replaces red supplemental series of Ars Combinatoria) (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

AJF - Jouf, Saudi Arabia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AJJ - Akjoujt, Mauritania - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AJN - Anjouan, Comoro Islands - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AJP - Apache JServe Protocol

AJPHYSICS - American Journal of Physics (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

AJPO - Ada Joint Program Office (DoD)

AJR - Arvidsjaur, Sweden - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AJU - Aracaju, Brazil - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AJY - Agades, Niger - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AK - [1] Address Acknowledge (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AK - [2] Alaska - USA-Staatenkuerzel

AKA - [1] Also Known As - alias

AKA - [2] AuslandsKopfAmt - (dt. f.) International Gateway bzw. andere Bezeichnung fuer UeVst, Gateway von Informationsnetzen zwischen zwei Laendern mit internat. Gebuehrenerfassung, ggf. Rufdatenaufzeichnung u.a. Diensten

AKADEMNET - X.25 Datennetz der Akademie der Wissenschaften der ehem. UdSSR

AKB - Assertional Knowledge Base {KI}

AKB - Atka, AK, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AKCL - Austin Kyoto Common LISP, xterm -e /usr/kcl/bin/akcl

AKDB - Anstalt fuer Kommunale Datenverarbeitung in Bayern http://www.akdb.de/

AKF - Kufrah, Libya - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AKI - [1] Arbeitsgemeinschaft der deutschen KI Institute

AKI - [2] Akiak, AK, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AKJ - Asahikawa, Japan - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AKK - Akhiok, AK, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AKK - Anstalt fuer Kabelkommunikation, ab 1982 Anstalt des oeffentl. Rechts zur Durchfuehrung von Versuchen mit Breitbandkabel (CATV) (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

AKL - Agent Kernel Language: object-oriented concurrent constraints (previously called Andorra Kernel Language) {KI}

AKL - Auckland Intl. Airport, Australia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AKN - King Salmon, AK, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AKP - Anaktuvik Pass, AK, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AKR - Akure, Nigeria - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AKS - Auki, Solomon Islands - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

Akustikkoppler - Modem zur Uebertragung elektrischer in akustische Signale fuer das Fernsprechnetz, Empfehlung hierfuer ist u.a. V.15 der CCITT

AKV - Akulivik, Quebec, Canada - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AKWIC - Author and Keyword in Context

AKX - Aktyubinsk, USSR - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AKY - Akyab, Burma - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AKUeFI - Abk. fuer Abkuerzfimmel - Sprachgewohnheit von Computerexperten :-)

AL - [1] Action Line (in DELTA)

AL - [2] Access Link (in Reference Configurations)

AL - [3] Assembly Language

AL - [4] Artificial Life, siehe KL

AL - [5] Aussagenlogik

AL - [6] Alabama - USA-Staatenkuerzel

AL - [7] ISO3166 2LA f. Albania

AL/X - Expertensystem Shell, aehnlich BABYLON, abgeleitet von PROSPECTOR

ALA - [1] American Library Association http://www.ala.org/

ALA - [2] Alma-Ata, USSR - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ALAE - Atmospheric Lyman Alpha Experiment

ALALC - Asociacion Latinomericana de Libre Comercio - Lateinamerikanische Freihandelszone (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ALAN - Audio Local Area Network

ALANA - A Language Analyzer

ALAP - [1] As Low As Practical (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ALAP - [2] (Jargon) As Late As Possible

ALAP - [3] AppleLink Access Protocol - bei der Macintosh-Vernetzung genau oberhalb der Hardware-Ebene und unterhalb des DDP[3] angesiedeltes Punkt-zu-Punkt-Protokoll mit Knotennummernvergabe, ohne Fehlerkorrektur

ALARA - As Low As Reasonably Achievable - Risiko-Prinzip

ALARM - Automatic Light Aircraft Readiness Monitor (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ALAS - Asynchronous Look-Ahead Simulator

ALASCOM - Alaska Communications, bis 1971 ACS[7], vor 1935 seit 1901 WAMCATS (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

AlaskaNet - PSPDN (X.25/X.75) der ALASCOM (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ALASU - Alabama State Univ. (siehe ASU[2])

ALB - Albany, NY, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ALBM - Air-to-Land Ballistic Missile

ALBO - Automatic Line Buildout

ALC - [1] Analog Leased Circuit - analoge Mietleitung (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ALC - [2] Automatic Load/Level Control

ALC - [3] Arithmetic & Logic Circuits

ALC - [4] Airline Link Control

ALC - [5] Assembly Language Coding

ALC - [6] Asynchronous Layered Coding (RFC3450)

ALC - [7] Adaptation Layer Controller (ATM)

ALC - [8] Alicante, Spain - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ALCAL - Airlines Communication Administration Council, Teil von ARINC

ALCATEL - Alsacienne des Constructions Atomiques et des Telecommunications - frz. Konzern fuer Nuklear- und Nachrichtentechnik seit 1985 (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ALCC - Airborne Launch Control Center (PACCS - ->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ALCF - Argonne Leadership Computing Facility https://www.alcf.anl.gov/

ALCM - Air Launched Cruise Missile (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ALCOM - Algorithms Review, Newsletter of the ESPRIT II Basic Research Actions Program Project no. 3075 (ALCOM)(informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ALCP - Area Local Control Panel

ALD - Analog Line Driver (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ALDC - Advanced/Adaptive(?) Lossless Data Compression

ALDEN - Hersteller von Bilduebertragungssystemen, z.B. fuer GEOS (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ALDP - Automatic Language Data Processing

Aldus - Software-Hersteller (Pagemaker, http://www.aldus.com/)

ALE - [1] Address Latch Enable

ALE - [2] Address Lifetime Expectation

ALE - [3] Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts http://www.ale.org/

ALE - [4] Alternate Language Environment

ALE - [5] Alpine, TX, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ALE-Method - Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian Method (u.a. f. FSI-Probleme angewandte, numerische Methode)

ALENEX - (International Workshop on) Algorithm Engineering and Experiments

ALERT - [1] D-Kanal-Protokoll-Nachricht

ALERT - [2] Acute Launch Emergency Reliability Tip {Weltraumfahrt}

ALERT - [3] Automated Linguistic Extraction and Retrieval Technique (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ALEX - [1] Automatic Login Executor

ALEX - [2] Advertising Link Exchange

ALEX - [3] kanad. Videotextdienst von Bell Canada ab 1988 (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ALEXIS - Array of Low Energy X-ray Imaging Sensors {Astronomie}

ALF - Alta, Norway - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ALFA - Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili

ALFE - Analog Line Front End

ALFRED - Allele Frequency Database - Genfrequenz-Datenbank der Yale-Univ. http://alfred.med.yale.edu/

ALFTRAN - ALGOL to FORTRAN Translator (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ALG - [1] Application Layer Gateway

ALG - [2] sonst: Anderer Leute Geld

ALG - [3] Algiers, Algeria - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AlGaAs - Aluminium Gallium Arsenid - dotierte Legierung fuer Halbleiter

ALGLOGIC - Algebra and Logic (A Translation of Algebra i Logika)(informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ALGM - Air Launched Guided Missile (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ALGOL - ALGOrithmic Language - imperative Programmiersprache, hauptsaechlich entwickelt in den 60er Jahren (deshalb z.T. genannt ALGOL 60)

ALGOL 58 - ALGOrithmic Language - imperative Programmiersprachenvariante von 1958

ALGOL 60 - ALGOrithmic Language - imperative Programmiersprache von 1960

ALGOL 68 - ALGOrithmic Language - imperative Programmiersprachenvariante von 1968

ALGOL W - ALGOrithmic Language - imperative Programmiersprachenvariante von 1966

ALGORITHMS - Journal of Algorithms (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

Algorithmus - eine Methode bzw. ein Rezept, einen Computer eine Aufgabe erledigen zu lassen - manchmal hilft auch ein Fusstritt :-) (siehe Hardware)

ALGRTHMICA - Algorithmica (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ALH - Albany, Australia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ALHAT - Autonomous Landing & Hazard Avoidance Technology

ALI - [1] Automatic Location Indentification

ALI - [2] Automatic Logic Implementation

ALI - [3] ACER Labs Inc.

ALIAnet - Australian Library and Information Association Network (http://www.alia.org.au/)

Alias - allgemein: "ein anderes Wort fuer", Abkuerzung und/oder Umbenennung von Kommandos oder elektronischen Postadressen

ALIBI - Adaptive Location of Internetworked Bases of Information

ALICE - A Large Ion Collision Experiment (LHC)

Alignment - (Text-)Anordnung

ALIP - Annular Linear Induction Pump (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ALIS - Advanced Life Information System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ALIT - Automatic Line Insulation Testing

ALIWEB - Archie Like Indexing in the Web - WWW-Informationssystem, entwickelt von Martijn Koster 1993

ALIX - Automated Library On Information Exchange

ALJ - Alexander Bay, South Africa - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ALKEM - Alphachemie und Metallurgie GmbH - Plutonium Hersteller

ALLERTON - Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing, Allerton House, Monticello, Illinois(informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ALLF - Additional Low Layer Functions

ALLOC - Allocated packet memory (unter XTP: 32-bit-Wert, der den (noch) benutzbaren Speicher des Empfaengers beschreibt)

ALM - [1] Asynchronous Line Multiplexer

ALM - [2] Arbeitsgemeinschaft LandesMedienanstalten (D, http://www.alm.de/)

ALM - [3] Application Level Management

ALM - [4] Application Loadable Modul

ALM - [5] Alamogordo/Holloman AFB, NM, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ALM-2 - Asynchronous Line Multiplexer 2 (16 Channels, Sun VME)

ALMA - Atacama Large Millimeter Array - (2004 geplantes und bereits finanziertes) Radioteleskop-Array in Chile {Astronomie}

ALMS - [1] Analytic Language Manipulation System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ALMS - [2] Auxiliary Liquid Metal System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ALN - Asynchronous Learning Network (KI)

ALO - Waterloo, IA, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ALOE - Apple Library for Object Embedding

ALOHA - erstes X.25 Paketnetzwerk auf Hawaii

ALOM - Advanced Lights Out Manager (Sun)

ALOR - Advanced Lunar Orbital Rendezvous {Weltraumfahrt}

ALOS - Administrative Level of Support

ALOT - Adaptive Large Optics Technology (->"NASA NGST Acronym List")

ALOTS - AirBorne Lightweight Optical Tracking System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ALP - [1] Access Linux Platform - auf Linux basiertes Betriebssystem fuer PDAs (vergl. Android)

ALP - [2] Assembly Language Preprocessor (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ALP - [3] Automated Language Processing (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ALP - [4] Automated Learning Process (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ALP - [5] Aleppo, Syrian Arab Republic - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

Alpha-Chip - siehe 21064

Alpha-Editor - (TCL-programmierbarer) Texteditor auf dem Apple Macintosh

ALPO - Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers http://www.alpo-astronomy.org/

ALPS - [1] Advanced Lindear Programming System

ALPS - [2] Automated Library Processing Service

ALPS - [3] Associated Logic Parallel System

ALPS - [4] Accidental Launch Protection System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ALQ - Alegrete, Brazil - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ALR - [1] Advanced Logic Research, Inc.

ALR - [2] Alexandra, New Zealand - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ALRI - Airborne Long Range Intercept (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ALRM - ALaRM - Signal unter UNIX, vergl. SIGALRM

ALRU - Automatic Line Record Update

ALRUTS - Automated Line Replaceable Unit Tracking System

ALS - [1] Application Layer Structure

ALS - [2] Advanced Launch System (Raketenstartsystem) {Weltraumfahrt}

ALS - [3] Advanced Logistic System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ALS - [4] Approach Light System {Luftfahrt}

ALS - [5] Ada Language System (Softech)

ALS - [6] Automated List Service

ALS - [7] Adjacent Link Station (IBM)

ALS - [8] Alamosa, CO, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ALSA - Advanced LINUX Sound Architecture project (http://alsa.jcu.cz/)

ALSEP - Apollo Lunar Surface Experiment Package {Weltraumfahrt}

ALT - [1] Advanced Learning Technology

ALT - [2] Altimeter {Luftfahrt}/{Weltraumfahrt}

ALT - [3] Approach & Landing Tests {Luftfahrt}/{Weltraumfahrt}

ALT - [4] Alenquer, Brazil - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ALT-Bit - Bit 8 eines 8-Bit-Zeichen

ALT-Taste - Umschalttaste - Taste, die den Zeichen der Tastatur Bedeutungen unterlegt, bei denen man graue Haare bekommen kann :-)

Alt-Strg-Entf - Alte Steuerung Entfernen! - Tastaturkombination, um den armen Rechner von einem schlimmen Betriebssystem zu erloesen, muss ggf. mehrfach betaetigt werden ;-) (vergl. Vulcan Nerve Pinch)

alt.* - alternative - Untergruppe in den USENET-News zu alternativen Themen wie Graffiti (alt.graffiti), Teufelshaeschen (alt.devilbunnies), Sex (alt.sex.*), Fandom (alt.fan.*), Supermodels (alt.supermodels) usw.

Alta Vista - unueblich f. AltaVista, WWW-Suchmaschine

AltaVista - WWW-Suchmaschine, entwickelt am Palo Alto Digital Research Lab, als Tochterfirma von Digital gegr. 1995 (s. http://de.altavista.com/, vergl. Lycos, Google, DMOZ)

ALTAC - Algebraic Transistorized Automatic Computer Translator (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ALTAIR - ARPA Long Range Tracking and Instrumentation Radar

Altair - Motorola drahtloses Ethernet bzw. Funknetz auf CSMA/CD Basis fuer Buerobereiche

ALTCENTRE - Advanced Level Telecommunications Training Centre (Indien) (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ALTE - Association of Language Testers in Europe

ALTEL - Association of Long Distance Telephone Companies

ALTERNIC - Alternative Network Information Center

ALTO - Application-Layer Traffic Optimization

ALTRAN - ALgebraic TRANslator

ALTS - Association for Local Telecommunication Services

ALU - Arithmetic Logic Unit - arithmetische Recheneinheit in Computer

Aluminium Book - ->"Guy L. Steele jr.: 'Common LISP - The Language', Digital Press 1894"

ALW - Walla Walla, WA, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ALWR - Arbeitskreis der Leiter Wissenschaftlicher Rechenzentren

ALY - Alexandria, Arab Republic Of Egypt - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ALZ - Alitak, AK, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

Alz - Ausleuchtzone bei Satellitensystemen, siehe AOR, POR, IOR

AM - [1] Access Mechanism - Zugriffsart

AM - [2] AmplitudenModulation

AM - [3] Ante Meridiem - Vormittag

AM - [4] Accounting Management / Abrechnungsmanagement

AM - [5] Access Module(s)

AM - [6] Aspirin/MIGRAINES

AM - [7] Auxiliary Memory (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AM - [8] Administrative Module

AM - [9] Apache Mini server

AM - [10] Active Matrix (display)

AM - [11] ISO3166 2LA f. Armenia

Am.Ceram.Soc. - American Ceramic Society, Inc. (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AM/PSK - Amplitude Modulation / Phase Shift Keying

Am29000 - RISC CMOS Mikrochip von AMD als Zentraleinheit fuer FDDI-Karten

AMA - [1] American Medical/Management/Manufacturer/Marketing Association

AMA - [2] Automatic Message Accounting {Telefonie}

AMA - [3] Automatic Memory Allocation

AMA - [4] Amarillo, TX, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AMACS - Automatic Message Accounting Collection System

AMACUS - Automated Microfilm Aperture Card Updating System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AMAD - Activity Median Aerodynamic Diameter (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AMADEUS - EUREKA-Projekt EU 328 zur Einfuehrung eins europaweit arbeitenden Buchungs- und Reservierungssystems fuer den Reisesektor mit Grossrechenzentrum und spezieller Datentransfersteuerung (350 Mio. ECU, 24 Monate Laufzeit)

AMANDA - [1] Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver (siehe http://www.cs.umd.edu/projects/)

AMANDA - [2] Antarctic Muon and Neutrino Detector Array (http://amanda.berkeley.edu/)

AMANDDA - Automated Messaging AND Directory Assistance

AMAPI 3D - A Modeller API for 3D objects (http://www.eovia.com/, http://amapi.idevgames.com/)

AMAPS - Advanced Manufacturing Accounting and Production System

AMARC - [1] Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center - Flugzeugfriedhof in den USA {Luftfahrt}

AMARC - [2] Automatic Message Accounting Recording Center

AMARV - Advanced Maneuvering Reentry Vehicle (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AMAS - Advanced Midcourse Active System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AMASE - Automatic Message Accounting Standard Entry

AMAT - Automatic Message Accounting Transmitter

AMATH - Applied Mathematics

AMATPS - Automatic Message Accounting Teleprocessing System

AMaViS - A Mail Virus Scanner (http://www.amavis.org/)

Amaya - als "Standard" konzipierter WWW-Browser und Seiteneditor vom W3C (Netscape, MSIE, lynx)

Amazon - urspruenglich Online-Bookstore, jetzt Online Shop fuer fast alles (http://www.amazon.com/)

AMBA - [1] Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture (ARM[5])

AMBA - [2] Association of Master of Business Administration

AMBE-Bus - Advanced MultiBus Equipment Bus, vergl. Multibus

AMBER - Astronomical Multiple Beam Recombiner (VLTI) {Astronomie}

AMBIT - Algebraic Manipulation by Identity Translation (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AMBW - (USENET-Jargon) All My Best Wishes

AMC - [1] Add-on Module Connector (SIPB)

AMC - [2] Albany Medical College

AMC - [3] Applied Mathematics and Computation(informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

AMC - [4] Army Missile Command (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AMC - [5] Automatic Message Counting (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AMC - [6] Association of Management Consultants (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AMC - [7] Automatic Mixture Control (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AMC - [8] Avionics Maintenance Conference (ARINC)

AMCA - Air Moving and Conditioning Association (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AMCBMC - Air Material Command Ballistic Missile Center (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AMCD - Active Matrix Color Display

AMCEC - Allied Military Communications Electrontics Committee (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AMCEE - Association for Media Based Continuing Education for Engineers, Inc. (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AMCF - Alkali Metal Cleaning Facility (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AMCS - Airborne Missile Control System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AMCSAF - Air Mobility Command Studies and Analysis Flight (http://spartan.safb.af.mil/)

AMD - [1] Advanced Micro Devices - Chip-und FDDI-Interface-Hersteller (http://www.amd.com/)

AMD - [2] Active Matrix Display

AMD - [3] Ahmedabad, India - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

amd - Automatic Mount Device - entspricht "Automounter", man amd

AMD 29000 - CPU RISC-Chip der Firma Advanced Micro Devices

AMD Athlon - Codename einer AMD Prozessorarchitektur ab 1999

AMD Duron - Codename einer AMD Low Cost Prozessorarchitektur ab 2000 in Konkurrenz zum Intel Celeron

AMD Fusion - Codename einer AMD Prozessorarchitektur mit integrierter GPU ab 2011

AMD Opteron - Markenname einer AMD Server- und Workstation-Prozessorarchitektur ab 2003

AMD Phenom - Codename einer AMD Mehrkernprozessorarchitektur ab 2007

AMD Sempron - Codename einer AMD Prozessorarchitektur, Nachfolger des AMD Duron

Amdahl - Amdahl Corp. - Computerfirma, gegr. 1970 von Gene M. Amdahl (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

AMDS - [1] Amplitude Modulation Data System

AMDS - [2] Advanced Mirror Demonstration System (->"NASA NGST Acronym List")

AME - [1] Advanced Modeling System

AME - [2] Amplitude Modulation Equivalent

AME - [3] Advanced Metal Evaporated (tape) (Seagate)

AME - [4] Advanced Modeling Extension (AutoCAD)

AME - {5] (internat.) Astronomie-MEsse http://www.astromesse.de {Astronomie}

AMEDAS - Automated Meteorological Data Acquisition Systems (NTT, Japan) (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

AMEISE - Autonomous Management Entity in an Interoperating Systems Environment - Applikation zum Ressource- und Netz-Management in heterogenen Systemumgebungen

AMEL - [1] Active Matrix Electro Luminescent (display)

AMEL - [2] Aircraft Multiengine Land {Luftfahrt}

AMERITECH - American Information Technologies

AMES - Unterabteilung der NASA, u.a. fuer Projekte im Bereich Computerwissenschaft

AMEX - AMerican EXpress (Firmenname)

AMF - [1] Astronaut Memorial Foundation

AMF - [2] Ama, Papua New Guinea - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AMFIS - [1] American Microfilm Information Society

AMFIS - [2] Automatic Microfilm Information System

AMG - Amboin, Papua New Guinea - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AMH - [1] Automated Material Handling

AMH - [2] Arba Mintch, Ethiopia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AMHS - [1] Automated Message Handling System

AMHS - [2] American Material Handling Society

AMI - [1] Alternate-Mark-Inversion(-Code) - Codierungstechnik unter ISDN

AMI - [2] American Megatrends, Inc. - Hersteller des AMIBIOS

AMI - [3] American Micro System, Inc.

AMI - [4] ATM Mangement Interface

AMI - [5] Mataram, Indonesia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AMIA - American/Australian Medical Informatics Association

AMIBIOS - AMI[2] BIOS - EPROM-Startup-System fuer PC-Architekturen

AMIC - Apple Memory-mapped I/o Controller

AMICOM - Army Missile Command (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

Amiga - [1] ehem. Schallplattenfirma der DDR

Amiga - [2] Computerserie von CBM mit M68k-CPU

AMIGO - Advanced Messaging In Group Organizations - Projekt ueber (strukturierte) Mehrbenutzerkommunikation auf X.400 Basis

AMIGOS - Adanced Mobile Integration in General Operating Systems (->"VERA[1]")

AMIS - Audio Messaging Interchange Specification

AMK - Durango-Animas Airpark, CO, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AML - [1] Archive for Mathematical Logic (continuation of Archiv fuer mathematische Logik und Grundlagenforschung), Springer International(informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

AML - [2] ACPI Machine Language

AML - [3] Puerto Armuelles, Panama - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AMLAMP - Antarctic Meteorite Location and Mapping Project des LPI (siehe http://cass.jsc.nasa.gov/elephant.html)

AMLCD - Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display

AMLETS - Applied Mathematics Letters, Pergamon Press (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

AMM - [1] The American Mathematical Monthly (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

AMM - [2] Area Marketing Manager (Sun)

AMM - [3] Anti Missile Missile (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AMM - [4] Aurora Multiscale MIDEX Mission (NASA-MIDEX/JHU)

AMM - [5] Amman, Jordan - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AMMA - Advanced Memory Management Architecture (Everex Systems)

AMME - Automated Multi-Media Exchange - Speichervermittelndes System der US-Army in den 70er Jahren, Teil von AUTODIN (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

AMMI - American Museum of the Moving Image http://www.movingimage.us/

AMMS - Automatic Message Switching(?) Service - Vorschlag der CCITT 1982 fuer Telematikdienste (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

AMN - Alma, MI, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AMNET - Allgemeines Mailbox Netzwerk (BBS)

AMNF - (Data) Address Mark Not Found - SCSI-Fehlermeldung (Bit) No. 0

AMNH - American Museum of Natural History http://www.amnh.org/

AMNIP - Adaptive Man-Machine Nonarithmetical Information Processing (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AMO - [1] Administration and Maintenance Order

AMO - [2] Mao, Chad - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AMOEBA - verteiltes, objektorientiertes, experimentelles Betriebssystem von Andrew S. Tanenbaum (u.a.), basiert auf einem Netzwerk mit spezialisierten Rechnersystemen (X-Terminal, Prozessorsysteme, Fileserver, Gatewayserver)

Amoeba - siehe AMOEBA

AMOK - A Modular Operating Kernel (CRAY)

AMOLED - Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode

AMOR - [1] Application-integrated Managed Object Repository

AMOR - [2] Atom-Molekuel-Repraesentation - KI Wissenrepraesentationsmethode

AMORC - Ancient Mystic Order Rosae Crucis

AMORmas - Atom-Molekuel-Repraesentation Makro-Assembler - Wissensrepraesentationssprache, eingesetzt in INTERBIT[2]

AMOS - [1] Air Maintenance & Operation(?) System (Lufthansa)

AMOS - [2] Air Force Maui Optical Station (s. http://ulua.mhpcc.edu/amos.html) {Astronomie}

AMOS - [3] Advanced Mechanical and Optical System(s) {Astronomie}

AMOS - [4] Alpha Microsystems Operating System

AMP - [1] Apple Management Protocol

AMP - [2] IEEE802.5 Active Monitor Present Frame

AMP - [3] Associative Memory Processor

AMP - [4] Adobe Media Player

AMP - [5] Ampanihy, Madagascar - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AMPAS - Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences

AMPE - Automated Message Processing Exchange

AMPERE - Atomes et Molecules par Etudes Radio-Electriques, c/o M.C.Bene, Institute de Physique, Geneva, Switzerland (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

Ampersand - ASCII Zeichen '&' 0x26

AMPL - A Mathematical Programming Language - Modellierungssprache

AMPR - Applied Medical Physics in Radiology (http://www.ampr.net/)

AMPRNET - Amateur Packet Radio Network - nordamerik. Amateurfunk-Computernetz mit TCP/IP-Protokollsuite ab den 80er Jahren (->"The Matrix")

AMPS - [1] Automatic Message Processing System, errichtet u.a. in den 70er Jahren im Pentagon, Teil des AUTODIN

AMPS - [2] Advanced Mobile Phone Service (AT&T)

AMQ - Ambon, Indonesia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

amq - Automounter Query, siehe man amq

AMR - [1] Address Modifier Register (VMEbus)

AMR - [2] Advanced Mobile Roboter / EUREKA-Projekt EU 18 zur Entwicklung schnellbeweglicher Roboter der dritten Generation fuer den Einsatz bei oeffentlichen Sicherheitsaufgaben wie Katastrophen- und Terrorismusbekaempfung(92 Mio. ECU, 60 Monate Laufzeit)

AMR - [3] Automated Management Reports (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AMR - [4] Automatic Message Registering (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AMR - [5] Applications Marketing Representative

AMR - [6] Audio Modem Riser (Intel)

AMR - [7] Anisotropic Magneto Resistance (effect)

AMR - [8] Adaptive Multi-Rate (RFC3267)

AMR-WB - Adaptive Multi-Rate Wide Band (RFC3267)

AMRAAM - Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile

AMRAD - ARDA Measurements (Verteidigungs-)Radar

AMRL - Autonomous Mobile Robotics Lab (siehe http://www.cs.umd.edu/projects/)

AMROC - American Rocket Company

AMRV - Atmosphaeric Maneuvering Reentry Vehicle (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AMS - [1] American Mathematical Society - Sponsor mehrerer Konferenzen, des AMS-TEX-Systems fuer mathem. Zeichensatz und informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlicher

AMS - [2] Acoustic/Atmosphaeric Monitor System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AMS - [3] Administrative Management Society (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AMS - [4] Advanced Memory System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AMS - [5] American Meteorological Society (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AMS - [6] Applications Management Strategy (Tivoli)

AMS - [7] Amsterdam-Schipol, Netherlands - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AMS-DOS - Amstrad Disk Operating System

AMS-M-Bus - Advanced Microcomputer System Multibus - entspricht einer Europakarten-Version des MULTI-Bus

AMS-TEX - AMS[1] TEX - Erweiterung zum Textsatzsystem u.a. fuer mathematische Formeln

AMSAT - radio AMateur SATellite corp., Gesellschaft zur Entwicklung von Amateursatelliten, Entwicklungsgesellschaft von OSCAR, erste Gruendung 1969 in Washington mit Ablegern in Deutschland, Grossbritannien, Kanada u.a. (http://www.amsat.org/)

AMSCI - American Scientist (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

AMSDOS - Amstrad Disk Operating System

AMSI - Abstract Model for Service Implementation

AMSIE - AAAS Annual Meeting and Science Innovation Exposition

AMSU - Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit

AMT - [1] Active Matrix Technology

AMT - [2] Active Memory Technology

AMT - [3] Apple Media Tookit

AMT - [4] Accelerated Mission Testing (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AMT - [5] Amata-NT, Australia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AMTCL - Association for Machine Translation and Computational Linguistics (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AMTFT - Active Matrix Thin Film Transistor

AMTI - Airborne/Area/Automatic Moving Target Indicator (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AMTOR - Amateur Microcomputer Teleprinting Over Radio

AMTP - Authenticated Mail Transfer Protocol

AMTPE - Apple Media Tool Programming Environment

AMTRAC - A Multibus Train Communication Architecture (betrifft HS-LAN)

AMTRAN - Automatic Mathematical Translator

AMU - [1] Atomic Mass Unit

AMU - [2] Astronaut Moving Unit {Weltraumfahrt}

AMUG - American Macintosh Users Group (http://www.amug.org/)

AMVFT - Amplitude Modulated Voice Frequency Telegraphy/Telephony (siehe R.31)

AMW - Ames, IA, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AMX - Ammaroo, Australia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AN - [1] Access Node

AN - [2] Autonomous Network

AN - [3] (Journal) Astronomische Nachrichten (->"Penguin Dictionary of Astronomy")

AN - [4] Associated Number

AN - [5] ISO3166 2LA f. Antilles

ANA - [1] Article Number Association (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ANA - [2] Automatic Number Announcement

ANA - [3] Anaheim, CA, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ANAC - Automatic Number Announcement Circuit {Telefonie}

ANACOM - Analog Computer (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

analog - ein kontinuierliches Signal mit der Moeglichkeit, unendlich verschiedene Werte annehmen zu koennen

ANAS - Azerbaijan SSR Network in the Academy of Sciences - X.21/X.25-Netz in der ehem. Sowjetunion ab 1986(?) (->"The Matrix")

ANATRAN - Analog Translator (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ANB - Anniston, AL, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ANC - [1] All Number Calling - Broadcast-Telefon-Dienst {Telefonie}

ANC - [2] American Network Communications

ANC - [3] Anchorage, AK, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

Anchor - selektierbares Objekt in einem Hypertext

ANCOVA - Analysis of Covariance {Statistik}

ANCS - [1] American Numerical Control Society

AMCS - [2] AT&T Netware Connect Services

AND - Anderson, SC, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

And - [1] ASCII Zeichen '&'

And - [2] Andromeda - noerdl. Sternbild {Astronomie}

AND- - AND-PARALLEL means doing all the atomic goals in one clause (or query) of a logic program in parallel (all the nodes of one branch of the search tree). OR-PARALLEL means doing all the clauses in parallel (all the branches of the search tree). {KI}

AND/OR-Graphenmodell - Modell zur Beschreibung von Systemfamilien mit Mehreren Versionen und Konfigurationen (W.F. Tichy in ACM Proceedings of the International Workshop on Software Version & Configuration Control)

ANDES - Advanced Networked Distance Education System (project, ISI)

ANDF - Architecture-Neutral Distribution Format (OSF)

ANDIP - American National Dictionary for Information Processing (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

Android - Betriebssystem fuer mobile System (v.a. Smartphones) auf Basis von Linux von Google

ANDSF - Access Network Discovery and Selction Function

ANE - [1] Aeronautical and Navigational Electronics (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ANE - [2] Angers, France - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ANEL - Ringbeschleuniger fuer Elektronen (Italien)

ANF - [1] Automatic Number Forwarding

ANF - [2] Additional Network Feature (->"Abklex")

ANF - [3] Atlantic Nuclear Force (Poseidon/Polaris - ->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ANF - [4] Antofagasta, Chile - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ANFAWFOS - (USENET-Jargon) And Now For A Word From Our Sponsor

ANFSCD - (USENET-Jargon) And Now For Something Completely Different (auch aus "The REAL Canonical List of Forgotten Assembly Language Commands" :-)

ANG - [1] Advanced Network Group (Industriegruppe)

ANG - [2] Air National Guard

ANG - [3] Angouleme, France - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ANGA - Association of German Cable Operators - Verband Deutscher Kabelnetzbetreiber e.V. http://www.anga.de/, Ausrichter der Fachmesse ANGA Cable http://www.angacable.de/

Angle Brackets - '<' bzw. '>', auch als frz. Anfuehrungszeichen bekannt

ANI - [1] Automatic Number Identification (siehe auch CID[2], CLID) {Telefonie}

ANI - [2] Aniak, AK, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ANIE - Association Nazionale Industrie Elettro Techniche (Italien?)

ANIF - Automatic Number Identification Failure

Anik - Serie von geostationaeren Nachrichtensatelliten betrieben von Telesat Canada Inc., aktuell Anik E (DOMSAT) ab 1991 (Name aus der Eskimo-Sprache fuer "Bruder", ->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

Anikom - Digitaler Uebertragungsdienst der Telesat Canada Inc. ueber Festnetz mit 56-1544kbit/s (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ANIMA - Arts Network for Integrated Media Applications

AnimGIF - Animierte GIFs - GIF-Bildsequenzen nach GIF89a-Format

ANIS - Administration Network Interface Standards

anisochron - Gegenteil von isochron bzw. Attribut, dass die Bedingungen der Isochronitaet nicht erfuellt werden

ANIT - Automatic Network of Indirect Transmission - Textvermittlungsnetz der frz. Luftstreitkraefte (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ANK - Ankara, Turkey - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ANKE - Advanced Neuronal Knowledge Engineering

Anker - siehe Anchor

ANL - [1] Argonne National Laboratory

ANL - [2] Automatic Noise Limiter

ANLOR - Angle Order

ANM - Answer Message (SS7: in ISUP)

ANMA - Apple Network Managers Association

ANMC - American National Metric Council (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ANMP - Account Network Management Program

ANN - [1] Artificial Neural Network (s. NN[2])

ANN - [2] Annette Island, AK, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ANNALSDM - Annals of Discrete Mathematics, North-Holland (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ANNALSHC - Annals of the History of Computing (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ANNALSMAI - Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence, J. C. Baltzer A. G. Scientific Publishing Company(informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ANNALSML - Annals of Mathematical Logic (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ANNALSPAL - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ANNALSPROB - The Annals of Probability (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

Announce(ment) - (z.B. in comp.sys.sun.announce, engl. Ankuendigung) - des Kaisers neue Produkte :-)

ANNREVCS - Annual Review of Computer Science (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ANO - [1] Alphanumeric Output

ANO - [2] Advanced Networking Option (Oracle)

ANO - [3] Angoche, Mozambique - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

Anonymous FTP - File Transfer mittels FTP, wobei zum Einloggen normalerweise kein Password benoetigt wird, Benutzername ist "anonymous" (->xedit anon.ftp.sites, siehe RFC1635)

ANOVA - ANalysis Of VAriance {Statistik}

ANP - Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ANPA - American Newspaper Publishers Association

ANPO - Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion Office

ANPP - Army Nuclear Power Program

ANR - [1] Automatic Network Routing

ANR - [2] Access Node Router

ANR - [3] Association of Neutron Radiographers

ANR - [4] Active Noise Reduction - Schallausloeschung mittels Interferenz

ANR - [5] Antwerp, Belgium - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ANRAC - Aids Navigation Radio Control

ANS - [1] Advanced Networks & Services Inc. - kommerzieller Netz-Backbone vergleichbar mit NFSNet (http://www.ans.net/)

ANS - [2] Advanced Network Services

ANS - [3] American National Standard

ANS - [4] Answer Message (SS7: in ISUP)

ANS - [5] American Nuclear Society (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ANS - [6] Astronomische Nederlands Satelliet (->"Penguin Dictionary of Astronomy")

ANS - [7] Andahuaylas, Peru - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ANSA - [1] Advanced Network Services Architecture, verteiltes Kommunikationssystem der APM[4], teilw. auch unter der Bezeichnung ANSAware, NASA mit rund 1000 Installationen groesster Nutzer

ANSA - [2] Adaptive Network Security Alliance

ANSC - American National Standards Institute Committees

ANSI - American National Standards Institute (US member of ISO)

ANSI C - ANSI-Standard fuer C, besonderes Merkmal ist die Typangabe in der Parameterliste der Prozeduren und strengerer Typcheck

ANSI SQL - ANSI-Standard fuer SQL, besitzt Einschraenkungen gegenueber den gaengigen Dialekten

ANSMET - Antarctic Search for Meteorites - Suche und Kartographierung im Eis eingeschlagener Asteroiden (NASA, vergl. AMLAMP) {Astronomie}

ANSPAG - Advanced Network System Performance and Application Group (->"VERA[1]")

ANSYS - Finite Element Analysis Package for SunOS

ANT - [1] Advanced Networking Technology/Technologies

ANT - [2] AEG-Telefunken NachrichtenTechnik GmbH, u.a. 1 Lizenznehmer der DBP Telekom fuer Datenuebertragungsdienste ueber Fernmeldesatelliten (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

Ant - Antlia - Airpump - Luftpumpe - suedl. Sternbild {Astronomie}

ANTARA - Nachrichtenargentur Indonesiens (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ANTC - [1] AMD Network Test Center

ANTC - [2] Advanced Networking Test Center

ANTEL - Administracion Nacional de Telecomunicaciones - nationale Fernmeldeverwaltung in Uruguay und El Salvador (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ANTELCO - Administracion Nacional de Telecomunicaciones - nationale Fernmeldeverwaltung in Paraguay (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ANTIOPE - Acquisition Numerique et Televisualisation d' Images Organisees en pages d'Ecriture - frz. Entwicklungsprojekt fuer Bildschirmtextdienste und -protokolle (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ANTIVOX - Voice Actuated Transmitter Keyer Inhibitor (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ANTS - [1] Airborne Night Television System

ANTS - [2] AT&T Novell Telephone Services (->"VERA[1]")

ANTS - [3] (international workshop on) Ant Colony Optimization (erstmals ANTS'98, s. http://iridia.ulb.ac.be/ants98/ants98.html)

ANTS - [4] Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium

Antwortzeit - die Zeit, die der Computer braucht, um sich von Ihrer dummen Frage zu erholen :-)

ANU - [1] Australian National University (Betreiber des MSSSO, siehe http://www.anu.edu.au/)

ANU - [2] Antigua, British West Indies - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ANV - Anvik, AK, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ANVIS - Aviator's Night Vision Imaging System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ANW - [1] Academic Networking Workshop

ANW - [2] Advanced NetWare (Novell)

ANX - [1] American/Automotive Network Exchange

ANX - [2] Andeness, Norway - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ANZCAN - Australia-New Zealand-Canada Fernmeldeseekabel ab 1984 (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ANZUS - Australia, New Zealand, United States

ANZWERS - Australia-New Zealand Web Environment(?) Research(?) System(?) - Suchmaschine mit Inktomi-Roboter (http://www.anzwers.com.au/)

AO - [1] Account Of

AO - [2] Abnormal Occurrence (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AO - [3] Access Opening (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AO - [4] Analog Output

AO - [5] Assembly Order

AO - [6] ISO3166 2LA f. Angola

AO/DI - Always On / Dynamic ISDN

AOA - [1] Abort Once Around (NASA, Shuttle) {Weltraumfahrt}

AOA - [2] American Ordinance Association

AOA - [3] Aroa, Papua New Guinea - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AOAC - Always On, Always Connected (->"VERA[1]")

AOC - [1] Advice of Charge (I.256 B)

AOC - [2] Automaticv Overload Control

AOC - [3] ALLINK Operations Coordinator

AOCD - Advice Of Charge, During the call - Uebermittlung der Tarifeinheiten waehrend und am Ende der Verbindung (unter ISDN)

AOCE - [1] Apple Open Collaboration Environment - Erweiterung des System 7 um externe Funktionalitaeten

AOCE - [2] Advice Of Charge, at the End of the call - Uebermittlung der Tarifeinheiten am Ende der Verbindung (unter ISDN)

AOCI - Airport Operators Council International (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AOCS - [1] Alpha Omega Computer System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AOCS - [2] American Oil Chemists Society (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AOCS - [3] Attitude and Orbit Control System {Weltraumfahrt}

AOD - [1] Audio On Demand - Schlagwort zum Vertrieb von Audiodateien ueber Internet per Download als Konkurrenz zu CDs

AOD - [2] Advanced Optical Disc - Alternativformat zur Blu-ray Disc von NEC

AODI - Always-On Dynamic ISDN

AODV - [1] Ad hoc On-Demand Distance Vector routing (RFC3561)

AODV - [2] Aktionsorientierte Datenverarbeitung

AOE - Application Operating Environment (AT&T)

AOG - Aircraft on Ground {Luftfahrt}

AOH - Lima, OH, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AOI - [1] Activ Output Interface

AOI - [2] Advance Ordering Information

AOI - [3] Add or Invert

AOI - [4] Ancona, Italy - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AOJ - Aomori, Japan - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AOK - Karpathos, Greece - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AOL - [1] Absent Over Leave (siehe AWOL)

AOL - [2] America OnLine - grosser oeffentlicher, kommerzieller Mailbox-Dienst in den USA mit beschraenktem Internet-Anschluss, in Deutschland eingefuehrt 1995 von Bertelsmann (http://www.aol.com/)

AOL - [3] Army of Lamers (synonym zu AOL[2] ;-)

AOL - [4] Application Oriented Language (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AOL - [5] Paso De Los Libres, Argentina - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AOML - Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratories ((NOAA)

AOO - Altoona, PA, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AOP - [1] Aspect Oriented Programming (YAB)

AOP - [2] Annual Operating Plan

AOPA - Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

AOPS - Automated Office Protocol Standard

AOQ - Average Outgoing Quality

AOQL - Average Outgoing Quality Limit (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AOR - [1] Atlantic Ocean Region - Positionsbezeichnung fuer geostationaere Fernmeldesatelliten (vergl. ->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

AOR - [2] Alor Setar, Malaysia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AOR-O - Atlantischer Ozean Region Ost - Ausleuchtungszone zur globalen mobilen Kommunikation ueber INMARSAT/INTELSAT

AOR-W - Atlantischer Ozean Region West - Ausleuchtungszone zur globalen mobilen Kommunikation ueber INMARSAT/INTELSAT

AOS - [1] Algebraic Operation Systematic - Operationsnotation: Operator1 Operand Operator2 = Ergebnis; Gegenteil: UPN

AOS - [2] Academic Operating System

AOS - [3] Alternate Operator Service {Telefonie}

AOS - [4] Acquisition of Signal/Sync ("Gegenteil" von LOS[1])

AOS - [5] Add One and do not Skip - PDP-10-Assembler-Statement

AOS - [6] Advanced Operating System (Data General)

AOS - [7] All Optical Switch

AOS - [8] Amook, AK, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AOS/VS - AOS[5] With Virtual Storage (Data General)

AOSE - (International Workshop on) Agent-Oriented Software Engineering

AOSO - Advanced Orbiting Solar Observatory {Weltraumfahrt}

AOSP - Automatic Operating and Scheduling Program (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AOSS - Auxilliary Operator Service System

AOU - Arithmetic Output Unit (->"VERA[1]")

AOW - Asia & Oceania Workshop (OSI)

AP - [1] Associated Press

AP - [2] Academic Press (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlicher)

AP - [3] Application Profile/Pilot/Process

AP - [4] Applikationsprozess

AP - [5] Additional Premium

AP - [6] All Points

AP - [7] Access Provider (ETSI) (->"VERA[1]")

AP - [8] Access Point (WLAN) (->"VERA[1]")

AP - [9] Access Panel (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AP - [10] After Peak (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AP - [11] Argument Programming (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AP - [12] Associative Processor (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AP - [13] Applied Physics (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AP - [14] Access Permit/Permittee (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AP - [15] Antennas and Progagation (IEEE Gesellschaft) (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AP - [16] Anomalous Propagation (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AP - [17] After Perpendicular (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AP - [18] Accounts Payable, meist eher A/P

AP - [19] Attached Processor

Ap.J - Astrophysical Journal

APA - [1] American Psychological/Planning Association

APA - [2] All-Points Addressable - Faehigkeit bei Vektorgrafiken

APA - [3] Adaptive Packet Assembly

APA - [4] Associtative Processing Array - assoziative Speicherarchitektur mit variable ansprechbarer Speicherwortzahl

APA - [5] Arithmetic Processing Accelerator

APA - [6] Denver-Arapahoe County, CO, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

APAC - Australian Partnership for Advanced Computing (http://www.apac.edu.au/)

Apache - NCSA HTTP Server/Daemon mit Modulkonzept und erweiterten Funktionalitaeten, vergl. httpd und Jigsaw, siehe http://www.apache.org/

APADS - Automatic Programmer and Data System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

APAL - Array Processor Assembly Language

APANA - Australian Public Access Network Association (http://www.apana.org.au/)

APAR - [1] Authorized Program Analysis Report (IBM)

APAR - [2] Automatic Programming and Recording (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

APAREN - Address Parity Enable

APaRT - Automated Packet Recognition/Translation

APAS - Androgynous Peripheral Attachment System - russ. Dockingsystem, besitzt die Varianten APAS-75 und APAS-89 {Weltraumfahrt}

APB - [1] Advanced Peripheral Bus (ARM[5])

APB - [2] All Points Bulletin

APC - [1] Aeronautical Planning Chart

APC - [2] Automatic Phase Control

APC - [3] Autoplot Controller (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

APC - [4] Arbeitsplatzcomputer

APC - [5] AMARC Protocol Converter

APC - [6] Adaptive Payload Carrier

APC - [7] Napa, CA, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

APC/AB - Adaptive Predictive Coding with Adaptive Bit allocation - Sprachkodierungsform auf digitalem Weg

APCA - Air Pollution Control Association

APCHE - Automatic Programming Checkout Equipment (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

APCM - Adaptive Pulse Code Modulation

APCS - Automated Project Control System (ARTEMIS) {Weltraumfahrt}

APCU - Assembly Power Converter Unit (Space Shuttle) {Weltraumfahrt}

APCUG - Association of Personal Computer User Groups

APD - [1] Avalanche Photodiode - Lawinen-Photodiode

APD - [2] Amplitude Probability Distribution (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

APD - [3] Additional Product Documentation (->"VERA[1]")

APDA - Apple Programmers and Developers Association

APDU - Application Protocol Data Unit

APE - Application Engineering

APEC - All Purpose Electronic Computer

APEL - A Portable EMACS Library (GNU) (->"VERA[1]")

APES - Application Pilot End System

APEX - [1] Advanced EUREKA-Project for European Information Exchange EU 26 zur Anwendung von Informationssystemen in der Luft- und Raumfahrtindustrie (26,8 Mio. ECU, 60 Monate Laufzeit)

APEX - [2] Advanced Packet Exchange (ggf. synonym zu APEX[1])

APEX - [3] The Application Exchange (RFC3340)

APF - [1] Advanced Printer Function (->"VERA[1]")

APF - [2] Naples, FL, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

Apfelmaennchen - Fraktale Figur der mandelbrot-Funktion

APG - [1] Automated Password Generator

APG - [2] Aberdeen Proving Ground

Aphel - sonnenfernster Punkt einer Satellitenbahn um die Sonne, Gegenteil: Perihel {Weltraumfahrt}

API - [1] Application Programming Interface

API - [2] Air/Absolute Position Indicator (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

API - [3] Associacao Protuguesa de Informatica (->"VERA[1]")

APIA - Application Programming Interface Association

APIA X.400 - Application Programming Interface Association for X.400

APIC - [1] Aerospace Products Information Center

APIC - [2] Apollo Parts Information Center (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

APIC - [3] Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller (Intel)

APICS - American Production and Inventory Control Society

APID - Applications Process Identification

APIM - ATM Port Interface Module

APIN - Association for Programmed Instruction in the Netherlands

APIPA - Automatic Private IP Adressing - dynamische IP-Adressvergabe in lokalen Netzen (ab Windows 98 / MacOS 8.5, ->"c't 4/2003")

APIS - Advanced Passenger Information System

ApJ - Astrophysical Journal, meist eher Ap.J

APK - [1] Akademia Pana Klecksa - Internet Service Provider in Cleveland, Ohio seit 1992 (http://www.apk.net/)

APK - [2] Apataki, French Polynesia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

APL - [1] A Programming Language - exotische Zeichenschrift der kyrillischen Moenche, mit der angeblich einzeilige Programme beliebiger Komplexitaet geschrieben werden koennen :-)

APL - [2] Abschlusspunkt des allgemeinen Netzes (Liniennetz)

APL - [3] im Bereich AG: Attribute Propagation Layer

APL - [4] Applied Physics Laboratory

APL - [5] Association of Programmed Learning (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

APL - [6] Nampula, Mozambique - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

APLSF - A Programming Language with Shared Files (CMU, DEC) (->"VERA[1]")

APM - [1] Additional Packet Mode bearer service (CCITT I.122)

APM - [2] Advanced Power Management - Hardware-Unterstuetzung in Laptops u.a. fuer die Stromzufuhr bei PCMCIA-Karten

APM - [3] Attached Pressurized Module (Columbus) {Raketentechnik}

APM - [4] Architecture Projects Management, Inc., ehem. Projekt im Bereich verteilter Entwicklungssysteme (siehe ANSA)

APM - [5] Automatic Plate Measuring Machine - Astrofotoanalysegeraet am Institut fuer Astronomie in Cambridge (UK) (->"Penguin Dictionary of Astronomy")

APMD - Advanced Power Management Daemon

APMI - Area Precipitation Measurement Indicator

APMS - Advanced Power Management System

APN - [1] Academic Position Network

APN - [2] Access Point Name (GPRS) (->"VERA[1]")

APN - [3] Alpena, MI, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

APNG - Asian Pacific Network Group

APNIC - [1] Asian-Pacific Network Information Center (RIR)

APNIC - [2] Automatic Programming National Information Centre (UK) (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

APNS - Apple Push Notification Service

APNUMMATH - Applied Numerical Mathematics (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

APO - [1] Army Post Office

APO - [2] Apogee - Apogaeum

APO - [3] Advanced Planner & Optimizer (SAP)

APO - [4] Apartado, Colombia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

APOD - Astronomical Picture of the Day (NASA GSFC, http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/astropix.html) {Astronomie}

Apogaeum - erdfernster Punkt einer Erdsatellitenbahn, Gegenteil: Perigaeum {Weltraumfahrt}

APOL - (USENET-Jargon) Alternate Person OnLine

APOLLO - Apache Point Observatory Lunar Laser-ranging Operation - Projekt zur Messung des Abstands Erde-Mond {Astronomie}

Apollo - [1] NASA-Programm von 1968-1972 mit dem Ziel der bemannten Mondlandung, Gesamtkosten: $25 Milliarden (B2-Bomber: >$44 Milliarden, Eurofighter: >$66 Milliarden, ISS: >$100 Milliarden) {Weltraumfahrt}

Apollo - [2] Apollo Computerbasiertes Reservierungssystem der United Airlines (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

Apollo - [3] Fernmelde-Unterwasserkabel zwischen Athen und Zypern (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

Apollo - [4] RISC-Computerhersteller, aufgekauft von HP

Apollo 7 - NASA Mission Okt. 1968 mit 163 Erdumkreisungen (Schirra, Eisele, Cunningham) {Weltraumfahrt}

Apollo 8 - NASA Mission Dez. 1968 mit 1.5 Erdumkreisungen und 10 Mondumkreisungen (Borman, Lowell, Anders) {Weltraumfahrt}

Apollo 9 - NASA Mission Maerz 1969 mit 151 Erdumkreisungen (McDivitt, Scott, Schweickart) {Weltraumfahrt}

Apollo 10 - NASA Mission Mai 1969 mit 1.5 Erdumkreisungen und 31 Mondumkreisungen (Cernan, Young, Stafford) {Weltraumfahrt}

Apollo 11 - NASA Mondlandungsmission Juli 1969 (Armstrong, Aldrin, Collins) im Mare Tranquillitatis mit dem ersten Menschen auf einem anderen Himmelskoerper als der Erde {Weltraumfahrt}

Apollo 12 - NASA Mondlandungsmission Nov. 1969 (Conrad, Bean, Gordon) im Oceanus Procellarum {Weltraumfahrt}

Apollo 13 - NASA Mondlandungsmission April 1970 (Jim Lowell, Fred Haise, Jack Swigert) - abgebrochen {Weltraumfahrt}

Apollo 14 - NASA Mondlandungsmission Feb. 1971 (Shepard, Mitchell, Roosa) im Fra Mauro {Weltraumfahrt}

Apollo 15 - NASA Mondlandungsmission Juli 1971 (Scott, Irwin, Worden) an der Hadley Rille, erstmals mit Mondmobil {Weltraumfahrt}

Apollo 16 - NASA Mondlandungsmission April 1972 (Young, Duke, Mattingly) im Cayley-Descartes Hochland {Weltraumfahrt}

Apollo 17 - letzte NASA Mondlandungsmission Dez. 1972 (Cernan, Schmitt, Evans) in der Taurus-Littrow-Region {Weltraumfahrt}

APOP - Autenticated Post Office Protocol - Erweiterung von POP3, s. RFC1734

Apostrophe - ASCII Zeichen '''

APP - [1] Application Program

APP - [2] Applications Portability Profile

APP - [3] Associative Parallel Processor (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

APP - [4] Automatic Page Positioning (->"Abklex")

APP - [5] Auxiliary Power Plant

APP - [6] Aegean Park Press (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

APPA - American Public Power Association

APPC - [1] Advanced Program-to-Program Communication (IBM)

APPC - [2] Advanced Peer-to-Peer Communications

APPC - [3] Application Program to Program Converter (IBM) (->"VERA[1]")

APPCM - Access Protection and Priority Control Mechanism (DQDB) (->"VERA[1]")

APPCP - Advanced Program to Program Communications Protocol (IBM) (->"VERA[1]")

APPECS - Adaptive Pattern Perceiving Electronic Computer System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

APPEL - A P3P Peference Exchange Language (->"VERA[1]")

APPFIB - Bergum & Philippou & Horadam (Eds.), Applications of Fibonacci Numbers, Volume 4: Proceedings of `The Fourth International Conference on Fibonacci Numbers and Their Applications', Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1991(informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

APPI - [1] Advanced Peer-to-Peer Internetworking (IBM)

APPI - [2] Advanced Planning Procurement Information

APPLE - [1] (Wirtschaftseinrichtung) DFN-Kuerzel fuer Apple Computer GmbH (Mitglied im DFN) (siehe http://www.apple.de/ bzw. http://www.apple.com/)

APPLE - [2] Ariane Passenger Pay Load Experiment {Weltraumfahrt} (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

Apple - vergl. APPLE[1]

Applescript - auf Apple Macintosh-Systemen eingefuehrter Sprach-Aufsatz in System 7 zur Abarbeitung von Skripten aehnlich Batch-Stapeln unter DOS

Applet - nicht eigenstaendige Applikation unter WWW (in Java)

AppleTalk - Netzwerksoft- und Hardware - langsame Ethernet-Variante, integriert in Macintoshs

Appletaste - bei Apple Tastaturen Taste zur Kommandoumschaltung, synonym zur Propellertaste, von Windows95 prinzipiell uebernommen

APPLI/COM - (Integration) Application/Communication - Schlagwort von ISDN

Appliances - (kompakte) Anwendungsgeraete, z.T. spezialisierte PDAs

Application Layer - Anwendungsschicht, liefert ein Fenster zwischen Anwendungsprozessen zum Austausch von inhaltlichen Informationen

APPN - [1] Advanced Peer-to-Peer Network (IBM)

APPN - [2] Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking, SNA Feature (IBM)

APPSEM - Applied Semantics (International Summer School)

APPSTATE - Appalachian State University (North Carolina, USA, http://www.appstate.edu/)

APR - [1] Annual Percentage Rate

APR - [2] Advanced Production Release (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

APR - [3] Airborne Profile Recorder (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

APR - [4] Automatic Pressure Relief (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

APR - [5] Arbeitsplatzrechner

APR - [6] Apache Portable Runtime (module)

APRD - Atmosphere Particulate Radioactivity Detector (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

APRIL - Projekt: Another Product Implementation - Oracle basierte, verteilte OODBMS-Anwendung mit medizinischen Daten

APRM - [1] Automatic Position Reference Monitor

APRM - [2] Average Power Range Monitor

apropos - Standard-UNIX-Kommando zur grep-basierten Suche in man-Pages (man apropos)

APRP - Adaptive Pattern Recognition Processing

APRS - Automatic Position Reference System

APS - [1] Application Processing Services

APS - [2] All-Pairs Shortest Path - Problem, in einem ungeordneten Graphen fuer alle Knoten jeweils den kuerzesten Weg zu finden

APS - [3] Arbeitsplatzsystem

APS - [4] American Physics/Physical Society (http://aps.org/)

APS - [5] Array Processor Software (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

APS - [6] Auxiliary Program Storage (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

APS - [7] ACCUNET Packet Switching Service (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

APS - [8] Auto Pilot System {Luftfahrt}

APS - [9] Automated Patent System

APS - [10] Automatic Protection Switch(ing)

APS - [11] Alpha Particle Spectrometer (u.a. eingesetzt im Mars-Pathfinder-Rover)

APS - [12] Acquisition Processor Subsystem

APS - [13] Advanced Photo System (Kodak)

APS - [14] Automatic Postion Select

APS - [15] Asynchronous Protocol Specification

Aps - Apus - Bird of Paradise - Paradiesvogel - suedl. Sternbild {Astronomie}

APSE - Ada Programming Support Environment

APSL - Apple Public Source License

APSM - Application Platform Service Module

APSS - Auto Program Search System - Titelsuchsystem auf Audiokassetten (Sharp)

APT - [1] Augmented Programming Training (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

APT - [2] Automatic Picture Taking/Transmission (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

APT - [3] Automation Planning and Technology (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

APT - [4] Asia Pacific Telecommunity, vergl. TAP[5] (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

APT - [5] Automatically Programmed Tools/Automated Programming Tool

APT - [6] Address Pass Through

APT - [7] Advanced Parallel Technology

APT - [8] Alliance for Public Technology (http://apt.org/)

APT - [9] Jasper, TN, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

APTA - American Public Transit Association

APTC - Advanced Processor Temperature Control (->"VERA[1]")

APTM - Application Program to Transaction Manager (->"VERA[1]")

APTN - [1] Asian-Pacific Technology Network http://www.aptn.org.uk

APTN - [2] Associated Press Television News

APU - [1] Application Unit

APU - [2] Audio Processing Unit - Prozessor zur Audiodatenverarbeitung, beliebt: Z80

APU - [3] Auxiliary Power Unit

APU - [4] Accelerated Processing Unit

APU - [5] Alaska Pacific University (USA, http://www.alaska.net/~apu/)

APU - [6] Azusa Pacific University (http://apu.edu/)

APV - Apple Valley, CA, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

APVMS - Assumption Based Program Version Management System - Prolog-System, basiert auf dem ATMS

APW - Apia, Western Samoa - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

APXS - [1] Alpha-Proton X-ray Spectrometer (ROSETTA) {Astronomie}

APXS - [2] Alpha Particle X-ray Spectrometer (MSL[8]) {Astronomie}

AQ - [1] Accumulator-Quotient register

AQ - [2] Any Quality (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AQ - [3] ISO3166 2LA f. Antarctica

AQI - Qaisumah, Saudi Arabia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AQJ - Aqaba, Jordan - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AQL - Acceptable Quality Level

Aql - Aquila - Eagle - Adler - noerdl. Sternbild {Astronomie}

AQM - Ariquemes, Brazil - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AQMD - Air Quality Management District

AQP - Arequipa, Peru - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

Aqr - Aquarius - Wassermann - Zodiaksternbild {Astronomie}

AQT - Acceptable Quality Test (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

Aqua - Codename f. die Oberflaeche von MacOS X

AQY - Alyeska, AK, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AR - [1] Address Register

AR - [2] Access Router

AR - [3] Activation Request (C/I channel code)

AR - [4] Arbitration Request (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AR - [5] Assembly and Repair (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AR - [6] Augmented Reality - "Angereicherte" bzw. Erweiterte Realitaet (YAB)

AR - [7] Artificial Reality - Kuenstliche Realitaet

AR - [8] Accounts Receivable, meist eher A/R

AR - [9] Alarm Report

AR - [10] Arkansas - USA-Staatenkuerzel

AR - [11] ISO3166 2LA f. Argentina

ar - Standard-UNIX-Archivierungsprogramm, erzeugt .a-Files (Objektbibliotheken) (man ar)

AR40 - Ariane Traegerrakete Serie 40 (ESA) {Weltraumfahrt}

ARA - [1] AppleTalk Remote Access

ARA - [2] Amateur Rocket Association

ARA - [3] Attitude Reference Assembly (Space Shuttle) {Weltraumfahrt}

ARA - [4] Affiliate Registration Authority (->"VERA[1]")

ARA - [5] New Iberia, LA, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

Ara - Ara - Altar - suedl. Sternbild {Astronomie}

ARABSAT - Arabian Satellite - Serie arabischer Mehrzwecksatelliten (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ARAL - Automatic Record Analysis Lanaguage (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ARAMIS - American Rheumatic Arthritis Medical Information System

ARAP - AppleTalk Remote Access Protocol

ARB - [1] Adaptive Rate Based (->"Abklex")

ARB - [2] Architecture Review Board (OpenGL) (->"VERA[1]")

ARB - [3] Ann Arbor, MI, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

Arbiter - zentraler Zuteiler fuer Bus- bzw. Netzzugriffe

ARBOR - Argonne Boiling water Reactor (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary") {Reaktortechnik}

ARBS - Angle Rate Bombing System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ArBus - Apple RISC Bus - Apples riskanter Versuch, nach NuBus einen weiteren proprietaeren Bus einzufuehren

ARC - [1] unabgekuerzt: Bogen - Zeichenprimitive

ARC - [2] Archivierungsprogramm/-format, in den aeltesten Varianten identisch mit ar

ARC - [3] Ames Research Center (http://www.arc.nasa.gov/, NASA)

ARC - [4] Aeronautical Research Council

ARC - [5] Administrative Reference Code

ARC - [6] Alberta Research Center (http://www.arc.ab.ca/)

ARC - [7] Automatic Relay Calculator (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ARC - [8] Average Response Computer (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ARC - [9] Audio Response Controller

ARC - [10] Advanced RISC Computing

ARC - [11] Arctic Village, AK, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ARCA - Advanced RISC Computing Architecture

arccos - Invers Cosinus

arccot - Invers Cotangens

arccse - Invers Cosekante

ARCG - American Research Committee on Grounding

archie - Archiver - ueber anonymous FTP/TELNET erreichbare Rechner (jeweils mit dem Namen "archie" und einer Domain), die Softwarepakete zum Download speichern,einige gelaeufige Rechner waren archie.doc.ic.ac.uk/ (GB/Europa), archie.au (Australien), archie.rutgers.edu (USA) (s. http://archie.de/)

Archie - siehe archie

ARCNET - Attached Resource Computer local area NETwork - U.S.-amerikanisches LAN von Datapoint mit einer 2.5Mbps Stern-Topologie

ARCO - Atlantic Richfield Company

ARCOFI - Audio Ringing CODEC Filter {Telefonie}

ARCOFI-SP - Audio Ringing CODEC Filter - Speakerphone Function {Telefonie}

arCom400 - MHS/Mbx Textmailboxsystem nach X.400 der Schweizer PTT (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

Arcor - Arcor Mannesmann Telecommunications - Telekommunikationsfirma (v.a. im Bereich Mobiltelefone) seit 1997, Vereinigung von Communications Network International GmbH (Mannesmann) und DBKom (Deutsche Bundesbahn) (http://www.arcor.net/)

ARCOS - Audio Ringing CODEC Filter Coefficient Support Program

ARCOTI - SIPB Telephone Module

ARCS - Air Resupply and Communication Service (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

arcsec - Invers Sekante

arcsin - Invers Sinus

arctan - Invers Tangens

ARD - [1] Activation Request Downstream

ARD - [2] Alor, Indonesia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ARDA - Atomic Research and Development Authority

ARDF - Amateur Radio Direction Finding

ARDI - Automatic Relay of Digital Information (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ARDIS - Advanced Radio Data Information Service - Funkdatennetz in den USA im Betrieb (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ARE - [1] Automated Responsive Environment

ARE - [2] All Routes Explorer (ATM) (->"VERA[1]")

ARE - [2] Arecibo, PR, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ARED - Aperture Relay Experiment Definition

AREN - Alabama Research and Education Network (http://www.asc.edu/html/aboutaren.html)

Arena - [1] bzgl. WWW HTML+/HTML-3-Browser fuer UNIX-Systeme, Vorlaeufer von Amaya (siehe http://www.w3.org/hypertext/WWW/Arena/)

Arena - [2] unter UNIX dynamisch alloziierter Speicher mittels brk(2) und sbrk(2), benannt nach der halbmythischen Meldung "malloc: corrupt arena"

AREQUIPA - Application REQuested IP over ATM (s. RFC2170)

ARETO - Arab Republic of Egypt Telephone Organization, Betreiber des EGYPTNET (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ArF(-Laser) - Argonfluorid-Laser

ARFA - Allied Radio Frequency Agency

ARG - [1] Argument/Programmparameter

ARG - [2] Walnut Ridge, AR, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ARGONAUT - Argonne Nuclear Assembly for University Training

Argos - NASA/NOAA Erdbeobachtungssystem

ARGUS - Automatic Routine Generating and Updating System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ARG_MAX - UNIX-Variable nach X/Open, maximale Laenge des Argumentfeldes bei exec(2), (->xedit /usr/include/limits.h)

ARH - Arkhangelsk, USSR - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ARI - [1] Autofahrer Rundfunk Information (soll abgeloest werden durch RDS/TMC)

ARI - [2] Astronomisches RechenInstitut Heidelberg (http://www.ari.uni-heidelberg.de/)

ARI - [3] Arica, Chile - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

Ari - Aries - Ram - Widder - Zodiaksternbild {Astronomie}

ARI/FCI - Address Recognized Indicator/Frame Copied Indicator (unter MAC[1] Token Ring)

ARIA - [1] Advanced Range Instrumentation Aircraft (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ARIA - [2] Apollo Range Instrumented Aircraft {Weltraumfahrt}

Arianespace - Ariane-Raumtransportgesellschaft, gegr. 1980 von 36 europ. Firmen und 13 Banken, fuer Produktion, Vermarktung, Start und Missionen der Ariane-Traegerraketensysteme {Weltraumfahrt} (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenverarbeitung")

ARICNS - Astronomisches RechenInstitut Heidelberg Catalogue of Nearby Stars (http://www.ari.uni-heidelberg.de/)

ARIES - Algorithms for Recovery and Isolation Exploiting Semantics - Algorithmen zur Wiederherstellung von Datenbanken

ARIN - American Registry for Internet Numbers - gegr. 1997 (http://www.arin.net)

ARINC - Aeronautical Radio Inc. - Organisation mit freiwilliger Standardisierung zwischen Luftlinien- und Luftfahrtausruestungsherstellern (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ARIP - Automatic Rocket Impact Predictor

ARIS - [1] Apollo Range Instrumentation Ship (Satellite Tracking Network, NASA, MSFN)

ARIS - [2] ARchitektur (integrierter) Informationssysteme (->"A.W. Scheer: 'Architektur Integrierter Informationssysteme - Grundlagen der Unternehmensmodellierung', Springer-Verlag 1992")

ARIS - [3] Audichron Recorded Information System

ARISTOTE - Association de Reseaux Infomatiques en Systeme Totalement Ouvert et Tres, Franzosisches ISO/OSI-Netzwerk, installiert seit 1988

ARJ - portables Komprimierungsprogramm fuer verschiedene Rechnertypen

ARK - Arusha, Tanzania - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ARKD - Abuse Resistant Key Distribution (->"VERA[1]")

ARL - [1] Activation Request Local loop (C/I channel code)

ARL - [2] Acceptable Reliability Level (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ARL - [3] Association of Research Libraries (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ARL - [4] Adjusted Ring Length

ARL - [5] (U.S.) Army Research Lab (http://thunder.arl.mil)

ARL - [6] Authority Revocation List

ARL - [7] Access Rights List (Banyan, VINES) (->"VERA[1]")

ARLL - Advanced Run-Length Limited encoding - Aufzeichnungsverfahren (Festplatten)

ARM - [1] ARPANET Reference Model

ARM - [2] Asynchronous Response Mode unter HDLC

ARM - [3] Activation Request Maintenance (C/I channel code)

ARM - [4] Application Reference Model

ARM - [5] Advanced RISC Machines (ehem. "Acorn Risc Machines", bevor sich Apple zu 49% bei Acorn einkaufte) - Chip-Hersteller-Consortium, Zusammenschluss von Acorn, VLSI und Apple

ARM - [6] Area/Atmosphere Radiation Monitor (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ARM - [7] Annotated Reference Manual

ARM - [8] Account Resource Management

ARM - [9] Armidale, Australia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ARMA - Autoregressive Moving Average {Statistik}

ARMF I&II - Advanced Reaktivity Measurement Facility (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ARMM - Automated Retroactive Minimal Moderation

ARMMS - Automated Reliability and Maintainability Measurement System

ARMS - [1] Arial Radiological Measurements and Surveys

ARMS - [2] Amateur Radio Mobile Society

ARMS - [3] Acquiring Robotic Manufacturing Schemata

ARMS - [4] Automated Retrieval Mail Service - System, benutzt von NDADS zur Verwaltung von Anfragen

ARMS - [5] Architecture for Reliable Managed Storage

ARMS - [6] Automation Resources Management System (->"VERA[1]")

ARN - Stockholm-Arlanda, Sweden - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ARNE - Automated Remote Network Evaluation

ARNS - AppleTalk Remote Network Server

ARO - [1] After Receipt of Order

ARO - [2] All Rods Out (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ARO - [3] Air Radio Officer (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ARO - [4] Affiliate Registration Organization (->"VERA[1]")

AROD - Airborn Range and Orbit Determination (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AROM - Associative Read Only Memory

AROS - Amiga Research Operating System (http://www.aros.org/)

AROU - Aviation Repair and Overhaul Unit (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ARP - [1] Address Resolution Protocol

ARP - [2] Advanced Reentry Program (ABRES - ->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ARP - [3] Airborne Radar Platform (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ARP - [4] Aragip, Papua New Guinea - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ARPA - Advanced Research Projects Agency (Teil des DoD, http://www.arpa.mil/)

ARPAC - Argentinisches Packet Switched PDN ab 1983, betrieben von ENTEL (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ARPANET - Advanced Research Projects Agency Net - erstes paketvermittelndes Forschungsnetz, gegruendet von der DARPA/DoD, 1. IMP im 30. Aug. 1969, Dez. 1969 4 IMPs in SRI, UCSB, UCLA und UTAH; hatte in seiner Bluetezeit mehrere Satellitenverbindungen, darunter von West- zur Ostkueste der USA, nach Hawaii, Grossbritannien, Norwegen, Korea und Deutschland; eingestellt Juli 1990

ARPI - Analog Rod Position Indicator (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ARPDP - Association of Rehabilitation Programs in Data Processing (->"VERA[1]")

ARPL - Adjust Requested Privilege Level

ARPOSE - Specification de l'Architecture et des Protocoles OSI permettant de rendre le services Session aux applications des systemes informatiques de Etablissments EDF et GDF

ARQ - [1] Automatic Repeat Request

ARQ - [2] Arauquita, Colombia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ARR - [1] Anti Repeat Relay

ARR - [2] Annual Return Rate

ARR - [3] Automatic Repeat/Retransmission Request

ARRL - [1] Aeronautical Radio and Radar Laboratory

ARRL - [2] American/Amateur Radio Relay League - USA Verband der Funkamateure ab 1914

ARRS - Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Service (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ARS - [1] American Radium Society (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ARS - [2] Advanced Record System - Fernsprechnetz der US-Regierung in den 70er/80er Jahren

ARS - [3] American Rocket Society (zusammengefasst mit dem Institut fuer Luft- und Raumfahrt) (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ARS - [4] Amplified Response Spectrum

ARS - [5] Alternate Route Selection

ARS - [6] Archive and Retrieval Subsystem (PPCU)

ARS - [7] Address Retrieval System

ARS - [8] Account Registration System

ARS - [9] Aragarcas, Brazil - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ARSA - Airport Radar Service Area

ARSB - Automated Repair Service Bureau

ARSCOMB - ARS Combinatoria (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ARSENE - Ariane-Radio amateurs-Satellitie pour l'ENseignement de l'Espace - 1. geostationaerer Amateurfunksatellite von RACE[2] 1984 (vergl. ->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ARSO-DISNET - African Network of Information Centres on Standardisation

ARSP - Aerospace Research Support Program

ARSR - Air Route Surveillance Radar (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ART - [1] Allgemeine Relativitaetstheorie {Physik}

ART - [2] Airborne Radiation Thermometer (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ART - [3] Automatic Range Tracking

ART - [4] Automatic Reporting Telephone

ART - [5] Automated Reasoning Tool

ART - [6] Avionics Research Testbed (->"Abklex") {Luftfahrt}

ART - [7] Adaptive Resonance Theory (->"VERA[1]")

ART - [8] Watertown, NY, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ARTA - Apple Real Time Architecture (vergl. A/ROSE)

ARTCC - Air Route Traffic Control Center

ARTEMIS - [1] Advanced Relay TEchnology MISsion {Astronomie}

ARTEMIS - [2] Anti-matter Research Through the Earth Moon Ion Spectrometer {Astronomie}

ARTES - Automatic Retransmission Teleprinter Exchange System - Schweizer Teleprintersystem in den 60er Jahren mit 50-100 Baud (vergl. ->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ARTIC - [1] A Real-Time Interface Copressor (IBM)

ARTIC - [2] Associometrics Remote Terminal Inquiry Control System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ARTIS - Airborne Real Time Imaging System (on ERAST) (NASA)

ARTISAN - Intelligent Framework for Industrial Environment

ARTMA - EUREKA-Projekt EU 662 zur Forschung in der Echtzeit-Bewegungsanalyse im Bereich CT[5] (5 Mio. ECU, 24 Monate Laufzeit)

ARTRAC - [1] Advanced Rage Testing, Reporting, and Control (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ARTRAC - [2] Advanced Real Time Range Control (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ARTRON - ARtificial neuTRON (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ARTS - [1] Advanced Radar Terminal/Traffic-control System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ARTS - [2] Asynchronous Remote Takeover Server

ARTS - [3] Automated Resource Tracking System

ARTS - [4] Accelerated Ray-Tracing System (->"VERA[1]")

ARTT - Asynchronous Remote Takeover Terminal

ARTU - Automatic Range Tracking Unit (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ARU - [1] Abnormal Release User

ARU - [2] Activation Request Upstream

ARU - [3] Audio Response Unit

ARU - [4] Aracatuba, Brazil - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ARV - [1] American Revised Version

ARV - [2] Advanced Re-entry Vehicle - ESA-Studie zu einem bemannten Orbitalmodul {Weltraumfahrt}

ARV - [3] Minocqua, WI, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ARW - [1] Advanced Research Workshop (NATO)

ARW - [2] Arad, Romania - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ARX - [1] Automatic Retransmission Exchange - Telegrammvermittlungstechnik (vergl. ->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ARX - [2] Asbury Park, NJ, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ARY - Ararat-Vi, Australia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ARZ - N'Zetro, Angola - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AS - [1] Autonomous System

AS - [2] Address Sync

AS - [3] Aerospace

AS - [4] ISO3166 2LA f. American Samoa

AS - [5] Autonomous System

AS - [6] Authentication Server

As - Ampere-Sekunde, elektrische Ladungseinheit

AS/400 - [1] Arbeitsstation Modell 400 - Grossrechnerfamilie von IBM mit modifiziertem MVS als Standardbetriebssystem

AS/400 - [2] auch: Advanced Systems 400 - Betriebssystem von IBM (MVS?) fuer AS/400[1]

AS/400 - [3] Application System / 400 (IBM) (->"VERA[1]")

AS/EB - Asian EDIFACT Board (->"VERA[1]")

AS/RS - Automated Storage and Retrieval System

AS3AP - ANSI SQL Standard Scalable And Portable(?)

AS400 - Arbeitsstation Modell 400, andere (nicht IBM) Schreibweise fuer AS/400

ASA - [1] Advanced SCSI Architecture

ASA - [2] American Standards Association - Vorlaeufer der USASI und der ANSI

ASA - [3] American Statistical Association

ASA - [4] Army/Atomic Security Association

ASA - [5] Adaptive Security Algorithm

ASA - [6] Astronomical Society of the Atlantic {Astronomie}

ASA - [7] Alabama Supercomputing Authority (siehe ASC[13])

ASA - [8] Assured Shuttle Availability {Weltraumfahrt}

ASA - [9] Austrian Space Agency - Oesterreichische Gesellschaft fuer Weltraumfragen m.b.H. (http://www.asaspace.at/) {Weltraumfahrt}

ASA - [10] Assab, Ethiopia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ASAC - Asian Standards Advisory Committee

ASADA - New York State Atomic and Space Development Authority (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ASAE - American Society of Agricultural Engineers (USA, http://asae.org/)

ASAFP - (USENET-Jargon) As Soon As F***ing Possible

ASAI - [1] Adjunct Switch Application Interface

ASAI - [2] Adjunct Systems Application Interface (AT&T)

ASAIGAC - (USENET-Jargon) As Soon As I Get A Chance

ASALM - Advanced Strategic Air Launched Missile (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ASAM - Arbeitskreis zur Standardisierung von Automatisierungs- und Messsystemen

ASAP - [1] As Soon As Possible

ASAP - [2] Army Scientific Advisory Panel (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ASAP - [3] Australian Science Archive Project (Univ. Melbourne, http://www.asap.unimelb.edu.au/)

ASAP - [4] Automatic Switching And Processing

ASAPWeb - Australian Science Archive Project Web, siehe ASAP[3]

ASARC - Army Systems Acquisition Review Council (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ASAS - Actor/Scriptor Animation System

ASB - [1] Advanced System Bus - Vorgaenger des AHB (ARM[5])

ASB - [2] Ashkhabad, USSR - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ASBC - American Standard Building Code (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

Asbestos Longjohns - (USENET-Jargon) woertl. Asbesthosen - Abwehrmittel gegen Flames

ASBR - Autonomous System Border/Boundary Router (->"VERA[1]")

ASBU - Arabian States Broadcast Unit (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ASC - [1] Application Sharing Component (im MMC-System)

ASC - [2] Advanced Scientific Computer

ASC - [3] American Society for Cybernetics

ASC - [4] Atlantic System Conference

ASC - [5] Aeronautical System Center

ASC - [6] Associative Structure Computer

ASC - [7] Authorized Service/Support Center

ASC - [8] Automatic System Controller

ASC - [9] Automatic Sensitivity Control

ASC - [10] Auxiliary Switch (normally Closed) (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ASC - [11] TLA bzw. File Name Extension fuer ASCII Dateien

ASC - [12] American Satellite Corporation (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ASC - [13] Alabama Supercomputing Center (http://sgisrvr.asc.edu:80/)

ASC - [14] Accredited Standard Committee - Unterabteilung von ANSI

ASC - [15] Additional Sense Code

ASC - [16] Agence Spaciale Canadienne - kanadische Weltraumorganisation (http://www.space.go.ca/) {Weltraumfahrt}

ASC - [17] American Society for Cybernetics (->"VERA[1]")

ASC - [18] Ascension, Bolivia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ASCA - Automatic Science Citation Alerting (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ASCAP - American Society of Composer, Authors, and Publishers

ASCATS - Apollo Simulation Checkout and Training System

ASCC - [1] Automatic Sequence-Controlled Calculator - programmgesteuerte Rechenmaschine auf Relaisbasis, konzipiert 1937 von Howard H. Aiken (synonym zu Havard Mark I)

ASCC - [2] Air Standardization Coordinating Committee

ASCC2 - Advanced Serial Communication Controller

ASCE - [1] American Society of Civil Engineers

ASCE - [2] Advanced Solar Coronal Explorer (NASA-MIDEX/HAVARD)

ASCET - American Society of Certified Engineering Technicians

ASCI - Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative (DOE)

ASCI Red - 1996 von Intel entwickelter Supercomputer im Rahmen der ASCI mit 9152 200MHz PentiumPro-Prozessoren und 1830GFLOPS (bei 840kW Stromverbrauch)

ASCI White - 2000 von IBM entwickelter Supercomputer mit 8192 POWER-3-Prozessoren fuer 7304GFLOPS im Rahmen der ASCI, der nach langer Zeit den ASCI Red als weltweit leistungsfaehigsten Rechner abloeste

ASCI Purpure - fuer 2003 von IBM geplanter Supercomputer des DOE im Rahmen der ASCI mit 12544 POWER-5-Prozessoren und bis zu 100 TFLOPS fuer 220 Millionen Dollar, der den NEC Earth-Simulator als weltweit besten Rechner abloesen sollte

ASCI Q - 2002 von Compaq entwickelter Supercomputer in Los Alamos mit 8192 Alpha-Chips fuer 13880 GFLOPS, der den NEC Earth-Simulator als weltweit besten Rechner nicht abloesen konnte

ASCII - American Standard Code for Information Interchange, 7-Bit Zeichencodefestlegung von 0x00(NUL) bis 0x7F(DEL)

ASCIIZ - American Standard Code for Information Interchange - Zero-terminated - mit NUL terminierte ASCII-Zeichenkette

ASCL - Astrophysics Source Code Library {Astronomie}

ASCNET - Australian Computer Science Network, installiert seit 1978

ASCO - [1] Automatic Sustainer CutOff (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ASCO - [2] Arab Joint Committee for the Utilizatioin of Satellites for Communication (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ASCOM - [1] Asynchronous Communication control program (->"Abklex")

ASCOM - [2] Automatisation, Sicherheit, Communication - Schweizer Kommunikationsfirma (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ASCQ - Additional Sense Code Qualifier

ASCS - Area Surveillance Control System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ASCSI - Advanced Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) (->"VERA[1]")

ASCTIP - EUREKA-Projekt EU 552 zur Definition einer optimalen Hardware-Architektur fuer ausgewaehlte Algorithmen der Bildverarbeitung und Bestimmung der Erforderlichen Instrumente der Entwurfsautomatisierung fuer einen lueckenlosen Entwurfsprozess vom Algorithmus zum Silizium (0,75 Mio. ECU, 14 Monate Laufzeit)

ASD - [1] Asynchronous Space Division

ASD - [2] Aeronautical System Division, USAF (Daytona, Ohio)

ASD - [3] Architecture Summary Design (->"VERA[1]")

ASD - [4] Andros Town, Bahamas - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ASDC - Abstract Service Definition Conventions

ASDE - Airport Surface Detection Equipment

ASDIC - Allied Submarine Detection Investigation Committee - gegr. 1915, entwickelte gleichnamiges Sonarsystem (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ASDL - Automated Ship Data Library (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ASDS - [1] Autonomous Spaceport Drone Ship - schwimmende Startplatform fuer Raketen {Weltraumfahrt}

ASDS - [2] Accunet Spectrum of Digital Services - neben dem normalen DDS von AT&T angebotener Digitaler Datendienst im WAN-Bereich fuer private Anwender

ASDSP - Application-Specific Digital Signal Processor

ASDU - Application Service Data Unit

ASE - [1] Application Service Element oder Application Support Environment - Verarbeitungsdienstelement, siehe CASE[1]

ASE - [2] Airborne Support Equipment {Luftfahrt}

ASE - [3] Airborne Search Equipment (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary") {Luftfahrt}

ASE - [4] Area Systems Engineer (SMCC)

ASE - [5] Advanced Server Environment (->"Abklex")

ASE - [6] Aspen, CO, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ASEA - Allmaenna Svenska Electricitets-Aktiebolag (SWE)

ASEAN - Association of Southeast Asian Nations - Indonesien, Malaysia, Philippinen, Singapur, Thailand

ASEC - American Standard Elevator Code

ASECNA - Agence pour la Securite de la Naviagation Aerienne - internat. Flugsicherungsbehoerde fuer Afrika ab 1975 {Luftfahrt} (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ASEE - American Society for Engineering Education (http://www.asee.org/)

ASEL - Aircraft Single Engine Land (Pilot Rating - ->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ASEM - [1] American Society for Engineering Management

ASEM - [2] Area Systems Engineering Manager (SMCC)

ASEM - [3] Assembly of Station by Extravehicular activity Methods {Weltraumfahrt}

ASERA - Australian Space Engineering and Research Association

ASET - [1] American Society for Engineering Technology

ASET - [2] Automated Security Enhancement Tool (SunOS 5.3, SunSoft)

ASETA - Asociacion de Empresas Estatales de Telecomunicaciones del Acuerdo Sub-regional Andino (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ASF - [1] Active Stream Format (bei Videouebertragung)

ASF - [2] Advanced Streaming Format (bei Videouebertragung, ggf. synonym zu ASF[1], Microsoft)

ASF - [3] Apache Software Foundation

ASF - [4] Auxiliary Support Feature (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ASFIR - Active Swept Frequency Interferometer Radar (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ASFTS - Airborne System Functional Test Stand (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ASG - [1] Automated Sciences Group

ASG - [2] Aeronautical Standards Group

ASG - [3] Ashburton, New Zealand - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ASGLS - Advanced Space Ground Link Subsystems (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ASH - [1] Application Systems Heidelberg - ehem. Atari, jetzt Mac-Software-Hersteller/Vertreiber

ASH - [2] Nashua, NH, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ash - Almquist SHell (->"VERA[1]")

ASHE - A Simple HTML Editor (unter UNIX, ftp://ftp.cs.rpi.edu/pub/puninj/ASHE)

ASHRAE - American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers

ASI - [1] American Standards Institute (USA)

ASI - [2] Agenzia Spaziale Italiano (I, http://www.asi.it/)

ASI - [3] Advanced Study Institute (NATO)

ASI - [4] Adapter Support Interface (IBM)

ASI - [5] Asynchronous SCSI Interface

ASI - [6] Automatic System Installation

ASI - [7] Georgetown, St. Helena - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AsiaSat-1 - asiatischer Fernmeldesatellit (Hongkong/China), ehemals Westar VI, ausgesetzt und eingeholt aus einem instabilen Orbit von Challanger-Crew 1984 und neu gestartet mittels Traegerrakete "Langer Marsch 3" 1990

ASIC - Application Specific Integrated Circuit - Applikationsspezifischer Chip-Baustein

ASIDP - American Society of Information and Data Processing

ASII - American Science Information Institute

ASIMD - Autonomous Single Instruction Multiple Data - Prozessorstruktur von massiv parallelen Rechnerarchitekturen

ASIMO - Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility - "humanoider" Roboter, entwickelt von Honda 2000

ASIN - Arcus Sinus, vergl. arcsin

ASIO - Audio Stream Input Output (Schnittstelle)

ASIS - [1] Abort Sensing and Instrumentation System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ASIS - [2] American Society of Information Science

ASiS - Ausbildungsstelleninformationssystem (D) (http://www.arbeitsamt.de/)

ASIST - Advanced Scientific Instruments Symbolic Translator (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ASIT - [1] Adaptive Surface Interface Terminal (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ASIT - [2] Advanced Security and Identification Technology

ASIS - [3] American Society for Industral Security (->"Computer Security Basics", Russell/Gangemi, ORA 1991)

ASJ - Amami O Shima, Japan - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ASK - [1] Amplitude Shift Keying - Amplitudenmodulation zur Signalisierung von Daten (keine Amplitude bedeutet Wert 0)

ASK - [2] Akademische Software Kooperation - Initiative des Bundesministeriums fuer Bildung und Wissenschaft in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Verein zur Foerderung eines Deutschen Forschungsnetzes (DFN) zur besseren Versorgung der Hochschulen mit Software insbesondere im Lehrebereich

ASK - [3] Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ASKA - Automatic System for Kinematic Analysis (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ASKS - Automatic Station Keeping System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ASKSAM - Access Stored Knowledge via Symbolic Access Method (->"VERA[1]")

ASL - [1] Association for Symbolic Logic (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ASL - [2] American Sign Language - Handzeichensprache

ASL - [3] Adaptive Speed Levelling (Modem)

ASL - [4] ACPI Source Language (->"VERA[1]")

ASL - [5] Marshall, TX, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ASLAP - Atomic Safety and Licensing Appeal Panel (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ASLB - Atomic Safety Licensing Board (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ASLBM - Air-to-Ship Launched Ballistic Missile

ASLIB - Association of Special Libraries and Information Bureau

AslMx - Anschlussleitungsmultiplexer (Telekom)

ASLT - Advanced Solid Logic Technology

ASM - [1] Analog Subscriber Module

ASM - [2] Assembler(-Sprache, u.a. unter dem Betriebssystem CP/M)

ASM - [3] Advanced Surface-To-Air Missile (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ASM - [4] Asynchronous State Machine

ASM - [5] Automated Storage Management

ASM - [6] Automatic Storage Management (Oracle)

ASM - [7] All-Sky Monitor {Astronomie}

ASM - [8] American Society of Metals

ASM - [9] Association for Systems Management

ASM - [10] Available Seat Mile

ASM - [11] Advanced Server Management (->"VERA[1]")

ASM - [12] Asmara, Ethiopia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ASMA - [1] Asus System Monitoring Agent - Server-Controller

ASMA - [2] Advanced System Management Adapter - ISA-/PCI-Bus von IBM

ASMB - Acoustical Standards Management Board (Teil der ANSI(?) - ->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ASME - American Society of Mechanical Engineers

ASMM - American Society of Machine Manufacturers

ASMO - Advanced Storage Magneto Optical disk

ASMP - [1] Asymmetric Multprocessing

ASMP - [2] Advanced System Management Processor (IBM)

ASMS - Advanced Surface Missile System (z.B. SAM-D)

ASN - [1] Autonomous System Number

ASN - [2] Average Sample Number

ASN - [3] Access Stack Node

ASN - [4] Arcus Sinus (vergl. arcsin)

ASN - [5] Alabama Supercomputer Network (http://sgisrvr.asc.edu:80/)

ASN - [6] Talladega, AL, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ASN.1 - Abstract Syntax Notation One - von der CCITT vorgeschlagene und der ISO uebernommene Notation fuer die syntaktische Beschreibung auszutauschender Dateneinheiten, meist synonym zu X.409

ASN.1 BER - Abstract Syntax Notation One Basic Encoding Rules - siehe ASN.1

ASN.2 - Abstract Syntax Notation Two - (???) geplante erweiterte Ausgabe von ASN.1

ASNE - American Society of Naval Engineers

ASNM - AdvanceStack Network Management (HP) (->"VERA[1]")

ASO - [1] Active Sideband Optimum

ASO - [2] Advanced Security Option (Oracle)

ASO - [3] Auxiliary Switch (normally Open) (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ASO - [4] Automatic Switch Over

ASO - [5] Application Service Object

ASO - [6] Australian Space Office {Weltraumfahrt}

ASO - [7] Address Supporting Organization (ICANN)

ASO - [8] Asosa, Ethiopia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ASOC - Administrative Service Oversight Center

ASON - Automatic Switched Optical Network

ASOP - Automatic Scheduling and Operating Program (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ASOVII - Associacion Venezolana de Ingenieros Industriales

ASOW - Astronomy Seminar of the Week

ASP - [1] Abstract OSI[1] Primitive

ASP - [2] Aggregated Switch Procurement

ASP - [3] ARCOFI/Advanced Signal Processor

ASP - [4] Adjunct Service Point

ASP - [5] Association Storing Processor

ASP - [6] Automatic Schedule Procedures

ASP - [7] Association of Shareware Professionals (siehe http://www.asp-shareware.org/)

ASP - [8] American Society of Primatologists (-8 siehe http://www.asp.org/)

ASP - [9] Aspen Consulting, Inc. (siehe http://www.asp.com/)

ASP - [10] Astronomical Society of the Pacific

ASP - [11] AppleTalk Session Protocol

ASP - [12] Active Server Page (WWW)

ASP - [13] Active Server Pages (Microsofts Java Server Pages JSP)

ASP - [14] Application Service Provider

ASP - [15] Attitude Sensor Package {Luftfahrt}

ASP - [16] Authorized Service Provider (Sun) (->"VERA[1]")

ASP - [17] Asynchronous Storage Pool

ASP - [18] Alice Springs, Australia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ASPEC - Advanced Spectre Entropy Coding (MPEG digital audio) (->"VERA[1]")

ASPEN - [1] Automatic System For Performance Evaluation Of The Network

ASPEN - [2] Autonomous Scheduling and Planning Environment (->"NASA NGST Acronym List")

ASPERA - Analyzer of Space Plasma and Energetic Atoms (VEX[2], ESA) {Weltraumfahrt}

ASPI - (Adaptec/)Advanced SCSI Programming Interface - fuer SCSI-Plattenspeicher unter MSDOS

ASPIC - Advanced SCSI Programmable Interrupt Controller (->"VERA[1]")

ASPIN - Arizona State Public Information Network (at the ASU[1])

ASPIRE - Alabama Supercomputing Program to Inspire computational Research in Education (http://aspire.cs.uah.edu/)

Aspirin - Beschreibungssprache fuer Neuronale Netzwerke im System MIGRAINES

ASPJ - Advanced/Airborne Self-Protection Jammer

ASPN - ActiveState Programmer Network - Open Source Programmierernetzwerk (http://www.activstate.com/ASPN/)

ASPO - American Society of Planning Officials

ASPP - [1] Alloy Steel Protective Plating (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ASPP - [2] Application Specific Programmable Product (->"VERA[1]")

ASPR - Armed Services Procurement Regulations (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ASPS - Advanced Signal Processing System

ASQ - [1] Asterisque (Societe Mathematique de France) (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ASQ - [2] Automated Software Quality (->"VERA[1]")

ASQ - [3] Austin, NV, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ASQC - American Society for Quality Control

ASQGSA - ASCII Stupid Question, Get a Stupid ANSI (aus "The REAL Canonical List of Forgotten Assembly Language Commands" :-)

ASR - [1] Automatic Send (and) Receive (Teletype Terminal)

ASR - [2] Accumulator Shift Right

ASR - [3-4] Airport/Airborne Surveillance Radar

ASR - [5] Automatic Speech Recognition

ASR - [6] Automatic System Repair

ASR - [7] Avaiable Supply Rate

ASR - [8] Applied Space Resources, Inc. - kommerzielle Weltraumgesellschaft, New York, USA (http://www.appliedspace.com/)

ASR - [9] Automatic Server Restart (HP) (->"VERA[1]")

ASR - [10] Advanced Shake Reduction (digital camera)

ASR - [11] Kayseri, Turkey - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ASRM - Advanced Solid Rocket Motor {Raketentechnik}

ASRS - [1] Asset Survey Reporting Service (Sun)

ASRS - [2] Automated Storage & Retrieval System

ASRS - [3] Automated Support Requirements System

ASRS - [4] Aviation Safety Reporting System

ASS - Aerospace Support Systems (IEEE AESS Technical Committee - ->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ASSD - Area Sales Development Director

Assembler - erweiterte und als Software gestaltete Loettechnik, die von Hardware-Freaks sogar als Programmiersprache bezeichnet wird :-)

ASSET - Asset Source for Software Engineering Technology - kommerzieller Ableger des DARPA STARS-Projekt, Verwaltungsgesellschaft des WSRD (http://www.asset.com/)

Assigned Numbers - offiziell von der IANA vergebene Netzwerk- und Dienstnummer im Internet, vergl. RFC1010

ASSIST - (military) Automated Special Security Information System Terminal (->"VERA[1]")

ASSL - Apache + SSL

ASSP - [1] Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processings (Teil der IEEE)

ASSP - [2] Application Specific Standard Product (->"VERA[1]")

ASSP - [3] Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy http://sourceforge.net/

ASSPA - ASsociation Suisse pour l'Automatique (->"VERA[1]")

ASSR - [1] Agreed Set of Security Rules (->"VERA[1]")

ASSR - [2] Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic

ASSS - Aerospace Systems Safety Society

ASSUME - Association of Statistics Specialists Using Microsoft Excel (->"VERA[1]")

ASSY - Assembly

AST - [1] Asynchronous System Trap

AST - [2] Atlantic Standard Time

AST - [3] Advanced Simulation Technology (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AST - [4] Astrometry Science Team {Astronomie}

AST - [5] Asymetrical Stacked Trench

AST - [6] Albert, Safi & Tom: AST Research, Inc.

AST - [7] Applied System Technology

AST - [8] Astro Star Tracker {Weltraumfahrt}

AST - [9] Astoria/Seaside, OR, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ASTA - [1] American Statistical Association

ASTA - [2] Allgemeiner Studentenausschuss

ASTA - [3] Advanced Software Technology and Algorithms (->"VERA[1]")

ASTATE - Arkansas State Univ. (siehe ASU[4])

ASTC - [1] Association of Science-Technology Centers, Inc. (http://www.astc.org/)

ASTC - [2] Advanced Simulation Technology Conference (s. SCS[5])

ASTC - [3] Advanced Satellite Tracking Center {Weltraumfahrt}

ASTC - [4] Australian Society for Technical Communication, Inc.

ASTD - American Society for Training and Development

ASTE - American Society of Tool Engineers

ASTEC - [1] Advanced Systems Technology (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ASTEC - [2] Antisubmarine Technical Evaluation Center (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ASTER - Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission Reflection radiometer (JPL/NASA, http://asterweb.jpl.nasa.gov)

ASTERIX - All purpose STructured EUROCONTROL Radar Information eXchange - Radardaten-Uebertragungsformat (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

Asterix - ASCII Zeichen '*'

ASTG - Aerospace Test Group {Luftfahrt}/{Weltraumfahrt}

ASTIA - Armed Services Technical Information Agency (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ASTM - American Society for Testing & Materials

ASTME - American Society for Tool and Manufacturing Engineers

ASTON - Aston University (UK, http://www.aston.ac.uk/)

ASTOR - Antiship Torpedo (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ASTP - [1] Apollo-Soyuz-Test-Project 1975 {Weltraumfahrt}

ASTP - [2] Advanced Space Transportation Program (X33/X34) {Weltraumfahrt}

ASTRA - geostationaere Satellitenserie, RFS/DBS der Societe Europeenne des Satellites (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ASTRAL - [1] Analog Schematic Translator to Algebraic Language (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ASTRAL - [2] Alliance for Strategic Token Ring Advancement and Leadership (IBM)

ASTRO-A - Beobachtungssatellit zu Solaraktivitaeten von 1981 (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ASTW - Archenhold Sternwarte http://www.sdtb.de/Archenhold-Sternwarte.7.0.html {Astronomie}

ASU - [1] Arizona State University (http://www.asu.edu/)

ASU - [2] Alabama State University (http://www.alasu.edu/)

ASU - [3] Angelo State University (http://www.angelo.edu/)

ASU - [4] Arkansas State University (http://www.astate.edu/)

ASU - [5] Advanced (network/file) Server for Unix

ASU - [6] Asuncion, Paraguay - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ASUG - [1] American SAP Users Group

ASUG - [2] Astronomy Software User Group {Astronomie}

ASUT - Association Suisse des Usagers de Telecommunications (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ASV - [1] American Standard Version

ASV - [2] Automatic Self Verification

ASV - [3] Air to Surface Vessel - brit. Flugzeugradarsystem ab 1940 (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ASV - [4] Axel Springer Verlag, Berlin (http://www.asv.de/)

ASVD - Analog Simultaneous Voice and Data (Modem) (->"VERA[1]")

ASVIP - American Standard Vocabulary for Information Processing (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ASVP - Application System Verification (and Transfer) Program (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ASW - [1] Acoustic Surface Wave (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ASW - [2] Auxiliary Switch (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ASW - [3] Archenhold Sternwarte, Berlin (D) {Astronomie}

ASW - [4] Aswan, Arab Republic Of Egypt - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ASWG - Ad hoc Science Working Group (->"NASA NGST Acronym List")

ASX - Ashland, WI, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

asynchron - (meist) (preiswerte) Methode der Uebertragung, die keinen gemeinsamen Taktgeber benoetigt, Gegenteil: synchron

AT - [1] ATtention - Befehlspraefix bei Hayes-kompatiblen Modems (Hayes-Modem)

AT - [2] Internet Address Translation (unter TCP/IP)

AT - [3] Advanced Technology

AT - [4] Atlantic Time

AT - [5] Atomic Time

AT - [6] les Annales Telegraphiques - Fachjournal frz. Telekommunikationsgeschichte ab 1855 (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

AT - [7] Angst Technology (ggf. abgeleitet aus AT[3], http://www.inktank.com/AT/index.cfm)

AT - [8] ISO3166 2LA f. Austria (Oesterreich)

At - ASCII Zeichen '@'

at least once - wenigstens einmal

at most once - hoechstens einmal

At Sign - ASCII Zeichen '@'

AT&T - [1] American Telephone and Telecommunication Company (vergl. ATT)

AT&T - [2] Alles Teuer und Taugt nix (synonym zu AT&T[1] ;-)

AT&T BTL - American Telephone and Telecommunication Company - Bell Telephone Laboratories

AT&T Find America - elektron. Telefonbuch von AT&T seit 1990

AT&T Mail - oeffentl. MHS/Mbx Dienst von AT&T, u.a. auf Basis von X.400/X.500

AT&TC - (seltener fuer) American Telephone and Telecommunication Company

AT-Bus - Advanced Technology Bus, PC-spezifischer Systembus (16 Bit)

AT-PS-PD - 200 Baud Text- & Datenvermittlungssystem ab den 70er Jahren in der ehem. UdSSR mit Telex (AT), Telegramm (PS) und Datenuebertragung (PD) (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ATA - [1] AT[3] Attachment - Festplatte-Host-Adapter, entspricht meist EIDE-Schnittstelle

ATA - [2] Automatic Trouble Analysis

ATA - [3] Association of Technical Artists

ATA - [4] Air Transport Association - siehe IATA {Luftfahrt}

ATA - [5] Airport Traffic Area {Luftfahrt}

ATA - [6] Anta, Peru - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ATACC - Advanced Tactical Air Command Central

ATAG - Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines (->"VERA[1]")

ATAI - Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence, 2nd Advanced Course, ACAI '87, LNCS345, 1988; andere spaeter(informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ATAL - Workshop on Agent Theories, Architectures, and Languages

ATAMS - Advanced Tactical Attacks/Manned System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ATAN - Arcus Tangens - vergl. arctan

ATAP - ARM[5] Technology Access Program

ATAPI - Advanced Technology Attachment Packet Interface - erweiterte Schnittstelle fuer CD-ROM-Devices unter IDE-PC-Architektur

ATAR - Antitank Aircraft Rocket (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

Atari - 1972 gegr. von Nolan Bushnell, Hersteller von Spieleconsolen und Homecomputersystemen, 1976 gekauft von Warner, 1984 gesplittet in die zwei Firmen Atari Games Corp./Tengen und Atari Corp.

ATARI - [1] Als Tuerstopper Absolut RIesig :-)

ATARI - [2] Alles Teile Aus Runderneuerten IC's :-)

Atari 2600VCS - erste kommerziell erfolgreiche Cart-Videospielconsole von Atari Inc. mit 6502-Vorgaenger CPU und 128Bytes RAM

Atari Falcon - Homecomputerserie von Atari Anfang der 90er Jahren mit M68030 CPU, aehnlich wie Atari ST(F) mit integrierter Tastatur, aber mit verbesserten Grafik- und Audio-Eigenschaften

Atari Jaguar - erste 64bit Spieleconsole (64bit-Bus) von Atari mit 2 proprietaeren RISC-Chips als CPU incl. DSP, Blitter und Objektprozessor und einem M68000-Chip als Geraetecontroller und Nostalgietraeger, 2MB FPM[3] DRAM, Cartridge-Schnittstelle mit einsteckbarem CDROM-Laufwerk, mit 9600baud RS232-Schnittstelle, RGB- und je nach Version PAL- und NTSC-Videoausgang

Atari Lynx - erste Color-Handheld-Spieleconsole mit 64kByte DRAM, 65C02 CPU bei rund 4MHz Takt mit 160x102 RGB-Pixel und standardmaessig 16 aus 4096 Farben gleichzeitig darstellbar

Atari ST - Homecomputerserie von Atari mit M68000 CPU, 512kB-4MB RAM, Betriebssystem TOS, MIDI, ACSI, z.T. Floppy und/oder Tastatur im Rechnergehaeuse integriert (STE)

Atari TT - Homecomputer von Atari Ende der 80er Jahre mit M68030 CPU, rund 16MHz Takt, 1MB RAM Min., Betriebssystem TOS, Floppylaufwerk, abgesetzter Tastatur und Festplatte

ATARS - Aircraft Traffic Advisory Resolution System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ATASPI - Advanced Technology Attachment Software Programming Interface (->"VERA[1]")

ATB - [1] Advanced Technology Bomber (stealth Bomber)

ATB - [2] All Trunks Busy

ATB - [3] Atbara, Sudan - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ATBCB - Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ATBM - Antitactical Ballistic Missile (z.B. Hawk - ->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ATC - [1] Address Translation Cache (u.a. Bestandteil des M68060)

ATC - [2] Air Traffic Control {Luftfahrt}

ATC - [3] Applied Technology Council

ATC - [4] Arbitration Timing Control

ATC - [5] ATM Test & Conformance Center (GMD FOKUS)

ATC - [6] (USENIX) Annual Technical Conference

ATC - [7] Australian Telecommunications Authority (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ATC - [8] Automatic Transmission Control

ATC - [9] Adaptive Transform(ation) Coding (->"Abklex")

ATC - [10] Adress Translation Controller (ATM) (->"VERA[1]")

ATC - [11] Advanced Thermo Concept (->"VERA[1]")

ATC - [12] Arthur's Town, Bahamas - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ATCA - [1] Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (Intel)

ATCA - [2] Air Traffic Control Association {Luftfahrt}

ATCA - [3] Australian Telescope Compact Array http://www.narrabli.atnf.csiro.au/ {Astronomie}

ATCAC - [1] Air Traffic Control Advisory Committee

ATCAC - [2] Air Traffic Control Association Conference

ATCP - AppleTalk Control Protocol (s. RFC1378)

ATCRBS - Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System (AIMS)

ATCS - Active Thermal Control System

atd - At Daemon - UNIX-Dienstprogramm zur Ausfuehrung von zeitversetzten Befehlen

ATD - Asynchronous Time Division

ATD(M) - Asynchronous Time Division (Multiplexing) - entspricht ATM

AtDhVaAnNkCsE - Thanks in Advance - Danke im Voraus (als Buchstabenspiel)

ATDMA - Advanced Time Division Multiple Access (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ATDP - Attention, Dial Pulse-coded - Waehlbefehl fuer Hayes-Modems mit Pulsecode-Verfahren, vergl. ATDT

ATDRS - Advanced Tracking and Data Relay Satellite

ATDS - Airborne Tactical Data System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ATDT - Attention, Dial Tone-coded - Waehlbefehl fuer Hayes-Modems mit Touch-Tone-Verfahren, vergl. ATDP

ATE - [1] Automated/Automatic Test Equipment

ATE - [2] Asynchronous Terminal Emulation (Banyan, VINES)

ATE - [3] ATM Terminating Equipment (SONET)

ATE - [4] Antlers, OK, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ATECO - Automatische Telegrammvermittlung mit Hilfe von Computer - zentrale Speichervermittlung der schweizer PTT (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ATEE - Association for Teacher Education in Europe

ATES - Advanced Techniques integration into Efficient scientific Software (ESPRIT, CASE) (->"VERA[1]")

ATESTO - Automatic Telegraph Equipment for Stockholm Telegraph Office (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ATF - [1] Advanced Technology/Tactical Fighter

ATF - [2] Automatic Track Finding

ATFS - Attributiertes Filesystem

ATFSM - (USENET-Jargon) Ask The Friendly System Manager

ATG - [1] Address Translation Gateway

ATG - [2] Advanced Technology Group

ATG - [3] Air-To-Ground (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ATG - [4] Automatic Test Generation

ATH - [1] Attention, Hangup! - Befehl fuer Hayes-Modems zur Leitungsunterbrechung

ATH - [2] Abbreviated Trouble History

ATH - [3] Athens, Greece - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

Athlon - AMD K7 CPU Microchip

ATI - [1] Array Technology Inc. - Grafikkartenhersteller seit 1985, 2006 uebernommen von AMD

ATI - [2] Awake Test Indication

ATI - [3] Artigas, Uruguay - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ATIP - Absolute Time In Pregroove - Vorinformation auf Audio-CDs zur Position der Pits-Spur

ATIS - [1] AIT Tourist Information System - EUREKA-Projekt EU 134 zur Realisierung eines Touristeninformationssystems fuer die europaeischen Automobilclubs und ihre Mitglieder (3,5 Mio. ECU, 58 Monate Laufzeit)

ATIS - [2] Atherton Tools Interface Specification

ATIS - [3] Automatic Terminal Information Service

ATIS - [4] Alliance of Telecommunication Industry Solutions

ATIS - [5] Application Tools Integration Services

ATIS - [6] Automatic Transmitter Identification System

ATIS - [7] Automated Telescope Instruction Set (->"NASA NGST Acronym List")

ATJS - Advanced Tactical Jamming System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ATK - [1] Andrews Toolkit - Erweiterungssatz zu X/11

ATK - [2] Accessability Toolkit

ATK - [3] Available Tonne Kilometer {Weltraumfahrt}

ATK - [4] Alliant Techsystems Inc. - ehemalige Flugzeugbaufirma (und Hersteller von Landminen und Munition) (bis 2015) {Weltraumfahrt}

ATK - [5] Atqasuk, AK, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ATKIS - Amtliches Topographisch-Kartographisches InformationsSystem (->"VERA[1]")

ATKVMS - AppleTalk Protocol Stack library for VMS

ATL - [1] Automated Tape Library

ATL - [2] STS Space Shuttle Atlantis {Weltraumfahrt}

ATL - [3] Americans for Technology Leadership (http://www.techleadership.org/)

ATL - [4] Adaptive Threshold Learning (NN)

ATL - [5] Atlanta-Hartsfield, GA, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ATLANTIS - Antlantik Tiefsee Fernmeldekabel Europa-Suedamerika seit 1982 (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

Atlantis - 4. Raumfaehre (Space Shuttle) der NASA (OV-104), fertiggest. April 1985, Erststart 3. Oktober 1985, besitzt mit rund 17 Tonnen die groesste Nutzlastrate aller STS {Weltraumfahrt}

ATLAS - [1] Atmospheric Laboratory for Applications and Science {Weltraumfahrt}

ATLAS - [2] A Toroidal LHC ApparatuS

ATLAS - [3] Abbreviated Test Language for All Systems (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ATLAS - [4] in der TUB: Archiv fuer Technik, Lebenswelt und AlltagsSprache

ATLAS - [5] Automatisiertes Tarif- und Lokales Zoll-Abwicklungssystem

Atlas400 - VAS X.400-Dienste in TRANSPAC (F)

Atlasfax - Fax-Dienst im TRANSPAC (F)

ATLIS - Automatic Tracking Laser Illumination System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ATLO - Assembly, Test & Launch Operations {Weltraumfahrt}

ATM - [1] Asynchroner Transfer Modus - meist synonym benutzt fuer Computernetz mit gleichnamiger Paketvermittlung; besitzt variable/dynamische "Uebertragungsgeschwindigkeit" auf dem gleichen Medium durch unterschiedliche Zellenabstaende bei gleicher Bitrate, d.h. solange freie Netzbandbreite vorhanden ist, kann ein Sender nach Bedarf Zellen (bzw. Pakete mit fixer Groesse von 53 Oktetts mit 48 Oktetts Nutzdaten) auf das nach ATM arbeitende Netz schicken (in Deutschland im Rahmen von B-ISDN verbindungsorientiert mit 35MBit/s-MANs, allgemein mit Bandbreiten von 2MBit/s bis 2048MBit/s)

ATM - [2] Automatic Teller Machine (im Bankwesen)

ATM - [3] Analog Trunk Module

ATM - [4] Advanced Testing Methods (technisches Komitee der ETSI)

ATM - [5] Abstract Test Method (ISO9646-1) (->"VERA[1]")

ATM - [6] im Bereich Apple/Macintosh: Adobe Type Manager (Fonts)

ATM - [7] Amateur Telescope Maker (siehe http://www.astromart.com/atm.html) {Astronomie}

ATM - [8] Apollo Telescope Mount - Sonnenobservatorium am Skylab {Astronomie}

ATM - [9] Another Terrible Mistake (als Alias zu ATM[1] 8-)

ATM - [10] Adobe Type Manager (->"VERA[1]")

ATM - [11] Altamira, Brazil - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AtM - Aufteilungsmuffe

ATM-CC - ATM[1] CrossConnect

ATMARP - Asynchronous Tranfer Mode Address Resolution Protocol - Mapping von IP-Adressen zu ATM-Adressen

ATMC - ATM[1] Test und Management Center der GMD FOKUS http://mimosa.fokus.gmd.de/

ATMD - Area Tactical Marketing Director

ATMOS - Atmospheric Trace Molecule Spectroscopy

ATMP - Ascend Tunnel Management Protocol (RFC2107)

ATMR - Advanced Technology Medium Range Transport (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ATMS - [1] Assumption based Truth Maintenance System (AI[1]) - annahmengestuetztes Wahrheitsfindungssystem {KI}

ATMS - [2] Automated Trunk Measurement System

ATMX - Asynchroner Transfer Modus eXchange - ATM-Switch

ATN - [1] Ausgebautes Transitions-Netzwerk (->"Hofstadter: Goedel, Escher, Bach")

ATN - [2] Arcus Tangens (vergl. arctan)

ATN - [3] Automated Test Network

ATN - [4] Namatanai, Papua New Guinea - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ATNF - Australian Telescope National Facility (http://www.atnf.csiro.au/) {Astronomie}

ATO - [1] Assembly To Order

ATO - [2] Abort To Orbit (NASA, Shuttle) {Weltraumfahrt}

ATO - [3] Athens, OH, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ATOB - ASCII to Binary (->"VERA[1]")

ATOD - [1] ASCII TO Double - Umwandlungsroutine einer Zeichenkette in eine Fliesskommazahl mit doppelter Genauigkeit, u.a. in C

ATOD - [2] Armor TO Dust - Leserolle in Hack[2]

ATOF - ASCII TO Float - Umwandlungsroutine einer Zeichenkette in eine Fliesskommazahl, u.a. in C

ATOL - ASCII TO Long - Umwandlungsroutine einer Zeichenkette in einen Long-Integer-Zahlwert, u.a. in C

ATOLL - Acceptance Test or Launch Language (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ATOM - Advanced Terminal for Operations & Maintenance (->"Abklex")

Atom - (Intel Atom) Mikroprozessoren f. Notebooks und Mobile Internet Devices ab 2008

ATOMDEF - Atomic Defense (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ATOMM - Advanced super Thin-layer and high Output Metal Media (HiFD, ZIP-Drive)

ATOMS - AT&T Optimized Materials Simulator

ATP - [1] Acceptance Test Procedure(s)

ATP - [2] Automated Test Plan

ATP - [3] AppleTalk Transaction Protocol - Anwendungs-zu-Anwendungs-Protokoll innerhalb eines AppleTalk-Netzes mit Fehlerkorrektur oberhalb von DDP

ATP - [4] Airline Transport Pilot (highest Grade Of Pilot Certificate) {Luftfahrt}

ATP - [5] All Tests Pass

ATP - [6] As Time Permits

ATP2 - Appletalk Phase 2

ATPCO - Airline Tariff Publishing COmpany

ATPETRI - Application and Theory of Petri Nets, International Conference (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

ATPG - Automatic Test Pattern Generation

ATPS - AppleTalk Printing Services

ATQ - Amritsar, India - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ATR - [1] Automatic Terminal Recognition

ATR - [2] Air Transport Radio (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ATR - [3] Advanced Test Reactor (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ATR - [4] Australian Telecommunications Research - wissenschaftliche Einrichtung der PTT Australiens (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ATR - [5] Alternate Trunk Routing

ATR - [6] Answer To Reset - Verfahren bei Chipkarten, die bei einem anliegenden Reset-Signal eine Identifizierung zurueckliefern (->"c't 8/2000")

ATR - [7] Atar, Mauritania - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ATRAC - Adaptive Transformation Acoustic Coding - verlustbehafteter Algorithmus bei der Audiodatenkomprimierung, benutzt in Verbindung mit der MD[3]

ATRAN - Automatic Terrain Recognition and Navigation (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ATRC - Antitracking Control

ATRIB - Average Transfer Rate of Information Bits

ATRS - Automated Trouble Reporting System

ATRT - AntiTransmit-Receive Tube

ATS - [1] Applications Technology Satellite - Testsatellitenreihe der NASA 1966-1974 {Weltraumfahrt}

ATS - [2] Astronomical Time Switch

ATS - [3] Administrative Terminal System

ATS - [4] Apple Terminal Services

ATS - [5] Aarhus Tekniske Skole - Aarhus Technical College (Daenemark, http://www.ats.dk/)

ATS - [6] Automated Test System

ATS - [7] Author, Title, Subject (->"Abklex")

ATS - [8] Abstract Test Suite (->"VERA[1]")

ATS - [9] Artesia, NM, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ATSR - Argonne Termal Source Reactor (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ATSS - Automatic Telecommunication Switching System - kalifornisches Behoerdendatennetz (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

ATST - (USENET-Jargon) At The Same Time

ATSUI - Apple Text Services for Unicode Imaging

ATT - [1] American Telephone & Telegraph (normalerweise AT&T, siehe http://www.att.com/)

ATT - [2] (USENET-Jargon) At This Time

ATT - [3] Atmautluak, AK, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

Attachment - Anhang, v.a. bei Emails angehaengte Dateien, wobei Binaerdateien vorher zum Versand mittels UUE oder Base64 kodiert werden

ATTC - Automatic Transmission Test And Control Circuit

ATTCANADA - AT&T Canada Long Distance Services, entstanden aus Unitel seit 1996 (s. http://www.attcanada.com/)

ATTCOM - American Telephone And Telegraph Communications

ATTCS - Automatic Takeoff Thrust Control System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ATTEL - Les Ateliers de Telecommunications - frz. Modemhersteller

Attenuation - Leistungsabfall zwischen zwei Punkten, gemessen in dB

ATTGIS - AT&T Global Information Solutions (Nachfolger von NCR

ATTIS - American Telephone and Telegraph Information Systems (AT&T-Division)

attmail - siehe AT&T Mail

ATTN - (Jargon) Attention!

Attribute-Style - Stil der X.400-Adressierung in reihenfolgeunabhaengiger Form c=C[1]; adm=ADMD; prmd=PRMD; cn=CN;g=GN sur=SN; tt=TT; ou1=OU1; ou2=OU2; siehe auch Grenoble-Style und Cupertino-Style

ATU - [1] Arkansas Technical University (http://www.atu.edu/)

ATU - [2] Attu, AK, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ATV - [1] Advanced TeleVision - nicht synonym, aber vergleichbar HDTV

ATV - [2] All Terrain Vehicle

ATV - [3] Automatic Transfer Vehicle - unbem. ESA-ISS-Transporter mit 7,6 Tonnen Nutzlast, 2008 erstmals eingesetzt ("Jules Verne") {Weltraumfahrt}

ATV - [4] Ati, Chad - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ATVA - American TeleVision Alliance

ATVEF - Advanced Television Enhancement Forum

ATW - Appleton, WI, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ATWS - Anticipated Transient Without Scram (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ATX - Advanced Technology eXtended (->"VERA[1]")

ATY - Watertown, SD, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

ATypI - Association Typographique Internationale - Internationale Gesellschaft fuer Typographie, u.a. zustaendig fuer die Standardisierung von Fonts

ATZ - [1] Attention! Restore profile from NVRAM! - Hayes-Modem-Befehl

ATZ - [2] Alpha TimeZone

AU - [1] Astronomical Unit - 93.000.000 Meilen/154.000.000 Kilometer bzw. mittlerer Abstand Erde-Sonne {Weltraumfahrt}

AU - [2] Automatic Update (Microsoft)

AU - [3] Access Unit

AU - [4] Administrative Unit

AU - [5] AUdio-Extension fuer SunOS-Audiodateien in 8Bit Mono 8000 Samples/s-Format, ../vivaldi-spring.au.gz

AU - [6] Arithmetic Unit

AU - [7] Auburn University (USA, http://www.auburn.edu/)

AU - [8] ISO3166 2LA f. Australia

AUA - [1] Architecture Unifiee d'Applications (F) (->"Abklex")

AUA - [2] Aruba-Beatrix, Aruba - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AUAI - Association for Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (->"VERA[1]")

AUC - [1] AUthorisation Control/Center

AUC - [2] Authentication Center (GSM) (->"VERA[1]")

AUC - [3] Arauca, Colombia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AUCST - Ajman University College of Science & Technology (Vereinigte Arabische Emirate, http://www.ajman.ac.ae/)

AUD - Augustus Downs, Australia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AUDIT - [1] AUtomated Data Input Terminal

AUDIT - [2] Automatic Unattended Detection Inspection Transmitter (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

Auditing - nicht umgehbarer Dienst eines Betriebssystems, bei dem sicherheitsrelevante Aktionen aufgezeichnet werden

AUDIX - Audio Information Exchange (AT&T)

AUE - Andrews User Environment (unter X/11)

Aufloesung - Veraenderung des Geisteszustandes eines Benutzers, der eine Grafik an einem CGA-Bildschirm zu entraetseln versucht :-)

AUG - [1] ARCNET User Group

AUG - [2] Apollo[4] User Group

AUG - [3] Augusta, ME, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AUGE - Apple User Group Europe

Augment - Name des Projekts zur Entwicklung eines Hypertext-Systems bzw. des ersten kommerziellen Systems, entstanden aus NLS[2], im Rahmen von A. wurden verschiedene Eingabesysteme, wie z.B. die heutige Maus konzipiert

AUH - Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AUI - [1] Attachment Unit Interface

AUI - [2] Audible User Interface (->"VERA[1]")

AUI - [3] Asociacion de Usarios de Internet (Esp.) (->"VERA[1]")

AUI-Kabel - Access Unit Interface - Kabel, synonym zu Drop-Kabel oder Standard-Transceiver-Kabel

AUIS - Andrew User Interface System (unter X11)

AUK - Alakanuk, AK, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AUM - [1] Air-to-Underwater-Missile (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AUM - [2] Austin, MN, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AUNIC - Australian Network Information Center - jetzt in APNIC integriert

AUNT - Automatic UNiversal Translator

AUO - Auburn/Opelika, AL, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AUP - [1] Acceptable Use Policy - Richtlinie der NSF, nach der auch die kommerzielle Nutzung des NSFnet erlaubt ist

AUP - [2] Access Unit Port

AUP - [3] Aguan, Papua New Guinea - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AUQ - Atuona, French Polynesia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AUR - Aurillac, France - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

Aur - Auriga - Fuhrmann - noerdl. Sternbild {Astronomie}

AURA - Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (, Inc.) - u.a. Betreiber von NOAO {Astronomie}

AuRA - Autonomous Robot Architecture {KI}

AURORA - DOMSAT-Reihe der ALASCOM fuer Telekommunikation und Fernsehuebertragung

AURP - AppleTalk Updated Routing Protocol

AUS - [1] Army of the United States

AUS - [2] Austin, TX, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AUSCRYPT - (u.a.) LNCS453, Seberry & Pieprzyk (Eds.), Advances in Cryptology--AUSCRYPT '90, International Conference on Cryptology(informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

AUSEANET - Australian-Asian Network, Ableger des ASCNET, existiert seit 1986

AUSSAT - Australian Satellite - DOMSAT-Reihe der Telecom Australia

Austastluecke - fuer Videotext genutzte Leerzeilen zwischen 1. und 2. Halbbild bei Fernsehbildsendung (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

AUSTPAC - Australia Packet Network - PSPDN (->"The Matrix")

AUT - [1] Advanced User Terminals

AUT - [2] Application Under Test (->"VERA[1]")

AUTEX - autom. Telex/Teletex Auskunft der Telekom

Autobaud - Faehigkeit eines Modems, die Sende- und Empfangsgeschwindigkeit automatisch des Partnermodems auszuhandeln

AutoCAD - eines der ersten Personal Computer CAD Programme von Autodesk, dadurch zu Industriestandard-Status gelangt (http://www.autodesk.de/)

AUTOCOM - Automated Communication - kanadische Speichervermittlung

AUTODIN - AUTOmatic DIgital Network (DoD)

AUTOEXEC - AUTOmatic EXECution - engl. f. automatische Hinrichtung (des Rechners) :-)

AUTOEXEC.BAT - Automatic Execution Batch File (DOTZ) - entspricht den rc-Files unter UNIX

Autogramme spaeter - sarkastisch, wie in: "Mir ist die Video-Karte abgeraucht. Autogramme spaeter!" aehnlich Film um 11

AUTOMEX - japanischer ILTMS (Textvermittlung, ->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

AUTONET(D) - Automatic Network Display

Autonomous System - Internet-Terminologie fuer eine Gruppe von Gateways innerhalb einer administrativen Einheit (Subnetzwerk)

autopoietisch - gr. selbst machen - Lebende Systeme sind autopoietisch organisiert, d.h. sie erstellen ihre Konstituenten selbst. ->"M. Kastner: 'Gibt es ein selbstregulatives psychisches System?' in IFB304 1992"

AUTORC - Automation and Remote Control, A translation of Avtomatika i Telemekhanika (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

AUTOSAFE - Automatic Savety Fallback Entity - Technik der Textzwischenspeicherung im Western Union Intern. Netz ab 1977

AUTOSEVCOM - Automatic Secure Voice Communications

AUTOSEVOCOM - Automatic Secure Voice Communication Network - militaerisches Telefonnetz mit automatischer, digitaler/analoger Verschluesselung (DoD)

AUTOSTRT - Automatic Starter (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AUTOSTRTG - Automatic Starting (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AUTOTEL - Projekt der DBP/BMFT zur Anbindung von Automobiltelefonen ans oeffentliche Fernsprechnetz

AUTOVON - AUTOmatic VOice Network

AUTRAN - Automatic Utility Translator (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AUU - ATM User-to-User (->"VERA[1]")

AUUG - American UNIX Users Group

AUVSI - Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International http://www.auvsi.org/

AUW - Wausau Municipal, WI, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AUX - [1] siehe A/UX

AUX - [2] Auxiliary - zusaetzliches Device (z.B. RS-232-Anschluss) oder zusaetzlicher Aussenanschluss (z.B. ab einem Phono-Vorverstaerker)

AUXF - Auxillary Frame

AUY - Aneityum Island, Vanuata - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AV - [1] AudioVisual

AV - [2] AltaVista

AVA - [1] Attribute Value Assertion - OSI Directory Service

AVA - [2] Azimuth Versus Amplitude (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AVA - [3] Audio Visual Authoring (IBM)

AVATAR - Advanced Video Attribute Terminal Assembler and Recreator

Avatar - Repraesentationsdarstellung eines Nutzers bei elektronischer Kommunikation (u.a. bei IRC)

avatar - seltenes Synonym fuer root

AVB - Avino, Italy - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AVC - [1] Audio Visual Component (im MMC-System)

AVC - [2] Automatic Volume Control

AVC - [3] Audio Visual Connection (IBM)

AVC - [4] (H.264) Advanced Video Codec

AVCD - Audio Visual Computer Display

AVCHD - Advanced Video Codec High Definition - digitales Aufzeichnungsformat f. Videobilder

AVD - Alternate Voice/Data

AVDS - Automatic Voice Data Switching (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

AVE - [1] Aerospace Vehicle Electronics (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AVE - [2] AutoCAD Visualization Extension (->"VERA[1]")

AVERT - [1] Association of Voluntary Emergency Radio Teams

AVERT - [2] Antivirus Emergency Response Team

AVerzTxTtx - Amtliches Telex- und Teletexverzeichnis der Telekom

AVG - Average - Durchschnitt {Statistik}

AVGA - Advanced Video Graphics Array (s. VGA) (->"VERA[1]")

AVHRR - Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (NASA/JPL, http://podaac.jpl.nasa.gov/sst/)

AVI - [1] Audio Video Interleave - File Name Extension fuer ein Bildsequenz-File-Format unter DOS/Windows (Format von Microsoft)

AVI - [2] Ciego De Avila, Cuba - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AVIA - Architecture for Virtual Interfaces for Applications

AVIONICS - Aviation Electronics (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AVIRIS - Airborne Visible/InfraRed Imaging Spectrometer (JPL/NASA, http://makalu.jpl.nasa.gov/aviris.html)

AVK - [1] Audio-Video Kernel

AVK - [2] AntiVirenKit

AVKI - Arbeitskreis Verteilte Kuenstliche Intelligenz

AVL - [1] Amtsverbindungsleitung (Trunk Line) (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

AVL - [2] Automatic Vehicle Location (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AVL - [3] Adelson, Veslkij & Landis (tree)

AVL - [4] Asheville, NC, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AVL-Baum - (Attribut Verifizierter Listen-Baum / Adelson-Velskij, Landis-Baum) - hoehenbalancierter binaerer Baum

AVLIS - Atomic Vapor Laser Isotope Separation

AVM - [1] Audio Visual Manager (im MMC-System)

AVM - [2] Auslandsvermittlungssystem (Siemens) (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

AVMS - Audio Visuelles Marketing System

AVMZ - Audio Visuelles Medienzentrum (Wuppertal, D)

AVN - [1] Adobe Virtual Network (->"Abklex")

AVN - [2] Avignon, France - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AVNL - Automatic Video Noise Limiting

AVO - [1] Alaska Volcano Observatory (http://www.avo.alaska.edu/)

AVO - [2] Ada Validation Office

AVO - [3] Avon Park, FL, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AVON - Amtliches Verzeichnis der OrtsNetzkennzahlen (Telekom)

AVP - Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, PA, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AVR - [1] Automatic Volume Regulator

AVR - [2] Automatic Voltage Regulator

AVR - [3] Automatic Voice Recognition

AVR - [4] Automatic Volume Recognition

AVR - [5] Automatic Voltage Recognition

AVRC - Audio/Video Remote Control

AVRCP - Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (Bluetooth)

AVS - [1] Audio Visuelles System

AVS - [2] Application Visualisation System (Bibliothek)

AVSP - Advanced Video Signal Processor

AVSS - Audio-Video Subsystem Software

AVUS - Aktenverteilungs- und Umlaufsystem

AVV - Avalon-VI, Australia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AVW - Tucson-Avra Valley, AZ, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AVX - Catalina Island-Avalon Bay, CA, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AVZ - Audio- Visuelles Zentrum (der TUB)

AW - [1] Abschlusswiderstand / termination resistor

AW - [2] Advanced Westar - Westar IV TDRS

AW - [3] Addison-Wesley Publishing Company (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlicher, http://www.aw.com/)

AW&ST - Aviation Week and Space Technology

AWA - [1] (Jargon) A While Ago

AWA - [2] Awasa, Ethiopia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AWAC - Audio Waveform Amplifier and Converter (Apple)

AWACS - Airborne Warning And Control/Command System

AWAD - A Word A Day http://wordsmith.org/awad/

AWADO - Automatischer Wechselschalter in der Anschlussdose (Telekom)

AWADS - All Weather Aerial Delivery System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AWAR - Area Weight Average (Re)solution (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AWARS - Airborne Weather and Reconnaissance System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AWAT - Area Weighted Average T-Number

AWC - Arizona Western College, Yuma (USA, http://www.awc.cc.az.us/)

AWCS - Air Weapon Control System (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")

AWD - [1] Advanced Workstation Division (IBM)

AWD - [2] Automatische Waehleinrichtung fuer Datenuebertragung (Telekom)

AWDS - Automated Weather Distribution System (USAF)

AWE - [1] Address-Windowing-Extension (W2K)

AWE - [2] AutoCAD Windows Extension (->"VERA[1]")

AWE - [3] Advanced Workstation Environment

AWEA - American Wind Energy Association

AWEAPI - Address-Windowing-Extension Application Programming Interface (W2K)

AWG - American Wire Gauge - System zur Spezifikation von Kabeldurchmesser

AWGN - Additive White Gaussian Noise

AWGTHTGTATA - (USENET-Jargon) Are We Going To Have To Go Through ALL This Again?

AWGTHTGTTA - (USENET-Jargon) Are We Going To Have To Go Through This Again?

AWHFY - (USENET-Jargon) Are We Having Fun Yet?

AWI - [1] Awake Indication

AWI - [2] (Forschungseinrichtung) DFN-Kuerzel fuer Alfred-Wegener-Institut fuer Polar- und Meeresforschung Bremen (Mitglied im DFN)

AWK - al Aho, peter Weinberger, brian Kernighan (pattern scanning language) - siehe awk

awk - Konvertierungs- und Reportgenerator unter UNIX, entwickelt von Aho, Weinberger und Kernighan 1977 (man awk)

AWK - Wake Island, Tp, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AWL - [1] Anweisungsliste (DIN 19239)

AWL - [2] Auswahllogik (->"Abklex")

AWL - [3] Addison-Wesley-Longman Publishing Company (informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlicher, http://www.awl.com/)

AWN - Automated Weather Network

AWOC - Aegean Workshop on Computing: VLSI Algorithms and Architectures, 1986, LNCS227(informationswissenschaftl. Veroeffentlichungen)

AWOL - Absent WithOut Leave / Absent Without Official Leave

AWP - [1] Anwendungsprogramm

AWP - [2] Association of Web Professionals (->"VERA[1]")

AWR - [1] Automatic Write Relocation

AWR - [2] Automatic Workload Repository (Oracle)

AWR - [3] Awar, Papua New Guinea - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AWRA - American Water Resources Association

AWS - [1] Apple Workgroup Server - Macintosh Rechnerklasse ohne Peripherie aber mit verbesserter Performance, vergleichbar zu SPARCserver-Systeme

AWS - [2] Advanced Workstations and Systems group (IBM)

AWS - [3] Anrufweiterschaltung {Telefonie}

AWS - [4] Amazon Web Services

AWST - Aviation Week & Space Technology (meist eher AW&ST)

AWT - Abstract Windowing Toolkit - Teil des JDK Version 1.1, abgeloest durch Swing

AWU - Auto Wake Up

AWV - Arbeitsgemeinschaft fuer wirtschaftl. Verwaltung (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

AWZ - Ahwaz, Iran - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AX - Automatic Transmission

AX.25 - Advanced (?) X.25 - fuer Satellitenverbindungen variiertes paketvermittelndes Protokoll von 1982, nicht direkt interoperabel mit X.25 (->"The Matrix")

AXA - Anguilla, British West Indies - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AXAF - Advanced X-ray Astrophysics Facility {Astronomie}/{Weltraumfahrt}

AXB - [1] Automatic Exchange Bearer(?) - Automatische Text- & Datenvermittlungssystemfamilie (Ericsson, ->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

AXB - [2] Alexandria Bay, NY, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AXC - Aramac, Australia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AXCVR - Alpha Transceiver (Space Shuttle) {Weltraumfahrt}

AXE - [1] Automatic Electronic Exchange (Ericsson, ->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

AXE - [2] Application Execution Environment

AXD - [3] Alexandroupolis, Greece - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AXFR - All Zone Transfer (vollstaendiger Zonentranfer unter DNS)

AXM - Armenia, Colombia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AXN - Alexandria, MN, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AXP - Spring Point, Bahamas - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AXS - Altus-Municipal, OK, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AXT - Akita, Japan - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AXU - Axum, Ethiopia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AXV - Wapakoneta, OH, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AXX - Angel Fire, NM, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

Ayame - Versuchssatellitenreihe der NASDA (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")

AYBABTO - (USENET-Jargon) All Your Base Are Belong To Us - Urspruenglich Zitat aus dem Videospiel "Zero Wing"

AYOR - (USENET-Jargon) At Your Own Risk

AYP - Ayacucho, Peru - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AYQ - Ayers Rock, Australia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AYR - Ayr, Australia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AYS - Waycross, GA, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AYST(?) - (USENET-Jargon) Are You Still There?

AYT - [1] Are You There?

AYT - [2] Antalya, Turkey - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AYW - Ayawasi, Indonesia - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AZ - [1] Arizona - USA-Staatenkuerzel

AZ - [2] ISO3166 2LA f. Azerbaidjan

Az - Azimut {Astronomie}

AZ/EB - Australian/new Zealand EDIFACT Board (->"VERA[1]")

AZD - Yazd, Iran - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AZERTY - European-type keyboard (s. QWERTY)

AZG - Apatzingan, Mexico - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AZO - Kalamazoo, MI, USA - international Airport IATA TLA {Luftfahrt}

AZS - Automatic Zero Set

AzTeC - Arizona Telecommunication Community - Free-Net-Betreiber in USA

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