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IEN - [1] Internet Engineering/Experiment Notes (Nachfolgebezeichnung fuer RFC, hat sich nicht durchgesetzt)

IEN - [2] Individualized Electronic Newspaper

IEN1 - Hinchley: 29-Jul-77 Issues in the Interconnection of Datagram Networks

IEN2 - Postel: 15-Aug-77 Comments on Internet Protocols and TCP (Not online)

IEN3 - Postel: 18-Aug-77 Internet Meeting Notes - 15 August 1977 (Not online)

IEN4 - Rubin: 16-May-77 Specification for a General Network Conferencing System Voice Communication Supervisor (Not online)

IEN5 - Cerf: Mar-77 TCP Version 2 Specification (Not online)

IEN6 - Cerf: 23-Aug-77 Gateways and Network Interfaces (Not online)

IEN7 - -----: Jul-77 X.25 Specification (Not online)

IEN8 - UCL: --- Gateway Experiments in Connection with the Packet Satellite Project (Not online)

IEN9 - Perlman: 26-Aug-77 Host/SIMP Protocol

IEN10 - Plummer: 7-Mar-77 Internet Broadcast Issues

IEN11 - Cohen: 21-Mar-77 Internetting or Beyond NCP

IEN12 - Garlick: 15-Mar-77 Issues in Reliable Host-to-Host Protocols

IEN13 - UCL: --- GNOME User's Guide (Not online)

IEN14 - Nelson: 28-Feb-77 Thoughts on Multi-net Control and Data Collection Facilities (Not online)

IEN15 - Plummer: 15-Sep-77 Thoughts about TCP Retransmission Techniques (Not online)

IEN16 - Postel: 20-May-77 Extensible Field Addressing

IEN17 - Bochman: Mar-77 Datagrams as a Public Packet-switched Data Transmission Service (Not online)

IEN18 - Burchfiel: 26-Oct-76 TCP Revisions (Not online)

IEN19 - Shoch: Jan-78 Inter-Network Naming, Addressing, and Routing (Not online)

IEN20 - Shoch: Jan-78 Inter-Network Fragmentation and the TCP (Not online)

IEN21 - Cerf: Jan-78 TCP 3 Specification (Not online)

IEN22 - Postel: 3-Feb-78 Internet Meeting Notes - 1 February 1978 (Not online)

IEN23 - Cohen: 23-Jan-78 On Names, Addresses and Routings

IEN24 - Perlman: 27-Jan-78 Gateway Routing (Not online)

IEN25 - Strazisar: 25-Jan-78 Gateway Dynamic Routing (Not online)

IEN26 - Cerf: 14-Feb-78 A Proposed New Internet Header Format (Not online)

IEN27 - Cerf: 14-Feb-78 A Proposal for TCP Version 3.1 Header Format (Not online)

IEN28 - Postel: Feb-78 Draft Internetwork Protocol Specification (Not online)

IEN29 - Day: --- A Note on Urgent in TCP (Not online)

IEN30 - Strazisar: 11-Apr-78 Gateway Routing: An Implementation Specification (Not online)

IEN31 - Cohen: 28-Apr-78 On Names, Addresses and Routings (II)

IEN32 - Davidson: 28-Apr-78 Catenet Monitoring and Control: A Model for the Gateway Component

IEN33 - Bennett: 15-May-78 Internet Meeting Notes - 1 & 2 May 1978 (Not online)

IEN34 - Bennett: 25-Apr-78 The GNOME Controller (Not online)

IEN35 - Kirstein: 28-Apr-78 SATNET and the Provision of Transnet Service

IEN36 - Cashman: 27-Dec-76 NSW File Package (Not online)

IEN37 - Millstein: --- NSW Bibliography (Not online)

IEN38 - Postel: 17-May-78 NSW Transaction Protocol (NSWTP) (Not online)

IEN39 - Postel: 17-May-78 NSW Data Representation (NSWB8) (Not online)

IEN40 - Postel: Jun-78 Specification of Internetwork Transmission Control Protocol - Version 4 (Not online)

IEN41 - Postel: Jun-78 Internetwork Protocol Specification - Version 4 (Not online)

IEN42 - Edmond: 12-Jun-78 SATNET Information

IEN43 - Pouzin: Feb-77 Interconnection of Virtual Circuits and Datagrams (Not online)

IEN44 - Postel: Jun-78 Latest Header Formats (Not online)

IEN45 - Plummer: 5-Jun-78 TCP Checksum Function Design

IEN46 - Clark: Jun-78 A Proposal for Addressing and Routing in the Internet

IEN47 - -----: --- CCITT Draft Recommendation on the Numbering Plan for Public Data Networks (Not online)

IEN48 - Cerf: Jul-78 The Catenet Model for Internetworking

IEN49 - Higginson: 24-Jul-78 Comments on the Proposed TCP Checksum Schemen (Not online)

IEN50 - Edge: --- A Comparative Evaluation of Retransmission Techniques (Not online)

IEN51 - Bennett: 21-Jul-78 Types of Service on the Catenet

IEN52 - Cohen: 11-Aug-78 Some Thoughts About the Multiplexing Issue in Networks

IEN53 - Postel: 21-Aug-78 Internet Meeting Notes - 2, 3, 4 August 1978 (Not online)

IEN54 - Postel: Sep-78 Internetwork Protocol Specification Version 4 (Not online)

IEN55 - Postel: Sep-78 Specification of Internetwork Transmission Control Protocol TCP Version 4 (Not online)

IEN56 - Reed: 11-Sep-78 CRC Checksum Calculation (Not online)

IEN57 - Plummer: 5-Oct-78 Provisional TCP Development Plan (Not online)

IEN58 - Perlman: Oct-78 Access Control: An Informal Discussion (Not online)

IEN59 - Bennett: 23-Oct-78 The UCL Transnet File Transfer Implementation (Not online)

IEN60 - Davidson: 17-Oct-78 Boston Area Meeting of the Internet Working Group to Discuss Interactions with Gateways (Not online)

IEN61 - Postel: 27-Oct-78 Internet Name Server

IEN62 - Davidson: 27-Oct-78 Enriched Internet Addressing of ARPANET Resources - An Interim Proposal (Not online)

IEN63 - Postel: 14-Nov-78 Internet Meeting Notes - 30 & 31 October 1978 (Not online)

IEN64 - Sunshine: 12-Mar-78 TCP Meeting Notes - 12 March 1977 (Not online)

IEN65 - Postel: 5-Aug-78 TCP Meeting Notes - 14 & 15 July 1977 (Not online)

IEN66 - Postel: 21-Oct-77 TCP Meeting Notes - 13 & 14 October 1977 (Not online)

IEN67 - Postel: 8-Feb-78 TCP Meeting Notes - 30 & 31 January 1978 (Not online)

IEN68 - Postel: 27-Jun-78 TCP Meeting Notes - 15 & 16 June 1978 (Not online)

IEN69 - Postel: 9-Oct-78 TCP Meeting Notes - 18 & 19 September 1978 (Not online)

IEN70 - Postel: 15-Dec-78 TCP Meeting Notes - 4 December 1978 (Not online)

IEN71 - Reed: 21-Jan-79 User Datagram Protocol (Not online)

IEN72 - Postel: 23-Jan-79 Multiplexing Protocol

IEN73 - Abramovitz: 23-Jan-79 A TCP Implementation Issue (Not online)

IEN74 - Plummer: 21-Sep-78 Sequence Number Arithmetic

IEN75 - Plummer: 21-Sep-78 The TCP RESET Mechanism (Not online)

IEN76 - Postel: 7-Feb-79 Internet Meeting Notes - 25 and 26 January 1979 (Not online)

IEN77 - Postel: 7-Feb-79 TCP Meeting Notes - 29 January 1979 (Not online)

IEN78 - Shoch: Feb-79 Internetwork Experiments with the Bay Area Packet Radio Network (Not online)

IEN79 - Lozano-Perez: Jan-79 A Protocol Test Facility: Request for Comments (Not online)

IEN80 - Postel: Feb-79 Internet Datagram Protocol (Not online)

IEN81 - Postel: Feb-79 Transmission Control Protocol (Not online)

IEN82 - Chiappa: 12-Feb-79 LCS Net Address Format

IEN83 - Kirstein: 23-Mar-79 Addressing Through Port Expanders (Not online)

IEN84 - Cohen: 1-Apr-79 A Modern Application of Teleprocessing (Not online)

IEN85 - Postel: Mar-79 Internet Message Protocol

IEN86 - Perlman: 5-Apr-79 Extended Internet Routing (Not online)

IEN87 - Perlman: 9-Apr-79 Internet Flow and Congestion Control (Not online)

IEN88 - Postel: 2-May-79 User Datgram Protocol

IEN89 - Postel: 2-May-79 Internet Name Server (Not online)

IEN90 - Cohen: 2-May-79 Multiplexing Protocol

IEN91 - Postel: 2-May-79 Address Mappings

IEN92 - Postel: 2-May-79 Protocol Options

IEN93 - Postel: 3-May-79 Assigned Numbers

IEN94 - Postel: 2-May-79 Internet Protocol Handbook Table of Contents

IEN95 - Cohen: 2-May-79 Source Routing

IEN96 - Skelton: 2-May-79 The MITRE Cablenet Project

IEN97 - Holmgren: May-79 Flexible Datagram Protocol

IEN98 - Postel: 3-May-79 TCP Implementation Status

IEN99 - Higginson: 3-May-79 NI FTP: Summary and Assessment

IEN100 - Bennett: 3-May-79 Comparison of the DIN FTP and the NI FTP

IEN101 - Forsdick: 4-May-79 AUTODIN FTP Summary (Not online)

IEN102 - Forsdick: 4-May-79 Comparison of AUTODIN FTP with NI FTP (Not online)

IEN103 - Pickens: 4-May-79 An Experimental Network Information Center Name Server (NICNAME)

IEN104 - Strazisar: 12-Mar-79 Minutes of the Fault Isolation Meeting

IEN105 - Flood Page: 25-May-79 ARPA Catenet Monitoring and Control (Not online)

IEN106 - Postel: 17-May-79 Internet Meeting Notes - 8, 9, 10, & 11 May 1979 (Not online)

IEN107 - Binder: May-79 SATNET Reconfiguration Plan (Not online)

IEN108 - Plummer: 19-Jun-79 Internet User Queues

IEN109 - Strazisar: Aug-79 How to Build a Gateway

IEN110 - Cerf: 31-Aug-79 Internet Addressing and Naming in a Tactical Environment

IEN111 - Postel: Aug-79 Internet Protocol

IEN112 - Postel: Aug-79 Transmission Control Protocol

IEN113 - Postel: Aug-79 Internet Message Protocol

IEN114 - Postel: Aug-79 Protocol Options

IEN115 - Postel: Aug-79 Address Mappings

IEN116 - Postel: Aug-79 Name Server

IEN117 - Postel: Aug-79 Assigned Numbers

IEN118 - Postel: Aug-79 Internet Protocol Handbook Table of Contents

IEN119 - Forgie: 7-Sep-79 ST - A Proposed Internet Stream Protocol

IEN120 - Perlman: Oct-79 Internet Routing and the Network Partition Problem

IEN121 - Postel: 25-Oct-79 Internet Meeting Notes - 10, 11, 12, & 13, September 1979

IEN122 - Cohen: 31-Oct-79 On Addressing and Related Issues (or: Fuel for a Discussion)

IEN123 - Postel: Dec-79 DOD Standard Internet Protocol

IEN124 - Postel: Dec-79 DOD Standard Transmission Control Protocol

IEN125 - Cerf: Dec-79 Pre-emption

IEN126 - Cohen: Nov-79 Summary of the ARPA/ETHERNET Community Meeting

IEN127 - Postel: Jan-80 Assigned Numbers

IEN128 - Postel: Jan-80 DOD Standard Internet Protocol (NTIS No. ADA079730)

IEN129 - Postel: Jan-80 DOD Standard Transmission Control (NTIS No. ADA082609)

IEN130 - ---: --- Comparison of X.25 and TCP-4 as Cable-bus Network Protocols (Not online)

IEN131 - Flood Page: 1-Feb-80 Gateway Monitoring Protocol

IEN132 - Flood Page: 1-Feb-80 The CMCC Terminal Process

IEN133 - Sollins: 29-Jan-80 The TFTP Protocol

IEN134 - Postel: 29-Feb-80 Internet Meeting Notes - 4, 5, & 6 February 1980

IEN135 - Sunshine: Mar-80 Addressing Mobile Hosts in the ARPA Internet Environment

IEN136 - Wiseman: 1-May-80 Memory Management Extensions to the SRI Micro Operating System for PDP-11/23/34/35/40

IEN137 - Cohen: 1-Apr-80 On Holy Wars and a Plea for Peace

IEN138 - Shoch: Apr-80 Initial Comparison of EPRs and IPRs in the Pup Internet Environment

IEN139 - Haverty: Apr-80 HOSTs as IMPs

IEN140 - Shoch: Apr-80 Mutual Encapsulation of Internetwork Protocols (Not online)

IEN141 - Bennett: 11-Apr-80 Message System Issues

IEN142 - Postel: Apr-80 Time Server

IEN143 - Saltzer: Mar-80 Environment Considerations for Networks

IEN144 - Saltzer: Mar-80 Source Routing for Campus-Wide Internet Transport

IEN145 - Postel: 29-May-80 Internet Meeting Notes - 14 & 15 May 1980

IEN146 - Perlman: Jun-80 Flying Packet Radios and Network Partitions

IEN147 - Perlman: Jun-80 Utilizing Internet Routes as Expressways Through Slow Nets

IEN148 - Postel: Jun-80 Telnet Protocol Specification

IEN149 - Postel: Jun-80 File Transfer Protocol Specification

IEN150 - Plummer: Jun-80 TCP JSYS Calling Sequences

IEN151 - Cerf: 1-Apr-80 Final Report of the Stanford University TCP Project

IEN152 - Cerf: 1-Jul-80 DoD Protocol Standardization

IEN153 - Bennett: 29-Jul-80 Realization of the Yellow Book Transport Service Above TCP

IEN154 - Bennett: 29-Jul-80 Realization of the Yellow Book Transport Service Above TCP (supersedes IEN 153)

IEN155 - Bennett: 12-Aug-80 The Yellow Book Transport Service: Principles and Status

IEN156 - Cohen: 7-Sep-80 Controlled Routing in the Catenet Environment

IEN157 - Flood Page: 21-Sep-80 CMCC Performance Measurement Message Formats

IEN158 - Haverty: 1-Oct-80 XNET Formats for Internet Protocol Version 4

IEN159 - Shoch: Oct-80 Notes on the "Worm" Programs - Some Early Experience with a Distributed Computation

IEN160 - Postel: 7-Nov-80 Internet Meeting Notes - 7-8-9 October 1980

IEN161 - Jones: Nov-80 A Proposal for Simple Measurement Support for Users

IEN162 - Pershing: Oct-80 Transport, Addressing, and Routing in the Wideband Net

IEN163 - Jones: Nov-80 Echo Delay Measurements with GGP Packets

IEN164 - Stern: Jan-81 CMOS System Overview

IEN165 - Cohen: Jan-81 About Addressing in the WBnet

IEN166 - Hinden: Jan-81 Design of TCP/IP for the TAC

IEN167 - Sax: Jul-80 HP3000 TCP Design Document

IEN168 - Gurwitz: Jan-81 VAX-UNIX Networking Support Project Implementation Description

IEN169 - Bennett: 23-Jan-81 A Simple NIFTP-Based Mail System

IEN170 - Cohen: 25-Jan-81 On IP-Addressing

IEN171 - Cohen: 18-Jan-81 Addressing in the ARPAnet, Another Visit

IEN172 - Flood Page: 9-Mar-81 A Simple Message Generator

IEN173 - Mills: 25-Feb-81 Time Synchronization in DCNET Hosts

IEN174 - CCITT: 12-Feb-81 Private Network DTE Addressing

IEN175 - Postel: 13-Mar-81 Internet Meeting Notes -- 28-29-30 January 1981

IEN176 - Lyons: Mar-81 The DECSYSTEM-20 TCP/IP User Interface

IEN177 - Postel: 24-Mar-81 Comments on Action Items from the January Meeting

IEN178 - Sunshine: Apr-81 Addressing Problems in Multi-Network Systems

IEN179 - Cohen: Mar-81 Addressing and Routing

IEN180 - Cohen: Mar-81 A Suggestion for Internet Message Forwarding for MOSIS

IEN181 - Haverty: May-81 Van Gateway: Some Routing and Performance Issues

IEN182 - Rosen: May-81 Issues in Buffer Management

IEN183 - Rosen: May-81 Logical Addressing

IEN184 - Rosen: May-81 Issues in Internetting Part 1: Modelling The Internet

IEN185 - Braden: May-81 Development of UK/US Network Services at University College, London

IEN186 - Bernstein: May-81 Proposed DCEC IP Specification

IEN187 - Rosen: Jun-81 Issues in Internetting Part 2: Accessing The Internet

IEN188 - Rosen: Jun-81 Issues in Internetting Part 3: Addressing

IEN189 - Rosen: Jun-81 Issues in Internetting Part 4: Routing

IEN190 - Cole: 9-Jul-81 Routing and Access Control in UK to US Services

IEN191 - Sunshine: Jul-81 Comments on Rosen's Memos

IEN192 - McNeill: Jul-81 Host/Satnet Protocol

IEN193 - Watson: Jul-81 Timer-Based Mechanisms in Reliable Transport Protocol Connection Management (Not online)

IEN194 - Mills: 23-Jul-81 DCNET Mail Plan

IEN195 - Sunshine: Aug-81 Comments on NBS Transport Protocol Proposal

IEN196 - Bowman: Sep-81 Issues Involving Non-Routing Gateways

IEN197 - Littauer: Sep-81 A Host Monitoring Protocol

IEN198 - Cole: Sep-81 Extended Memory MOS for a Unix Development Host

IEN200 - Clark: Dec-81 Internet Project Research Planning Report

IEN201 - Clark: Dec-81 Internet Short Term Service Goals

IEN207 - De Lauer: Mar-82 DoD Policy on Standardization of Host-to-Host Protocols for Data Communications Networks

IEN208 - Hinden: The note originally scheduled to be IEN-208 has been issued as RFC823 instead

IEN209 - Rosen: The note originally scheduled to be IEN-209 has been issued as RFC827 instead

IEN211 - Sunshine: Aug-82 Protocol Specification and Verification Work at USC/ISI

IEN212 - Gurwitz: Sep-82 IP - Local Area Network Addressing Issues

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