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RFC114 - File Transfer Protocol (Not online) Bhushan, A.K. 1971 April 10; 24 p. (Updated by RFC141, RFC172, RFC171)

RFC1140 - IAB official protocol standards. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Internet Activities Board. 1990 May; 27 p. (Format: TXT=60501 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1130; Obsoleted by RFC1200)

RFC1141 - Incremental updating of the Internet checksum. Mallory, T.; Kullberg, A. 1990 January; 2 p. (Format: TXT=3587 bytes) (Updates RFC1071)

RFC1142 - OSI IS-IS Intra-domain routing protocol. Oran, D.,ed. 1990 February; 157 p. (Format: PS[2]=1204297, TXT=425379 bytes)

RFC1143 - Q method of implementing Telnet option negotiation. Bernstein, D.J. 1990 February; 10 p. (Format: TXT=23331 bytes)

RFC1144 - Compressing TCP/IP headers for low-speed serial links. Jacobson, V. 1990 February; 43 p. (Format: TXT=120959, PS[2]=534729 bytes)

RFC1145 - TCP alternate checksum options. Zweig, J.; Partridge, C. 1990 February; 5 p. (Format: TXT=11052 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1146)

RFC1146 - TCP alternate checksum options. Zweig, J.; Partridge, C. 1990 March; 5 p. (Format: TXT=10955 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1145)

RFC1147 - FYI on a network management tool catalog: Tools for monitoring and debugging TCP/IP internets and interconnected devices. Stine, R.H.,ed. 1990 April; 126 p. (Format: TXT=336906, PS[2]=555225 bytes) (Also FYI 2)

RFC1148 - Mapping between X.400(1988) / ISO 10021 and RFC822. Kille, S.E. 1990 March; 94 p. (Format: TXT=194292 bytes) (Obsoleted by RFC1327; Updates RFC1138)

RFC1149 - Standard for the transmission of IP datagrams on avian carriers. Waitzman, D. 1990 April 1; 2 p. (Format: TXT=3329 bytes)

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