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RFC123 - Proffered official ICP (Not online) Crocker, S.D. 1971 April 20; 4 p. (Obsoletes RFC66, RFC80; Obsoleted by RFC165; Updates RFC98, RFC101; Updated by RFC127, RFC148)

RFC1230 - IEEE 802.4 Token Bus MIB. McCloghrie, K.; Fox, R. 1991 May; 23 p. (Format: TXT=53100 bytes) (Updated by RFC1239)

RFC1231 - IEEE 802.5 Token Ring MIB. McCloghrie, K.; Fox, R.; Decker, E. 1991 May; 23 p. (Format: TXT=53542 bytes) (Updated by RFC1239)

RFC1232 - Definitions of managed objects for the DS1 Interface type. Baker, F.; Kolb, C.P.,eds. 1991 May; 28 p. (Format: TXT=60757 bytes) (Updated by RFC1239)

RFC1233 - Definitions of managed objects for the DS3 Interface type. Cox, T.A.; Tesink, K.,eds. 1991 May; 23 p. (Format: TXT=49559 bytes) (Updated by RFC1239)

RFC1234 - Tunneling IPX traffic through IP networks. Provan, D. 1991 June; 6 p. (Format: TXT=12333 bytes)

RFC1235 - Coherent File Distribution Protocol. Ioannidis, J.; Maguire, G.Q., Jr. 1991 June; 12 p. (Format: TXT=29345 bytes)

RFC1236 - IP to X.121 address mapping for DDN. Morales, L.F., Jr.; Hasse, P.R. 1991 June; 7 p. (Format: TXT=12626 bytes)

RFC1237 - Guidelines for OSI NSAP allocation in the internet. Collela, R.; Gardner, E.P.; Callon, R.W. 1991 July; 38 p. (Format: PS[2]=162808, TXT=119962 bytes)

RFC1238 - CLNS MIB for use with Connectionless Network Protocol (ISO 8473) and End System to Intermediate System (ISO 9542). Satz, G. 1991 June; 32 p. (Format: TXT=65159 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1162)

RFC1239 - Reassignment of experimental MIBs to standard MIBs. Reynolds, J.K. 1991 June; 2 p. (Format: TXT=3656 bytes) (Updates RFC1229, RFC1230, RFC1231, RFC1232, RFC1233)

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