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RFC129 - Request for comments on socket name structure (Not online) Harslem, E.; Heafner, J.F.; Meyer, E.W., Jr. 1971 April 22; 6 p. (Updated by RFC147)

RFC1290 - There's gold in them thar networks! or searching for treasure in all the wrong places. Martin, J. 1991 December; 27 p. (Format: TXT=46997 bytes) (Also FYI 10)

RFC1291 - Mid-Level networks: Potential technical services. Aggarwal, V. 1991 December; 10 p. (Format: TXT=24314, PS[2]=218918 bytes)

RFC1292 - Catalog of Available X.500 Implementations. Lang, R.; Wright, R. 1991 December; 103 p. (Format: TXT=129468 bytes) (Also FYI 11)

RFC1293 - Inverse Address Resolution Protocol. Bradely, T.; Brown, C. 1992 January; 6 p. (Format: TXT=11368 bytes)

RFC1294 - Multiprotocol interconnect over Frame Relay. Bradley, T.; Brown, C.; Malis, A.G. 1992 January; 28 p. (Format: TXT=54992 bytes)

RFC1295 - User bill of rights for entries and listing in the public directory. North American Directory Forum. 1992 January; 2 p. (Format: TXT=3502 bytes)

RFC1296 - Internet Growth (1981-1991). Lottor, M. 1992 January; 9 p. (Format: TXT=20103 bytes)

RFC1297 - NOC integrated trouble ticket system: Functional specification wish list ("NOC TT requirements"). Johnson, D.S. 1992 January; 12 p. (Format: TXT=32964 bytes)

RFC1298 - SNMP over IPX. Wormley, R.B.; Bostock, S. 1992 February; 5 p. (Format: TXT=7878 bytes)

RFC1299 - Summary of 1200-1299. M. Kennedy. January 1997. (Format: TXT=36594 bytes)

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